Modern Masters in the Press

Spring is here, summer is approaching and we’re always happy  to see so many colorful, gorgeous projects in bloom. We’re excited to share some of these Modern Masters projects with you that have recently been featured in the press.

Gorgeous Dressing Room painted with Modern Masters Rose Metallic Paint | The eye-pleasing Interior Design is by Sasha Bikoff | Photography by Patrick Cline

Interior Designer Sasha Bikoff is well known in her field and has impeccable taste. She uses our Metallic Paints to help enhance many spaces, like the dressing room above photographed by Patrick Cline with Rose Metallic Paint on the walls and ceiling. Another project, a beautiful mansion in New Jersey, was recently featured in the NY Post feature, Garden State Grandeur.

NY Post feature of an Interior Design project by Sasha Bikoff featuring Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Garden State Grandeur

The Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Color from Better Homes & Gardens features our non fade Front Door Paint as well as a cheerful, welcoming entrance painted with the color Tranquil. The line is easy to use and fast to dry – you’ll be amazed at how quickly and beautifully you can update your front door.

Non fade Front Door Paint by Modern Masters is featured in the Spring/Summer 2017 Issue | Turqoise Front Door painted with the color Tranquil

If you’re interested in upstyling your curb appeal, be sure to take advantage of our Front Door Paint online only promo. Use code FDPWOW on our online shopping site to snap up 20% off savings and free shipping, too. Hurry – it all ends on May 12th.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the latest press features and projects. Have an inspired day!








Front Door Paint Ideas for Spring

Spring is just around the corner! It’s the perfect time of year to start planning exterior design and garden projects that enhance your curb appeal. One of the simplest updates is painting your front door! A front door makeover with our Front Door Paint is easy to use – in fact, one blogger painted theirs in 24 minutes and on Facebook Live, too! Another benefit is that Front Door Paint is non fading and weather resistant. This means that your door will look as good as the day you painted it throughout all the seasons in your area. Are you ready for some bright, happy and colorful front door inspiration? Let’s do(or) it!

Front Door Paint Ideas for Spring | Gorgeous Red Front Door Project by Tale of an Ugly House with the non fade Front Door Paint color Sophisticated | Modern Masters Blog

Who doesn’t love a red door? So classic, so stylish. This front door update was by Amanda of The Tale of an Ugly House. She used the color Sophisticated.

Front Door Makeover Ideas for Spring | Project with non fade Front Door Paint in the color Energetic | Orange Front Door | Modern Masters Blog

This front door was a dreary off-white that looked too plain for the homeowners. They brightened it with the color Energetic. Looks lovely against the brick!

Bright and Colorful Front Door Paint Ideas | Enhance your Curb Appeal with non fade Front Door Paint by Modern Masters | Color: Confident yellow | Modern Masters Blog

Everyone who walks up to this door immediately loves the color! Most say they would not have considered a yellow front door before then. We love hearing that! This shade is called Confident.

Colorful Front Door Inspiration for Spring and Summer | Front Door Paint project with Fortunate green by Modern Masters | Lime Front Door | Bright and Happy Front Door Ideas

The Fortunate lime green not only provided a lovely color contrast for this home’s exterior, it also added a welcoming appeal to the entrance. It’s a beautiful, bright color that looks great with the landscaping, too! See the How to Paint Your Front Door video above for that project!

Turquoise Front Door | Colorful and Happy Front Door Makeover Ideas with non fade Front Door Paint by Modern Masters | Color: Tranquil blue

A turquoise front door is a fresh alternative to a traditional blue and welcomes your guests in style. This gorgeous hue is called Tranquil.

These are just some of the colors available as there are 25 hues in the Front Door Paint palette. If you’re stuck on color, we have a free Front Door Paint app for both iPhone and Android where you can snap a pic of your door and scroll through the colors available. Be sure to check out our 5 Questions with Front Door Paint and our step-by-step How to Paint Your Front Door instructions before you start your project! Our non fade Front Door Paint is available online at and Amazon as well as our online shopping site with free shipping. You can also find it at select local retailers – though be sure to call ahead to ensure stock. Don’t forget to share those #frontdoorpaint projects with us on Instagram and Facebook!






