Modern Mastery: Kara Paslay

Kara Paslay of Kara Paslay DesignsWe’ve had our eye on Kara Paslay of Kara Paslay Designs after seeing some of her gorgeous decorative work using Modern Masters products. We’re excited to feature her for this week’s Modern Mastery Artist Profile! We’ve caught up with Kara, who is an interior designer, window display artist and set decorator for commercials, TV shows and movies. She lives by the motto “Do what you love” and she loves her job(s). As a set decorator, it’s her responsibility to create scenes and sets that tell the story of the characters in the film, leading to a way of thinking that has greatly affected the way she approaches her interior design projects. “My goal is not only to create a space that is beautiful, but one that is also meaningful,” she says.

Her favorite part about her job is that she gets to work with her incredibly talented husband, Tim Paslay, and although it can be stressful working with your spouse, she says she wouldn’t have it any other way!  “Our collaborations always bring about a better finished product!” she tells us. They both live and work in a warehouse in downtown Tulsa, OK and really enjoying crafting an over the top creative space for themselves with projects like a motorized television panel. Their biggest goal thus far is getting their TV show – ‘Til Design Do Us Part – off the ground. They are very excited about the possibility of working with couples to create spaces that really reflect their lives. Let’s take a closer look at how Modern Masters has helped to inspire her creative works!


How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?


I wear many hats, from interior designer to set decorator to window display artist. No matter what type of space I am working on, I almost always live by one rule – Every space needs a little metallic in it! Whether I’m adding a little bling or bringing in some character with an aged patina, metallic elements have a way of bringing life to a space. Modern Masters makes it so easy for me to find the perfect hue and the perfect finish, no matter what look I’m going for. I can always guarantee my clients something unique and beautiful at a fraction of the cost because of these incredible paints!


A set of room dividers finished with Modern Masters Smoke & Olympic Gold Metallic Paint | By Kara Paslay Designs

These unique room dividers were beautifully finished in a combination of Modern Masters Steel Gray and Olympic Gold Metallic Paints! They provide a wonderful backdrop while allowing the decor to flow naturally throughout the space.


Metal Marquee sign finished with Modern Masters Metal Effects products | By Kara Paslay Designs

These “metal” marquee letters were a custom creation and were given a weathered, patina look using our Metal Effects products! Kara shares how she created this look.


What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?


Although I love to switch things up and rarely like to do the same thing twice, I have simply fallen in love with the Modern Masters “Brass” Metallic Paint. It’s not too gaudy, but brings a gorgeous, dare I say heavenly glow to any piece it touches. I just love it!


A beautiful dining room table give a wash in Modern Masters Brass Metallic Paint | By Kara Paslay DesignsThis beautiful dining room table was originally all dark brown and was completely transformed by kara. It was Even given a sleek, white top and was enhanced with a wash of Modern Masters Brass Metallic Paint. The wonderful detail and elegance of this table now shines with ease!


A gorgeous sliding door finished in Modern Masters Metal Effects products | By Kara Paslay Designs

Would you believe us if we told you that this gorgeous, industrial sliding door was MADE with foam? Kara was inspired to create this door after seeing a similar piece on a tv show and used our Metal Effects products to create the look of a heavy, oxidized metal door! She even shares its diy sliding door tutorial on her blog!


What is your dream finishing project?

My husband and I are currently working on bringing our dream project to fruition. We are developing a design show and look forward to the day when we can bring our creations to a television audience. Our goal is to use design to celebrate our clients’ pasts, spur their passions, and inspire their futures with meaningful and unique creations. And you know, nothing pops on camera like some beautiful metallics!

A bathroom accent wall with a fish scale design created with Modern Masters Flash Blue Metallic Paint | By Kara Paslay Designs

This stunning bath feature wall was given a metallic fish scale ombre effect using a stencil from Royal Design Studio and our Flash Blue Metallic Paint. Kara also shares how she completed this transformation her blog as well!


We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the artistic work of Kara Paslay and invite you to take an even closer look by visiting her blog and her Facebook Page.She is truly a creative spirit and her projects are so much fun to follow. As always, we look forward to sharing more creativity and inspiration on our Facebook Fan Page and Modern Masters Pinterest boards. We look forward to seeing you there – have a wonderful week!