Easy DIY Projects with Modern Masters Metal Effects and Metallic Paints

Easy DIY Projects with Modern Masters Metal Effects and Metallic Paints | Modern Masters Cafe blog

We love coming across great DIY projects that are easy to do yet provide extraordinary results using Modern Masters products. Whether it’s updating the hardware on your favorite dresser or completely transforming a set of nightstands, our Metal Effects products and Metallic Paint Collection will give your next DIY project that special touch you’re looking for! Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Modern Masters Metallic Paint on Lamp | By Decor Adventures

This lamp base was given a shimmery makeover by Jessica of Decor Adventures using our Pale Gold Metallic Paint! The real metal particles in our metallic paint help give this lamp an ambient glow of its own. Read more on how Jessica used our metallic paints for various DIY projects around her home!

Transform Hardware with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Via Always In WonderJennifer of Always in Wonder shares how she made over the old hardware of her rustic industrial style storage unit using Brass Metallic Paint! Instead of purchasing all new hardware, she was able to beautifully update the original pulls for a striking new look! Read how Jennifer transformed the drawer handles and more with metallic paints!

Modern Masters Metallic Paint on French Nightstands | By Vintage Charm Restored

This next project was done by Lori of Vintage Charm Restored. These beautiful nightstands were peeling, cracking and were in pretty rough shape. With just a little TLC, Lori was able to give them an elegant makeover with our Nickel & Champagne Metallic Paints! See how she used the metallic paints to refinish the nightstands!

Modern Masters Metal Effects on Table | By Redoux Interiors

Last but not least is a table that was given a rich patina effect by Redoux Interiors using the Metal Effects products. Our Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint, which has real metal particles, was used along with our blue patina aging solution to create this gorgeous weathered finish! Read more on how easy it is to use Metal Effects to create a variety of patina finishes on furniture!

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how Modern Masters Metallic Paints & Metal Effects products can help your next DIY project achieve stunning results! For more inspiration, be sure to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards and “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page!