Modern Mastery: Melanie Kershner of Beaux-Arts

Melanie Kershner of Beaux-Arts Classic Products | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Melanie Kershner of Beaux-Arts Classic Products

Beaux-Arts Classic Products is a family-owned company that designs and manufactures gorgeous architectural products. We were excited to have a chance to speak to Melanie Kershner, one of the studio partners, and an artist and designer in her own right. Beaux-Arts Classic Products are created from historic master designs that are scanned and manipulated in 3D software. They are then cast in urethane resin and finished with our Metallic Paint Collection. The Beaux-Arts motto is ‘Classical Solutions for Modern Intrusions’ and it’s a lovely way to bring historic and classic design to contemporary spaces. They also work with many decorative painters and provide quite a few ingenious options for them, such as the versatile wall panel kits in various design styles for framing murals and hand painted canvas panels. We’ve seen their incredible work with our Metallic Paints and thought to showcase their beautiful products and artistry with you.

Paneled Walls using several Modern Masters Metallic Paint colors | Project and Ornamental Designs by Beaux-Artes Classic Products | Modern Mastery Feature

Melanie says, “Modern Masters is an integral part of our business; being used for product finishes, creating custom canvas panels and for our custom design services. We offer decorative painting services which often include both products.” One such project is this stunning space with their Louis XIV wall panels featuring a damask pattern within. Both the wall and panels use several of our Metallic Paint colors, including Pale Gold, Champagne, Teal, and Silver.

Lovely Ceiling Medallion finished with Modern Masters Olympic Gold and Pearl Metallic Paint | Beaux-Artes | Modern Mastery Feature

Their concierge design service for ornamentation is perfect for when creating elegant finishes for the ceiling ornamentation that they sell. This incredible hand painted closet has a lovely customized Shell Ceiling Medallion finished with Pearl White and Olympic Gold Metallic Paint. “Olympic Gold is my favorite go-to gold that works well with aging glazes and highlights. It makes a beautiful Platinum Gold when paired with Warm Silver as the highlight and is a perfect antique gold when aged with a raw umber glaze.”

Ornamentation of fireplace and built-in by Beaux-Artes Classic Products were all finished with Modern Masters Olympic Gold and an aging glaze | Modern Mastery Feature

Using Modern Masters Metallic Paints to paint and enhance ornamental details for cabinet doors, fireplaces, doors, windows and walls | Modern Mastery Feature: Beaux-Artes Classic Products

Cabinet doors, fireplaces, regular doors, and windows can also be graced with their ornamental designs. Here, the ornamentation was finished with Olympic Gold Metallic Paint and a raw umber aging glaze.

Wall Panels with Murals and Ornamental Designs | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Modern Mastery Feature: Beaux-Artes Classic Products

Wow! Here, the Georgian Architectural Wall Panel has a Pale Gold Metallic Paint finish with a gray glaze. The hand painted panel background is an aged Pearl White Metallic Paint with the design also painted in the Pale Gold and Gray Glaze combo.

Girls Room | Walls sprayed with Modern Masters Champagne Metallic Paint to match the satin background of the fabric | Canvas Panels and Crown Molding have a Pearl Metallic Paint background with Pharaoh's Gold | Modern Mastery: Beaux-Artes

The French Renaissance Wall Panels are so beautiful in this room. The wall panel layout includes all the doors! The walls were sprayed with Champagne Metallic Paint to match the satin background of the fabric. The canvas panels have a Pearl White and Pharaoh’s Gold Metallic Paint background. The same combination is used on the crown molding.

Powder Room with Faux Pietre Dure Panels with Venetian Plaster | Modern Masters | Project by Beaux-Artes Classic Products

This luxe and elegant powder room is the most memorable, challenging and rewarding project for Melanie. “We created pietra dura panels using Venetian Plaster to match the marble console for the sink,” she shares. “We also refinished the console with Olympic Gold Metallic Paint, which was used on all the molding as well.” Pietra dura is the art of using cut and fitted ornamental pieces to create images – you can see the images within the panels below the baseboard. It’s an incredible decorative art and they did it so well.

Aren’t their products and artistry incredible? Please be sure to look over the Beaux-Arts Classic Products website to see all the beautiful ornamental solutions they offer. One of our faves is their elegant and attractive decorative grilles. Keep up with Beaux-Arts on their Facebook fan page and Pinterest, too! Many, many thanks to Melanie Kershner for sharing her time with us for this feature. You can always catch her creative musings and design inspired posts on her blog, Classical Addiction. Have an inspired day!














DIY Painted Furniture with Modern Masters!

Creating a custom painted look that brings out a unique style to older, uninspired furniture has never been easieror more fun! We’d like to share how Modern Masters has helped a few of our blogger friends to do just that with both our Metallic Paint Collection and Metal Effects patina products for their painted DIY projects. Let’s take a closer look!

