Create A Gorgeous, Easy Focus Wall Finish Using Modern Masters Metallic Plaster

How to Use Modern Masters Metallic Plaster | Modern Masters Cafe BlogHave you embraced the “paint everything white” phenomenon? I have somewhat. Having been in the faux finishing biz for years, white seemed a wonderful, soft new statement color. So, I painted our master bedroom a greyish white with a square silver leaf accent. It made the room so much brighter, which I liked. It also made the room very understated. Not my style.

I craved more of a warm hug environment. And I got it! Are you feeling it?

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster finish

It’s a result of Modern Masters Metallic Plaster. Oh my. After 15 years of creating complicated multi-layer wall finishes, this product provides a glamorous, 2-step plaster treatment for the professional finisher and DIYer. Magic I had to experience.

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster colorsThere is a plethora of gorgeous colors to choose from.

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster colors

I went directly to the color Eucalyptus because I wanted to coordinate with the bedding, pottery and other jewel tones in the room that I love.

Using Metallic Plaster for a Beautiful 2-Step Wall Finish | Modern Masters Cafe BlogDying to give it a try? Here’s how I achieved the look, including painting a green base coat over the white wall. You can skip this step if you choose a Metallic Plaster color close to your wall color.


Supplies for Applying Metallic Plasters by Modern Masters | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

  • Metallic Plaster in the color Eucalyptus. You can choose any color that works for you! Measure the total square footage of the area you need to cover to figure coverage, just like with paint.
  • 240MM Japanese Trowel
  • Natural Sea Sponge Mini Roller
  • Latex Paint base in color close to Metallic Plaster. I chose a vibrant green, which is not a close match to Eucalyptus, so you could easily see the process. Notice the plaster covered it easily. You can skip this if you choose a Metallic Plaster color close to your wall color.
  • Paint Supplies: Roller pan and liners, paint roller, medium nap roller, paint brush and paint stir sticks
  • Tape Supplies: Painters tape and low-tack tape
  • Additional Supplies: Rags, drop cloths and ladder
  • One kitty assistant to keep an eye on quality control


Tape trim and wall

Use painters tape to tape off the wall, trim and baseboards. I used low tack tape to tape off my silver leaf square. Remove switch plate covers, draperies and hardware. Put down drop cloths.


Tape and cut in basecoat

Cut in all edges.

Paint two coats of basecoat color

Roll on two coats. Let dry according to directions.


Roll Metallic Plaster with 90% coverage

Put some Metallic Plaster in the roller pan. Use the sponge roller to roll on the plaster. This is completely different than rolling paint. The goal is to create random texture that is not flat or 100% filled in. Use short strokes about 8″ long, turning the roller with every stroke. Aim for about 90% coverage of the surface. Roll about 1 1/2 square feet at a time.

Knockdown Metallic Plaster

Use the trowel to knock down the peaks. Use very light pressure at a low angle. If you press hard, the plaster will fill in the voids. Use a damp rag to clean off the trowel every time you knock down the peaks.

Rolled Texture

You can get close to the corners of the wall and the trim. The next layer will fill in. Let dry 2 hours.


Butter trowel

“Butter” the trowel with some plaster using a stir stick. Press the trowel to the wall at a low angle and pull across the surface. Then, at a high angle, remove excess plaster. Don’t miss the How to Apply Metallic Plaster video on the Modern Masters YouTube channel before you begin your project as it shows this step perfectly.

Metallic Plaster Finish Closeup

This is a very flat finish, so pull the plaster tight to the surface. Clean the trowel often to avoid scratches. You will soon learn that you can use both edges.

Modern Masters Japanese Trowels

These amazing tools made in Japan practically do the work for you without having to put a lot of elbow grease into the strokes. One important secret to a pro-looking finish is the tools you choose. Investing in the best tools will not only yield a gorgeous look, it will last a lifetime if carefully maintained. Modern Masters sent me the larger 270mm Japanese Trowel also. If I were working on a big surface not broken up with small areas like my wall, I would have chosen the larger trowel. It’s so worth the cost to make the process go faster.

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster on an Accent Wall | How To Tutorial on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogMetallic Plaster by Modern Masters on Wall | How To Tutorial on Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Lustre and Shimmer with Modern Masters Metallic Plaster | Step by Step How To Wall Finish Tutorial | Modern Masters Cafe BlogHave you noticed the patina artwork over the bed? I created it for Modern Masters last month using their Metal Effects products – so addictive!

