How To Create Aged Copper Patina On Wood & Metal

I want to thank Modern Masters for partnering with me on this copper patina post. All opinions of this amazing project are my own.

I have been DIYing, crafting and creating things since I can remember. When I was younger, you would catch me out in the back yard drawing in my sketch pad and writing notes about animals from my encyclopedias. (I think it is so crazy that kids today don’t even know that an encyclopedia is. Times have changed so much!). I truly enjoy all kinds of projects, but easy projects are my jam. Projects that let me get the look I want without a ton of time or work are making me so happy right now. Does that make me a lazy creator? I don’t think so. I love all projects and there is a time for projects that take a lot of energy, time and money and there are times when I just want to get a creative fix without having to spend a lot of time to do it.



The project I am sharing with you today, blew me away. I hope it blows you away as much as it did me. I could not believe how easy the process was and how beautiful the outcome was. The best part…. it worked the first time I did it! There was no guesswork, no “do-overs”, no back-up plan. NOPE! None. Zilch. Nada.

There is nothing more satisfying than having a project come out better than you imagined without any blood, sweat or tears to get it. and believe me, we have had our share of those kinds of projects. I am telling you – this project was so easy and I loved the finished product so much that I will be doing this over and over again. I am obsessed.



I was able to create an authentic, aged, green copper patina in only a few steps. And (drum roll please), it works on metal AND wood! Can you even imagine how many projects I can use this on? As soon as I saw how well it worked, my mind started racing with possibilities. The aged copper patina game is strong over here and I nothing is safe from it. Once the weather warms up, I will be searching our garage for different pieces I can put this patina on and turn into beautiful home decor.



Until then, let’s get to the project that started my love and obsession with the copper patina technique.

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Supplies Used To Achieve The Green Copper Patina Look:

Modern Masters Aging Solutions Green Patina

Modern Masters Metal Effects Primer

Modern Masters Reactive Metallic Copper

Paint Brushes

Spray Bottle

Paper Towels



I am always picking up old wood boxes and galvanized buckets when I find them at yard sales and thrift stores. Not only are they are great for storing things, but the galvanized buckets make great planters on our front porch in the spring, summer and fall. When I received the shipment from Modern Masters, I knew right away that I was going to make over a couple of my galvanized buckets and one of my favorite wood boxes. I wanted them to look like they were made of copper and have been around for a long them. The green color that comes from aged copper is so pretty and I was able to recreate that look on these pieces.



Below is a step-by-step video of how I created the green copper patina on the wood box and the galvanized buckets:


How To Create An Aged Copper Patina on Wood and Metal:

The first thing I did was pour the Modern Masters Aging Solutions Green Patina into a spray bottle. I found that it was easier to apply this way. Next, I applied two coats of the Modern Masters Metal Effects Primer on the buckets and the box. I made sure the first coat was dry before I added the second coat. Once the second coat of primer was dry, I painted the buckets and the box with Modern Masters Reactive Metallic Copper paint. Again, I made sure the first coat was dry before I applied the second coat. For the second coat, I worked in smaller sections because I needed to spray the Modern Masters Aging Solutions Green Patina over the copper paint while it was still wet.

Once I had the wood box and the buckets sprayed, I let them sit for a couple of hours and came back to find them looking like old, aged copper pieces that were absolutely beautiful!


I was blown away when I saw the outcome of this project! It looks like the real thing and it didn’t take days to do it. I am already thinking of all the ways I can add this patina to different projects. Since I finished this project, I haven’t stopped talking about how amazing and easy it was. I have to say it again – I WAS BLOWN AWAY WITH THIS PROJECT!

After doing a million projects over the years, I really can appreciate products that work well and that make my job easier. When I find a product that I love this much, I tell everyone I know about it and I will be sharing more ideas with it here. If you are looking for an easy project that makes a BIG impact, this is the one. You can turn any old metal or wood piece you have in the garage or attic into a stunning piece you would actually use in your decor. That is a win-win project in my eyes.

I filled the copper patina pieces with faux stems I had in the house, but this spring and summer, the bucket will be even more pretty with live plants in them. The wood box will find a permanent home in the antique hutch we have in our living room.

What would you make over with this copper patina?

