Modern Mastery: Taurie Goll

Modern Mastery Artist Profile: Taurie Goll of Beyond WhiteWe’re excited to bring you this week’s Modern Mastery Artist Profile on a wonderful decorative artist, Taurie Goll of Beyond White. We had a chance to catch up with her and find out a bit more about her love and passion for decorative finishing.

In 2003, Taurie left a career in marketing and advertising to submerse herself in the world of paint and color. Soon after she started Beyond White. Since then, her clothes, fingernails and hair have been in a constant state of paint mediums!  She has been very fortunate in that she started painting in the southwest and learned how to work with decorative finishes on textured walls and selecting colors and designs that are more indigent of a warm weather climate. Taurie has since moved east and learned to work on plastered and smooth walls with very different architecture, colors and decorative techniques that suit a four-season climate.

This line of work has also allowed her to go Beyond White in several cities across the globe and add her experience and creativity to her client’s walls. Let’s take a closer look at some of Taurie’s work.

Modern Masters Platinum Series Colorants and MasterClear® Supreme Matte Topcoat on stained signage | By Beyond White

The exterior sign for Café Muse was beautifully stained and smoked around the edges with tHE Platinum Series Colorants in Tobacco & Van Dyke Brown. MasterClear® Supreme in a matte finish was then used for protection.


What is your dream finishing project?

I have painted wonderful homes along with small businesses and each one is always special to me. However, I think that my dream finishing project would be to work on a set design for a television series or motion picture. When I watch them, my focus is usually on the background and what was applied to the walls. Odd? Not if you are a decorative painter, trying to create an atmosphere for a space. I am sure all of us in this field would agree!

Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Finish on walls of a restaurant | By Beyond White

For the interior walls of this restaurant, Taurie used Metal Effects Iron Reactive PRODUCTS to create a gorgeous rust finish for an accent space for her clients.

Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Finish on panels and Tequila Gold Metallic Paint on ceiling | By Beyond White

Taurie used both Modern Masters Metal Effects Iron Reactive Paints for the wall panels and Tequila Gold from our Metallic Paint Collection for the ceiling. Both finishes work nicely together in this dining room.


What is the most inspiring place you have visited?

I found that inspiration can come from anywhere. My favorite place that inspired me is the MONA in Hobart, Tasmania (Museum of Old and New Art). This funky, ingenious and beautiful museum houses true “outside of the box”, thought provoking and controversial art and exhibits. For me, it inspires the drive to paint left-of-center and attract clients who want their home or business “different”. I believe all artists need to be stimulated to create their own special niche and MONA does that for me. When I am unable to visit in person, I can always visit through the internet.

Modern Masters Metallic Paints used to create a block/tile finish using Olympic Gold, Tequila Gold, Antique Bronze, Statuary Bronze and Blackened Bronze | By Beyond White

The metallic blocks of this bath were created to match and enhance the rest of the room using a blend of Metallic Paint colors such as Olympic Gold, Tequila Gold, Antique Bronze, Statuary Bronze and Blackened Bronze.

Modern Masters Ebony Venetian Plaster on end tables | By Beyond White

To complement the contemporary style of another one of her clients, Taurie used Ebony Venetian Plaster tinted to about 75% for these built-in end tables. She then used our Venetian Plaster Topcoat for added durability and shine!


How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

One of my favorite things about Modern Masters has always been their launching of new products and continual support of educating us through application tips, recipes and sharing our work with others in the decorative community. I also know when I use Modern Masters products, I can count on their beauty and durability.

Some of my more successful residential and commercial projects were finishes that included Modern Masters products, whether blending of the metallic paints with a latex paint, textured mediums using their Platinum Series or any of the Platinum colorants and protective sealers when I woodgrain a surface. My favorite finish has always been the reactive rust patina finish from the Metal Effects line and I love to apply it when I can. It is part of the Modern Masters ethos that helps fuel creativity, and thus allows me to take creative risks to help create my own style.

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We’d like to thank Taurie of Beyond White for sharing her beautiful artistry and love of art and decorative painting with us! We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring Beyond White with us! As always, feel free to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards for more inspiration and be sure to “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page!