Fall Table Decor Ideas with Matte Metallics

The fall season is almost upon us and so is decorating the home for family, friends and the upcoming holidays. There’s something so inviting about warm Autumn colors and we enjoy seeing them incorporated in great DIY and Design ideas. Although there are many design elements to the fall season, one of the most popular is finding creative inspiration for unique twists on the traditional table setting.  We’d love to share a few ideas with you created with our Matte Metallics! The Matte Metallics are a line of 15 of our most popular metallic paint colors with a soft, shimmery glow. They compliment the higher shimmer of the regular Metallic Paint Collection. Let’s take a look at how to set a stylish table with them!

Painting Pumpkins with Metallic Paint and CrystalsA perennial DIY classic is to paint pumpkins but here’s an idea to take it up a notch! Paint pumpkins, gourds and squash with Matte Metallics and add crystals, jewels and even glitter to give them an updated, glam feel. The beautiful luster of the metallic paint makes for an alluring table centerpiece that adds a soft glow during an evening event.

Painting over Old Gift Wrap with Matte Metallic PaintsElegant and Chic Gift Wrap Created with Metallic PaintPainting a Plate Charger with Matte Metallics from Modern Masters | Fall Holiday Table Setting IdeasNot only can you use Matte Metallics to paint and enhance your walls and furniture, but also to paint everyday items such as gift wrap and plate chargers! Let’s face it – we all have that gift wrap that we’re not sure we’ll use again. Just roll on the color on either surface (here, were are using Blackened Bronze) and let dry. Voila! Of course, you can leave it as is for a very chic look or keep adding other metallic colors and patterns to your taste.

Stenciling a Table Runner with Matte Metallics by Modern MastersA Fall Table Set with Modern Masters Matte MetallicsSpeaking of patterns, you can also stencil with metallic paints! To keep with the dashing look of our table, we again used the Blackened Bronze Matte Metallic with a stencil brush and the Bella Madrid Stencil from the Artistic Painting Studio. After stenciling the napkins and plate chargers as well, we set out our tony Modern Masters table inspired by the Matte Metallics. Are you joining us for dinner?

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Spring Decorating Ideas with Modern Masters!

As we (finally!) ease out of winter, fresh ideas are blooming to spruce up your home! Decorating for spring is easy with fun colors, elegant flowering scrolls and flower motifs on all types of surfaces – and Modern Masters makes it easy.  Read on to find out more about several smart and chic projects by some of our friends with our products!

Stenciled and Plastered Wall | Metallic Plaster by Modern Masters | Artistry by Kathy Anders of Atlanta Decorative FinishesStenciled Metallic Plaster on Walls | Project by Atlanta Decorative Finishes with Modern Masters Products

Kathy Anders of Atlanta Decorative Finishes used a custom stencil and several colors of our Metallic Plaster to create an elegant allover scrolling vine that enhance her client’s walls. It’s a beautiful finish to highlight a contemporary home with traditional touches. Be sure to check her site for her fantastic workshops with our products!

Warm Silver Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Painted Furniture by Vintage Charm Restored

Champagne Metallic Paint Highlights on Furniture | Vintage Charm Restored

Vintage Charm Restored is a big fan of our Metallic Paint Collection! They frequently use the line on their painted furniture projects and on these fun and bright pieces, they used the metallic paints as a highlight to the happy colors. The painted armoire pairs Champagne Metallic Paint with a beautiful coral pink while the patterned aqua dresser has the perfect complement with our Warm Silver Metallic Paint. We think both these pieces would make for inspired spring decor!

Flowered Canvas Mural Art with Metal Effects by Modern Masters | Artist: Ali KayCanvas Art Mural by Ali Kay | Metal Effects by Modern Masters

Canvas art is an easy, casual way to add sophistication to your home.  Artist Ali Kay used gorgeous flowers as her subjects for a wonderful series of paintings with our Metal Effects treatments. You can spy both our rust finish and vedrigris patina as a base and as accents. So lovely!

