DIY Event Decor: Hanging Metallic Picture Frames

There are many ways to add beautiful exterior decor accents when planning for an outdoor wedding. One idea is using Modern Masters products to customize hanging picture frames on the trees. They add interest, color, and serve well as an impromptu photo booth, too! Get the step by step DIY from pro decorative painter Mary Childs. 

Chic Hanging Wedding Frame DIY for Outdoor Wedding Decor | Modern Masters


Painting a Metallic Frame for DIY Wedding Decor | Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection and Matte Metallics

DIY Wedding Frame Decor | Photobooth Project for an Outdoor Wedding | Modern Masters How-to by Mary Childs of Focal Points, Inc.

Dry brush two (2) coats of Smoke Metallic Paint over the surface of the large ornamental frame. Be sure to leave about 30 – 40% of the background color showing through. Let dry 30 minutes between layers.

DIY Outdoor Wedding Decor | Paint Picture Frames for Hanging on a Tree for a Chic and Fun Photo Opp for your Wedding Guests | Metallic Paint and Matte Metallics by Modern Masters | How-to Tutorial

Create Custom Matte Metallic Paint Colors for endless DIY Project Possibilities | How-to Wedding Frame Decor | Modern Masters

Mix 1/4 teaspoon Golden Sienna Glazing Cream Color and 1/4 teaspoon Magenta Glazing Cream Color into 8 ounces of Oyster Matte Metallic.

Painting a Thrift Store Picture Frame find into a stunning and oh-so-pretty Hanging Frame Decor for a Wedding | Modern Masters

Brush the custom mixed color over the raised areas of the ornamental frame. Repeat until desired color is achieved.

DIY Pictures Frames Painted with Matte Metallic and Metallic Paints by Modern Masters | How-to for Outdoor Wedding Decor | Pink and Grey Black Color Scheme | Outdoor Wedding Ideas | Hanging Tree Picture Frames


DIY Hanging Picture Frames for an Outdoor Wedding | Photo Booth Alternates for Weddings | Modern Masters Tutorial

I chose to coat the two smaller frames completely with the custom Metallic Paint color to create contrast between the frames. Let dry 30 minutes between layers.

DIY Event Decor | Create Super Easy, Fast and Beautiful Metallic Hanging Picture Frames for Outdoor Wedding Decor | Modern Masters Matte Metallics and Metallic Paints | How-to Tutorial

I added initials, a few flowers, and hanging crystals with a hot glue gun to add some interest to my frames. Hang your beautiful frames with your preferred ribbons and you are done! I hope you have fun personalizing this creative DIY Wedding project by adding your own personal touches. The possibilities are endless.

The Hanging Frames DIY is by Orlando, FL-based decorative painter Mary Childs. Her Focal Points, Inc. studio creates professional decorative finishes and antique mirrors for clients throughout the US.