Modern Mastery: Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris

Modern Mastery Feature: Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris of Wallovers | Modern Masters Blog

Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris

Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris have over 30 years of decorative painting experience combined. After specializing in creating and painting patterned finishes with stencils they cut themselves, they decided to take their design to the trade and launched the Wallovers stencil line in 2007. Decorative painters and homeowners around the world now use Wallovers stencils, a unique line of repeatable, wallpaper-like stencils for walls and furniture. Initially founded with 13 design patterns, there are now more than 55 stencils available – and the individual artists who apply the finishes can create an infinite number of innovative designs. In the end, all their creative customers are part of the process and feel his or her own personality exuding from the completed work.

Rena and Cynthia continue to do field work to this day and stay on trend creating wallpaper-like patterns for walls and furniture. They also create new tools to make the job easier for decorative painters. For instance, Wallovers is the originator of The Topper, a precut stencil piece that makes finishing the top of the wall fast and simple. In 2013, they created the Allover Brush and the Wallbuster Brush. These brushes were specifically designed to work with allover stencils, enabling the artist to cover large areas easily. We were very excited to chat with Cynthia Davis and showcase some of the beautiful spaces she and Rena have created with the help of Modern Masters products – we hope you enjoy their innovative finishes, tips and projects!

Stenciled Studio Wall | Wallovers Paisley Stencil and Modern Masters Gold Rush Metallic Paint | Project by Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris | Modern Mastery Feature

Beautiful stenciled wall finish with the Wallovers Paisley Stencil and the Metallic Paint Collection, specifically, the color Gold Rush. Doesn’t it look spectacular against the African chair? Perfect studio design.



I started using Modern Masters many years ago when I was experimenting with metallic paint. The array of colors offered by Modern Masters enable me to achieve so many finishes in warm and cool tones. I use the paints as opaque base coats, as sheer topcoats and as glazes. They are included in just about every finish I do.

Gorgeous Powder Bath Finish with the Flower Power Stencil from Wallovers and the Black Pearl Metallic Paint from Modern Masters | Project featured on the Modern Masters Blog | Artists: Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris

Striking bath finish with Black Pearl Metallic Paint used as the base. Cynthia and Rena then used Benjamin Moore’s Dijon (193) with their Flower Power Stencil to create the effect.


Stenciled Wall Treatment with various Modern Masters products and the Roundabout Stencil from Wallovers | Modern Mastery Feature on artists Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris

Various Modern Masters products went into this incredible stenciled wall finish, including our Silver Metallic Paint. The beautiful pattern is the Roundabout Stencil.



The most rewarding projects are the ones I have done for charity. I wish there was more time for these. Bringing color or pattern into the home of someone who needs to be uplifted has always made me really appreciate my skills and ability to give art as a gift.

Close-up and Full Shot of Stenciled Room by Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris | Wallovers Stephanie's Damask Stencil and Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Wall Glazing Cream | Modern Mastery Feature

Here is a close-up and full shot of a refined living room with the Stephanie’s Damask Stencil and a finish incorporating the Wall Glazing Cream and Metallic Paint Collection.


Faux Pennies Wall Finish with the Wallovers Pennies Stencil and Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Modern Mastery Feature on artists Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris

Amazing faux pennies wall treatment with the Pennies Stencil and Metallic Paint colors Copper, Copper Penny, Antique Bronze and Tequila Gold. Wow!



Use Venetian Plaster in unexpected ways to create textures and then skim coat them with Metallic Paints.

Modern Masters Pale Gold Metallic Paint over a Blue Stippled Faux Finish | Tapestry Stencil by Wallovers | Modern Mastery Artist Feature with Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris

Cynthia and Rena stenciled with Pale Gold Metallic Paint over a blue stippled faux finish. The pattern is the amazing Tapestry Stencil.


Stenciled Wall Treatment incorporating Metal Effects Rust Patina and Gold Rush Metallic Paint | Artists: Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris | Stencil: Elisabeth's Stencil from Wallovers | Modern Masters Blog Feature

This warm dining room wall treatment incorporates the exquisite Elisabeth’s Lace Stencil with Gold Rush Metallic Paint and the Metal Effects Rust Patina.


Stenciled Fabric with Pharaoh's Gold Metallic Paint by Modern Masters and the Batik Stencil from Wallovers | Gorgeous Hot Pink and Gold Color Combo | Modern Mastery Artist Feature on Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris

You can also stencil fabric with metallics and for a gorgeous result! Cynthia and Rena added a dose of global chic to this exotic resting spot using the Pharaoh’s Gold Metallic Paint and the Batik Stencil.



