Get on the Bus with Metal Effects

The story behind the Wanderlust Market Vintage Caravan | Modern Masters Blog

We receive many projects shares via our email, and we love them all! Recently, a gorgeous project with our Metal Effects was sent to us. In fact, here’s the initial e-mail:

I wanted to share photos of the bus conversion we did using the copper Metal Effects paint — green patina on the outside and pure copper on the inside. Our bus is used as a traveling vintage shop, and we get so many great compliments on the paint!

The email from Lindsay of Wanderlust Vintage Market in Minnesota intrigued us and when we saw the images, we knew we had to share it with you! Interested? We’ll let Lindsay share her story.

Metal Effects Verdigris Patinas and Faux Woodgrain on the Wanderlust Market Vintage Caravan | Modern Masters Blog Feature

My business partner, Aaron, and I were both in the publishing industry. After learning that we were being laid off from our jobs due to an acquisition, we started brainstorming ideas for a new business. We wanted to do something fun and different that would take advantage of our shared interest in vintage and hand-crafted items. After researching the industry, we decided to do a spin on a traditional antique shop by running it out of a converted school bus and offering high quality antique furniture at affordable prices. Since we both enjoy painting, refinishing, and creating, we would rehab anything that needed a facelift in bold and interesting ways and supplement the furniture with our own, unique home decor items.


The Story of the Wanderlust Market Vintage Caravan | Traveling Retail Bus | Modern Masters Blog Feature

The first order of business to get up and running was to figure out how we wanted the bus to look. We knew this would be extremely important to our brand and to generating interest in our shop. Our first thought was to cover the ceiling of the bus in stamped tin, but in an effort to keep costs low, we started looking around for paint that would help us achieve a similar effect without as big an investment. Once we discovered Modern Masters products, the entire vision for the bus came together: wood grain on the sides, copper with green patina on the roof and outer fixtures, straight copper on the inside. The fact that the Metal Effects had actual copper in it that would oxidize when exposed to the elements was a huge plus for us. We wanted the outside of the bus to continue to develop a natural patina over time.


Removing bus seats for a traveling retail caravan | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Bus Interior Cleared and Cleaned | Details from the Wanderlust Market Vintage Caravan project | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Wanderlust Market Vintage Caravan | Modern Masters Blog Feature on the Traveling Retail Bus

We bought a bus from an ad on Craigslist and removed all of the seats (not fun or easy), removed all the decals, and took off the stop sign.

The Woodgrained Exterior of the Wanderlust Market Vintage Caravan | Modern Masters Project Feature

We used a half-empty can of $8 stain and a wood-graining tool to create the wood effect on the sides of the bus.

Metal Effects Patina Process on the Wanderlust Market Vintage Caravan | Modern Masters Project Feature

We then primed the roof of the bus, the metal strips on the sides, the hood, bumper, grill, and other fixtures with the Metal Effects Primer. Honestly, the process of applying the primer to all of the necessary areas seemed never-ending, but in reality took about 12 hours and three people. The whole time we were applying the primer, we were just dying to see the copper. Delivery of the Metal Effects Reactive Copper Metallic Paint happened to be behind the Metal Effects Primer by a day or so. We had started applying primer to the interior of the bus when the copper showed up. We literally dropped what we were doing to break out the oxidizing copper paint and get it on the roof. It was a very hot day in the summer, and the first coat dried really quickly. We applied the second coat with Aaron rolling it out while I followed behind with a spray bottle of the Green Patina Aging Solution. We achieved a light patina on the roof, partly because of rapid drying due to the heat and partly due to my lack of ability to maneuver around on a hot metal roof 13 feet in the air.

Metal Effects Patina Details on the Wanderlust Market Vintage Caravan in Minneapolis, Minnesota | Modern Masters Traveling Bus Project Feature on the Blog

Faux Bois and Verdigris Patinas on the Wanderlust Market Vintage Caravan | Project and Process on the Traveling Retail Bus on the Modern Masters Blog | Metal Effects

When we got to the hood of the bus and the bumpers, we decided to really soak them with the patina solution. This resulted in an awesome drippy effect, which was perfect for us, since we wanted it to look like it had naturally oxidized due to rain. Comparing the during and after photos of the front of the bus, you can even see how the patina has continued to develop after a couple months of exposure.

The Interior of the Wanderlust Market Vintage Caravan | Modern Mastery Project Feature on the Traveling Retail Shop

The Exterior of the Wanderlust Market Vintage Caravan | The Modern Masters Blog shares the Project and Process of Creating the Traveling Retail Bus Shop from Minneapolis, MN on their Blog | Woodgrain and Patina Finishes

We are very happy with how the bus turned out. It’s the perfect complement to our vintage shop on wheels, and we hear nothing but fantastic things from all of our customers. All told, we completely transformed the bus over about eight 12-hour days in June.

Metal Effects Patina and Finish on Tabletop | Wanderlust Market Vintage Caravan in Minneapolis, MN | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Gorgeous Metal Effects Patina on Dresser Drawer Fronts | Wanderlust Market Vintage Caravan in Mineappolis, MN | Traveling Retail Bus Shop Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Lindsay and Aaron have used leftover Metal Effects, as well as other patinas, for some of their retail pieces, too. Seriously – doesn’t this traveling shop look and sound AMAZING? Such a brilliant idea. We’d visit every day! Wanderlust Vintage Market has also opened up a physical location that doubles as an additional retail space and workshop studio at 349 13th Avenue NE, in Minneapolis, MN. To keep up with all their adventures, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Many thanks to both Lindsay and Aaron for sharing their beautiful bus project with us. We hope you’ve enjoyed it immensely as well!