Non Fade Front Door Paint Enhances Better Homes & Gardens!

Non Fade Front Door Paint from Modern Masters featured in Better Homes & Gardens | 25 Weather Resistant Colors, Fast to Dry and Easy to Clean | Front Door Makeover Update Ideas

We’re so excited to share that our non fade Front Door Paint is featured in the February 2017 issue of Better Homes & Gardens! Their Punch List article series showcases great products that help you easily update your home. Front Door Paint has 25 gorgeous, weather-resistant colors to choose from and they dry fast and clean up easily. Quarts are perfect for single or double entrance doors and can be purchased from our online Modern Masters shop, Home Depot online, Amazon, and selected local retailers.



Refresh Your Front Door!

Painting and refreshing your front door is one of the key elements in updating your home’s curb appeal. It’s truly incredible what a fresh coat of paint can do! If you deal with serious weather beating down on your door, our non fading Front Door Paint is the answer for you. Available in 25 gorgeous, mixable colors, each hue is weather resistant and will not fade. The water base formula is easy to use and quick to dry, so you can get your front door updated and clean everything up easily in mere hours. Take a look at these recent projects we spied from some of our fave creative bloggers.

Front Door Update | Non Fade Front Door Paint in color Serene blue by Classy Clutter | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Classy Clutter is all about style and color and they picked the color Serene blue for the front door update. They grabbed ScotchBlue tape and gave the door a beautiful facelift.

Colorful Front Door Ideas | Curb Appeal Update by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Never Fades Front Door Paint in color Fortunate

Debbie of My Patch of Blue Sky decided to change her front door color on a whim and it looks stunning in the color Fortunate! She shared all the details of her front door redo.

Aqua Turquoise Front Door | Front Porch Redo by Reality Daydreams | Modern Masters non fade Front Door Paint

Bethany and Nick of Reality Daydreams wanted a front porch update complete with a bright and happy front door in an aqua hue. They also wanted this door to never fade as their previous paint job did just that – and badly. Using non fade Front Door Paint, they mixed both the Tranquil turquoise and Hopeful white for the perfect shade. Bethany shares, “I love the cheerful burst of color and how welcoming it feels.” We do, too!

Red Front Door Makeover with non fading Front Door Paint | Project by Dwell by Cheryl | Modern Masters Front Door Color Ideas

Dwell by Cheryl previously used the color Cheerful to paint her back door. When it came time to spruce up her front porch, she wanted a classic red door – one that would also be approved by her HOA. Using the color Ambitious, she did just that and says, “I really am obsessed with this paint.  The coverage is awesome and the water base, quick-dry formula allows you to finish painting and close your door the same day!  Added bonus: Never-Fade technology ensures that your door will be as vibrant as the first day it was painted.” Love it!

Gorgeous Front Entrance with Black Front Door by Sincerely Sara D. | Never Fades Front Door Paint by Modern Masters in color Elegant | Front Door Update Ideas and Inspiration

Sara from Sincerely Sara D. has a beautiful French Chateau style home. She painted her door in the color Elegant black for her front door makeover and says, “My front door has a little bit of a faux wood grain texture, and the paint went on well and dried perfectly.” We think it looks beautiful – and coordinates so well with all the gorgeous landscaping.

Changing your front door color can be so impactful to your home’s exterior – not to mention it gives your house a dose of beautiful personality. Intrigued but not sure where to start? We put together a fast Modern Masters Minute video on How to Paint Your Front Door.

We also have a step-by-step How to Paint Your Front Door instructions available on our site. We hope we’ve inspired you to redo your front door! Our non fade Front Door Paint is available online at and as well as our online shopping site with free shipping. You can also find it at select local retailers – though be sure to call ahead to ensure stock. If not available, any Modern Masters retailer can custom order it in for you. Let us know how your project goes!








Change Your Front Door Color On A Whim In A Couple Of Hours!

File May 24, 11 40 08 AM

The word – and color – of the day is Fortunate. As in the fun and funky Modern Masters Front Door Paint color Fortunate that I just used to brighten up our curb appeal in a big way.

