Do It Yourself with Metallic Paint!

Modern Masters Metallic Paint featured in Spring 2017 issue of Do It Yourself Magazine | Glam up Curtain Panels with Chalk Paint®, Stencils, and Metallics

We enjoy Do It Yourself magazine here at Modern Masters and we were so pleased to see the Metallic Paint Collection showcased in the Spring 2017 issue! The Welcome Changes feature article showed how to give a “bold, new attitude to old favorites”. One of their projects, plain curtain panels, received a glam upgrade with geometric stencils, Chalk Paint®, and our Metallic Paints. Pick up the issue to see this great tutorial and others. Thank you, Do It Yourself magazine!




Easter DIY: Patina and Gold Speckled Eggs

We love sharing unique Easter egg projects and this one is no different! The beautiful verdigris patinas and shimmery gold are sure to charm your guests and enhance your holiday decor year after year. The stunning project is by Mary Childs of Focal Points.

Patina and Gold Speckled Easter Eggs | Modern Masters Holiday DIY Tutorial by Focal Points, Inc. | Metallic Paint and Metal Effects


Easter Egg How-to: Oxidized and Gold Speckled Eggs | Project by Focal Points, Inc. for the Modern Masters Blog

Modern Masters Metal Effects Kits help create a gorgeous patina and gold-speckled Easter Egg | Project by Mary Childs of Focal Points, Inc.

Prep your working area with newspaper or a dropcloth to ensure the products are contained to your work area. Open the Metal Effects Kits and lay out the supplies as everything needed to patinate the eggs is included. Apply two coats of Metal Effects Primer to your eggs with the 1″ brush. Let the Primer dry 30 minutes between coats and allow the second coat to dry overnight.

TIP: Use an old egg container to lay eggs on while they dry and then flip. If you don’t have an egg container, use an appropriately sized box, cut an X shape with the scissors and push down on the X to make a hole your eggs can sit in.

Using Metal Effects and Metallic Paint by Modern Masters to create super pretty patinated Easter eggs | DIY Tutorial by Focal Points, Inc.

Prepping foam eggs for an amazing patina and gold speckled Easter DIY Project | How-to by Focal Points, Inc. for the Modern Masters blog

Using a 1″ brush, apply the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint onto all the eggs and let dry for 30 minutes. Once dry, we’re ready to continue to paint and patinate!

Using two Metal Effects Reactive Metallic Paints to create a gorgeous patina Easter egg | Holiday DIY by Focal Points, Inc. for the Modern Masters blog

Working one egg at a time, cover the entire painted egg with a 50/50 combination of the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint and Copper Reactive Metallic Paint, giving each color their own unique areas. While WET, immediately spray the entire egg with equal amounts of Green Patina Aging Solution and Blue Patina Aging Solution.

Rotate the eggs several times during the drying process to create interesting oxidation effects. Repeat with each egg and let dry overnight. It will take several hours before the patina colors start to reveal themselves so be patient!

How to Create a Patina and Gold Speckled Easter Egg | DIY Tutorial by Mary Childs for the Modern Masters blog

Modern Masters Metal Effects and Gold Rush Metallic Paint create SUPER gorgeous patina and gold speckled eggs for Easter | DIY How-to by Mary Childs of Focal Points, Inc.

Place the fully dry patinated egg on a holder. Dip a 1″ brush into the Gold Rush Metallic Paint and dab the excess on a paper towel. Create the splatter pattern by gently tapping the 1″ brush against the handle of the 2″ brush until your desired pattern is achieved. I recommend testing the splatter patern on a piece of paper first. Rotate the egg for complete coverage. Once completely dry, you can arrange the eggs in a beautiful bowl or style them on faux moss or grass as well as using your existing Easter decor.

Stunning Gold Speckled Patina Eggs | How-to DIY by Focal Points, Inc. for the Modern Masters blog

Oxidized Patina and Gold Speckled Easter Eggs with Metal Effects and Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Step by Step How to by Mary Childs of Focal Points, Inc. for the Modern Masters blog

DIY Easter Eggs with Green and Blue Patinas Speckled with Gold | Modern Masters Blog How-to Tutorial | Metal Effects and the Metallic Paint Collection

The Patina and Gold Speckled Easter Egg DIY is by Orlando, FL-based decorative painter Mary Childs. Her Focal Points, Inc. studio creates professional decorative finishes and antique mirrors for clients throughout the US.