I love using a warm and a cool tones of Metallic Paints together like Champagne and Platinum mottled together as glazes. Then, stenciling over that in a more opaque application of one of those two colors. It is gorgeous!

The Stained Glass Stencil by Wallovers looks gorgeous on this wall by Cynthia Davis & Rena Paris! They used both Silver and Champagne Metallic Paints to give a beautiful shimmer to the pattern! | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Silver and Champagne Metallic Paints add a lustruous shimmer to these walls with the Stained Glass Stencil.


Staircase Stenciled Wall by Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris | Shimmering Sky Metallic Paint by Modern Masters and the Indian Print Damask Stencil from Wallovers | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

Things are looking up with this staircase wall! The Indian Print Damask Stencil was used with Shimmering Sky Metallic Paint for this lovely allover wall project. Doesn’t it look just like wallpaper?


We hope you’ve enjoyed the amazing projects and stencil designs of Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris of Wallovers! Be sure to follow Wallovers on Facebook and Pinterest to keep up with their artistic adventures. They also teach phenomenal workshops with everything you need to create alluring custom finishes for any surface. Do you have a favorite project of theirs? Let us know in the comments. Have an inspired day!















Painted & Decorated Ceilings

Designing a great ceiling will help make a space brighter, create a beautiful focal point, enhance gorgeous architectural ceilings and complete the look of a room. They say it’s the fifth wall — so the next time you are planning the decor of a room, consider looking up with the following inspired ideas!

Stenciled Ceiling with Modern Masters Metallic Plaster | Decorative Artist Joni Fife | Ceiling Ideas on the Cafe BlogStunning, isn’t it? Decorative Artist Joni Fife used our Metallic Plaster combined with the Wallovers Gabriel’s Gates Stencil to create an unforgettable ceiling.

Turquoise Aqua Venetian Plaster Ceiling | Project by Garrison Tarnow Painting with Modern Masters products | Ceiling Inspiration on the Cafe BlogGarrison Tarnow Painting used our Venetian Plaster to trowel a smooth plaster finish on a dome ceiling. The color and effect is gorgeous!

Striking and Chic Ceiling by Decorative & Faux Finishes | Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Ceiling Inspiration on the Cafe BlogStenciled Metallic Ceiling | Modern Masters | Project by Decorative & Faux Finishes | Ceiling Ideas via the Cafe BlogCindy Howard and Dana DeBuck of Decorative & Faux Finishes always have extraordinary decorative painting projects. Here are just two of their awe-inspiring ceilings combining ornamental patterns and our Metallic Paint Collection.

Flash Gold Metallic Paint by Modern Masters on Ornamental Plaster Ceiling | Decorative Plaster Paint Finish by California Wall Design | Ceiling Inspiration via the Cafe BlogCalifornia Wall Design shared an ornamental plaster and wood ceiling project which was painted with our Flash Gold Metallic Paint. The color exudes a shimmery opalescent finish and is perfect for this luxe dining room.

Metal Effects Patina Finish on Dome Ceiling | Project by Heather Sanders of Fifth Wall Design | Ceiling Inspiration via the Cafe BlogOxidized patinas can make for a dramatic ceiling! Heather Sanders of 5th Wall Surface Design used our Metal Effects patinas to create a custom, linear stenciled finish. Incredible!

Glazed Metallic Plaster and Gold Leaf Ceiling | Project by NCF Decorative Studio | Ceiling Inspiration on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogDrama is always in style! NCF Studio enhanced a foyer entryway by using our Metallic Plaster and Wall Glazing Cream on base of the groin ceiling and topped it off with a gold leaf stencil border. What an amazing result!

Platinum Metallic Paint Finish on Stenciled Ceiling with Mirror Tiles | Project by Arlene McLoughlin | Ceiling Inspiration on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogTalented decorative artist Arlene McLoughlin used a custom finish with our Platinum Metallic Paint for this very modern and chic ceiling. She also used mirror tiles to add another layer of dimension to the stenciling as well – you can see them glimmering. Check out her other projects in her studio’s Modern Mastery feature.

Whether painted, patterned or given a decorative finish, a ceiling can truly make a room. If left alone, a ceiling can become it’s own bland focal point – it’s key to add a bit of drama without overwhelming a space and the design of the room. We hope you’ve enjoyed these inspiring Modern Masters project ideas from our creative customers and friends. Do you have a ceiling you’d love to show off? Tweet at us using #ModernMastersInc or send your masterpiece in to us at!