In a nutshell, our little neighborhood was hit by a huge hailstorm three weeks ago. And yes, we are so fortunate to have weathered this national-news-featured storm with damage that we can manage. Just a new paint job on my Jeep, and a new roof. Sadly, several of our neighbors had to move out of their homes for months. But, best of all, everyone is safe.

We are still in a mess. Leaves were stripped from the trees and blooms from the rose bushes. Some of our favorite plants, like our massive gorgeous hostas, won’t come back this year. Our gutters are maxed, and we’re waiting for the roofers.

With a color change on the roof, using the non-fade Front Door Paint for fast, immediate gratification was a project that I could get excited about while impatiently waiting for the roofers to arrive soon.

File May 24, 3 27 36 PM

About two years ago I chose the Front Door Paint color PlayfuI for the front door makeover project that you see below. We have so enjoyed the eye-catching color, but now I am planning to choose a grey architectural material for the new roof, so why not update the front door, too?

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.31.48 PM

Also, during the spring of 2015, I painted our shutters with the grey Mysterious Front Door Paint color. The new roof and updated Fortunate front door color will blend perfectly with the bright hostas and annuals. So no need to repaint.


It’s a great time for you to spiff up your curb appeal like I did, and here are the quick steps to a new look. If you begin in the morning on a nice day, you can have your project complete by the afternoon.

First, choose a color from the mouth-watering color palette. I know, it is so hard to decide. The good news is one quart is all you need, with plenty left over for the back door.

There is a perfect free Front Door Paint iPhone App and a free Front Door Paint Android App – on both, you can take a photo of your door and scroll through the Front Door Paint colors to see what your door would look like with the different colors. There are 25 Front Door Paint colors based on the emotional color wheel (like Hopeful, Mysterious, Elegant and more).

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.41.32 PM


File May 24, 11 01 14 AM

• Front Door Paint: Modern Masters non-fade Front Door Paint. You can purchase it online at, and the Modern Masters Online Shop.

• Primer, if needed: Zinsser Cover Stain Primer

• Tools: Paint pan, low-nap paint roller, 2 1/2″ angled sash brush for water-based paint and if needed, a 2 1/2″ angled sash brush for oil-based paint and paint thinner

• Incidentals: Razor blade, Tape, Rags, Stir sticks, Screw Driver or Drill, Dropcloth or Newspapers, Step Stool

If your front door is painted with oil paint, you will need to prime with oil-based primer before you can use the water-based Front Door Paint. Go here for complete directions.

If your door is now painted with water-based paint, like mine, you can choose to paint one coat of primer first, depending on the color you chose. For example, if you have a black door and you want to paint a lighter color, priming first will save a coat or so of paint.


File May 24, 10 58 25 AM

Plan your project for good weather, between about 40 to 90 degrees. Front Door Paint dries quickly but do allow drying time so that you can close the door without the paint sticking.

Wash off dirt and grease with detergent and let dry. Remove loose paint.

Sand lightly if required, then wipe off the residue. Tape off any areas like the glass on a storm door, and yes, I recommend removing all hardware for a professional paint job. Place all of the screws, pieces and parts, all grouped together, in a spot where they won’t be moved until you are ready to reinstall. There’s nothing worse than forgetting where everything goes, and you can’t lock up your house at night. Not that it has ever happened to me. Much.

File May 24, 11 00 06 AM

Cut in the panels first, and paint away.

File May 24, 11 03 39 AM

Plan to paint two coats, even if you prime first. Dry time is one hour, and re-coat time is two hours.

File May 24, 11 08 38 AM

You can use a brush for the entire door, or choose the roller for flat areas.

File May 24, 11 06 41 AM

Have fun, and you may want to consider making this project a surprise for your spouse when they get home from work like I did.

File May 24, 11 40 29 AM

My sweet hubby never knows what painted surprises will greet him from day to day!

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 3.36.33 PM

And diva kitty Lacey Jane is certain I chose Fortunate because it matches her eyes.