Holiday DIY: A Scandinavian Easter

My hubby is from rural South Carolina where by family tradition, he and his siblings created an outdoor Easter “nest” the night before the Easter bunny would arrive, leaving delicious treats. The area he grew up in is very like the beach, with sand, soaring pine trees, pine cones, and many types of moss. All great for making a nest. This project can be made inside or outside – on a sideboard, coffee table or out on the patio. Scour your yard for twigs, stones, ferns, or anything earthy, similar to Scandinavian style. Natural and simple. ~ Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky

A Scandinavian Easter | How to DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky with Modern Masters Metallic Paints

  • Black Pearl Metallic Paint
  • Pewter Matte Metallic
  • Oyster Matte Metallic
  • Zinsser® Bulls Eye 1-2-3® Water-Base Primer, or like
  • Large and Small plastic or wood Easter eggs
  • Paint brushes
  • Container to hold large eggs upright
  • Paper towels
  • String or jut
  • Small feathers
  • Moss or found objects from your yard
  • Glass cloche (optional)
  • Container (like the hand-carved wooden bowl used) to feature the large egg

Prime the eggs using two coats of Zinsser® Bulls Eye 1-2-3® Water-Base Primer, or a like primer. You can use a large-mouth container to prop large eggs on while working. Let dry. Paint two coats of metallic colors on each egg, letting dry completely after each coat. I used both the Modern Masters Matte Metallics and Metallic Paint Collection to have both a natural satin and matte sheen. If the eggs are made of wood, you can choose to leave some unpainted as well.

Scandinavian Style Outdoor Easter Nest DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky | Matte Metallics and Metallic Paints by Modern Masters

How to Create a Scandinavian theme Easter | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | DIY Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky

Add feathers tied on with jute. Arrange a natural-looking outdoor scene that everyone, including the Easter bunny, will love.

Easter Eggs and Decor Accents with Scandinavian Style | How to DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Blog

Create your own tradition. This is a perfect project for you and little ones to work on together each year.

Scandinavian Style Easter with Organic and Natural Materials as well as Matte and Satin Metallic Paints | Modern Masters Blog | How to DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky

Using Metallics and Natural Materials to create a Scandinavian-themed Easter Design and Decor | Modern Masters Blog Tutorial by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky

Outdoor Easter Nest DIY Tutorial | Scandinavian Style | Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky on the Modern Masters Blog






DIY How-to: Fabric Lampshade Makeover

Take an ordinary lamp shade and make it extraordinary with stencils, tape and Metallic Paint! Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky shares her ‘bright’ idea on how-to dress up any plain-jane lamp with her DIY Fabric Lampshade Makeover.

DIY Embellished Fabric Lampashade | Paint and Pattern a Lampshade with Metallic Paint and Stencils | DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky on the Modern Masters Blog

  • One new or gently-used lamp base and clean shade, plus an inspiration photo.
  • Satin Metallic Paint in Oyster, Smoke, Teal, and Rich Gold
  • Matte Metallic Paint in Champagne
  • Margarita Lace Furniture Stencil by Royal Design Studio
  • Primer, 2 widths of narrow painter’s tape (about 1/2″ and 1/8″), paint brushes, stencil brushes, pencil, ruler, and paper towels. We used the cardboard insert that came with the lamp and shade to prop the shade on while painting.

STEP 1 | Basecoat the Lampshade

Give a plain lampshade new life with Modern Masters Metallic Paints! DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky

Paint two coats of Oyster Metallic Paint. Let dry overnight.

STEP 2 | Measure and Apply the Taped Random Stripe Pattern (Lampshade Top)

Embellish a plain lampshade with paint and pattern | Modern Masters DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky

Dress up a plain white lampshade with a little tape, stencils and shimmer! Modern Masters DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky with Metallic Paints

Before you begin, hold the pattern of your chosen stencil over the depth of the shade to design the look you are going for. We decided to use two repeats of the floral design and added the center stripe below it. Put the stencil aside, then measure around the shade to mark the area for the 1/2″ tape and apply it. Then, add random stripes with the 1/8″ tape and burnish well.

STEP 3 | Paint the Random Stripe Pattern (Lampshade Top)

Modern Masters Metallic Paint helps enhance and embelish a fabric lampshade | DIY How-to by My Patch of Blue Sky

Update a plain lampshade for a pretty and custom decor accent | Modern Masters Metallic Paint | How-to by My Patch of Blue Sky

Use a stencil brush to paint in 1-2 coats of Champagne Matte Metallic. This will give a nice contrast between the other Metallic Paints, which have a satin sheen. Let dry for several hours or overnight. Remove the 1/8″ tape areas. Our lampshade had a slight texture, which created a soft, watercolor-looking effect that we love.

STEP 4 | Stencil the Floral Pattern (Lampshade Bottom)

Paint it Pretty! DIY Fabric Lampshade Makeover with Metallic Paints by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | Royal Design Studio Stencil | Modern Masters Blog

Add a punch of metallic to any lampshade with Modern Masters Metallic Paints! | DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky

Tape the stencil in place, taking into account the seam on the shade. Use a stencil brush to paint in areas of Teal Metallic Paint. Let dry. Use a clean stencil brush to paint in areas of Rich Gold Metallic Paint. Remove the stencil. Let dry.