A beautiful red desk with detail work accented in Modern Masters Pale Gold Metallic Paint | By Southside Furniture Revival via Furniture Flippin'

The striking red of this beautifully detailed desk was given the perfect touch of metallic brilliance by Lisa of Southside Furniture Revival. They used Modern Masters Pale Gold Metallic Paint for the ornate desk details and the project was featured in the Furniture Flippin’ blog.  Lisa shares that this desk was a Craiglist find and originally looked as it it had sat weathering for years in front of a window. If it could, we think this desk would appreciate its beautiful second chance!


Polka Dot Mini Bar with Modern Masters Olympic Gold Metallic Paint | By Simply Jessica Marie

Simply Jessica Marie shared her easy-peasy metallic paint makeover on a polka-dot mini bar cart! By adding just a touch of Olympic Gold Metallic to paint the polka dots, Jessica gave this piece a touch of whimsy — it’s sure to be a fun crowd-pleaser. She lives in in a little apartment and so this mini sized bar cart is perfect for entertaining in her space — we think it’s a fab painted furniture project for her planned Valentine’s Day party, too!


An upcycled wardrobe accented with Modern Masters Metal Effects | By A to Z Custom Creations

This funky and eclectic wardrobe by A to Z Custom Creations offers an array of colorful finishes, including a patina finish on the wardrobe door with Modern Masters Metal Effects in Copper and Bronze Reactive Metallic Paints. The real metal particles in the reactive patina paints gave an authentic weathered look when combined with our patina aging solutions!


Picture frame makeover with Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | By Dreamsicle Sisters

Home accessories can be the perfect way to bring your personal touch into a space as Amanda of Dreamsicle Sisters shared with her Metallic Picture Frame Gallery! Venetian Blue, Rose, Brass, and Champagne metallic paints were all used for this wonderful combination of metallic painted frames and provide the perfect pop of color, too! The frames were all Goodwill finds and after painting them, Amanda arranged them artfully over her daughter’s lovely headboard.  What a great idea!

 Hutch makeover accented with Modern Masters Smoke Metallic Paint | By A to Z Custom Creations

The dark metallic shimmer of Smoke Metallic Paint works beautifully with the bold red of this striking painted hutch and gives all of the iron work the perfect highlight to shine! It wasn’t in the original plans to use metallic but as soon as Angela of A to Z Custom Creations started working on this piece for a repeat client, she knew the original hardware needed to match better with the new aged red – and it was our metallic paint to the rescue! She has a great eye and we love the results!

By using Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Metal Effects products, these artists were able to bring just the right amount of color and shimmer to their projects with very little effort!  We hope you’ve been inspired to give your next project a little something extra and if so, feel free to share it with us on our Facebook Fan Page as we love to discover and share new works of art. You can also find more inspiration on our Pinterest Boards as well. See you there!

Product Spotlight: Warm Silver Metallic Paint

Our Metallic Paint Collection is used the world over for a multitude of surfaces and one of the most popular colors is Warm Silver.  It adds a bit of warmth to the coolness of silver without losing its personality and works well with so many design styles. It is an opaque color which means it provides excellent coverage without tarnishing — no wonder it’s one of our best sellers!  We thought we’d showcase a few projects from our friends with this very versatile hue.

PB&J StoriesMetallic Paint always looks amazing on ceilings!  Here, DIYer Pamela from PB&J Stories rolled the Warm Silver Metallic Paint in a chevron stripe pattern for her little girl’s nursery.  It’s so fun, elegant and unexpected — we love it!  Be sure to see more of this beautiful space in Pamela’s post on using metallic paint for a nursery ceiling.

Stenciling with Metallic Paint

You can also use metallic paint to stencil. Depending on your design goal, you can soften the pattern with the metallic paint like decorative artist Tiffany Alexander did above. Or, make it a strong focal point as decorative painter Kari Caldwell did with the allover stencil pattern below. Both are equally lovely uses of the Warm Silver metallic paint and yet so different. Gotta love that versatility!

Allover Stenciling with Modern Masters Metallic Paint

Of course, our Metallic Paint Collection is not just for walls and ceilings…

Painting a Light Fixture with Metallic PaintOne of the best ways to transform and reinvigorate a light fixture is to simply paint it with metallic paints. Chandeliers and sconces are a popular choice and painting the ceiling medallions that surround and enhance a light fixture will yield gorgeous results as well. Here, Stephanie Jones from Me & Mrs. Jones did a DIY makeover with a rusted, old candelabra by using Warm Silver Metallic Paint. The results were so pretty, she used them for her daughter’s wedding reception. Now that’s trash to treasure.

Metallic Paint Highlights Furniture DetailsWarm Silver Metallic Paint — any of the colors in our metallic paint collection, really — can be used to both highlight furniture details and paint the furniture itself to produce a wonderful, lovely shimmer.  Artist Peter Panagiotakakos of European Faux Finishes embellished the standing sink above — doesn’t the Warm Silver look perfect against the rich wood?  Our friend Jennifer from The Magic Brush says her most talked-about furniture finish is created with an aged Warm Silver and you can spy it below. Just gorgeous.