Many of the gorgeous PROJECT images, where noted, were used with permission from Jennifer Liv Photography.












DIY How-to: Dog Leash Holder

It’s a doggy dog world and we just live in it! If you love your pups as much as we do, you’ll adore this paw-some DIY Dog Leash Holder by Mary Childs of Focal Points, Inc. A little transfer paper, a little Matte Metallic, some inspired hook ‘tails’ and you’ll have a paw-tastic dog organizer made with love.

DIY Doggy Leash Holder | Dog How-to by Focal Points, Inc. | Modern Masters Blog


Doggie Leash Holder DIY by Focal Points, Inc. for Modern Masters

Cover a 4’x4′ area with old newspaper or craft paper. Using a 2″ brush, paint the front side of the plaque with a good quality primer and let dry 1 – 2 hours.

DIY Dog Leash Holder with Modern Masters products | How-to by Mary Childs of Focal Points, Inc.

Using the 2″ brush, paint the primed surface with Pale Gold Matte Metallic. I used a swirling motion while applying the Matte Metallic to create some interest. Apply 2 – 3 coats or until a solid color is achieved and let dry completely. Gather your tape measure, graphite transfer paper, doggy image, and pencil for the next step.

Creating a Dog Leash Organizer for the Home | DIY How-to by Focal Points, Inc. | Modern Masters Blog

Tracing an Image with Graphite Transfer Paper | Dog Leash Holder How-to by Mary Childs of Focal Points, Inc. | Modern Masters DIY Tutorial

How to Create a Dog Leash Holder | Modern Masters DIY Step-by-Step Tutorial

Use the tape measure to mark off the placement of the doggy image and the word PLAY. Place the graphite transfer paper side down onto the plaque and position the dog image on top. Using moderate pressure, trace the image with a pencil and then repeat the same process for the second dog image.

Dog Leash Organizer DIY by Focal Points, Inc. with Modern Masters products | Easy Step by Step How-to Tutorial

Creating a Super Cute Dog Leash Holder with a Doggy Transfer Image and Shimmery Metallic Paints | Modern Masters

Use a small artist brush to paint in the dog images with the Statuary Bronze Matte Metallic. Apply 2 – 3 coats until a solid color is achieved and let dry. If you have a trim area, consider painting that with the Statuary Bronze as a nice compliment, as we did here. Feel free to erase any pencil lines that haven’t been painted over completely.

Adorable and Easy Dog Leash Holder Organizer How-to | Modern Masters DIY | Doggy Decor Ideas

Mix one part Tobacco Brown with two parts Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream. Apply the mix to the entire plaque with the 2″ brush. Dab off excess with a clean dry rag and let dry completely. This ages the Matte Metallic for a beautiful finish.

Fun and Sweet Easy DIY Dog Leash Holder with Hook 'Tails'! | Modern Masters How-to

Apply the PLAY adhesive letters between the two doggy images. Next, center the hooks on the dogs where the tails should be (super cute, right?) and secure with a screw driver and screws. Attach your fave hanging tool to the back (i.e., 3M or Velcro hanging tabs, hanging hooks), place in your chosen area and now you have one adorable dog leash holder at your fingertips! Share your DIY projects with us anywhere with the hashtag #ModernMasters!

Easy and Cute Dog Plaque to Hold Leashes | Modern Masters DIY by Focal Points, Inc.

How to Create an Doggy Leash Holder for your Pup | Custom Dog Decor DIY Ideas | Modern Masters Step-by-Step Tutorial

The Dog Leash Holder DIY is by Orlando, FL-based decorative painter Mary Childs. Her Focal Points, Inc. studio creates professional decorative finishes and antique mirrors for clients throughout the US.







Front Door Paint Ideas for Spring

Spring is just around the corner! It’s the perfect time of year to start planning exterior design and garden projects that enhance your curb appeal. One of the simplest updates is painting your front door! A front door makeover with our Front Door Paint is easy to use – in fact, one blogger painted theirs in 24 minutes and on Facebook Live, too! Another benefit is that Front Door Paint is non fading and weather resistant. This means that your door will look as good as the day you painted it throughout all the seasons in your area. Are you ready for some bright, happy and colorful front door inspiration? Let’s do(or) it!

Front Door Paint Ideas for Spring | Gorgeous Red Front Door Project by Tale of an Ugly House with the non fade Front Door Paint color Sophisticated | Modern Masters Blog

Who doesn’t love a red door? So classic, so stylish. This front door update was by Amanda of The Tale of an Ugly House. She used the color Sophisticated.

Front Door Makeover Ideas for Spring | Project with non fade Front Door Paint in the color Energetic | Orange Front Door | Modern Masters Blog

This front door was a dreary off-white that looked too plain for the homeowners. They brightened it with the color Energetic. Looks lovely against the brick!