Beautiful Cabinetry and Woodwork Projects with Modern Masters

Paint can instantly enhance and refresh kitchen and bath cabinetry! Many pros and DIYers alike use our Modern Masters products to create unique, beautiful finishes. Take a look at some of our faves…

Kitchen Cabinetry project by decorative artist Shauna Gallagher with Modern Masters products | Beautiful Cabinet Projects to Inspire

Kitchen Cabinetry Aged Glaze Details | Project: Shauna Gallagher | Products: Modern Masters | Cabinet Projects to Inspire

This beautiful refinished cabinetry project is by decorative painter Shauna Gallagher. The wood carving by the range hood is stained using Glazing Cream Colors and Furniture Glazing Cream, and the island is glazed with the same products.

Buffet turned bath vanity is protected with the matte sheen finish of Modern Masters Dead Flat Glaze | Project by Postcards from the Ridge | Cabinetry Projects to Inspire

A few years ago, Postcards from the Ridge transformed her dining room buffet into a bath vanity cabinet. Doesn’t it look wonderful? After painting, she sealed the entire piece with Dead Flat Varnish and years later, one of her favorite cabinetry projects still looks amazing.

Light and Bright Painted Kitchen Island by Bella House Faux | Cabinet Refinishing topcoated with Modern Masters MasterClear® Supreme | Cabinet Projects to Inspire

We recently featured decorative studio Bella House Faux and their incredible Modern Masters projects. They also shared a kitchen cabinet redo that was protected with our durable MasterClear® Supreme.

Modern Masters Metallic Paints highlight the gorgeous wood of a bath vanity | Project by Creative Finishes Studio | Cabinetry projects to inspire

A touch of gold looks amazing on this wood bath vanity! Creative Finishes Studio used our Metallic Paint for the stunning finish.

Glazed Ballroom Woodwork and Cabinetry by Artisan Factor | Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Gorgeous Cabinetry Projects

Modern Masters Metallic Paint highlights the woodwork in a hotel ballroom | Project by Artisan Factor | Gorgeous Cabinetry Projects

Our products are also durable enough for commercial and hospitality projects! Decorative paint and cabinetry refinishing studio Artisan Factor used our Metallic Paints to highlight the woodwork in a grand hotel ballroom.

Metal Effects Cabinet Door Insets with Stenciled Design | Project by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | Wow Cabinetry Projects

DIY and decorative finish pro Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky updated the cabinet door insets of her guest bath and the rustic stenciled patina made all the difference! The patina is from our Metal Effects.

Painted Metallic Bath Cabinets | Modern Masters Metallic Paint and MasterClear® Topcoat | Project by Decorative & Faux Finishes | Gorgeous Refinished Cabinetry Projects

A mix of Champagne and Warm Silver Metallic Paint graces the crown molding, trim, and all the cabinets painted by Decorative & Faux Finishes. The cabinets were protected with MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat, made specifically to durably project our Metallic Paints while maintaining the lustrous shimmer.

The key to successful cabinet refinishing is to prep well by cleaning thoroughly and adding a primer, if the product requires it. After creating your desired effect, the right topcoat can keep your finish durable and fresh for years. We hope you have been inspired by these Modern Masters projects! To find your nearest retailer, hop on over to the Retailer Locator on our website and get ready for a new look!

Stencil Style with Modern Masters

Stenciling is an incredibly easy way to add paint, pattern, and panache to any surface! Many of our Modern Masters products work perfectly with stencils and we enjoy seeing the many projects you share with us. Here’s some of our recent favorites…

Stenciled Bath with Modern Maters Metallic Paint | Beautiful project by Arlene McLounglin of Arlene Murals | Stencil Style with Modern Masters

A stenciled accent wall makes a beautiful backdrop in a refined bath. Decorative artst and muralist Arlene McLoughlin used our Silver Metallic Paint to add shimmer and enhance the look.

Elegant and Chic Stenciled Bedroom Wall with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Project by Perfectly Painted Designs | Stenciling with Modern Masters

Lovely to see the shimmer of our Champagne Metallic Paint in a soft and etheral stenciled wall finish for a bedroom by Jessica of Perfectly Painted Designs.

Stenciled Arch with Complementary Metallic Wall Finish by Love Paper Paint | Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Stencil Style with Modern Masters

A stenciled archway niche with a metallic edge looks stunning against a brushstroke finish, both featuring our Metallic Paints. The work is by artist Katie Gaines of Love Paper Paint.