STEP 5 | Paint the Center Stripe

Creative DIY for Updating a Plain Fabric Lampshade | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Contemporary and Modern How-to Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky

On either side of the center stripe, which is still in place, add another row of ½” tape at the top and bottom. Burnish well, then remove the center tape. Use a small brush or stencil brush to add 1 or 2 coats of Smoke Metallic Paint. Let dry several hours. Remove the tape.

Add a bulb, assemble your lamp and enjoy your new creation. When you turn it on for the first time, you will be amazed at the different glow it will exude versus the look you get unlighted! You can customize this DIY to create a style that’s right for you, whether it be vintage, traditional, bohemian, or more modern and contemporary. Enjoy!

How to Makeover a Plain Lampshade with Metallic Paints | Modern Masters DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky

DIY Fabric Lampshade Transformation with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Lampshade Makeover Ideas | How to Paint a Plain Lampshade Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky

The DIY Metallic Fabric Lampshade How-to is by Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.










Valentine’s Day DIY: Lettered Canvas Art

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and one is to create a custom canvas art with a sweet sentiment that will be treasured forever. Snap up this DIY with heart from paintress extraordinaire, Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky.

Lettered Love Canvas DIY | Valentine's Day Project Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky

  • Modern Masters Pearl White Metallic Paint
  • Modern Masters Texture Effects
  • One Gallery-wrapped style canvas, any size, pre-primed
  • One Romantic Valentine’s Day phrase like ours, “If I had to live my life again, I’d find you sooner.” An online search reveals lots of options, or write your own.
  • Painter’s Tape, Paint Brush, Small Trowel or Palette Knife, Container, and Sandpaper

How to Create a Lettered Custom Canvas | Modern Masters DIY by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | Love Quote Canvas

I created my quote on a Cricut, using a heavy, sticky-backed material, then cut and pasted them to fit my canvas. You can also use a mylar or vinyl stencil. Arrange the wording on top of the canvas, then tape into place. Cut if necessary to get the look you look you like. Burnish the words so they fit tight to the canvas to prevent leakage underneath. An old credit card will work.

Creating a Raised and Embossed Lettered Canvas with Modern Masters Texture Effects and Metallic Paint | DIY How to Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Blog

Use a palette knife to gently smooth a thick, even coat of Texture Effects over the words. Make sure that all the words are covered evenly. While drying, gently remove the lettering and tape. You may need to use a toothpick or something sharp to remove the centers of letters like “o”.

How to Create a Lettered Quote Canvas | Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Blog

Once completely dry, lightly sand the letters evenly. Paint two coats of Pearl White Metallic Paint over the letters and the canvas as well. The Texture Effects is self-priming so this is easy to do over the raised lettering. Let dry completely. Display on a mantle, bookshelf, or anywhere where a bit of dramatic lighting shows off the sentiment to your loved one.

DIY Quote Canvas Art by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Holiday Tutorial

Lettered Love Quote Canvas Art | Valentine's Day DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Blog Tutorial

Lettered Love Canvas DIY | Valentine's Day Project Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky

The Lettered Love Canvas DIY is by Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.







Modern Mastery: Nichole Blackburn

Modern Mastery feature on artist Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studio and Big Sky Countries | Decorative Painting and Mural Projects | Modern Masters Blog

We’ve followed Nichole Blackburn’s artistry throughout the years. She’s a gifted artist who not only works on incredible commissions for her Celadon Studio but also donates her time and efforts to philanthropic efforts throughout the world via her non profit organization, Big Sky Countries. We’re honored to showcase her Modern Masters projects with you.

Artist Nichole Blackburn | Modern Masters Blog Feature on her Celadon Studio Projects

Born in Redondo Beach, California, Nichole Blackburn received her B.A. in Fine Art and Design from San Diego State University and after graduation, she went head first into her art career, and is currently the Owner and Creative Director of Celadon Studio and Fine Art, a Los Angeles-based business whose main focus is large-scale murals and decorative painting.

Always maintaining a creative edge, she continually trains all over the world with the top muralists and decorative painters in the industry. Most recently, Nichole moved abroad to Paris, France (2014-2015) to study with world-renowned decorative painter Jean Sable at his atelier in Versailles. Prior to that, Nichole spent a month on the East Coast studying under William Cochran, one of the country’s leading trompe l’oeil muralists. During this time she joined a select team of six artists who worked on a five-story public mural project called “The Dreaming”. Nichole has brought her unique style and artwork to numerous Los Angeles hot spots, celebrity homes and landmark hotels. Working with some of the best architects, interior designers and ateliers in the industry, Nichole has built a solid reputation and a name you can trust.

Custom Canvas Art with Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Metallic Plaster by artist Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studio | Modern Mastery Series

Custom Canvas created by Nichole for a gorgeous contemporary residence using the Metallic Paint Collection and Metallic Plaster.