I hope you’ll give Metallic Plaster a try. If you are new to plaster, it can give your home a classy new look that you’ve been drooling over on Pinterest and in magazines. Plus you can brag that you did it yourself!

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.


Modern Masters Metal Effects Makes Rusty, Patinated Wall Art Magic

How to Mix Modern Masters Metal Effects PatinasOur Greensboro, North Carolina winter is blah! Dull, dark and dreary. But this week I experienced some creative excitement that beat the gloom for me while cooped up in the house. Packages from Modern Masters arrived on my doorstep, chock full of their Metal Effects products. My goal: to create something rusty and fabulous with gorgeous green patina like you find on ancient hardware and statuary.

And I thought Christmas was over.

I have spent over 15 years as a full time faux finisher, yet I never discovered these crazy fun, addictive products! I know you have seen stunning finishes on walls and furniture on Pinterest and in magazines and drooled over the look thinking they are impossible for a DIYer to achieve.

Oh, it’s so not so!


Modern Masters Artwork Before

OK, put on your sweatshirt, woolen hat and mittens and trek to the attic or basement to unearth something to practice on. To get a more dramatic effect, choose something with pattern and depth like this metal wall art. Mine is like a section from a century old tin store ceiling and I’m betting you have something similar. Give it a good cleaning with soap and water and wipe dry.

Modern Masters Metal Effects products

It’s hard to believe that I got this amazing look using only a few products. But I did take ten minutes to watch the related Modern Masters Metal Effects videos, Metal Effects Patina Finishes and Metal Effects Rust Finishes, before I began my project. I created my finish a bit differently, so use my directions for this project.



I worked on my studio table top covered with a heavy drop cloth with no kitties (or little ones) around. Be sure to carefully read the instructions on each label that include info like having proper ventilation. Be aware that the spray mist can travel and may stain, so cover anything precious.


Modern Masters Primer


Modern Masters Iron Oxidizing Paint

I skipped some areas just to see what would happen. Here it is when dry.

Modern Masters Iron Oxidizing Paint


Modern Masters Copper Paint


Modern Masters Green Patina

Wait. Wait a little more. Then watch the green patina finish evolve over a couple of hours. Depending upon your piece, you may need to spray the Rust Activator over the Iron Reactive Paint when the Green Patina Aging Solution is dry. I actually did not need it to get this look. Since the Green Patina Aging Solution acts as its own sealer, I did not need to seal it. If you wanted to seal after using the Rust Activator, use the Permacoat Xtreme sealer and topcoat as it was created specifically for an overall rust finish.

Modern Masters Rust and Green Patina

Modern Masters Rusty Patina Metal Wall Art

What do you think? How do you like my new crusty masterpiece hung on top of our silver leaf wall? Stay tuned as in February I will be posting my wall finish project using Modern Masters Metallic Plaster. Then I will reveal the final look in our master bedroom.

Let me guess. I think you are on the Modern Masters website now to find the retailer closest to you to get these products ASAP!

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, 
Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.

Modern Mastery: Amie Freling of Meme Hill Studio

Modern Mastery Feature of Amie Freling of Meme Hill Studio | Modern Masters Cafe BlogWe’re excited to introduce another wonderful artist, Rochester, NY-based Amie Freling, for our Modern Mastery blog series. Amie’s lifelong passion for design ultimately led to the opening of Meme Hill Studio in 1989. Meme Hill Studio was named after her grandparents, a woodworker and art teacher respectively, who influenced her as a child and strongly encouraged her creative development. Today, she proudly offers such professional services as interior design, color consultation, murals, custom faux finishes, furniture painting and more. “I love when the client gets excited,” says Amie, who studied illustration at Syracuse University and previously served as art director for a Washington D.C.-based magazine. ‘”I love creating happy, inviting niches in homes and businesses.” Part of creating these welcoming spaces including using Modern Masters, one of her favorite go-to product lines, and she shared a few of her favorite projects with us.

Harlequin Diamonds with Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Meme Hill StudioOur Metallic Paint Collection helped create this beautiful harlequin diamond finish on the dining room walls.


Painted and Glazed Furniture | Modern Masters Tintable Glaze | Meme Hill Studio

Painted Furniture Glazed with our Tintable Scumble Glaze.


How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

I was introduced to Modern Masters fifteen years ago when a fellow faux finisher (say that 5 times fast) asked me to help him with a large job faux finishing an entire 15,000 square foot home. We glazed a two and half story great room with the Tintable Scumble Glaze and I was hooked. The drying time was longer than any other glaze that I tried and there were absolutely no overlapping lines. I now use it on all my faux projects from large rooms to small accent pieces of furniture. Plus clients love that I custom tint, giving them a one-of-a kind project!