Painted Floor Mural | Metallic Paints by Modern Masters | Artist: Alfred Galvez

Painted Mural Floor by Alfred Galvez | Lotus Pond Floor | Modern Masters ProductsA painted floor always makes a statement and artist Alfred Galvez of AG Murals certainly created a gorgeous focal point! Using the Metallic Paint Collection, Alfred was able to paint a lotus pond on his client’s floors as well as lush and lovely blooms that shimmer enticingly.  Although we don’t recommend using the Metallic Paint Collection for floors, we couldn’t help but admire the creativity of AG Murals.  Painting is a wonderful way to refresh a tired floor — and talk about adding a little spring in your step!

Adding bursts of lively springtime motifs as well as energetic colors and patterns will help your home transition effortlessly into spring. We hope these projects have inspired you to create simple, stunning makeovers of your own – and be sure to share your projects with us!

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Gorgeous Range Hoods with Modern Masters

The kitchen has always been one of the most important spaces in any home. At the center of our beloved kitchen is the often overlooked range hood, an important feature which can easily be transformed with the use of paints, plasters and patinas. Of course, its main function is to absorb odors, airborne grease and smoke but it can also have a much more aesthetic purpose – to serve as an excellent focal point to beautify the kitchen! We share a few examples of some of our favorite range hoods and how Modern Masters has helped bring these wonderful pieces to life with customized finishes that provide a crowning touch. Let’s take a look!

A gorgeous range hood finished in Modern Masters Metal Effects Bronze reactive paint and blue patina solution | By Tom Henman Decorative Painting | Modern Masters Cafe blog

Tom Henman Decorative Painting used our Metal Effects Bronze Reactive Paint and Blue Patina Aging Solution for this unique range hood. We love the juxtaposition of the smooth, light cabinets with the darker, weathered patina!

A range hood elegantly finished in Modern Masters Pewter Metallic Paint | By Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes | Modern Masters Cafe blog

This lovely, contemporary kitchen received an elegant stria finish on its range hood with Modern Masters Pewter Metallic Paint by Bella-Tucker Decorative Finishes. It adds just the right amount of sophisticated brilliance to this space!

This range hood was finished with Modern Masters Metal Effects in a rust finish along with copper foil | By Carmen Illustrates | Modern Masters Cafe blog

This range hood received a fantastic finish with our Metal Effects Iron Reactive Paint by Carmen Illustrates. The rust created with the real metal particles in our reactive paint was beautifully enhanced with the use of copper foils. The result is a striking accent piece that complements the rustic wood tones of this kitchen!

Modern Masters Red Russet Metallic Plaster was used for this beautiful range hood | By Craig Getty Painting | Modern Masters Cafe blog

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster works perfectly with the natural wood cabinetry of this inviting kitchen. Craig Getty Painting used our Espresso, Suede and Red Russet metallic plasters to create a subtle, shimmery finish for this range hood. What a great way to top off this space!

Modern Masters Metal Effects helped transform this unique range hood | By Broads with Brushes

Broads with Brushes embellished this range hood with the use of color glazes and our Metal Effects in order to tie in the colors of this fabulous kitchen! Doesn’t it look great against the rich, dark wood and tiled backsplash? We love the work of Andrea Blair Murrill and her team!

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how the range hood can play an important part in your kitchen’s design by serving as functional art! Do you have one that may benefit from a little color? If so, which design style would you prefer?

It’s always a pleasure to see some of the amazing work created with our product lines. Be sure to catch more inspiration on our Facebook fan page and Pinterest boards. We look forward to seeing you there!


Modern Mastery: Kara Paslay

Kara Paslay of Kara Paslay DesignsWe’ve had our eye on Kara Paslay of Kara Paslay Designs after seeing some of her gorgeous decorative work using Modern Masters products. We’re excited to feature her for this week’s Modern Mastery Artist Profile! We’ve caught up with Kara, who is an interior designer, window display artist and set decorator for commercials, TV shows and movies. She lives by the motto “Do what you love” and she loves her job(s). As a set decorator, it’s her responsibility to create scenes and sets that tell the story of the characters in the film, leading to a way of thinking that has greatly affected the way she approaches her interior design projects. “My goal is not only to create a space that is beautiful, but one that is also meaningful,” she says.