Blackened Bronze Metallic Paint enhances a bedroom with pattern | Stencil Style with Modern Masters | Project by Janell's Designs

Blackened Bronze Metallic Paint was used for the wall stenciling by Janell’s Designs to bring a rich lustre to the overall bedroom design. The withe and the bronze play off each other so well!

Cynthia Davis pairs a gorgeous Wallovers Stencil with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Cynthia Davis Designs | Stencil Style with Modern Masters

The Africa Stencil from Wallovers and our Metallic Paint Collection pair up to create an eye-catching wall treatment. So very cool! The project is by Cynthia Designs.

Stenciled Ceiling Inset and Border Surround with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Project by Decorative & Faux Finishes | Stenciling with Metallics

Raised Stencil Design with Metallic Plaster by Decorative & Faux Finishes | Modern Masters Metallic Plaster | Stenciled Wall Ideas

Decorative & Faux Finishes frequently uses stencils and various of our products to create extraordinary spaces! The top image is a custom vinyl stencil on a ceiling inset and border surround that is enhanced by our Metallic Paints. The lower image features a raised stencil design in a powder bath with our Metallic Plaster. Gorgeous work!

Crocodile Design on Drawers with Modern Masters Metal Effects | Project by 3 Oaks Design | Stencil Style with Modern Masters

3 Oaks Studio had fun with the Metal Effects Rust Patina and a beautiful crocodile texture together on a four-drawer dresser.

Stenciled Piano and Wall by Revintaged by Jo using Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Stenciled Furniture and Wall Projects

Both the wall and piano feature stenciling with our Pharaoh’s Gold Metallic Paint. More is always more and we love the mint and gold combo! Artistry by Revintaged by Jo.

Stencil patterns range from modern to traditional to eclectic and bohemian, so there’s a perfect design at any time to pair with your favorite Modern Masters products. We can’t wait to see what you stencil up!


Powder Bath Ideas That Wow!

Guest baths and powder rooms set the stage for gorgeous design and DIY ideas! We’ve gathered a few of our favorite powder bath projects with Modern Masters products that can help you pull your designs ideas together. Ready to be inspired?

Cable Knit Stenciled Bath Wall with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Ariana Hoffman Artisans | Neutral Powder Bath Ideas

A cable knit stencil pattern adds a dose of warmth to a pale pink powder bath stenciled with Oyster Metallic Paint. Ariana Hoffman & Co. Decorative Artisans collaborated with Tena Mancini of Artist Frame Gallery for this lovely project.

Modern Masters Brass Matte Metallic transforms a plain white bath mirror into a beautiful focal decor point in a bath | Gold Mirror | Powder Bath Ideas | Project by May Richer Fuller Be

A mirror updated with Brass Matte Metallic perfectly complements the navy and white handpainted wall pattern and design accents. Don’t miss the step by step how-to by blogger May Richer Fuller Be.

Tracy Ferguson Kimball of Patina Belle used Modern Masters Metallic Paint to add a splash of shimmer with chunky modern horizontal stripes | Powder Bath Ideas

Chunky horizontal stripes in metallic gold and off-white make for a striking combination in this powder room by Tracey Ferguson Kimball of Patina Belle.

Metallic Plaster and Glazes update a bath cabinet beautifully | Modern Masters | Project by Lance Dean | Neutral Powder and Guest Bath Ideas that Wow

Glazed Cabinets with Modern Masters Metallic Paint Accents | Project by Decorative & Faux Finishes in Houston, TX | Powder Bath Ideas that Wow

Updating bath cabinets is a great way to refresh a guest bath! Lance Dean used gray-toned Metallic Plaster and an aging overglaze to add gravitas and style to his client’s handsome cabinetry (top) and Decorative & Faux Finishes glazed the cabinets and added highlights and accents to the drawers and doors with our Metallic Paint Collection for a rustic elegant look (bottom).

Powder Bath Mural with Champagne Metallic Paint | Modern Masters | Project by Lari A. Jacobson of Lari Art | Powder Bath Ideas that Wow

A lovely floral mural was given a shimmery faux slubbed fabric base with Champagne Metallic Paint. The flower and sweet bird motifs were handpainted around the room by Lari A. Jacobson.

A faux grassloth finish with black Venetian Plaster and Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Beautiful project by Janells Designs

A beautiful faux grasscloth finish was created with black tinted Venetian Plaster and Antique Bronze Metallic Paint. The refined modern treatment is by Janells Designs.

