Modern Mastery: Craig Getty

Craig-Getty-Metallic-Plaster-CeilingSocial Media is ALL about sharing and we were so pleased when Nevada-based decorative painter Craig Getty decided to feature some of his project pics on our Modern Masters Facebook page. The spaces, created with the help of our products, were incredible and we set out to learn more about his studio and artistry.

Craig-Getty-Anaglypta-with-Champange-and-Pale-Gold-MPCAnaglypta is a wonderful way to add pattern and interest to a ceiling. Craig took it a step further by painting and aging with our Metallic Paint Collection.

Craig-Getty-Anaglypta-with-Pale-Gold-and-Champagne-Metallic-PaintCraig Getty launched a painting contracting business in 1981 and in 2001, he shifted gears and launched Craig Getty Decorative Painting.  His range of work is quite varied and includes woodgraining, trompe l’oeil, airbrushed skies, stenciling, metallic patina finishes, decorative plasters and faux color blends. “What sets me apart are two things. First, is my color mixing and matching. Knowing color values and understanding the color wheel is the first thing I would suggest a new decorative finisher to learn. The second is my dedication to completing projects on time. I keep close communication with my clients and all other trades on every job. My goal has always been, once a client always a client,” Craig explains.

Craig-Getty-Champagne-Aged-Metallic-Paint-CollectionThe Metallic Paint Collection helps Craig Getty transform and update light fixtures on ceilings and walls. The ceiling below also features our Venetian Plaster.

Craig-Getty-Venetian-Plaster-with-Champagne-Aged-Metallic-Paint-on-LightWhat is the most inspiring place you have visited?

This last year we traveled to Italy. I can’t just pick one place in this beautiful country! From the Accademia and Uffizi Gallery and Il Duomo in Florence to the streets of Verona, the cathedrals and basilicas of Siena, Assisi, Como, Venice, and of course, Rome and the architecture of the Pantheon. I have never been so inspired in all of my life. There is now nothing I don’t want to learn and paint!

What are some of your favorite Modern Masters finishes?

As much as I love the Metallic Paint Collection, my favorite are the Metallic Plasters. I am a painter by trade, but put a trowel in my hand and I am as happy as can be! I love intermixing to create a custom color or use different layers of multiple colors. My go-to color is Suede but for multi-color layers, I like to use Espresso as the first layer to create a deep base for the next colors. This gives me a much richer-looking finish. Craig-Getty-Metallic-Plaster-on-Range-Hood-Custom-Red-Russet-Blend

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

I have been using the metallic paints and Metal Effects for ever. I’ve also used the Venetian Plaster for celebrity clients in Hollywood. But since I first discovered Metallic Plaster at the Reno Paint Mart, I started dabbling with this product on sample boards. These boards were well received by many of my designers and clients. They can be used to create an old world finish to a modern contemporary look. It has been an excellent addition to my portfolio!

Craig-Getty-Metallic-Plaster-Products-on-CeilingSuch incredible finishes – we always love to see creative projects with our product lines! Many thanks to Craig Getty for taking the time to chat with us about his studio and artistry. Please visit his website and become a fan of his fab Facebook page, where he shares much more of his wonderful work.  We hope this jumpstarts an inspiring day!

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If you’d like to be considered for our Modern Mastery series, please send final images to – look forward to seeing your work!


Gorgeous Range Hoods with Modern Masters

The kitchen has always been one of the most important spaces in any home. At the center of our beloved kitchen is the often overlooked range hood, an important feature which can easily be transformed with the use of paints, plasters and patinas. Of course, its main function is to absorb odors, airborne grease and smoke but it can also have a much more aesthetic purpose – to serve as an excellent focal point to beautify the kitchen! We share a few examples of some of our favorite range hoods and how Modern Masters has helped bring these wonderful pieces to life with customized finishes that provide a crowning touch. Let’s take a look!

A gorgeous range hood finished in Modern Masters Metal Effects Bronze reactive paint and blue patina solution | By Tom Henman Decorative Painting | Modern Masters Cafe blog

Tom Henman Decorative Painting used our Metal Effects Bronze Reactive Paint and Blue Patina Aging Solution for this unique range hood. We love the juxtaposition of the smooth, light cabinets with the darker, weathered patina!

A range hood elegantly finished in Modern Masters Pewter Metallic Paint | By Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes | Modern Masters Cafe blog

This lovely, contemporary kitchen received an elegant stria finish on its range hood with Modern Masters Pewter Metallic Paint by Bella-Tucker Decorative Finishes. It adds just the right amount of sophisticated brilliance to this space!

This range hood was finished with Modern Masters Metal Effects in a rust finish along with copper foil | By Carmen Illustrates | Modern Masters Cafe blog

This range hood received a fantastic finish with our Metal Effects Iron Reactive Paint by Carmen Illustrates. The rust created with the real metal particles in our reactive paint was beautifully enhanced with the use of copper foils. The result is a striking accent piece that complements the rustic wood tones of this kitchen!

Modern Masters Red Russet Metallic Plaster was used for this beautiful range hood | By Craig Getty Painting | Modern Masters Cafe blog

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster works perfectly with the natural wood cabinetry of this inviting kitchen. Craig Getty Painting used our Espresso, Suede and Red Russet metallic plasters to create a subtle, shimmery finish for this range hood. What a great way to top off this space!

Modern Masters Metal Effects helped transform this unique range hood | By Broads with Brushes

Broads with Brushes embellished this range hood with the use of color glazes and our Metal Effects in order to tie in the colors of this fabulous kitchen! Doesn’t it look great against the rich, dark wood and tiled backsplash? We love the work of Andrea Blair Murrill and her team!

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how the range hood can play an important part in your kitchen’s design by serving as functional art! Do you have one that may benefit from a little color? If so, which design style would you prefer?

It’s always a pleasure to see some of the amazing work created with our product lines. Be sure to catch more inspiration on our Facebook fan page and Pinterest boards. We look forward to seeing you there!