Be sure to watch the Modern Masters “How To Paint Your Front Door” video below. Once our roofing gets fixed, I’ll share even more images of this update. Modern Masters loves to see your projects, too, so don’t be shy about sharing your Front Door Paint makeovers! Send them to Happy Painting!

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.


Update your Front Door for Spring!

With winter almost over, it’s the perfect time to tackle some of your exterior projects – such as that front door makeover that’s been on your To Do List for far too long! There are 25 colors in our non-fade, weather resistant Front Door Paint line and with our free Front Door Paint app, you can find the perfect one for you! Available for iPhone and Android, just take a pic of your door and use it to scroll through our colors to find the perfect one. Keep on reading to see how our Front Door Paint helped some of our creative customers start to adore their front door.

Front Door Update by Tale of an Ugly House in the color Sophisticated | Front Door Paint Ideas for Spring | Modern Masters

Amanda from The Tale of an Ugly House wanted a red front door. She explains, “Not only are red front doors classic and fit the colonial style, they are also known as a symbol of welcome.” She used the color Sophisticated to update her door and shares, “It was such a simple and quick project that made such a big difference to the curb appeal of the house!” Front Door Paint quickly became her new favorite exterior paint.

Cheerful Front Door Paint | Front Door Paint Project by Dreamsicle Sisters | Front Door Ideas for Spring

Amanda from the Dreamsicle Sisters used the color Cheerful, a beautiful coral orange, for a fast front door update. She shared that, “Front Door Paint goes on smooth and it has great consistency. This paint is amazing!”.

Front Door Makeover by Robb Restyle | Modern Masters Non-Fade Front Door Paint in color Happy | Front Door Ideas for Spring

Kristy and Corey from Robb Restyle always share great projects and their exterior door makeovers are no exception! They used the color Happy to paint their yellow front door as well as update the side door. We love how joyful and welcoming their home’s exterior is!

Front Door Makeover by Dukes & Duchesses | Front Door Paint Ideas for Spring | Modern Masters

“I love the way a painted door draws the eye, adds some character to the neighborhood, and gives visitors the first taste of your decorating style,” says Randi of the Dukes and Duchesses blog. She used the color Fortunate, a beautiful apple green, to transform her entrance. The best part for Randi is that it was easy to apply, covered well and dried fast so she could close the door quickly.

Make sure you take a look below at our video, How to Paint a Front Door, for great tips prior to starting your front door makeover. We also have a Top 5 Front Door Paint Questions blog post with more great resources. Keep us posted on your projects – and if you’d like to see more front door inspiration, browse through our Front Door Paint Projects board on Pinterest! Happy Painting!

Five Questions with Front Door Paint

Your front door is one of the first things a guest sees when visiting your home, so why not make it inviting while projecting your personalty? Here at Modern Masters, this question led us to develop our Front Door Paint Collection. By using the Emotional Color Wheel as well as the latest in color trends and home design, 25 non fade Front Door Paint colors were carefully selected for the color palette and since then we’ve been happy to see so many front door makeovers literally transform the appeal of a home. Of course, we’ve also receive questions about our line – everything from prepwork to finish – and we thought we’d share the most popular. Let’s dig in!


Yes! Modern Masters Front Door Paint can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed onto previously painted or properly primed exterior doors and shutters.

Easy, Instant Curb Appeal with Modern Masters Front Door Paint | Available at and selected Lowe's nationwide


If starting with a previously painted door in good condition and the product on it is water based, you are ready to start using Front Door Paint once you have cleaned the door and it is sound and dry. If starting with unfinished wood, metal or doors previously painted with oil based paint, we recommend using the acrylic primer, Bulls Eye 1-2-3 by Zinsser, before starting your makeover. Factory finished doors and shutters should also be primed with a good quality acrylic primer prior to painting with Front Door Paint. Using a high-quality synthetic bristle brush is recommend for water-based paints and will provide a great result. For complete information, check out our Step-by-Step Instructions and Front Door Paint Technical Data Sheet as well as our How to Paint a Front Door video below.



You can easily paint and close your door in just a few hours. The paint lays on beautifully and dries quickly, allowing you to paint several layers in a short amount of time. It’s an easy one-day DIY!

