Venetian Plaster Canvas Art by Jane Head

Jane Head

Many artists use unexpected materials to create their artworks, and in doing so, their work takes on a wonderful, unique quality and feeling. We recently spied lovely canvas pieces by California artist Jane Head and discovered that they were created with the help of Modern Masters Venetian Plaster! We had to find out more and contacted Jane to chat art, interests and of course, Venetian Plaster.

Jane originally hailed from England and as a youngster, would play in the woods and fields of her native Oxford.  At age seven, she painted her first collaborative mural for her classroom — on a 12′ canvas! As she grew older, she entered (and won) several art competitions and acquired a Foundation Art college degree. After moving to California, she met her mentor, Charlene Clouse, who encouraged her to try painting on alternate surfaces, including walls, ceilings and floors! She also honed her marbling and woodgraining skills with the English architectural master William Holgate by painting at his home studio in Clitheroe, Yorkshire.

Canvas Art created with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | "Point Arena Safari" by Jane HeadPoint Arena Safari

We have the public B. Bryan Preserve here that has some wonderful exotic animals. It’s really fascinating to see these wonderful creatures.


“I was really fortunate to have worked as a decorative painter in many beautiful Bay area homes. The most memorable took many years to complete. We moved to Mendocino twelve years ago and now my art is inspired by the beauty and gratitude I have to be able to live in such a magnificent environment.  Many of my paintings are large panoramic ocean scenes, simple and subtle, that shimmer the way light hitting the water does.  For me, these pieces have a meditative quality and are very serene,” Jane explains.

Canvas Art created with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | "Winter Dance" by Jane HeadWinter Dance

This one has beautiful silver leaf ginkgo leaves.


Her current medium, Venetian Plaster, was developed as an art form after years of experience working with them in the fine homes of San Francisco.  “I tried many brands, some of which were too brittle.  Others did not give the luster I wanted to achieve or they were difficult to apply. Modern Masters Venetian Plaster gave me all the qualities I needed.”

Canvas Art created with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | "What Shall We Tell The Children" by Jane Head

All Alone in the City (above) and Rose and Butterly (below)

Canvas Art created with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | "Rose and Butterfly" by Jane HeadJane is used to “working large” so large structural canvases give her the freedom to work broadly and boldly.  She tries to capture the ocean, earth and sky in her paintings and the Venetian Plaster adds movement and life to her work with the help of the lustre of the polished and burnished materials.

Canvas Art created with Modern Masters Venetian Plaster | "Titanic" by Jane Head


This was my very first Venetian Plaster painting and was inspired by a National Geographic underwater photo of the remains of the Titanic.


We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Jane Head’s work as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing it with you!  If you find yourself near the Mendocino Coast, please stop by the Barking Rocks estate as her work will be showcased in an art exhibit entitled AS WE SEE IT – Seven Unique Views from November 29 – December 31. If you are interested in learning more about these incredible techniques and textures, Jane holds regular workshops at Gualala Arts.  Many thanks to Jane for allowing us this peek into her works and process – we wish you much continued success!