Horizontal Stripes with Metallic Paint on Foyer Walls | Modern Masters Project by Meme Hill StudioThin horizontal stripes with several Metallic Paint Collection colors add interest to foyer entry walls.


Modern Masters Metallic Paint and Glaze on Dining Room Ceiling and Walls | Meme Hill StudioPlatinum and Warm Silver Metallic Paints were crosshatched on the ceiling and a glaze made with Antique Bronze and Blackened Bronze create a gorgeous subtle finish on the dining room walls.


Mural Painted with Modern Masters Products | Meme Hill StudioAn Italian Mural by Amie is created with the help of our Tintable Scumble Glaze.


Handpainted Metallic Ornamental Scrolls | Artistry by Amie FrelingPretty ornamental vines climb up the walls and shimmer enticingly with our Metallic Paints.


What is your go-to Modern Masters product?

My favorite products other than the Tintable Scumble Glaze is the Metallic Paint Collection. My all time favorite color is the Champagne Metallic Paint. It works with whites, creams, silvers and gold. Its a warm metallic that screams richness. I love horizontal stripes in the metallics. I roll it on with a 6-inch roller and then use a course brush to create so many effects. The way both artificial and natural lights interfere and create interest is amazing.

Soft Painted Stripes on Nursery Ceiling | Modern Masters Project by Amie Freling of Meme Hill StudioA beautifully designed nursery by Amie features loose and soft metallic stripes on the ceiling and a subtle glaze on the dresser and changing table.


Metallic Stripes in Contemporary Office | Modern Masters Project by Meme Hill StudioA modern office receives a decidedly contemporary stripe treatment on the entryway and glazed walls in the main area.


What is your dream finishing project?

Any public space. My tag line is “Follow me paint the town. Literally!” and I love working in public spaces like restaurants, schools, hospitals and anyplace where art can be appreciated by those who might not be able to have my painting in their own homes. I feel everyone should be exposed to art. I’m always eager to volunteer my talents for charity events and fundraisers. My dream would be a part of a whole house makeover for a deserving family or child.

Painted Bench with Glazed Ornamental Scrolls by Amie FrelingA creative bench with handpainted ORNAMENTATION AND florals. Amie used our Tintable Scumble Glaze with her color palette to help with the flow OF BOTH painting AND AGING THE DECORATIVE ELEMENTS.


Amie Freling of Meme Hill Studio enjoys a dedicated following as a designer and artist. She shares her signature blend of patterns and colors with both commercial and residential clients. Her line of decorative hardware is carried by True Value and her original line of home accessories has sold in retail stores nationwide including Nordstroms. Her works have been featured on HGTV and in national magazines and she is also a contributing design editor for her local newspaper. Be sure to keep up with her as she shares more on her Facebook fan page. Many thanks to Amie for spending some time with us and sharing her incredible Modern Masters projects!

See Other Modern Mastery Features

Beautiful Feature Walls with Metallic Paints!

Have you ever looked at a room with a desire to update it and give it a little something special? Feature walls are an excellent way to add visual interest to a space! Adding a decorative paint finish to an entire room is very pleasing but sometimes a little pop of color and shimmer is all you need. Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful & innovative ways some of our decorative painting friends have used accent walls and Modern Masters Metallic Paints to make a powerful statement.

 An elegant accent wall finished in Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By Caroline Lizarraga Neutral and still so Wow! This elegant feature wall by artist Caroline Lizarraga incorporates our metallic paints for this striae effect, giving the look of luxurious silk. It looks a bit like a waterfall, doesn’t it? “Watery” effects in interior design will be BIG in 2014 so this is one finish to watch. Be sure not to miss more of Caroline’s incredible decorative painting projects.


A beautiful feature wall finished in Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By Heather Dunn & Co.

Heather Dunn & Co. created this bold feature wall with seven of our metallic colors! The rich contrasting hues complement the lighter decor perfectly. Heather blended the metallic paint colors horizontally and vertically to create this one-of-a-kind contemporary wall treatment.


A shimmery dining room feature wall finished with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes

This dining room feature wall was given a shimmery, layered effect with our metallic paints by Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes! Dana Tucker has a home with a laid-back, warm feel — but she wanted to add a little glamour, too! She used the wall treatment to add a sophisticated edge that complimented her new light fixture as well. Lovely!