Bright and Colorful Front Door Paint Ideas | Enhance your Curb Appeal with non fade Front Door Paint by Modern Masters | Color: Confident yellow | Modern Masters Blog

Everyone who walks up to this door immediately loves the color! Most say they would not have considered a yellow front door before then. We love hearing that! This shade is called Confident.

Colorful Front Door Inspiration for Spring and Summer | Front Door Paint project with Fortunate green by Modern Masters | Lime Front Door | Bright and Happy Front Door Ideas

The Fortunate lime green not only provided a lovely color contrast for this home’s exterior, it also added a welcoming appeal to the entrance. It’s a beautiful, bright color that looks great with the landscaping, too! See the How to Paint Your Front Door video above for that project!

Turquoise Front Door | Colorful and Happy Front Door Makeover Ideas with non fade Front Door Paint by Modern Masters | Color: Tranquil blue

A turquoise front door is a fresh alternative to a traditional blue and welcomes your guests in style. This gorgeous hue is called Tranquil.

These are just some of the colors available as there are 25 hues in the Front Door Paint palette. If you’re stuck on color, we have a free Front Door Paint app for both iPhone and Android where you can snap a pic of your door and scroll through the colors available. Be sure to check out our 5 Questions with Front Door Paint and our step-by-step How to Paint Your Front Door instructions before you start your project! Our non fade Front Door Paint is available online at and Amazon as well as our online shopping site with free shipping. You can also find it at select local retailers – though be sure to call ahead to ensure stock. Don’t forget to share those #frontdoorpaint projects with us on Instagram and Facebook!






Improba Putti Sculpture at Burning Man

Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. They depart one week later, having left no trace whatsoever. This is how Burning Man describes their extraordinary annual community. One of the founders, Marion Goodell, says the ultimate goal is to encourage the culture of creativity.

Improba Putti Sculpture at Burning Man 2016 | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Incredible project by Vulfie Munson

With this creativity in mind, the theme for Burning Man 2016 was DaVinci’s Workshop. Vulfie Munson of Olde World Artisans was among a select group of artists from around the world chosen to create a sculpture for the piazza that would symbolize the theme. He had eight months to create his sculpture, which he named “Improba Putti”. The sculpture was to sit atop a plinth box with four bas-relief sculptures on each side. The sculptures could be created out of any materials the artist deemed appropriate.

Vulfie shares that “I wanted to make sculptures with an Italian renaissance flair, showing the evolution of the dark ages into a new age of enlightenment. These sculptures portray mythological beings interacting in a playful (or not so playful way). The sculpture will be a Centauress mischievously taunted by winged putti. The bas-reliefs on the plinth will be of underground scenes depicting caves, stalactites, as well as salamanders and bats.”

He decided it would be best to build the sculpture out of paper mâché using a metal framework as the main reinforcement. He would then paint it to look like a bronze patina sculpture since the cost involved to make it out of bronze itself was out of the question. He started on the bas-relief sculptures first to get a feel for how the paper mâché was going to work in addition to patinating them with Metal Effects patinas.
Bas Relief Scultpure by artist Vulfie Munson with Modern Masters Metal Effects | Burning Man 2016

One of the bas-relief sculptures with Metal Effects patinas.

He then moved onto the big sculpture.


Creating a Sculpture for Burning Man 2016 | Improba Putti by artist Vulfie Munson | Modern Masters Blog Feature
Creating a Papier Mache sculpture framework for Burning Man 2016 | Artist: Vulfie Munson | Modern Masters Blog
Papier Mache Sculpture Process by artist Vulfie Munson for Burning Man 2016 | Modern Masters
Papier Mache Sculpture with Bronze Patina with Modern Masters Metal Effects | Incredible project by Vulfie Munson for Burning Man 2016 | Modern Masters Blog Feature
He was able to work on it everyday, which enabled him to meet his deadline. Transporting such a large piece was an adventure in itself but in the end, the beautiful sculpture had its time in the fiery spotlight of Burning Man.


Improba Putti Papier-mâché Sculpture patinated bronze with Modern Masters Metal Effects | Artist Vulfie Munson created this temporary masterpiece for Burning Man 2016 | Modern Masters Blog Feature
Plinth Close-up of the Improba Putti Papier-mâché Sculpture patinated bronze with Modern Masters Metal Effects | Artist Vulfie Munson created this temporary masterpiece for Burning Man 2016 | Modern Masters Blog Feature
Improba Putti Papier-mâché Sculpture patinated bronze with Modern Masters Metal Effects | Artist Vulfie Munson created this temporary masterpiece for Burning Man 2016 | DaVinci's Workshop Theme | Modern Masters Blog Feature
Here is a part of the piazza. In the center stands the man who represents science and technology and the further you venture away, the closer to the realm of the mythological you are.
Improba Putti Papier-mâché Sculpture patinated bronze with Modern Masters Metal Effects | Artist Vulfie Munson of Olde World Artisans created this masterpiece for Burning Man 2016 | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Vulfie Munson and J. Paloma Glass of Olde World Artisans

 Many thanks to both J. Paloma Glass and Vulfie Munson, partners at Olde World Artisans, for sharing this incredible Metal Effects project with us. It is an extraordinary work of art and we’re honored to share it. In fact, if you’d like to read more about their project (and the installation almost-catastrophe!), head to their Improba Putti Burning Man Sculpture blog post. While at their site, be sure to look around to see more of their work. We’d love to know what you think of the sculpture, so leave a note in the comments!