Her favorite part about her job is that she gets to work with her incredibly talented husband, Tim Paslay, and although it can be stressful working with your spouse, she says she wouldn’t have it any other way!  “Our collaborations always bring about a better finished product!” she tells us. They both live and work in a warehouse in downtown Tulsa, OK and really enjoying crafting an over the top creative space for themselves with projects like a motorized television panel. Their biggest goal thus far is getting their TV show – ‘Til Design Do Us Part – off the ground. They are very excited about the possibility of working with couples to create spaces that really reflect their lives. Let’s take a closer look at how Modern Masters has helped to inspire her creative works!


How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?


I wear many hats, from interior designer to set decorator to window display artist. No matter what type of space I am working on, I almost always live by one rule – Every space needs a little metallic in it! Whether I’m adding a little bling or bringing in some character with an aged patina, metallic elements have a way of bringing life to a space. Modern Masters makes it so easy for me to find the perfect hue and the perfect finish, no matter what look I’m going for. I can always guarantee my clients something unique and beautiful at a fraction of the cost because of these incredible paints!


A set of room dividers finished with Modern Masters Smoke & Olympic Gold Metallic Paint | By Kara Paslay Designs

These unique room dividers were beautifully finished in a combination of Modern Masters Steel Gray and Olympic Gold Metallic Paints! They provide a wonderful backdrop while allowing the decor to flow naturally throughout the space.


Metal Marquee sign finished with Modern Masters Metal Effects products | By Kara Paslay Designs

These “metal” marquee letters were a custom creation and were given a weathered, patina look using our Metal Effects products! Kara shares how she created this look.


What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?


Although I love to switch things up and rarely like to do the same thing twice, I have simply fallen in love with the Modern Masters “Brass” Metallic Paint. It’s not too gaudy, but brings a gorgeous, dare I say heavenly glow to any piece it touches. I just love it!


A beautiful dining room table give a wash in Modern Masters Brass Metallic Paint | By Kara Paslay DesignsThis beautiful dining room table was originally all dark brown and was completely transformed by kara. It was Even given a sleek, white top and was enhanced with a wash of Modern Masters Brass Metallic Paint. The wonderful detail and elegance of this table now shines with ease!


A gorgeous sliding door finished in Modern Masters Metal Effects products | By Kara Paslay Designs

Would you believe us if we told you that this gorgeous, industrial sliding door was MADE with foam? Kara was inspired to create this door after seeing a similar piece on a tv show and used our Metal Effects products to create the look of a heavy, oxidized metal door! She even shares its diy sliding door tutorial on her blog!


What is your dream finishing project?

My husband and I are currently working on bringing our dream project to fruition. We are developing a design show and look forward to the day when we can bring our creations to a television audience. Our goal is to use design to celebrate our clients’ pasts, spur their passions, and inspire their futures with meaningful and unique creations. And you know, nothing pops on camera like some beautiful metallics!

A bathroom accent wall with a fish scale design created with Modern Masters Flash Blue Metallic Paint | By Kara Paslay Designs

This stunning bath feature wall was given a metallic fish scale ombre effect using a stencil from Royal Design Studio and our Flash Blue Metallic Paint. Kara also shares how she completed this transformation her blog as well!


We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the artistic work of Kara Paslay and invite you to take an even closer look by visiting her blog and her Facebook Page.She is truly a creative spirit and her projects are so much fun to follow. As always, we look forward to sharing more creativity and inspiration on our Facebook Fan Page and Modern Masters Pinterest boards. We look forward to seeing you there – have a wonderful week!

Modern Mastery: Arlene Mcloughlin

Arlene McloughlinWe’ve recently had the pleasure of catching up with Arlene Mcloughlin of Arlene Mcloughlin Murals, a wonderful artist based in the New York area. Arlene has been painting professionally for over 30 years and services Long Island and the five New York City boroughs. Her love of drawing and painting became an obsession at the young age of 5 and later lead to a career as a fashion illustrator/designer. She also designed her own wedding gowns, bridesmaids and flower girl dresses with great success.