A beautiful paisley accent wall finished with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By Carmen Illustrates

We think a little girl is happy! Carmen Benoit of Carmen Illustrates created this spectacular Pucci-scarf inspired pattern for a budding teen fashionista. Gold and Silver Metallic Paint swirl playfully along with pinks, whites and fuschias to create a beautiful explosion of color and pattern!


Laundry room accent wall stenciled with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | By My Sister & I

If you’d like to accent a small area of a feature wall, stenciling is the perfect way to go!  This lovely laundry room was stenciled by My Sister & I with both our Champagne and Warm Silver metallic paints! We think the scale and pattern are perfect for the space!

Whether you’re finishing an entire room or an ideal accent wall, Modern Masters Metallic Paints can help you create a special look that will set them apart from the rest! We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how you can achieve stunning results by creating your own feature wall! For more inspiration, please be sure to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards and “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page! We look forward to seeing you there!

Modern Mastery: Taurie Goll

Modern Mastery Artist Profile: Taurie Goll of Beyond WhiteWe’re excited to bring you this week’s Modern Mastery Artist Profile on a wonderful decorative artist, Taurie Goll of Beyond White. We had a chance to catch up with her and find out a bit more about her love and passion for decorative finishing.

In 2003, Taurie left a career in marketing and advertising to submerse herself in the world of paint and color. Soon after she started Beyond White. Since then, her clothes, fingernails and hair have been in a constant state of paint mediums!  She has been very fortunate in that she started painting in the southwest and learned how to work with decorative finishes on textured walls and selecting colors and designs that are more indigent of a warm weather climate. Taurie has since moved east and learned to work on plastered and smooth walls with very different architecture, colors and decorative techniques that suit a four-season climate.

This line of work has also allowed her to go Beyond White in several cities across the globe and add her experience and creativity to her client’s walls. Let’s take a closer look at some of Taurie’s work.

Modern Masters Platinum Series Colorants and MasterClear® Supreme Matte Topcoat on stained signage | By Beyond White

The exterior sign for Café Muse was beautifully stained and smoked around the edges with tHE Platinum Series Colorants in Tobacco & Van Dyke Brown. MasterClear® Supreme in a matte finish was then used for protection.


What is your dream finishing project?

I have painted wonderful homes along with small businesses and each one is always special to me. However, I think that my dream finishing project would be to work on a set design for a television series or motion picture. When I watch them, my focus is usually on the background and what was applied to the walls. Odd? Not if you are a decorative painter, trying to create an atmosphere for a space. I am sure all of us in this field would agree!

Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Finish on walls of a restaurant | By Beyond White

For the interior walls of this restaurant, Taurie used Metal Effects Iron Reactive PRODUCTS to create a gorgeous rust finish for an accent space for her clients.

Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Finish on panels and Tequila Gold Metallic Paint on ceiling | By Beyond White

Taurie used both Modern Masters Metal Effects Iron Reactive Paints for the wall panels and Tequila Gold from our Metallic Paint Collection for the ceiling. Both finishes work nicely together in this dining room.


What is the most inspiring place you have visited?

I found that inspiration can come from anywhere. My favorite place that inspired me is the MONA in Hobart, Tasmania (Museum of Old and New Art). This funky, ingenious and beautiful museum houses true “outside of the box”, thought provoking and controversial art and exhibits. For me, it inspires the drive to paint left-of-center and attract clients who want their home or business “different”. I believe all artists need to be stimulated to create their own special niche and MONA does that for me. When I am unable to visit in person, I can always visit through the internet.

Modern Masters Metallic Paints used to create a block/tile finish using Olympic Gold, Tequila Gold, Antique Bronze, Statuary Bronze and Blackened Bronze | By Beyond White

The metallic blocks of this bath were created to match and enhance the rest of the room using a blend of Metallic Paint colors such as Olympic Gold, Tequila Gold, Antique Bronze, Statuary Bronze and Blackened Bronze.

Modern Masters Ebony Venetian Plaster on end tables | By Beyond White

To complement the contemporary style of another one of her clients, Taurie used Ebony Venetian Plaster tinted to about 75% for these built-in end tables. She then used our Venetian Plaster Topcoat for added durability and shine!


How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

One of my favorite things about Modern Masters has always been their launching of new products and continual support of educating us through application tips, recipes and sharing our work with others in the decorative community. I also know when I use Modern Masters products, I can count on their beauty and durability.