Paint and Close Your Door on the Same Day | Modern Masters Non Fade Front Door Paint


No sealer needed! Front Door Paint is its own non fade amazing-ness all in one quart.

Never-Fading Colors, Guaranteed | Modern Masters Front Door PaintOK, I’M READY TO GET STARTED! WHAT COLOR SHOULD I CHOOSE?

We developed a free Front Door Paint app available on both iPhone and Android. Snap a pic of your front door and scroll through our colors so that you can visualize what the door would look like. Easy peasy! In case you’d like more information, also check out our Tips & Tools for Choosing the Perfect Front Door Color.

Pick Your Color with the Free App | Front Door Paint App by Modern Masters

Hope these five questions have opened the door to a world of ideas for you! You can easily find Front Door Paint by Modern Masters at Home Depot Online, Amazon, our online shop, and selected Modern Masters retailers across the country. Be sure to share your front door transformations with us at!



Paint Your Shutters Using Modern Masters Front Door Paint!

Modern Masters Front Door Paint in color Playful | Curb Appeal Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe BlogLast fall I had a blast painting our front door with Front Door Paint by Modern Masters in the purple color Playful. The fact that the paint is water-based, glides on like a dream, and comes in lots of gorgeous, curb appeal enhancing colors made my project fun, and I didn’t have to spend all of my precious Saturday getting the job done.

Modern Masters Front Door Paint ColorsI chose the bright purple hue because we have an unusual long courtyard leading up to our front door. Plus, we have a glass storm door that always dilutes any color that we choose. Though Steve and I really like our unusual entry, I felt like I wanted a trendy, bright color that can say “artsy” as well as show up from the street.

How to Paint Shutters with Front Door Paint | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project Tutorial

While I was painting the door, the shutters were suddenly screaming “paint me” but cold weather moved in. So, now that we have some beautiful spring days here in North Carolina, I chose a medium tone coordinating grey called Mysterious to cover our oxidized green shutters that were clashing a bit with our new jazzy purple front door. Modern Masters has 24 Front Door Paint colors to choose from and you can also use their free Front Door Paint app to find the best colors for you.

Front Door Paint in the color Mysterious | Gray Shutters

Use Front Door Paint to coordinate your Entrance and Shutter Colors | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project Tutorial

These courtyard shutters were a painters dream. Just a light cleaning and sanding here and there, and I was done with perfect coverage in one coat. Yes, one coat! I did have to watch the weather reports to dodge the rain showers, which is typical this time of year.

Painting Your Shutters with non-fading Front Door Paint | Spring Curb Appeal | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Tutorial

I discovered how much the green paint had faded over the past 4 years when I moved the shutter dog.

How to Keep Your Shutters from Fading | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Tutorial

The pair at the front of the house were definitely not a dream.

Redo Your Old Faded, Crackling Shutters with non-fade Front Door Paint | Spring Curb Appeal Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project Tutorial

I scraped, sanded, and primed with exterior primer. Then I painted two coats of Mysterious, because the white primer needed extra coverage. You can see that I constantly fought with the shrubbery trying to position the ladder just to get situated. I know our neighbors got a few good chuckles watching me try to level up the ladder with a board out of our trash.

Exterior Shutter Makeover | Front Door Paint | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project Tutorial

I managed not to fall, although I was on constant snake patrol because a feisty little corn snake attempted to join me in the house as I entered for a coffee break. Then I had to go put on socks and shoes because he creeped me out.

Shutters painted with Front Door Paint | Summer Curb Appeal Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Tutorial

Long story short, we are so happy with the colors and Front Door Paint product, especially knowing that the colors will not fade.

Coordinate and Paint Your Front Door and Shutters with Front Door Paint | 24 Non-Fade and Weather Proof Colors | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Tutorial

Now come on new petunias, pansies, rose bushes, azaleas and hostas. Grow!

Convinced the Front Door Paint is perfect to spruce up your out-dated or peeling front door or shutters? Great! Find Front Door Paint Retailers, shop The Home Depot Online Store, or the Modern Masters Online Shop and, too.

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.