After starting a family, Arlene looked for avenues that would allow her flexibility with her time while still providing a creative outlet for her love of the arts. As she designed her daughter’s nursery and painted a circus themed mural, she fell in love with decorative painting and began taking classes for wall finishes. This lead to a full time business by the time she had her second child. Since then, her business has been thriving and many of her bridal clients have become mural clients, with some who have become close friends. “I like that, for me it works to have a warm relationship with many of the people who invite me into their homes to create something unique, creative and ultimately bring their visions to life.” Let’s take a closer look at some of Arlene’s work and see how Modern Masters has inspired her work.


How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

Modern Masters has enhanced my business with their products in quite a few ways. First and foremost would be the ease of use. The Metallic Paint Collection is my go-to for many projects and the array of colors are like a rainbow of precious metals in liquid paint form. I really love them. Whether they’re used for a finish, fine art or just a simple stencil, Modern Masters Metallic Paints really have made my portfolio “pop”. I also love the plasters but my favorite is the Texture Effects. I use it for so many finishes and it really is a versatile product. It can go from  providing a “crusty” old-world finish to industrial high energy finishes when combined with my metallic recipes.

 Modern Masters Venetian Plaster and Texture Effects on 2 story foyer walls | By Arlene Mcloughlin Murals

The walls of this 2 story foyer were finished with a mix of Modern Masters Venetian Plaster and Texture Effects for a warm dimensional finish.


Modern Masters Platinum Metallic Paint for stripes | By Arlene Mcloughlin MuralsModern Masters Platinum Metallic Paint was used for these vertical stripes and adds a subtle yet elegant look to this formal living room.


What is the most inspiring space or place you have visited?


I know it sounds cliche but truly, I was influenced, inspired and brought to tears many times in my recent trip to Italy in summer of 2013. The Vatican frescoes really made an impression on me. The magnitude of the work achieved there is nothing short of a miracle in my eyes.

 Modern Masters Metallic Paint for trim with English Brown glaze and Sashay Red with Brown Suede Glaze for insert | By Arlene Mcloughlin Murals

This ceiling medallion was given an English Brown glaze over the gold trim and Sashay Red Metallic Paint with a Brown Suede glaze for the insert.


Modern Masters Warm Silver Metallic Paint used for a freehand mural with matching nightstands | By Arlene Mcloughlin Murals

This master bedroom was given a beautiful freehand mural using Warm Silver Metallic Paint. Notice the matching nightstands?


What is your dream finishing project?

My dream project has been to do a scenic mural in a two story foyer, possibly including the ceiling in a French scenic wallpaper style. I have done many murals over the years but this would truly be the icing on an already incredibly gratifying career.


Modern Masters Silver Metallic Paint box design on walls and glaze on ceiling | By Arlene Mcloughlin Murals

This master bedroom was given a checkered accent wall and glazed ceiling inserts with Modern Masters Silver Metallic Paint.


Modern Masters Plum Metallic Paint on walls with Olympic Gold stripes | By Arlene Mcloughlin Murals

The rich PLUM walls were given thin, vertical stripes with TEQUILA Gold metallic paint.


We hope you’ve enjoyed taking a closer look at the Arlene’s beautiful decorative artistry. Please be sure to stop Arlene Mcloughlin Murals to see more of her work! Whether it be an accent wall, stripes or a crumbly texture, Modern Masters Products can provide that extra dose of brilliance to any project. For more inspiration, be sure to stop by our Pinterest boards and “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page!

What’s Haute for Front Doors!

Fab Front Door Solutions with Modern Masters Products

Painting a front door is one of the fastest and easiest updates we can make to a home’s curb appeal and there are a myriad of options available, especially from Modern Masters. The front door is one of the first things our guests see, so why not make it inviting? You can paint a front door with a lively color for an added dose of personality or a more serious hue that compliments the exterior paint colors. Below are six fantastic projects from three of our product lines to help inspire a transformation for your front door. It may be the change that makes you fall in love even more with your home — or sell it faster!