Scalloped Venetian Plaster finish by artist Caroline Lizarraga | Powder Bath Ideas that Wow

A scalloped pattern with Venetian Plaster makes waves! The chic contemporary finish is by Caroline Lizarraga and team.

Glass Bead Gel finish on Powder Bath Walls by artist Chris Vaught Studios | Modern Masters | Powder Baths that Wow

Glass Bead Gel adds an incredible look and texture to these powder bath walls in the talented hands of Chris Vaught Studios. Lovely!

Black and Gold make for a gorgeous powder bath design! Decorative & Faux Finishes creates a dark metallic glaze base finish with gold stenciled fans. | Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Powder Baths that Wow

Black and gold make for an incredible combination! Decorative & Faux Finishes created a smooth mottled black metallic base for the stenciled fan flowers. It’s a rich, luxe look.

We hope you’ve discovered a few clever and inspiring ideas to spruce up your bath! If you have a Modern Masters project you’d love to share with us, tag us on social media or use the hashtag #ModernMasters – we’d love to see them!

4 Inspiring Summer DIY Projects

Running out of summer project ideas? Make the most of your home decor with these beautiful Modern Masters DIY updates that are sure to charm.

Update a light fixture with Modern Masters Metallic Paints! 1500 Square Feet of Whimsy did just that with a few beads and the color Warm Silver. Genius!

Take one light fixture and add beadwork and Warm Silver Metallic Paint. Now you have a stunning focal point for any space in your home! This beautiful project is by Anitza of  1500 Square Feet of Whimsy.

Metallic Stenciled Walls by Reinvintaged by Jo | Summer Home Decor Project Ideas

Reinvintaged by Jo decided to update her entry and hallway walls, which were a bit plain for her. She used the Duchess Damask Stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils and our ‘yummy’ Silver Metallic Paint to add shimmer, pattern and interest. She says, ‘It’s incredible what…stencils…metallic paint, and a change of lighting can do for an area!”.

Garden Bust Planter Patina with Modern Masters Metal Effects | Project by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | Easy Summer Projects to Inspire

Metal Effects patinas add rustic elegance to any project! Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky decided to oxidate a concrete garden planter – doesn’t it look amazing? It sits by another one of Debbie’s warm weather projects, her front door update with our Front Door Paint in the color Fortunate, a stunning lime green. Two inspirations are better than one! Tap the links above for the step-by-step how-to tutorials on both.

Mix Metallic Paints for a gorgeous, layered look on a mirror frame! She's a Hot Mess used Modern Masters for her quick DIY update!

Mirror frames are one of the easies (and fastest!) updates you can do with our Metallic Paints. She’s a Hot Mess mixed Copper Penny, Teal, and Black Pearl Metallic Paint to create a lovely layered look for her old mirror redo. So pretty!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these four creative ideas for DIY projects you can try at home. Keep us posted on your projects by tagging us on social media or sending them in to Stay inspired!

Metallic Statement Ceilings

According to the Pinterest 100, addressing the fifth wall in your home – meaning, creating a statement ceiling – has seen a 310% increase in searches and saved pins. They say, “A statement ceiling can transform a room from the top down with bold paint, striking wallpaper or intricate texture.” For inspiration, we’ve compiled gorgeous Modern Masters projects where our Metallic Paint Collection, along with Metal Effects, Venetian Plaster, and more, have helped create the wow! factor.

Stenciled Metallic Ceiling by artist Arlene McLouglin | Platinum Metallic Paint by Modern Masters

Talented decorative artist Arlene McLoughlin used a custom stenciled pattern finish to mimic allover wallpaper with our Platinum Metallic Paint. Such a modern, chic look!

Connie from Beautifaux layered Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection and Venetian Plaster to add interest and depth to a beautiful coffered ceiling. | Statement Ceiling Ideas

Connie from Beautifaux layered our Metallic Paint Collection and Venetian Plaster to add beautiful depth and interest to a unique inset ceiling.

Stenciled Metallic Ceiling in Gold and Black by Billet Collins | Painted Statement Ceiling Ideas

Billet Collins used Tintable Glaze and Pale Gold Metallic Paint to create a black and gold glazed and patterned ceiling to contrast with the neutral and light design elements in a guest bath. The interior design is by Kristie Haley of Design Envy.

