The A to Z of Using Metal Effects!

Before & After Metal Effects Patina | How-to Tutorial | A to Z Custom CreationsMetal Patinas showcase the beauty and age of time worn surfaces.  Patinas of various colors can be created by treating surfaces with our Metal Effects products – you can literally create a history of aging in just a matter of minutes! Angela of A to Z Custom Creations uses our Metal Effects frequently and she’s got lots of tips to share.  “They create an authentic patina that is simply amazing! I’ve been playing around with [them] for a while and I’ve patinated just about everything I can,” she excitedly says.  We recently came across one of her many beautiful patina projects and thought to share it with you! Here’s her steps:

How to Use Metal Effects by Modern Masters

Angela suggests the following tips for a successful patina project (seen visually above):

  1. Metal Effects has Reactive Metallic Paints in both Copper and Bronze. There is also a Metal Effects Primer available specifically designed to protect the surface. Of the primer, Angela says, “I must admit, I have used the products without this but I think they work better with it”.
  2. Apply two thin coats of the Metal Primer with a brush or roller after making certain your surface is clean.
  3. Angela applied an opaque coat of the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint to ensure full coverage. Let dry.
  4. You can patinate with a single color but for additional variety, Angela poured the  Bronze and the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint next to each and grabbed the individual colors side by side on a chip brush.
  5. Apply the two colors to the surface at the same time, blending them in without losing their individual colors.
  6. The Blue and Green Patina Aging Solutions oxidize equally well when paired together or individually with the Copper and Bronze Reactive Paint. There are also separate materials in the line to create a rust finish.
  7. Working on a wet reactive metal surface, apply your chosen patina aging solutions (Angela used both blue and green) via spritzer, brush or sponge.  The patina solutions will react with the real metal particles in the paints, thus speeding up the patination process.
  8. You can add more reactive metallic paint over the oxidation to find the perfect blend of paint and patina for your chosen surface. Angela worked with the piece until she was satisfied with the results and then allowed the project to fully dry.

Metal Effects by Modern MastersMetal Effects Project | Patina Cow Head by A to Z Custom Creations

How do you like the results? The paint and aging solution combinations create a beautiful, authentic green or blue oxidized patinas inspired by nature. Be sure to read Angela’s full Metal Effects Patina Tutorial on her blog and see other great projects she’s created on her Facebook page!  We’ve also created a fantastic patina finishes application video for you to have as a resource as well. Tell us, what are YOU excited to patinate?

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