Modern Mastery: Elan Evans

The community of decorative painters is often a supportive one filled with great friendships. We received a note from muralist Shannon Geis (thank you, Shannon!) to take a look at the work of Elan Evans and we were blown away. It’s our pleasure to feature Elan’s beautiful talent along with some of her projects featuring Modern Masters!

Modern Mastery feature of the beautiful decorative painting and wall coverings by Elan Evans | Modern Masters Blog

Decorative Painter and Wallpaper Fabricator Elan Evans

Elan shares, “I began this journey in the theatre. As an aspiring actress, I started painting scenery for extra cash, and soon found that I was making a lot more money painting than acting. I also came to enjoy people phoning me, asking if I was available, instead of continually knocking on doors, hoping and hoping for an opportunity to practice my craft. While in New York, I found my way into interior decorative painting, and never looked back.

After several years of working for other talented and generous artists, I established my own Elan Evans Studio in Sonoma County in 2000. In those days it was all oil glaze, all the time. As tastes, and California environmental standards, have changed, my techniques have evolved. Although I will always have a tender (and toxic) spot in my heart for oil paints and glazes, I’ve really enjoyed learning to use the fabulous new and non- toxic products available to the decorative finisher in the 21st century.

The San Francisco bay area has embraced modernism in a big way, and part of the challenge for painters in our area has been creating finishes that are current and fresh, and convincing designers that painted finishes have a place in modern interiors. Since wallpaper has been making such inroads into the decorative painter’s world over the last 10 years, I became determined to create my own line of wallcoverings, and after two long years, I am ready to launch! STRATA layered wallcoverings are hand painted and die cut, my amazing die cutter becomes the ‘low cost worker’ that enables me to manufacture the entire line in Sonoma County. I chose the Metallic Paint Collection by Modern Masters for most of the colors, because of their beauty and consistency, and the response has been so good, so far!”

Agate Finish on Ceiling of Master Bath with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Elan Evans Studio | Interior design by Tineke Triggs | Phography by Eric Rorer | Modern Mastery Feature

Metallic Agate Finish Close-up | Decorative Painting and Ceiling Finishes | Beautiful Project by Elan Evans | Modern Masters Metallic Paints

A stunningly gorgeous agate finish was created by Elan on a master bath ceiling with the help of Modern Masters Metallic Paints. Incredible space! The interior design was by Tineke Triggs and the photos are by Eric Rorer.

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

Metallics can be so tricky, and it used to create a lot of anxiety every time I proposed one. Back in the days when I was custom mixing all my colors, I often just didn’t want to fuss with metallics. Sometimes the metallic paints that were available, though reliable, were toxic. Or, if you mixed your own glazes with bronzing powders you struggled to recreate your formula from job to job, or scale up a formula from sample to job. Even a very small variation in the proportions of ingredients would affect the final look. I really value the consistency of the Metallic Paint line as I know exactly what I am getting every time, and now I don’t hesitate to offer metallic finishes to my clients.

Paper Mural in a Family Room at a Ronald McDonald House | Decorative Finishes with Metallic Paint | Project by Elan Evans | Design by Butler Armsden Architects and photography by Margot Hartford | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Papers were coated with custom mixes of Metallic Paints before being hand cut and applied to the walls of a family room at the Palo Alto, CA based Ronald McDonald House. Each artist dedicates their time to beautifying these rooms to help families feel a little more comfortable while they are facing difficult times. Wonderful philanthropic work, Elan! The design was by Butler Armsden Architects and the photo is by Margot Hartford.

Custom STRATA Wall Covering for a hall niche by Elan Evans | Modern Mastery Blog Feature | Photography by Margot Hartford

Beautiful and contemporary STRATA Wallcovering from Elan’s studio was used for a stunning hallway. Photography by Margot Hartford.

Geometric Ceiling with a STRATA Wallcovering Finish | Project and Papers by the Elan Evans Studio | Stunning Interior Design is by Candace Barnes and beautiful Photography by Christopher Stark Photo | Modern Masters Metallic Paint

A hand-applied and finished metallic STRATA Wallcovering for an entry ceiling compliments the light fixture and artworks perfectly. The incredible interior design is by Candace Barnes and the photography is by Christopher Stark Photo.

What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?

Champagne Metallic Paint always seems to be just the right color. Not too cool, not too warm. It’s sophisticated and never garish.

Dead Flat Varnish is always on the shelf, not just for protecting painted finishes, but I also find it so useful for touch up and repair work. Dead Flat varnish, a little tint, and and an airbrush has made me a hero on several occasions.

Gorgeous Wallcovering detail of the STRATA Wall Coverings line by the Elan Evans Studio | Interior Design by Julie Rootes and Photography by Michelle Drewes | Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

Cut paper overlays in Snowflake Metallic Paint over a swirled blend of Snowflake, Champagne, and Platinum Metallic Paint. This Napa Valley dining room with excellent taste was designed by Julie Rootes and photographed by Michelle Drewes.