Some of my more successful residential and commercial projects were finishes that included Modern Masters products, whether blending of the metallic paints with a latex paint, textured mediums using their Platinum Series or any of the Platinum colorants and protective sealers when I woodgrain a surface. My favorite finish has always been the reactive rust patina finish from the Metal Effects line and I love to apply it when I can. It is part of the Modern Masters ethos that helps fuel creativity, and thus allows me to take creative risks to help create my own style.

~ ~

We’d like to thank Taurie of Beyond White for sharing her beautiful artistry and love of art and decorative painting with us! We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring Beyond White with us! As always, feel free to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards for more inspiration and be sure to “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page!

Modern Mastery: Tamra Alexander Cook

Tamra Alexander Cook | Modern Masters Cafe BlogWe’re proud to feature decorative artist Tamra Alexander Cook from the Central Coast of California for this week’s Artist Spotlight. We had a chance to catch up with Tamra and find out a bit about her artistry and how Modern Masters has impacted her creativity and career as a decorative artist.

Tamra Alexander Cook began a career in art about 7 years ago after needing a change of pace from the corporate field working in her family’s contract meter reading business. She knew that she wanted to do something creative since she spent most of her free time after work painting, sewing and decorating. Not knowing anything about decorative art, she just jumped right in and began learning some beautiful wall finishes and kept expanding from there. During these last two years she’s really discovered her true passion to be mirror and glass work with more emphasis on the fine arts.  “It’s been interesting to see how all the products I’ve used over the years for large projects like wall finishes and cabinetry work can be used in some way for both glass and fine art,” she says. Let’s take a look at some of her work!

Modern Masters Metallic Paints sealed with MasterClear® topcoat on the decorative flowers of an iron gate | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

Modern Masters Metallic Paints sealed with MasterClear® topcoat on the decorative flowers of an iron gate | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

Tamra used a custom mix of Modern Masters Metallic Paints for these brilliant decorative flowers on this iron gate. She then used the MasterClear® topcoat for for added UV protection!

Modern Masters Metallic Paints sealed with MasterClear® topcoat on the decorative flowers of an iron gate | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

What are some of your favorite Modern Masters Finishes?

My favorite Modern Masters finish would have to be the Reactive Metal finishes, especially the Rust finish. Right after I first started in the biz, I had a call from someone opening a new Salon in the area. I had only a very small rust sample on hand but she asked if I could do it on the large wall in the front of the salon. She needed it done within just a few days for the grand opening. I of course said “sure!” although I had never done it on anything larger than a couple of small furniture pieces. She originally asked for the just the front of the wall to be done but I convinced her that if we went all the way around, it would look more like a really large iron wall. She loved the idea and I knocked it out in two days. I’m still doing work in her beautiful Salon because of that wall. It’s definitely a high impact finish and people are impressed when they find out it’s the real deal, actually rusted iron.  I love the reaction I get every time someone ask how I do that.

Modern Masters Metal Effects on a large freestanding accent wall for a salon | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?

My Modern Masters “go to” product is the Dead Flat Varnish. It’s amazing stuff!  I have used it on so many things because it produces such a nice truly dead flat finish and it holds up so well to everyday use.  I make sure to ALWAYS have some on hand because I’m always using it on something!

Modern Masters Metallic Bronze with reactive patina over silver foil | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

This Moroccan style chalkboard was created with Modern Masters Metallic Bronze and reactive patinas over silver foil.

Modern Masters Metal Effects on a set of shutters | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

These shutters were beautifully finished in the Modern Masters Metal Effects products.

What is the most inspiring space or place you have visited?

I would have to say France and Ireland are the most inspiring places I’ve visited. So much of Europe is inspiring but the unbridled use of color in such unexpected ways is almost overwhelming. Paris, for me was nothing but pure eye candy! I love how you will have a somewhat monochromatic concrete or stone building with doors of unbelievable color and texture! The choice of color and beautiful, natural patinas everywhere you look, is awe inspiring!

Modern Masters Metallic Copper paint, furniture glaze and Metal Effects in Rust for the ornamentation detail of this fireplace mantel | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

Modern Masters Copper Metallic Paint, Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream and Metal Effects in Rust for the ornamentation detail of this fireplace mantel | By Artist Tamra Alexander Cook

We want to thank Tamra for taking the time to share her story and artistry with us this week. You can find more of her work on her Facebook & Pinterest pages as well! As always, feel free to stop by our Modern Masters Pinterest boards for more inspiration and be sure to “Like” us on our Facebook Fan Page!