How To Tag Products on Houzz

Modern Masters on HOUZZHouzz is an incredible site for home remodeling and interior design inspiration. Launched in 2009, it brings homeowners, home professionals and home decor products, like our high-end, specialty water base paints, together for decor ideas and projects. Houzz currently enjoys 25,000,000 unique visitors to their site per month with about 73% of them planning to redecorate and design their home. It’s an incredibly engaging visual community and we’re so happy to be on Houzz!

One of the best ways to engage in Houzz is to write a review for a fellow Houzz-er and add a tag to your Houzz project photos with products information. Tagging your projects with design sources is a win-win for all. Here’s three benefits for you in doing so:

  1. Once you tag the source, your project will appear on the product page. Not only can your followers see your project in their stream, but now an even larger audience outside of your own has visual access to your project. Houzz ensures that any project you share is stamped with your profile, so anyone can easily click back to your page to learn more about your firm or studio;
  2. Your project can be seen by the manufacturer for a chance to be further promoted on their channels, ensuring a wider audience and promotion for your company; and
  3. Adding product tags to your projects enhances the visual experience of those who visit your profile by showing followers your breadth of knowledge in sources and product information.

Great, right? But how to tag your projects? We’re going to show you exactly how!


On your Houzz Profile, you will need to access your Projects (screen A). Once in the Project menu, you can then find the particular project you’d like to focus on (screen B).

How to Tag Products on Houzz | Modern Masters CafeTagging a Product on Houzz | Modern Masters CafeSTEP TWO

Once you click into the Project board, click the image you’d like to tag (screen A). As you hover over the image, an additional menu will appear (screen B). Click on the ‘Add Image Tag’ button.

Tag a Modern Masters Product on Houzz | Modern Masters Cafe BlogTag a Product on Houzz Tutorial | Modern Masters Cafe BlogSTEP THREE

Once you click on the ‘Add Image Tag’ button, the following screen will pop up. You will choose ‘Product Tag’.Finding and Tagging a Product on Houzz | Modern Masters Cafe Blog


A menu will appear to conduct your product search. In this case, we know the front door was painted with Front Door Paint in the color Playful. We typed in ‘Modern Masters Front Door Paint’ and both the product and color selections appeared. Once you see the correct product appear, click on it. Step 6A - Find Your Product


You will then see a green product tag on your image (screen A). When you hover over the image, the full product information will appear for your followers to click into and access (screen B).

Tagging Product Resources on Houzz | Modern Masters CafeHow to Share Product Resources on Houzz | Modern Masters Cafe BlogSee how easy it is? You tagged a product in five easy steps. Once tagged, your project will appear in the product page (see below). Not only does it showcase a project with the product installed, but everyone who sees that page (even outside of your own followers) will be able to click on the image and head back to your profile. The product manufacturer will appreciate the share and your project is promoted further. Win-win.

Step-by-Step How To Tutorial for Tagging a Product Resource on Houzz | Modern Masters Cafe BlogBTW, if you’d like to pin or pass along this tutorial, you can use the image below for easy sharing!How to Add a Product Tag to Your Houzz Projects | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

You now have the know-how to easily tag sources to your projects and not only enhance your own profile, but also add the opportunity to have more people see your project and decide to hire you! Please do visit our Houzz to follow us. If you love our products, please tag your projects and consider writing us a great review as well. We’re looking forward to getting to know you and your great projects. Be sure to leave us YOUR profile in the comments so we can find you, too. See you there!