Stenciled Lavender Wall with Pearl White Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Project by the Elan Evans Studio | Modern Mastery feature

Lovely and serene space by Elan with a beautiful pattern stenciled with Pearl White Metallic Paint over a lavender wall.

What is your dream finishing project?

I have always wanted to paint an entire room of faux tortoise shell inlay. And these days, instead of using imitation leaf as a background, I think I would use a sprayed coat of Pale Gold Metallic Paint as the basecoat.

Stuning Swirled Ceiling finish with Tequila Gold Metallic Paint by Modern Masters for a Wine Cellar | Interior design is by Jane Richardson Mack | Decorative Artistry by Elan Evans Studio | Modern Mastery Feature

Swirled Metallic Ceiling Treatment Finish by artist Elan Evans | Tequila Gold Metallic Paint | Interior Design of Wine Cellar by Jane Richardson Mack | Modern Masters Blog Feature

A stylish and upscale swirled ceiling finish was created by Elan for a refined wine cellar with Tequila Gold Metallic Paint. The interior design is by Jane Richardson Mack.

Metallic and Modern Decorative Paint Finish for a Floral Studio by artist Elan Evans | Interior Design by Gayle Nicoletti | Modern Masters | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

A chic decorative wall finish with Metallic Paints was created for a floral design studio. So creative and inspired! The interior design is by Gayle Nicoletti.

Such gorgeous modern and contemporary projects – each is even more innovating than the next! We hope you’ve enjoyed our Modern Mastery feature of the Elan Evans Studio. If you are looking for paintery yet elegant wallcoverings with incredible multiple layers, look no further than the STRATA Wall Coverings collection her studio creates by hand. Be sure to follow her studio’s work on her @elanevansdecorativepaint Instagram account, too! Thank you, Elan, for sharing your artistry with us!











DIY How-to: Fabric Lampshade Makeover

Take an ordinary lamp shade and make it extraordinary with stencils, tape and Metallic Paint! Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky shares her ‘bright’ idea on how-to dress up any plain-jane lamp with her DIY Fabric Lampshade Makeover.

DIY Embellished Fabric Lampashade | Paint and Pattern a Lampshade with Metallic Paint and Stencils | DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky on the Modern Masters Blog

  • One new or gently-used lamp base and clean shade, plus an inspiration photo.
  • Satin Metallic Paint in Oyster, Smoke, Teal, and Rich Gold
  • Matte Metallic Paint in Champagne
  • Margarita Lace Furniture Stencil by Royal Design Studio
  • Primer, 2 widths of narrow painter’s tape (about 1/2″ and 1/8″), paint brushes, stencil brushes, pencil, ruler, and paper towels. We used the cardboard insert that came with the lamp and shade to prop the shade on while painting.

STEP 1 | Basecoat the Lampshade

Give a plain lampshade new life with Modern Masters Metallic Paints! DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky

Paint two coats of Oyster Metallic Paint. Let dry overnight.

STEP 2 | Measure and Apply the Taped Random Stripe Pattern (Lampshade Top)

Embellish a plain lampshade with paint and pattern | Modern Masters DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky

Dress up a plain white lampshade with a little tape, stencils and shimmer! Modern Masters DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky with Metallic Paints

Before you begin, hold the pattern of your chosen stencil over the depth of the shade to design the look you are going for. We decided to use two repeats of the floral design and added the center stripe below it. Put the stencil aside, then measure around the shade to mark the area for the 1/2″ tape and apply it. Then, add random stripes with the 1/8″ tape and burnish well.

STEP 3 | Paint the Random Stripe Pattern (Lampshade Top)

Modern Masters Metallic Paint helps enhance and embelish a fabric lampshade | DIY How-to by My Patch of Blue Sky

Update a plain lampshade for a pretty and custom decor accent | Modern Masters Metallic Paint | How-to by My Patch of Blue Sky

Use a stencil brush to paint in 1-2 coats of Champagne Matte Metallic. This will give a nice contrast between the other Metallic Paints, which have a satin sheen. Let dry for several hours or overnight. Remove the 1/8″ tape areas. Our lampshade had a slight texture, which created a soft, watercolor-looking effect that we love.

STEP 4 | Stencil the Floral Pattern (Lampshade Bottom)

Paint it Pretty! DIY Fabric Lampshade Makeover with Metallic Paints by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | Royal Design Studio Stencil | Modern Masters Blog

Add a punch of metallic to any lampshade with Modern Masters Metallic Paints! | DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky

Tape the stencil in place, taking into account the seam on the shade. Use a stencil brush to paint in areas of Teal Metallic Paint. Let dry. Use a clean stencil brush to paint in areas of Rich Gold Metallic Paint. Remove the stencil. Let dry.

STEP 5 | Paint the Center Stripe

Creative DIY for Updating a Plain Fabric Lampshade | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Contemporary and Modern How-to Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky

On either side of the center stripe, which is still in place, add another row of ½” tape at the top and bottom. Burnish well, then remove the center tape. Use a small brush or stencil brush to add 1 or 2 coats of Smoke Metallic Paint. Let dry several hours. Remove the tape.

Add a bulb, assemble your lamp and enjoy your new creation. When you turn it on for the first time, you will be amazed at the different glow it will exude versus the look you get unlighted! You can customize this DIY to create a style that’s right for you, whether it be vintage, traditional, bohemian, or more modern and contemporary. Enjoy!