Ornamental Dome Ceilings by Decorative & Faux Finishes Studio in Houston, TX | Metallic Paint Collection by Modern Masters | Vinyl Stencil: Wallmasque Stencils | Statement Ceilings

Decorative & Faux Finishes used our Metallic Paint Collection to paint and stencil these incredible ornamental dome ceilings. The vinyl stencils used are by Wallmasque.

Handsome and masculine statement ceiling created by Heather Jozak | Modern Masters Metallic Paint and Metal Effects | Statement Ceiling Project Ideas

This handsome silver and blue patina ceiling was created by Heather Jozak Studios in collaboration with designer Maura Buckley of Millburn ETC. The wonderful work was created with our Metallic Paint Collection and Metal Effects.

Trompe L'oeil ceiling surrounding medallion created by artist Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint | Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | Statement Ceilings

Artist Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint, who was recently featured in our Modern Mastery series, painted a ceiling medallion with our Metallic Paint Collection and then proceeded to ‘fill in’ the rest of the inset ceiling with a painted metallic trompe l’oeil mural to mimic a larger medallion. Incredible!

Kitchen Ceiling with Champange Metallic Paint | Beautiful Interior Design by Michelle Erin Interiors | Modern Masters

Sometimes, all you need is Champagne Metallic Paint to make a gorgeous statement! Michelle Erin Interiors used the color to enhance a Texas kitchen. She says in her blog post on the project, “Little touches like this are so fun to plan and then see come to life. You can’t go wrong with the Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection!”.

We hope this has inspired you to not reach for the white paint for your ceilings! It’s time to get creative and bring a finishing touch to any room in your home. For even more inspiration, head to our Painted and Patterned Ceilings board on our Pinterest. If you have statement ceilings you’ve created with Modern Masters, share them with us by tagging us or using the hashtag #ModernMasters.

An Incredible Large Scale Public Art Mural by Artist Rah Crawford

We are Golden / Somos Oro 6 Story Mural in Bushwick by artist Rah Crawford | Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | Public Art Feature

We recently came across an incredible project with our Metallic Paint Collection by artist Rah Crawford. Located in the ever-evolving Bushwick area of Brooklyn, 123 Melrose is a communal, interconnected residential space by ODA Architecture that encompasses gardens, walkways, and plazas to create a woven layout of streets in a historic old town core. To honor and support the vibrant local art scene, ODA and its related non-profit organization OPEN, have commissioned chosen artists to create the public art in the complex. Rah Crawford, who the NY Times has called “buoyant”, “optimistic”, and “exuberant”, was chosen to paint a 6-story mural facing the courtyard space.

Building structure ready for a 6-story mural by Rah Crawford | Modern Masters Public Art Feature | Metallic Paint Collection

The mural, set within a building complex along the floor hallways, is a permanent work of art at 54 Knoll Street, part of the Denizen Development. Crawford’s creative vision for the mural was to honor and showcase the spirit of the local community. Entitled We are Golden / Somos Oro, the symbolic silhouettes of Bushwick residents reside on a metallic gold surface. With this gold metallic, he was seeking to create a majestic symbol that celebrates all who contribute to the culturally rich and vibrant community. Below is the concept art created for the project.

Concept art by Rah Crawford for the We are Gold / Somos Oros Mural in Denizen Development, Bushwick. The mural is 6 stories tall and is a large public feature. | Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection feature

He spent some time looking for the perfect paint and found it with Pharaoh’s Gold, a beautiful gold hue in our Metallic Paint Collection. He says, “The Pharaoh’s Gold Metallic Paint is truly amazing! The collection by Modern Masters helped me create a true masterpiece that will be enjoyed by an entire community for years to come!”

Pharaoh's Gold Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Large Scale Public Art Mural Feature by artist Rah Crawford | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Artist Rah Crawford painting We are Golden / Somos Oro, a 6 story tall mural in Bushwick, Brooklyn | Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection

Patterns and Metallic Paint colors being used in a large scale public art mural by artist Rah Crawford | Modern Masters Project Feature

The Pharaoh’s Gold Metallic Paint was used as the base for the mural, and with over three coats for true brilliance, is the primary hue. Using a controlled color palette, the mural, spanning 6 stories, came to life with Crawford’s signature style. He frequently uses words and patterns to share visible and non-visible information within his artwork, and he encourages the viewer to look deeper at the artwork, discovering meanings and contextual information.

