Product Spotlight: Warm Silver Metallic Paint

Our Metallic Paint Collection is used the world over for a multitude of surfaces and one of the most popular colors is Warm Silver.  It adds a bit of warmth to the coolness of silver without losing its personality and works well with so many design styles. It is an opaque color which means it provides excellent coverage without tarnishing — no wonder it’s one of our best sellers!  We thought we’d showcase a few projects from our friends with this very versatile hue.

PB&J StoriesMetallic Paint always looks amazing on ceilings!  Here, DIYer Pamela from PB&J Stories rolled the Warm Silver Metallic Paint in a chevron stripe pattern for her little girl’s nursery.  It’s so fun, elegant and unexpected — we love it!  Be sure to see more of this beautiful space in Pamela’s post on using metallic paint for a nursery ceiling.

Stenciling with Metallic Paint

You can also use metallic paint to stencil. Depending on your design goal, you can soften the pattern with the metallic paint like decorative artist Tiffany Alexander did above. Or, make it a strong focal point as decorative painter Kari Caldwell did with the allover stencil pattern below. Both are equally lovely uses of the Warm Silver metallic paint and yet so different. Gotta love that versatility!

Allover Stenciling with Modern Masters Metallic Paint

Of course, our Metallic Paint Collection is not just for walls and ceilings…

Painting a Light Fixture with Metallic PaintOne of the best ways to transform and reinvigorate a light fixture is to simply paint it with metallic paints. Chandeliers and sconces are a popular choice and painting the ceiling medallions that surround and enhance a light fixture will yield gorgeous results as well. Here, Stephanie Jones from Me & Mrs. Jones did a DIY makeover with a rusted, old candelabra by using Warm Silver Metallic Paint. The results were so pretty, she used them for her daughter’s wedding reception. Now that’s trash to treasure.

Metallic Paint Highlights Furniture DetailsWarm Silver Metallic Paint — any of the colors in our metallic paint collection, really — can be used to both highlight furniture details and paint the furniture itself to produce a wonderful, lovely shimmer.  Artist Peter Panagiotakakos of European Faux Finishes embellished the standing sink above — doesn’t the Warm Silver look perfect against the rich wood?  Our friend Jennifer from The Magic Brush says her most talked-about furniture finish is created with an aged Warm Silver and you can spy it below. Just gorgeous.

Aged Warm Silver Metallic Paint on Furniture

Has our Warm Silver lighted your imagination with possibilities? We hope so! Of course, our Metallic Paint Collection has over a hundred color choices for you to choose from that look spectacular on so many surfaces — you really can’t go wrong! Be sure to visit our Modern Masters Pinterest boards and Facebook fan page for even more project ideas! Have a creative day!

Beautiful Feature Walls with Metallic Paints!

Have you ever looked at a room with a desire to update it and give it a little something special? Feature walls are an excellent way to add visual interest to a space! Adding a decorative paint finish to an entire room is very pleasing but sometimes a little pop of color and shimmer is all you need. Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful & innovative ways some of our decorative painting friends have used accent walls and Modern Masters Metallic Paints to make a powerful statement.

 An elegant accent wall finished in Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By Caroline Lizarraga Neutral and still so Wow! This elegant feature wall by artist Caroline Lizarraga incorporates our metallic paints for this striae effect, giving the look of luxurious silk. It looks a bit like a waterfall, doesn’t it? “Watery” effects in interior design will be BIG in 2014 so this is one finish to watch. Be sure not to miss more of Caroline’s incredible decorative painting projects.


A beautiful feature wall finished in Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By Heather Dunn & Co.

Heather Dunn & Co. created this bold feature wall with seven of our metallic colors! The rich contrasting hues complement the lighter decor perfectly. Heather blended the metallic paint colors horizontally and vertically to create this one-of-a-kind contemporary wall treatment.


A shimmery dining room feature wall finished with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes

This dining room feature wall was given a shimmery, layered effect with our metallic paints by Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes! Dana Tucker has a home with a laid-back, warm feel — but she wanted to add a little glamour, too! She used the wall treatment to add a sophisticated edge that complimented her new light fixture as well. Lovely!

A beautiful paisley accent wall finished with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By Carmen Illustrates

We think a little girl is happy! Carmen Benoit of Carmen Illustrates created this spectacular Pucci-scarf inspired pattern for a budding teen fashionista. Gold and Silver Metallic Paint swirl playfully along with pinks, whites and fuschias to create a beautiful explosion of color and pattern!


Laundry room accent wall stenciled with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By My Sister & I

If you’d like to accent a small area of a feature wall, stenciling is the perfect way to go!  This lovely laundry room was stenciled by My Sister & I with both our Champagne and Warm Silver metallic paints! We think the scale and pattern are perfect for the space!