How to Makeover a Plain Lampshade with Metallic Paints | Modern Masters DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky

DIY Fabric Lampshade Transformation with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Lampshade Makeover Ideas | How to Paint a Plain Lampshade Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky

The DIY Metallic Fabric Lampshade How-to is by Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.










Modern Mastery: Dan Buttery

Modern Mastery: Dan Buttery of DB Designs | Modern Masters Blog Feature on Studios with incredible Modern Masters projects

We discovered the beautiful projects of Dan Buttery of Black Lab Metal Fab via his shares on Instagram. Dan owns a welding, woodworking and metal art company in Lewiston, NY, and his custom metal work can be found throughout the United States and Canada, including projects for Hard Rock USA. His work with our Metal Effects is inspiring and we wanted to share his projects with you.

Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Mastery Series on the Modern Masters Blog

Metal Artist Dan Buttery

“I learned a lot from my father,” Dan shares. “My dad was a jack of all trades with wood, metal, and cars. I started doing restorations with vehicles with my father when I was 16. My passion for older cars started when I first saw a car. Working with metal and paint on cars got me involved with what I do today with my metal work. After my father passed from a motorcycle accident, I got more involved with the metal art and picked up a PlasmaCam CNC table. My company is named after my black lab, Chevelle, and we are about doing custom metal or wood work that the customer can’t find anywhere else. I like doing one-off pieces that are personal to the customer and challenge myself to make images come to life out of metal or wood. The studio has done small signs to custom furniture to a custom bar for a brewery.  I’ve been working with metal and wood for over 20 years now. With the various finishes I use beside automotive paint, Modern Masters makes my metal art unique and they last a long time. I’ve used other methods of “rusting” but it doesn’t compare to the uniqueness that Modern Masters offers.

Gallo Restaurant with Entrance Sconces patinated with Metal Effects | Project by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Masters Studio feature

Gallo Restaurant with Metal Effects Patinas on the Exterior Sconces | Project by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Dan did several exterior lighting commissions for the Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen restaurant with Metal Effects.

What is your most memorable, challenging or rewarding project?

My most memorable project was making a fireplace surround for an electric fireplace for a doctor’s office. I built it from scratch and all I had was a rendering and measurements. To make it unique and movable, I made it in two pieces so it was easy to transport. After building the frame, it was then covered with metal. I used the Modern Masters Rust Patina to give it a high quality finish. I added burned and hot rolled metal to give it more of a medieval look.

Custom built fireplace with Metal Effects Rust Patina by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Masters

What is your top finishing tip?

My top finishing tip is to be unique. There are so many ways to use Modern Masters products to make your work stand out. It’s all about trial and error. But with Modern Masters, it comes out great. I use the Rust Patina product to make the work of art look like an old piece of metal. I dab the Iron Reactive Paint on with a brush to chunk up the look so the new piece of metal looks like a 60 year old piece of metal. With their Copper Reactive Metallic Paint, I like to keep some of the copper paint exposed, so it looks like a piece of copper aging, and not have the whole work be aged.

Pizza Restaurant Sign with Metal Effects Copper Reactive Metallic Paint | Patina Process on the Modern Masters Blog | Project by Dan Butter of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab

Pizza Restaurant Sign after Metal Effects Patinas | Project by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Mastery Blog Series

Metal Effects Patina Close-up. So realistic! Gorgeous work by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Masters Blog

Process of patinating a Pizza restaurant sign with Metal Effects. Incredible!

A metal buffalo head is being rusted with Metal Effects patinas by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Rusted Metal Buffalo Head for a Doctor's Office Exterior | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Project by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Mastery Studio Feature

Incredible rust patina on a custom 5′ metal buffalo head for the exterior of a doctor’s office.

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

Modern Masters has more than enhanced my business. It made me more creative and capable of offering different finishes for my metal work. I have used the products in my home, creating a rust wall in my living room that I would never thought I could have done until I was introduced to Metal Effects. I used Metallic Plaster to give my bedroom a look I always wanted after seeing it in a bathroom on the Modern Masters website. I have introduced many of my friends to the products and now they are using them to enhance their businesses. I can’t wait to try out more!

Beautiful patinas by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab for a House Address Sign | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Modern Mastery Studio Feature

We hope you’ve enjoyed Dan’s incredible artistry with both metals and patinas! Thank you so much, Dan, for sharing your Modern Masters projects with us and showcasing your incredible finishes. Please head on over to the Black Lab Metal Fab website to see more of his company’s gallery of work and keep up with him on Facebook, too. Of course, catch all his project updates on his fantastic @blacklabmetalfab Instagram account as well. Stay inspired!








Valentine’s Day DIY: Lettered Canvas Art

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and one is to create a custom canvas art with a sweet sentiment that will be treasured forever. Snap up this DIY with heart from paintress extraordinaire, Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky.