What is the most inspiring space or place you have visited?

I absolutely love to travel. By the time I was in my 20s I had visited over 40 countries and was by no means slowing down. I would say the last country I visit is usually the most inspiring and influential in my art. I had the pleasure of spending the last year studying with Jean Sable at his decorative painting school in Versailles, France, which is located across the street from the Palace of Versailles. Jean Sable is a joy to study under, a true craftsman that honors the traditions and style of French decorative painting. Under Jean’s tutelage, I painted everything from classical marbles and wood grain techniques, to large-scale panoramic murals, as well as trompe l’oeil and chinoiserie. I was the only American in an all-French class, and with that came the challenge of all lessons taught in French, lectures about pigments and products only available in Europe, and executing painting techniques that relied on the skills and working knowledge applied from each demonstration. Studying with Jean Sable has been one of the most inspiring painting experiences I have had, and it continues to influence my painting in a big way.

Newport Clouds Sky Mural on Walls and Ceiling by Nichole Blackburn | Modern Masters Glazes | Modern Mastery Studio Feature

Sky Cloud Mural created with Tintable Glaze.

Crown Mural by California artist Nichole Blackburn using Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Glaze | Modern Mastery Blog Series Feature

A luxe shimmer was added to a princess crown mural with Metallic Paint.

What is your most memorable, challenging, or rewarding project?

My most rewarding work has been with my nonprofit, Big Sky Countries. Big Sky Countries is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 whose main focus is donating large-scale murals to children’s facilities around the world. Murals have been painted in Thailand, Ireland, the Philippines, Bolivia, New Orleans, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Atlanta, New Jersey, and all over the Los Angeles area. These children’s facilities include elementary schools, orphanages, children’s hospitals, teen shelters, libraries and youth centers. All children, faculty members, and well, everyone is encouraged to paint!

Large Underwater Mural with Whales and Ocean Life by Nichole Blackburn for Big Sky Countries Non-Profit Art Endeavors | Modern Masters Blog Feature

I started Big Sky Countries when I was in my 20s, after realizing that making loads of money was surprisingly not the key to happiness. For me, creative freedom paired with traveling, as well as painting with children was far more satisfying. I grew up an art brat in high school, always ditching my other classes to go to the art studio, and I would stay up all night drawing in my sketchbooks. I wasn’t always the best student, but when it came to art I was totally confident and free. In schools where art programs have been taken away, especially for kids that are not academically inclined, I want to show that art can be a huge success, both mentally and as a career choice. Some of the most brilliant children I have painted with were also the most withdrawn, anti-social and considered misfits. Funny enough, I relate and paint the best with these kids.

Philanthropic Under the Blue Sea Large Exterior Wall Mural by Big Sky Countries | Modern Mastery Art Feature on Nichole Blackburn

Under the Sea Mural for Big Sky Countries created with the help of various Modern Masters products.

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

I love the Modern Masters products. Modern Masters have a great reputation and it’s not hard to see why. I have used Modern Masters paints for years, particularly the Metallic Paints, as well as the Glazing Cream Colorants in the earth tones/browns. The consistency and quality of the products is wonderful. I love the Modern Masters Metallic Plasters, as well. By layering them in different consistencies I am able to achieve a wide range of effects, giving me the chance to really push my finishes and samples. The Metallic Paints are a go-to for me, especially the gold’s, which come in a variety of colors that fit perfectly with my Clients’ discerning needs.

Gold Rush Penny Mural commemorating California's Diamond Jubilee | Modern Masters Metallic Paints, Glazing Cremes and Colorants | Project by Artist Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studios | Blog Feature

California Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar created with Glazing Cream and Glazing Cream Colorants in dark brown hues.

Children's Tree Mural in Reading Corner of the Trenton, NJ Library | Artistry by Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studio | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Children’s Enchanted Forest and Tree Mural in a reading corner nook at the Trenton, NJ Library. Nichole used Glazing Cream and Glazing Cream Colorants to help paint the inspired 200 foot wall painting. Nichole donated the mural, valued at about $25,000, through her Big Sky Countries non-profit.

Four Panel Coffered Ceiling that was painted and woodgrained with Modern Masters Metallic Paints by California artist Nichole Blackburn | Scrollwork Pattern Design: Modello Stencils | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

Four panel coffered dining room ceiling reflects a soft metallic glow. Nichole used our Metallic Paints for both the scrollwork and the faux woodgrain.

We hope you’ve  enjoyed Nichole’s extraordinary artistry – and her big sky country heart! To learn more about her private commissions, please visit her Celadon Studio site. Head to Big Sky Countries to see more of the donated murals she’s painted, learn more about her mission, and to help support giving the gift of art. Thank you, Nichole, for sharing your time and incredible projects with us!