8 Perfect Powder Baths

Small baths, half baths and powder rooms can be limited in size but can have a giant impact when designed well. This is frequently an area where you can go bolder with your decor and many of our products can be used to help create various styles of beautiful finishes for your bathroom. Here’s a look at some of the inspiring ideas we found!

Gorgeous Powder Bath | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Michelle Goodman | Powder Bath Inspiration on the Cafe BlogGo bold or go home — or rather, go bold and stay home! Creative customer Michele Goodman used our Metallic Paint Collection to add a powerful punch of color and pattern to the walls of this bath.

Venetian Plaster Bath Finish with Scallop Pattern | Project by Caroline Lizarraga and Photographed by Catherine Nguyen | Powder Bath Inspiration on the Cafe BlogDecorative Artist Caroline Lizarraga used a scalloped pattern with our Venetian Plaster to create an inspired wall treatment. She also took the plaster finish into the ceiling! We love that it’s in a beautiful neutral gray as well.Stone Texture Wall Finish with Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Patina | Project by Decorative Artist Gwen Woods Ware | Powder Bath Inspiration Projects on the Cafe BlogYou can never go wrong with color and texture! Artist Gwen Woods Ware of Bohemian Spirit Faux Art used our Metal Effects Rust Finish over a beautiful stone texture she created to both highlight and enhance the surface. It’s a popular wall treatment she creates time and again!

Tissue Paper and Metallic Plaster Finish | Modern Masters Project by Decorative & Faux Finishes | Creative Bath Walls Inspiration on the Cafe BlogTalented duo Dana DeBuck and Cindy Howard of Decorative & Faux Finishes created an opalescent feel for a client’s power bath. Troweled layers of our Metallic Plaster smoothed and settled into a tissue paper treatment that was the base. Lovely!Metal Effects Patina on Bath Cabinet Doors | Project by Debbie Hayes for Paint + Pattern | Small Bath Decor Ideas on the Cafe Blog

Patina and Pattern on Bath Cabinet Door DIY | Powder Bath Finish Ideas on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogArtist Debbie Hayes combined pattern and patina for her bath – but instead of the walls, she tackled an alternate surface: her cabinet doors. Using our Metal Effects, she created a rustic patina for her bath cabinetry. Wow!

Stripes with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Bathroom Wall Inspirations on the Cafe Blog | Project by Jeremy Stanger of Stanger ProjectsDecorative painter Jeremy Stanger uses and shares his Modern Masters projects frequently on his Instagram account. We always love seeing his new shares and this one, a striped bath with our Metallic Paints, was no exception. What a great mix of metallic colors!

Venetian Plaster Finish | Faux Mineral Treatment on Walls | Gorgeous Powder Baths | Project by Caroline Lizarraga Agate Design on Wall with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | Project by Caroline Lizarraga | Inspired Powder Baths on the Cafe BlogThere’s no question that minerals are hot right now in interior design and we swooned when we saw this agate-inspired wall treatment! Artist Caroline Lizarraga used our Venetian Plaster to create the silica rock’s grain and variations in color.

Mix of Metallic Paints on Spanish-Inspired Bath Walls | Project by Ashlie Bickford and Kindra Benge of a Fabulous Finish | Powder and Guest Bath Ideas on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogThis bath exudes a Spanish-Moroccan flavor and the wall finish needed to enhance the room’s global decor accents. Ashlie Bickford and Kindra Benge of A Fabulous Finish used several Bronze and Silver Metallic Paints interwoven into each other to create the perfect effect.

Small spaces, BIG design! We hope you have enjoyed these glamorous, stately, modern and painterly finish ideas for your home. It’s so easy to create a stylish retreat for yourself and your guests and we hope we’ve motivated you to start planning and creating. Be sure to pin your fave baths and if you love the post, share! Have an inspired day!