Painted & Decorated Ceilings

Designing a great ceiling will help make a space brighter, create a beautiful focal point, enhance gorgeous architectural ceilings and complete the look of a room. They say it’s the fifth wall — so the next time you are planning the decor of a room, consider looking up with the following inspired ideas!

Stenciled Ceiling with Modern Masters Metallic Plaster | Decorative Artist Joni Fife | Ceiling Ideas on the Cafe BlogStunning, isn’t it? Decorative Artist Joni Fife used our Metallic Plaster combined with the Wallovers Gabriel’s Gates Stencil to create an unforgettable ceiling.

Turquoise Aqua Venetian Plaster Ceiling | Project by Garrison Tarnow Painting with Modern Masters products | Ceiling Inspiration on the Cafe BlogGarrison Tarnow Painting used our Venetian Plaster to trowel a smooth plaster finish on a dome ceiling. The color and effect is gorgeous!

Striking and Chic Ceiling by Decorative & Faux Finishes | Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Ceiling Inspiration on the Cafe BlogStenciled Metallic Ceiling | Modern Masters | Project by Decorative & Faux Finishes | Ceiling Ideas via the Cafe BlogCindy Howard and Dana DeBuck of Decorative & Faux Finishes always have extraordinary decorative painting projects. Here are just two of their awe-inspiring ceilings combining ornamental patterns and our Metallic Paint Collection.

Flash Gold Metallic Paint by Modern Masters on Ornamental Plaster Ceiling | Decorative Plaster Paint Finish by California Wall Design | Ceiling Inspiration via the Cafe BlogCalifornia Wall Design shared an ornamental plaster and wood ceiling project which was painted with our Flash Gold Metallic Paint. The color exudes a shimmery opalescent finish and is perfect for this luxe dining room.

Metal Effects Patina Finish on Dome Ceiling | Project by Heather Sanders of Fifth Wall Design | Ceiling Inspiration via the Cafe BlogOxidized patinas can make for a dramatic ceiling! Heather Sanders of 5th Wall Surface Design used our Metal Effects patinas to create a custom, linear stenciled finish. Incredible!

Glazed Metallic Plaster and Gold Leaf Ceiling | Project by NCF Decorative Studio | Ceiling Inspiration on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogDrama is always in style! NCF Studio enhanced a foyer entryway by using our Metallic Plaster and Wall Glazing Cream on base of the groin ceiling and topped it off with a gold leaf stencil border. What an amazing result!

Platinum Metallic Paint Finish on Stenciled Ceiling with Mirror Tiles | Project by Arlene McLoughlin | Ceiling Inspiration on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogTalented decorative artist Arlene McLoughlin used a custom finish with our Platinum Metallic Paint for this very modern and chic ceiling. She also used mirror tiles to add another layer of dimension to the stenciling as well – you can see them glimmering. Check out her other projects in her studio’s Modern Mastery feature.

Whether painted, patterned or given a decorative finish, a ceiling can truly make a room. If left alone, a ceiling can become it’s own bland focal point – it’s key to add a bit of drama without overwhelming a space and the design of the room. We hope you’ve enjoyed these inspiring Modern Masters project ideas from our creative customers and friends. Do you have a ceiling you’d love to show off? Tweet at us using #ModernMastersInc or send your masterpiece in to us at!

Modern Mastery: Linda Gale Boyles

Are you on Instagram? We are! Come follow us as we share inspiring projects and creative ideas for decorative finishes on all manner of surfaces. You can also share your #ModernMasters projects with us, which is how we discovered the beautiful Modern Mastery of Southern Inspirations.

Artist Linda Gale Boyles | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogLinda Gale Boyles is the Creative Director and Owner of Southern Inspirations. It’s the studio she founded in her home in 1993 as a way of following her dreams and pursuing her artistic leanings. Her business benefited from a Business Communications degree from Georgetown College, and she soon moved into a beautiful studio. Creating her own signature finishes after taking art and finishing classes around the world, she began focusing on furniture design and surface treatments as well as the pursuit of cutting edge products and techniques. We’re thrilled to showcase her versatile Modern Masters projects, encompassing walls, ceilings and her signature furniture treatments.