Whether you’re finishing an entire room or an ideal accent wall, Modern Masters Metallic Paints can help you create a special look that will set them apart from the rest! We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how you can achieve stunning results by creating your own feature wall! For more inspiration, please be sure to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards and “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page! We look forward to seeing you there!

Easy DIY Projects with Modern Masters Metal Effects and Metallic Paints

Easy DIY Projects with Modern Masters Metal Effects and Metallic Paints | Modern Masters Cafe blog

We love coming across great DIY projects that are easy to do yet provide extraordinary results using Modern Masters products. Whether it’s updating the hardware on your favorite dresser or completely transforming a set of nightstands, our Metal Effects products and Metallic Paint Collection will give your next DIY project that special touch you’re looking for! Let’s take a look at a few examples.

Modern Masters Metallic Paint on Lamp | By Decor Adventures

This lamp base was given a shimmery makeover by Jessica of Decor Adventures using our Pale Gold Metallic Paint! The real metal particles in our metallic paint help give this lamp an ambient glow of its own. Read more on how Jessica used our metallic paints for various DIY projects around her home!

Transform Hardware with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Via Always In WonderJennifer of Always in Wonder shares how she made over the old hardware of her rustic industrial style storage unit using Brass Metallic Paint! Instead of purchasing all new hardware, she was able to beautifully update the original pulls for a striking new look! Read how Jennifer transformed the drawer handles and more with metallic paints!

Modern Masters Metallic Paint on French Nightstands | By Vintage Charm Restored

This next project was done by Lori of Vintage Charm Restored. These beautiful nightstands were peeling, cracking and were in pretty rough shape. With just a little TLC, Lori was able to give them an elegant makeover with our Nickel & Champagne Metallic Paints! See how she used the metallic paints to refinish the nightstands!

Modern Masters Metal Effects on Table | By Redoux Interiors

Last but not least is a table that was given a rich patina effect by Redoux Interiors using the Metal Effects products. Our Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint, which has real metal particles, was used along with our blue patina aging solution to create this gorgeous weathered finish! Read more on how easy it is to use Metal Effects to create a variety of patina finishes on furniture!

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how Modern Masters Metallic Paints & Metal Effects products can help your next DIY project achieve stunning results! For more inspiration, be sure to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards and “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page!

Transforming Exterior Lights with Modern Masters Metallic Paints!

Transform your Exterior Lights with Modern Masters | By Living Rich On Less

Using Modern Masters Metallic Paints around your home can be a beautiful and inexpensive way to bring new life to a space! We came across this great project by Susan Penning of Living Rich On Less who decided to transform her exterior porch lights with our Metallic Paint vs. spending $200 on each of the real copper lights she had her eye on!  Let’s check out her project!

Modern Masters Copper Penny Metallic Paint & MasterClear® Topcoat | By Living Rich On LessEquipped with Modern Masters Copper Penny Metallic Paint and MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat, Susan was more than ready to create the look she desired – for much less. The Copper Penny Metallic Paint would give her a brilliant metallic look while the MasterClear® topcoat would provided added protection against the elements, including those color-fading UV rays!

Exterior Light spray primed prior to being painted with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | By Living Rich On Less

After making sure the power was disconnected to the light, Susan carefully removed it and used a bit of spray primer to give the metallic paint a good surface to grab onto. This will help ensure a beautiful, long lasting finish.

Two coats of Modern Masters Copper Penny Metallic Paint on an exterior light | By Living Rich On Less

She then gave the light two good coats of the metallic paint using a brush. As you can see, not only does the paint cover beautifully and brilliantly but it also goes a long way! She barely used any of the product for this step.

Exterior Light finished with Modern Masters Copper Penny Metallic Paint | By Living Rich On Less

After waiting the recommended time, she applied a coat of MasterClear® Protective Topcoat which is specially formulated to not dull the metallic paint and maintain its shimmer.  Not many topcoats have that feature — most would dull the metallic paint.

Exterior Light finished with Modern Masters Copper Penny Metallic Paint | By Living Rich On Less

This paint has an impressively realistic copper finish,” says Susan.
We think she did a phenomenal job turning her ordinary porch light into an extraordinary exterior light fixture!


Exterior light finished in Modern Masters Copper Penny Metallic Paint | By Living Rich On Less


She picked a gorgeous copper color for her porch’s design scheme. Copper Penny ties in all of the colors and wood tones of her porch so well! Feel free to read more about her read more about her easy, thrifty metallic exterior light makeover project on her blog, Living Rich On Less.


We want to thank Susan for sharing her project with us. We hope we’ve inspired you to take a second look at that certain piece in your home that can use a bit of metallic brilliance! For even more inspiration, be sure to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards and Facebook Fan Page as well!