Stunning 6 story mural by artist Rah Crawford. The large scale public art is entitled We are Golden / Somos Oro and uses Modern Masters Metallic Paints for brilliance and durability. | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project Feature

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this extraordinary large-scale public art project! To follow Rah Crawford, find him on Instagram and Twitter and see more of his artistry on his website. Head over to our Metallic Paint Collection page to learn more about our metallics and how they can enhance your extraordinary projects as well. Stay inspired!


8 Gorgeous Painted Furniture Projects

Have old furniture that has seen better days? Refresh it! These 8 amazing artists remade their furniture pieces with our Metallic Paint Collection and Metal Effects for an updated look that is both stunning and stylish.

Beautiful painted dresser with Modern Masters Metallic Paint and a Cutting Edge Stencil | 8 Gorgeous Painted Furniture Projects

Cutting Edge Stencils updated a painted modern black dresser and gave it Art Decor flair with their Lexington Craft Stencil and our Pale Gold Metallic Paint. Be sure to check out our recent painted and stenciled nursery collaboration.

Modern Masters Copper Penny Metallic Paint and Anaglypta enhance a small side table - beautiful! | Project by Dressers and Jujubes | 8 Gorgeous Painted Furniture Projects

Copper Penny Metallic Paint and anaglypta paper add a stylish pop of shimmer and pattern to an otherwise plain side table. Absolutely lovely project by Dressers and Jujubes!

Gray Gardens Design used both the Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Patina and Olympic Gold Metallic Paint to make a beautiful statement on a painted bench | 8 Gorgeous Painted Furniture Projects

Both our Metal Effects Rust Finish as well as Olympic Gold and Copper Metallic Paint add interest to a painted bench. The finish by Gray Gardens Design looks stunning against the bohemian pillows made with pieces from a Turkish kilim rug.

Laura's Design Shop used a mix of neutral Modern Masters Metallic Paint colors to enhance a large buffet sideboard | 8 Gorgeous Painted Furniture Projects

Champagne, Oyster, and Nickel Metallic Paint are combined to create a lustrous treatment on a wood sideboard and metal hardware. So gorgeous! The project is by the talented Laura Designs Shop.

A handpainted tribal pattern was enhanced with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Black White Gold | Project by Paintopia Studio | 8 Gorgeous Painted Furniture Projects | Black Dresser with Metallic Patterns

Sometimes, just a small pop of metallic paint makes a statement! Paintopia Studio used Gold Rush Metallic Paint on this tribal inspired black and white painted dresser to provide a shimmery highlight. Beautiful!

Modern Masters Metallic Paints underwent a cissing finish for this gorgeous paint effect on a dresser | Project by Linda Gale Boyles for Southern Inspirations | 8 Gorgeous Painted Furniture Projects

Creating faux finishes over our Metallic Paints also creates a stunning look. Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspirations used a cissing process over our Metallic Paints for an elegantly aged look on a nightstand. It’s a classic and oh-so-modern finish.

Metal Effects Patinas on the drawer fronts of a beautiful updated sideboard buffet | Project by Artistic Home Studio | 8 Gorgeous Painted Furniture Projects

Both our Metal Effects Green Patina and Rust Finish were combined on the drawer fronts of a painted buffet to create a striking combination. Incredible project by Artistic Home Studio!

Industrial Style Makeover for a Dresser | Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | Project by Pat Rios of The Wood Spa | 8 Gorgeous Painted Furniture Projects

An industrial style finish with a polished feel with our Metallic Paints was the look Pat Rios of The Wood Spa was after for this tall boy dresser. Mission accomplished!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these 8 painted furniture projects and are inspired by them. If you’d like to see more painted furniture pieces with our products, head over to our Furniture board on Pinterest. Find our products in your local shops by searching our Retailer Locator. Don’t forget to share your projects with us by tagging us on your favorite social site!

Haute Surfaces: Metallic Paint on Trim and Molding

Molding and trim are areas that add style and architectural interest to a home. They are an important detail! Picking the right color or decorative finish for a wall and ceiling can be fun – and now there’s the perfect chance to frame your choices beautifully with the Metallic Paint Collection by Modern Masters. We thought we’d share a few exciting project ideas with you!