Painted and Stenciled Furniture with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Southern Inspirations and featured on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogMetallic Paint and Pattern on Dresser Interior | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspiration | Modern Masters Cafe BlogCombining both a Royal Design Studio stencil and our Metallic Paint Collection, Linda designed and painted a unique dresser with handblown knobs and killer legs. Do you like the sneak peek inside the drawers, too?


Contemporary Metallic Plaster Wall Finish | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspirations | Modern Masters Cafe BlogVENETIAN Plaster creates a contemporary wall finish in Linda’s hands. Beautiful design and floor to complement!


What is the most inspiring place you have visited?
The Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. Artistically, I don’t think there is any other place on earth where there is more art in one place. It is so awe-inspiring and the beauty is unspeakable.

Luscious Green Venetian Plaster Finish on Walls with a Silver Metallic Paint Finish on Ceiling | Modern Mastery Feature on Artist Linda Gale Boyles | Modern Masters Cafe BlogVenetian Plaster in a fresh yet calm green color scheme graces the dining room walls while a Glazed Silver Metallic Paint finish on the ceiling complements it beautifully. Wonderful palette and design!


Stencils and Stripes on Wall with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern InspirationsOur Metallic Paint was used to create the chic striped wall treatment as well as stencil the patterns within the stripes. Gorgeous! Linda also created and designed the striking mirror.


What is your favorite Modern Masters finish?
It is a finish that I created called Old World Metallic. We cross hatch 2 colors of Metallic Paint and let it dry. Then we glaze and pit or watermark it. We do this on furniture and ceilings and clients love it! It looks like beaten or aged metal.

Copper Metallic Paint Finish on Range Hood | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspiration | Modern Masters Cafe BlogMetallic Paint Crosshatch Finish on Range Hood | Modern Masters | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern InspirationsVarious Copper and Gold Metallic Paints mix to create a stunning range hood finish.


Crosshatched and Glazed Metallic Paint Ceiling | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspirations | Modern Masters Cafe BlogLinda’s Old World Metallic Finish with our Metallic Paint Collection graces a bedroom ceiling. What do you think of the whimsical headboard she designed?


What is your dream finishing project?
I have many! I have designed many pieces of furniture and am in the process of looking for a manufacturer. Also, I would love to create furniture finishes for a furniture company. There is nothing like transforming a furniture piece into something a client could only dream of. I think furniture is useful sculpture.

Multi-Color Venetian Plaster Finish with Modern Masters Metallic Paints on Walls | Modern Mastery Feature of Artist Linda Gale Boyles | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Linda designed and finished this multi-color wall treatment with our VENETIAN PLASTER. It’s chic and the colors add incredible interest to the space.


Linda certainly has an eye for beautiful color combinations with a creative twist. We love her fresh take on mixing patterns and finishes on all surfaces! Her studio is able to accommodate custom orders and designs for virtually any furniture project so please be sure to visit her Southern Inspirations website if you’d like to learn more. Don’t forget to also pin and share these amazing Modern Masters projects. Many thanks to Linda for sharing them with us!

Product Spotlight: Warm Silver Metallic Paint

Our Metallic Paint Collection is used the world over for a multitude of surfaces and one of the most popular colors is Warm Silver.  It adds a bit of warmth to the coolness of silver without losing its personality and works well with so many design styles. It is an opaque color which means it provides excellent coverage without tarnishing — no wonder it’s one of our best sellers!  We thought we’d showcase a few projects from our friends with this very versatile hue.

PB&J StoriesMetallic Paint always looks amazing on ceilings!  Here, DIYer Pamela from PB&J Stories rolled the Warm Silver Metallic Paint in a chevron stripe pattern for her little girl’s nursery.  It’s so fun, elegant and unexpected — we love it!  Be sure to see more of this beautiful space in Pamela’s post on using metallic paint for a nursery ceiling.

Stenciling with Metallic Paint

You can also use metallic paint to stencil. Depending on your design goal, you can soften the pattern with the metallic paint like decorative artist Tiffany Alexander did above. Or, make it a strong focal point as decorative painter Kari Caldwell did with the allover stencil pattern below. Both are equally lovely uses of the Warm Silver metallic paint and yet so different. Gotta love that versatility!