Aged Warm Silver Metallic Paint on Furniture

Has our Warm Silver lighted your imagination with possibilities? We hope so! Of course, our Metallic Paint Collection has over a hundred color choices for you to choose from that look spectacular on so many surfaces — you really can’t go wrong! Be sure to visit our Modern Masters Pinterest boards and Facebook fan page for even more project ideas! Have a creative day!

Modern Masters and Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Modern Masters and Pantone's Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

With the recent release of Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid, we’re excited to show just how beautiful and easy it can be to incorporate this uplifting color into your design with Modern Masters products! Pantone describes Radiant Orchid as a color that is “an expressive, creative and embracing purple with a captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones. It blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination”. Let’s take a look at some of the unique ways this gorgeous color can bring it’s vibrancy to your space!

Modern Masters Plum Metallic Paint on the walls of a lovely dining room

These living room walls exude a vibrant confidence with our Plum Metallic Paint!


Modern Masters Smoke Metallic Paint was used for the top of this dresser. It's a neutral color that looks great when paired with more vibrant ones | By Stiltskin StudioThis gorgeous dresser, which was finished by Stiltskin Studios in an aged “Radiant Orchid” like color was beautifully accented with our Smoke Metallic Paint – a lustrous dark neutral that complements this lovely shade.


Modern Masters Venetian Plaster Canvas Work with hints of Pantone's 2014 color of the year: Radiant Orchid | By Don Underhill

The captivating work of art by Don Underhill of Underhill Designs used our Venetian Plaster for this embedded leaf finish. The clarity of the  “Radiant Orchid” colors show through all of the depth and layering of this piece. It’s a perfect pop of color in case you love radiant orchid but only as an accent.


Brushed Silver Metallic Paint accents the the pop of color beautifully | By Faux Decor | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

many of our colors and products work as perfect complements to radiant orchid. Tobey Renee Sanders of Faux Decor applied our shimmery Silver Metallic Paint in a cross-hatched finish allowing the deep purple walls and accents to shine as strong features.


It seems we have a colorful and radiant year ahead of us all – one that we look forward to sharing with you as we continue to find new and inspiring ways to use color. If you’d like to find those more Radiant Orchid-inspired colors in our product lines, our Lilac Metallic Paint would be a beautiful choice as well as the Frosted Lilac hue in our Metallic Plasters. Prefer a Venetian Plaster? Cassis and Violet are close but you can also have your color easily custom-tinted. Our many retailers would be happy to help you find the best shade and product for your home!

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the ways Pantone’s Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, can shine with Modern Masters. Be sure to also stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards and “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page where we share even more project and design inspiration!

Spring into Design Photo Contest!


Enter YOUR best Modern Masters projects into our Spring into Design Photo Contest for a chance to win one of two Two Hundred Fifty Dollar Modern Masters Prize Packages! Click on the link for details!

We always love to see the beautiful DIY or architectural projects you share this us created with the Modern Masters decorative painting and finishing products. We wanted to spread the love right back so we’re hosting our first ever Spring into Design Photo Contest on our Modern Masters Facebook fan page!  All projects using any of your favorite Modern Masters materials are eligible and you can enter as many of them as you’d like!  Here are a few fabulous projects that have already been entered – aren’t they beautiful?

MM Spring Into Design Photo Contest Entries

Beautiful projects entered into our Photo Contest! Enter YOUR best Modern Masters projects into our Spring into Design Photo Contest for a chance to win one of two Two Hundred Fifty Dollar Modern Masters Prize Packages! Click on the link for details!


Oh, the prizes for entering? Glad you asked! There are two winners – the project with the most votes and a special project chosen by Modern Masters from all the entries. Each winner receives a $250 Modern Masters Prize Package! Ready to showcase YOUR projects in our Spring into Design Photo Contest? Here are the details to enter:

Simply “Like” us on Facebook and upload photo(s) of your finished projects. You can also use the hashtag #mmspringdesign on Twitter to automatically enter your image! Then, SHARE your photo entry with your family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors…you get the picture!  Everyone can vote once per day so encourage them to comment, like and most importantly VOTE for your entries through May 27th, 2013! Please note that the contest is open to residents of the continental US only.


Enter YOUR best Modern Masters projects into our Spring into Design Photo Contest for a chance to win one of two Two Hundred Fifty Dollar Modern Masters Prize Packages! Click on the link for details!


Here’s your chance to not only show off your fantastic work but also win your favorite Modern Masters products! The contest ends on May 27th, 2013, so hurry to get your projects in!  Even if you don’t want to enter, it’s a great opportunity to view inspiring artistry and support the contestants by voting for YOUR favorite projects. So, visit the Modern Masters Spring into Design Photo Contest Page today! Good Luck!