Metallic Copper Paint Door featured in Oprah magazine

Our Metallic Paint Collection adds a shimmery zest to a front door — and Team Oprah agrees! Our Copper Metallic Paint paired with Kelly-Moore Paint’s Inky Stiletto on the trim is a gorgeous combination featured in an Oprah magazine article entitled Six of the Prettiest Front Doors. Oh, and by the way – they called it “the next-big-thing finish”. Isn’t it dreamy?


Maybe you love a bright color but need it toned down a bit?  In the alternate, have a neutral color that’s just a little drab?  Altering the color by using a glaze from our Decorative Painter’s Products is a perfect solution!

Modern Masters Extender Glaze on Front DoorBeyond the Screen door used our Extender for Latex Paint and tinted it with a dark latex color (above) in order to age her turquoise paint a bit. We think the aged and painted front door is stunning!  (below) Erin from Two Story Cottage used our Tintable Glaze (her paint store tinted it brown) to add a little oomph to her cream front door.

Tintable Glaze by Modern MastersBoth results are fab! Glazes will have an “open time” to ensure you have some time to work the tinted glaze to get the results you’d like. Be sure to have your local retailer guide you as to which glaze product will work best with your project!


Creative customer Sarah Desjardins chose our Front Door Paint in Spontaneous to compliment the warm, earthy tones of her home. BEAUTIFUL!


One of the hottest products we offer is our Front Door Paint.  Fade-resistant and a breeze to use – what could be better? The gorgeous door colors range from classic to vibrant and there’s a hue for everyone.  If you’re torn about which color to go with, take a walk around your neighborhood for a bit of local flavor and inspiration!

Calm Front Door Paint by Julie YoungArtist Julie Young used the color Calm from our Front Door Paint line to paint her double front doors in California (above) while Amanda Stamper chose the Cheerful hue (below) for her inviting entry. Be sure to check out Amanda’s post on painting a front door in her Dreamsicle Sisters blog.

Cheerful Front Door Paint by Amanda Stamper

Wouldn’t you want to take these doors home? You can – or a variation of them that is perfect for you! Painting your entire exterior would be a challenge but giving your door a new look is a doable afternoon DIY. Hope we’ve opened the door to a world of ideas for you!

Modern Masters and Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

Modern Masters and Pantone's Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid

With the recent release of Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid, we’re excited to show just how beautiful and easy it can be to incorporate this uplifting color into your design with Modern Masters products! Pantone describes Radiant Orchid as a color that is “an expressive, creative and embracing purple with a captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones. It blooms with confidence and magical warmth that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination”. Let’s take a look at some of the unique ways this gorgeous color can bring it’s vibrancy to your space!

Modern Masters Plum Metallic Paint on the walls of a lovely dining room

These living room walls exude a vibrant confidence with our Plum Metallic Paint!


Modern Masters Smoke Metallic Paint was used for the top of this dresser. It's a neutral color that looks great when paired with more vibrant ones | By Stiltskin StudioThis gorgeous dresser, which was finished by Stiltskin Studios in an aged “Radiant Orchid” like color was beautifully accented with our Smoke Metallic Paint – a lustrous dark neutral that complements this lovely shade.


Modern Masters Venetian Plaster Canvas Work with hints of Pantone's 2014 color of the year: Radiant Orchid | By Don Underhill

The captivating work of art by Don Underhill of Underhill Designs used our Venetian Plaster for this embedded leaf finish. The clarity of the  “Radiant Orchid” colors show through all of the depth and layering of this piece. It’s a perfect pop of color in case you love radiant orchid but only as an accent.


Brushed Silver Metallic Paint accents the the pop of color beautifully | By Faux Decor | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

many of our colors and products work as perfect complements to radiant orchid. Tobey Renee Sanders of Faux Decor applied our shimmery Silver Metallic Paint in a cross-hatched finish allowing the deep purple walls and accents to shine as strong features.


It seems we have a colorful and radiant year ahead of us all – one that we look forward to sharing with you as we continue to find new and inspiring ways to use color. If you’d like to find those more Radiant Orchid-inspired colors in our product lines, our Lilac Metallic Paint would be a beautiful choice as well as the Frosted Lilac hue in our Metallic Plasters. Prefer a Venetian Plaster? Cassis and Violet are close but you can also have your color easily custom-tinted. Our many retailers would be happy to help you find the best shade and product for your home!