Allover Stenciling with Modern Masters Metallic Paint

Of course, our Metallic Paint Collection is not just for walls and ceilings…

Painting a Light Fixture with Metallic PaintOne of the best ways to transform and reinvigorate a light fixture is to simply paint it with metallic paints. Chandeliers and sconces are a popular choice and painting the ceiling medallions that surround and enhance a light fixture will yield gorgeous results as well. Here, Stephanie Jones from Me & Mrs. Jones did a DIY makeover with a rusted, old candelabra by using Warm Silver Metallic Paint. The results were so pretty, she used them for her daughter’s wedding reception. Now that’s trash to treasure.

Metallic Paint Highlights Furniture DetailsWarm Silver Metallic Paint — any of the colors in our metallic paint collection, really — can be used to both highlight furniture details and paint the furniture itself to produce a wonderful, lovely shimmer.  Artist Peter Panagiotakakos of European Faux Finishes embellished the standing sink above — doesn’t the Warm Silver look perfect against the rich wood?  Our friend Jennifer from The Magic Brush says her most talked-about furniture finish is created with an aged Warm Silver and you can spy it below. Just gorgeous.

Aged Warm Silver Metallic Paint on Furniture

Has our Warm Silver lighted your imagination with possibilities? We hope so! Of course, our Metallic Paint Collection has over a hundred color choices for you to choose from that look spectacular on so many surfaces — you really can’t go wrong! Be sure to visit our Modern Masters Pinterest boards and Facebook fan page for even more project ideas! Have a creative day!

Looking UP! Gorgeous Modern Masters Ceilings!

Ceilings are a fantastic surface to add a little shimmer and style and we always LOVE to run across and share gorgeous projects with you featuring our Modern Masters products.  A white ceiling can sometimes be harsh against an otherwise well-designed room and adding a bit of color to the “fifth wall” can take a room from cold and sterile to warm and welcoming. We rounded up some of our favorite ceiling projects from some of our friends to inspire you!

A Trompe l'eoil paneled arched entry ceiling using Modern Masters golds and bronzes | By Just Faux FunDecorative Artist Kathy Beck of Just Faux Fun designed this incredible trompe l’oeil arched ceiling with several gold and bronze colors from our Metallic Paint Collection. It makes for an incredible entry into the home!  Isn’t her dimensional effect incredible?

Modern Masters Metallic Paints were layered to create this gorgeous silver ceiling | By Sweet HuesEllen Moss from Miami’s Sweet Hues Studio shares that in order to create this elegant inset square ceiling, she layered several silver-toned metallic paints on top of one another to create depth and shimmer.  Just lovely!

Modern Masters Warm Silver Metallic Paint in a Chevron pattern on a ceiling | By PBJ StoriesOne of our fave DIY bloggers, Pamela from PB&J Stories wanted a fun yet elegant patterned ceiling for the nursery she was designing for her new little girl. Using a chic chevron pattern, she colored the ceiling using our Warm Silver Metallic Paint. We think the baby will love looking at it! Be sure to see the full reveal of the metallic painted ceiling of her baby girl’s nursery!

Modern Masters Tequila Gold Metallic Paint as a base for the wood grained beams & the glazes insets | By Garay Artisans

The decorative painting firm, Garay Artisans, was faced with a white ceiling for a bachelor’s home. Their client wanted a masculine feel with polish. They started with a Tequila Gold Metallic Paint base on the entire surface and proceeded to age the insets and woodgrain the beams with a marquetry pattern on the intersections. Quite the dramatic change and the client was extremely happy with the results!

Modern Masters Metal Effects on a coffered ceiling and range hood | By Artist Tom Henman

Talented decorative painter Tom Henman created a striking and uniquely beautiful coffered ceiling for a client’s kitchen.  Using our Metal Effects products, he patinated the Bronze Reactive Metal Paint with the Blue Patina Aging Solution.  Stunning!

A beautiful dome finished with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By NCF Studio of Decorative Art

Nena Sexton from the NCF Studio of Decorative Arts created a gorgeous dome ceiling by using a stria effect with several Metallic Paint Collection colors.  The metallic finish is both striking and subtle and gives a beautiful shimmery effect when the light casts on it — perfect ambience!

Too often, little thought is given to a ceiling’s contribution to the overall design of a room. Ceilings are a blank canvas that can be painted and finished to become a focal point or simply add a finishing touch to a room’s look. Even if it has a wide expanse, it’s one of the most budget-friendly way to add a fresh, new feel to your home or office.  We’ll soon share other inspiring projects with our plasters and textures — be sure to see the many projects we share regularly on our Pinterest and Facebook fan pages!