Lettered Love Canvas DIY | Valentine's Day Project Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky

  • Modern Masters Pearl White Metallic Paint
  • Modern Masters Texture Effects
  • One Gallery-wrapped style canvas, any size, pre-primed
  • One Romantic Valentine’s Day phrase like ours, “If I had to live my life again, I’d find you sooner.” An online search reveals lots of options, or write your own.
  • Painter’s Tape, Paint Brush, Small Trowel or Palette Knife, Container, and Sandpaper

How to Create a Lettered Custom Canvas | Modern Masters DIY by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | Love Quote Canvas

I created my quote on a Cricut, using a heavy, sticky-backed material, then cut and pasted them to fit my canvas. You can also use a mylar or vinyl stencil. Arrange the wording on top of the canvas, then tape into place. Cut if necessary to get the look you look you like. Burnish the words so they fit tight to the canvas to prevent leakage underneath. An old credit card will work.

Creating a Raised and Embossed Lettered Canvas with Modern Masters Texture Effects and Metallic Paint | DIY How to Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Blog

Use a palette knife to gently smooth a thick, even coat of Texture Effects over the words. Make sure that all the words are covered evenly. While drying, gently remove the lettering and tape. You may need to use a toothpick or something sharp to remove the centers of letters like “o”.

How to Create a Lettered Quote Canvas | Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Blog

Once completely dry, lightly sand the letters evenly. Paint two coats of Pearl White Metallic Paint over the letters and the canvas as well. The Texture Effects is self-priming so this is easy to do over the raised lettering. Let dry completely. Display on a mantle, bookshelf, or anywhere where a bit of dramatic lighting shows off the sentiment to your loved one.

DIY Quote Canvas Art by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Holiday Tutorial

Lettered Love Quote Canvas Art | Valentine's Day DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Blog Tutorial

Lettered Love Canvas DIY | Valentine's Day Project Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky

The Lettered Love Canvas DIY is by Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.







Matte Metallics for All Surfaces

Ideas and Inspiration for Modern Masters Matte Metallics: Furniture, Walls, Decor Accents, Ceilings, and more!

Our Matte Metallics line showcases 15 gorgeous colors with a subtle glow – a perfect companion to our shimmery Metallic Paint Collection. Many of our creative customers have been using the Matte Metallics by painting them straight on, stenciling and creating decorative finishes with them, and also using them as highlights for furniture and decor accents. We’ve found a few recent projects for you that showcase the beautiful versatility of our Matte Metallics.

Gold Rush Matte Metallic enhances the trim details of a beautiful modern dresser | Painted Furniture Project by Centsational Girl | Modern Masters Blog

Matte Metallics can be used for an overall look on a piece of furniture or simply just to highlight beautiful details. Kate from Centsational Girl used Gold Rush Matte Metallic on a contemporary dresser to add a little oomph with a sedate shimmer. See her gold trim on furniture details project for more!

Coffered Ceiling painted in Modern Masters Matte Metallic complements a dining room wallpaper and design | Project by Elizabeth Home Decor

Love this space designed by Elizabeth Benedict of Elizabeth Home Decor! It’s beautiful to see our Matte Metallics on the coffered ceiling – what a perfect complement to the metallic wallpaper and the dining room space.

Mirror with an Aged Finish created with Modern Masters Matte Metallics | Shimmery Decor Accents | How to Paint with Metallics | Project by The Happy Housie

Krista from The Happy Housie recently used our Gold Rush and Platinum/Silver Matte Metallic Paints to help create an elegant mirror frame makeover – it’s a piece that is part of her gorgeous One Room Challenge master bedroom. If you peek in the mirror, you can see a stool that was also done with our Warm Silver Matte Metallic. So many possibilities for decor accents as well! Head to her Faux Aged Matte Metallic Paint Finish blog tutorial
for the how-to.

Boys Room Makeover Project by The Design Confidential incorporated Warm Silver Matte Metallic by Modern Masters | Modern and Contemporary Wall Finish Ideas

Fresh and modern wall treatments are also possible. Rayan Turner of The Design Confidential used the Warm Silver Matte Metallic to draw in a contemporary finish – see all the project details in her boys room makeover project post.

Aren’t these projects inspiring? All 15 Matte Metallic colors are available in 6 oz. sizes for small projects and quarts and gallons for larger ones. If you have any projects with our Matte Metallics, send them to as we’d love to see them, too! Have an inspired day!





Modern Mastery: Nichole Blackburn

Modern Mastery feature on artist Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studio and Big Sky Countries | Decorative Painting and Mural Projects | Modern Masters Blog

We’ve followed Nichole Blackburn’s artistry throughout the years. She’s a gifted artist who not only works on incredible commissions for her Celadon Studio but also donates her time and efforts to philanthropic efforts throughout the world via her non profit organization, Big Sky Countries. We’re honored to showcase her Modern Masters projects with you.

Artist Nichole Blackburn | Modern Masters Blog Feature on her Celadon Studio Projects

Born in Redondo Beach, California, Nichole Blackburn received her B.A. in Fine Art and Design from San Diego State University and after graduation, she went head first into her art career, and is currently the Owner and Creative Director of Celadon Studio and Fine Art, a Los Angeles-based business whose main focus is large-scale murals and decorative painting.

Always maintaining a creative edge, she continually trains all over the world with the top muralists and decorative painters in the industry. Most recently, Nichole moved abroad to Paris, France (2014-2015) to study with world-renowned decorative painter Jean Sable at his atelier in Versailles. Prior to that, Nichole spent a month on the East Coast studying under William Cochran, one of the country’s leading trompe l’oeil muralists. During this time she joined a select team of six artists who worked on a five-story public mural project called “The Dreaming”. Nichole has brought her unique style and artwork to numerous Los Angeles hot spots, celebrity homes and landmark hotels. Working with some of the best architects, interior designers and ateliers in the industry, Nichole has built a solid reputation and a name you can trust.