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the ways Pantone’s Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, can shine with Modern Masters. Be sure to also stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards and “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page where we share even more project and design inspiration!

Modern Mastery: Tamra Alexander Cook

Tamra Alexander Cook | Modern Masters Cafe BlogWe’re proud to feature decorative artist Tamra Alexander Cook from the Central Coast of California for this week’s Artist Spotlight. We had a chance to catch up with Tamra and find out a bit about her artistry and how Modern Masters has impacted her creativity and career as a decorative artist.

Tamra Alexander Cook began a career in art about 7 years ago after needing a change of pace from the corporate field working in her family’s contract meter reading business. She knew that she wanted to do something creative since she spent most of her free time after work painting, sewing and decorating. Not knowing anything about decorative art, she just jumped right in and began learning some beautiful wall finishes and kept expanding from there. During these last two years she’s really discovered her true passion to be mirror and glass work with more emphasis on the fine arts.  “It’s been interesting to see how all the products I’ve used over the years for large projects like wall finishes and cabinetry work can be used in some way for both glass and fine art,” she says. Let’s take a look at some of her work!

Modern Masters Metallic Paints sealed with MasterClear® topcoat on the decorative flowers of an iron gate | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

Modern Masters Metallic Paints sealed with MasterClear® topcoat on the decorative flowers of an iron gate | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

Tamra used a custom mix of Modern Masters Metallic Paints for these brilliant decorative flowers on this iron gate. She then used the MasterClear® topcoat for for added UV protection!

Modern Masters Metallic Paints sealed with MasterClear® topcoat on the decorative flowers of an iron gate | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

What are some of your favorite Modern Masters Finishes?

My favorite Modern Masters finish would have to be the Reactive Metal finishes, especially the Rust finish. Right after I first started in the biz, I had a call from someone opening a new Salon in the area. I had only a very small rust sample on hand but she asked if I could do it on the large wall in the front of the salon. She needed it done within just a few days for the grand opening. I of course said “sure!” although I had never done it on anything larger than a couple of small furniture pieces. She originally asked for the just the front of the wall to be done but I convinced her that if we went all the way around, it would look more like a really large iron wall. She loved the idea and I knocked it out in two days. I’m still doing work in her beautiful Salon because of that wall. It’s definitely a high impact finish and people are impressed when they find out it’s the real deal, actually rusted iron.  I love the reaction I get every time someone ask how I do that.

Modern Masters Metal Effects on a large freestanding accent wall for a salon | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?

My Modern Masters “go to” product is the Dead Flat Varnish. It’s amazing stuff!  I have used it on so many things because it produces such a nice truly dead flat finish and it holds up so well to everyday use.  I make sure to ALWAYS have some on hand because I’m always using it on something!

Modern Masters Metallic Bronze with reactive patina over silver foil | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

This Moroccan style chalkboard was created with Modern Masters Metallic Bronze and reactive patinas over silver foil.

Modern Masters Metal Effects on a set of shutters | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

These shutters were beautifully finished in the Modern Masters Metal Effects products.

What is the most inspiring space or place you have visited?

I would have to say France and Ireland are the most inspiring places I’ve visited. So much of Europe is inspiring but the unbridled use of color in such unexpected ways is almost overwhelming. Paris, for me was nothing but pure eye candy! I love how you will have a somewhat monochromatic concrete or stone building with doors of unbelievable color and texture! The choice of color and beautiful, natural patinas everywhere you look, is awe inspiring!

Modern Masters Metallic Copper paint, furniture glaze and Metal Effects in Rust for the ornamentation detail of this fireplace mantel | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

Modern Masters Copper Metallic Paint, Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream and Metal Effects in Rust for the ornamentation detail of this fireplace mantel | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

We want to thank Tamra for taking the time to share her story and artistry with us this week. You can find more of her work on her Facebook & Pinterest pages as well! As always, feel free to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards for more inspiration and be sure to “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page!