Our Top 5 Guides for the Perfect Front Door Makeover

Top 5 Guides for the Perfect Front Door Makoever | Modern Masters Cafe BlogWho doesn’t love a Front Door Makeover? It not only freshens your curb appeal but you can also express yourself with a perfect color that welcomes your guests in style. Each year, over 13 million people paint their front doors and most will struggle with finding the right color, the right technique and equally important, the right product. With several Modern Masters products that can transform your front door, we’ve become quite the experts at creating a welcoming entryway. We’ve gathered up our five best guides on putting your best door forward.


Late last year, we introduced our new YouTube channel series, The Modern Masters Minute!  Sixty seconds is all it takes to showcase many of the amazing surfaces you can transform with our products. We launched the series with our How to Paint Your Front Door video tutorial that gave a quick overview of our Front Door Paint app and a front door project that’s a snap to paint, dries fast and never fades.


Tips & Tools for Choosing the Right Front Door Color | Modern Masters Cafe BlogIn our How to Choose a Front Door Color post, we shared three hot tips & tools for picking the perfect shade for your entrance.


How to Paint a Front Door | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project TutorialDebbie Hayes from My Patch of Blue Sky walked us through her Front Door Paint project using the color Playful. She covered everything from prep to finish. We also have a cool Front Door Paint Step-by-Step PDF on our Modern Masters website.


Front Door Ideas Podcast with the Porch Ideas NetworkOur President, Jim Rogers, spoke with the Porch Ideas Network on all things front door. Get his best advice on front door paint ideas and options with a quick listen to this fantastic podcast. They talk about the history of Front Door Paint, finding the perfect color and ignoring the ‘fear factor’ that can cause years of indecision.  If you’ve got a front door makeover planned, this is the show to listen to!


Haute Front Door Solutions | Modern Masters Cafe BlogOn this Fab Front Door Solutions post, we rounded up great ideas with all our products for your front door. Consider everything from glazing to patinas to metallics (Oprah magazine is a fan!) as well as our non-fade Front Door Paint. So much inspiration!

~ ~ ~

The front door is a focal point that connects a homeowner to their home – it sets the stage by making a welcoming statement and giving you a sneak peek into the personality of who lives inside. These five guides provide tons of front door ideas as well as solid tips and tutorials for making your front door redo a breeze with durable results. Check out our Metallic Paint Collection, Metal Effects and Decorative Painter’s Products for a unique take on front doors or try our Front Door Paint for a classic look that will stand the test of time. Find Front Door Paint at selected Ace Hardwares and Lowe’s,, and our Modern Masters Online Shop, too.  For all other products, use our Retail Locator to find the nearest shop. Can’t wait to see your projects!

Front Door Paint on This Old House

Have you ever been blown away by a design makeover? This Old House magazine shares one – and the pièce de résistance is our Front Door Paint!  The Home Solutions feature in the March 2015 issue showcases a front porch makeover by Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes that went from absolutely glum to gorgeously glam.

This Old House features Front Door Paint | Project by Bella Tucker Decorative FinishesDana and Brooks Tucker are a decorative painting studio that works on amazing projects daily for their clients. When it came to tackling their own home, they turned their talents to the dark and dreary porch that needed a serious color and pattern uplift. After painting the brick white, they painted and stenciled the concrete entrance floor and chose the color Fortunate from our fade-resistant Front Door Paint line to transform their front double doors. The eye-catching color helps all the elements come together for a beautiful new look and feel.


Tired Older Porch prior to Transformation | Cafe Blog


Modern Masters Non-Fading Front Door Paint in color Fortunate | This Old House Magazine | Project by Bella Tucker Decorative FinishesFront Door Paint in color Fortunate | Project by Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes and Featured in This Old House MagazineThe makeover is so extraordinary, it has also been featured on Apartment Therapy and planned for even more upcoming press features. Many thanks to This Old House and Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes for sharing a gorgeous project that showcases how the right colors – and the right materials – can make all the difference when tackling your own home. Imagine gorgeous colors that are easy to apply, quick drying and will never fade – that’s our Front Door Paint! Be sure to pin this inspiring project and let us know what you think of the redo in the comments below!