Custom Canvas Art with Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Metallic Plaster by artist Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studio | Modern Mastery Series

Custom Canvas created by Nichole for a gorgeous contemporary residence using the Metallic Paint Collection and Metallic Plaster.

What is the most inspiring space or place you have visited?

I absolutely love to travel. By the time I was in my 20s I had visited over 40 countries and was by no means slowing down. I would say the last country I visit is usually the most inspiring and influential in my art. I had the pleasure of spending the last year studying with Jean Sable at his decorative painting school in Versailles, France, which is located across the street from the Palace of Versailles. Jean Sable is a joy to study under, a true craftsman that honors the traditions and style of French decorative painting. Under Jean’s tutelage, I painted everything from classical marbles and wood grain techniques, to large-scale panoramic murals, as well as trompe l’oeil and chinoiserie. I was the only American in an all-French class, and with that came the challenge of all lessons taught in French, lectures about pigments and products only available in Europe, and executing painting techniques that relied on the skills and working knowledge applied from each demonstration. Studying with Jean Sable has been one of the most inspiring painting experiences I have had, and it continues to influence my painting in a big way.

Newport Clouds Sky Mural on Walls and Ceiling by Nichole Blackburn | Modern Masters Glazes | Modern Mastery Studio Feature

Sky Cloud Mural created with Tintable Glaze.

Crown Mural by California artist Nichole Blackburn using Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Glaze | Modern Mastery Blog Series Feature

A luxe shimmer was added to a princess crown mural with Metallic Paint.

What is your most memorable, challenging, or rewarding project?

My most rewarding work has been with my nonprofit, Big Sky Countries. Big Sky Countries is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 whose main focus is donating large-scale murals to children’s facilities around the world. Murals have been painted in Thailand, Ireland, the Philippines, Bolivia, New Orleans, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Atlanta, New Jersey, and all over the Los Angeles area. These children’s facilities include elementary schools, orphanages, children’s hospitals, teen shelters, libraries and youth centers. All children, faculty members, and well, everyone is encouraged to paint!

Large Underwater Mural with Whales and Ocean Life by Nichole Blackburn for Big Sky Countries Non-Profit Art Endeavors | Modern Masters Blog Feature

I started Big Sky Countries when I was in my 20s, after realizing that making loads of money was surprisingly not the key to happiness. For me, creative freedom paired with traveling, as well as painting with children was far more satisfying. I grew up an art brat in high school, always ditching my other classes to go to the art studio, and I would stay up all night drawing in my sketchbooks. I wasn’t always the best student, but when it came to art I was totally confident and free. In schools where art programs have been taken away, especially for kids that are not academically inclined, I want to show that art can be a huge success, both mentally and as a career choice. Some of the most brilliant children I have painted with were also the most withdrawn, anti-social and considered misfits. Funny enough, I relate and paint the best with these kids.

Philanthropic Under the Blue Sea Large Exterior Wall Mural by Big Sky Countries | Modern Mastery Art Feature on Nichole Blackburn

Under the Sea Mural for Big Sky Countries created with the help of various Modern Masters products.

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

I love the Modern Masters products. Modern Masters have a great reputation and it’s not hard to see why. I have used Modern Masters paints for years, particularly the Metallic Paints, as well as the Glazing Cream Colorants in the earth tones/browns. The consistency and quality of the products is wonderful. I love the Modern Masters Metallic Plasters, as well. By layering them in different consistencies I am able to achieve a wide range of effects, giving me the chance to really push my finishes and samples. The Metallic Paints are a go-to for me, especially the gold’s, which come in a variety of colors that fit perfectly with my Clients’ discerning needs.

Gold Rush Penny Mural commemorating California's Diamond Jubilee | Modern Masters Metallic Paints, Glazing Cremes and Colorants | Project by Artist Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studios | Blog Feature

California Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar created with Glazing Cream and Glazing Cream Colorants in dark brown hues.

Children's Tree Mural in Reading Corner of the Trenton, NJ Library | Artistry by Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studio | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Children’s Enchanted Forest and Tree Mural in a reading corner nook at the Trenton, NJ Library. Nichole used Glazing Cream and Glazing Cream Colorants to help paint the inspired 200 foot wall painting. Nichole donated the mural, valued at about $25,000, through her Big Sky Countries non-profit.

Four Panel Coffered Ceiling that was painted and woodgrained with Modern Masters Metallic Paints by California artist Nichole Blackburn | Scrollwork Pattern Design: Modello Stencils | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

Four panel coffered dining room ceiling reflects a soft metallic glow. Nichole used our Metallic Paints for both the scrollwork and the faux woodgrain.

We hope you’ve  enjoyed Nichole’s extraordinary artistry – and her big sky country heart! To learn more about her private commissions, please visit her Celadon Studio site. Head to Big Sky Countries to see more of the donated murals she’s painted, learn more about her mission, and to help support giving the gift of art. Thank you, Nichole, for sharing your time and incredible projects with us!