How to Paint a Metallic Baroque Finish

Modern Masters Metallic Baroque Finish How-to Tutorial | Cafe BlogBaroque is a period of artistic style where drama and ornamentation with rich details reigned supreme. In our Metal Effects system, we had a Baroque patina that produced a unique, two-tone look imitating some of the finishes seen in this period. Although no longer available, we still receive calls for guidance on reproducing the technique. Our in-house studio created an easy way to duplicate the finish with our Matte Metallics and Metallic Paint Collection. It’s shown here on a classic bust, but you can easily adapt it for furniture, decor accents, walls, ceilings and more. Ready to paint?

Metallic Baroque Finish DIY | Step-by-Step How-To on the Modern Masters Cafe Blog



1. Prime surface with an acrylic primer. Allow to dry.

2. Apply a full basecoat of Platinum Metallic Paint. Allow to dry for 30 minutes to an hour.

3. Apply a second coat of Platinum Metallic Paint and while wet, brush in Champagne Metallic Paint in random areas. Stipple with a brush or mottle with a rag. This creates the warm undertone of the finish. Allow to dry for 1 – 2 hours.

4. Once dry, work in small sections and brush on Warm Silver Matte Metallic into recessed areas and random areas on the surface. Mottle with a rag as you apply. This creates the subtle aging of the finish.

5. Repeat until desired look is achieved.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this Metallic Baroque Finish Tutorial. Please feel free to pin the how-to technique for future use or share the finish!  Be sure to send pics of your results to – we love to see your projects. Have an inspired day!