Trim and molding painted with the Metallic Paint Collection by Modern Masters | Project by Texas based Decorative and Faux Finishes | Metallic Paint Ideas for Trim and Molding

Bathrooms are a wonderful space to play with color and design. Here, the Decorative and Faux Finishes studio used a mix of Champagne and Warm Silver Metallic Paint to achieve the perfect shade for the crown molding and trim.

Matte Metallic on Crown Molding enhances a traditional home } Project by Cynthia Weber | Metallic Paint on Trim and Molding

Cynthia Weber used a mix of our Matte Metallics in Warm Silver, Champagne, and a touch of Brass for the finish on large, curved crown molding in a traditional home. Makes a wonderful difference!

Range Hood Trim painted with Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Project by Decorative and Faux Finishes | Metallic Paint Project Ideas for Trim and Molding

Metallic Gold Trim Accents in a Bath by Belle Arti | Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | Trim and Molding Project Ideas

Metallic Paint can also enhance trim details! Decorative and Faux Finishes used Silver, Platinum, and Pharaoh’s Gold Metallic Paints to transform a vent hood in a kitchen under the direction of designer Missy Stewart Designs. Decorative Studio Belle Arti used Olympic Gold, Pale Gold and Iridescent Gold to enhance the trim, rosettes, and ceiling in a glam bath. Both are incredibly stunning!

NCF Studio enhances ceiling trim with paint and pattern! | Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Crown Molding and Trim Ideas with Metallics

Steel Grey Metallic Paint is painted on the oval ceiling trim that shows off a Metallic Glass Bead Finish | Modern Masters products | Project by Tracy Wade | Metallic Paint Ideas for Trim and Molding

Ceilings are also an incredible spot for a pop of color on the trim and crown molding! Up top, artist Nena Garza-Sexton of NCF Studio uses Brass Metallic Paint to add details to a gorgeous ornamental ceiling trim in a bedroom. On the bottom, artist Tracy Wade framed a seamless Glass Bead Gel finish with the stately and handsome Steel Grey Metallic Paint. Perfect touches!

English Brown Metallic Paint is used to paint the window trim, doors, and door casings | Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | Mirasol project by artist Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint | Metallic Paint Ideas for Trim and Molding

Artist Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint used the rich and dark English Brown Metallic Paint to paint and enhance the window casings, doors, and door casings of Mirasol in Tampa, FL. What a difference from plain white!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Metallic Paint project ideas for trim, casings, wainscoting, molding, and more! Adding color and shimmer to these surfaces adds a dynamic and unexpected dose of design to any space. Have you painted your trim and molding with our metallics? Share your projects with us on social using the hashtag #ModernMasters!

Modern Mastery: Jeff Monsein

Splat Paint is one of the premier decorative painting studios on the Gulf Coast of Florida and was founded by owner Jeff Monsein. Located in Tampa, we have followed their prestigious portfolio of work as they have tackled historic projects, theme parks, residential and hospitality projects, as well as larger commercial spaces, such as hospitals and stadiums. We are honored to showcase some of their Modern Masters projects for our Modern Mastery series.

Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint | Modern Mastery Series

For the past 18 years, Jeff Monsein has owned and operated Splat Paint, a successful, full-service, arts company. Custom, artistic finishes and murals are what Splat Paint is all about. Their specialties range from high quality murals, painted and textured faux finishes to decorative metallic work and painted and distressed furniture. His work has been purchased for private collections and has been auctioned at fund raisers for philanthropic organizations. In addition to appearances in numerous publications, Mr. Monsein was the on-air DIY Arts correspondent for DayTime TV (seen in 120 markets across the USA)  from 2009 to 2011 and was the DIY Faux Finishing speaker at the Tampa Bay Times Home Show from 2009 – 2015.  Mr. Monsein and his talented team of artists have cultivated an impressive following and a distinctive portfolio of paintings, murals, sculptures, ornate plastering, decorative metalwork, mosaics and more for private, business and non-profit clients in Florida, Maryland, California, North Carolina and Mexico (Cabo San Lucas.)

Beautiful ornamental ceiling painted with the help of Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Artist: Jeff Monsein | Modern Mastery Series on the Cafe Blog

Beautiful ornamental ceiling in soothing colors painted with the help of Metallic Paints

Silver Metallic Glaze over a raisedalligator stencil | Crocodile wall finish with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Artist: Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint | Modern Mastery artist feature series

This alligator hide wall finish has a raised pattern glazed with Silver Metallic Paint


Modern Masters products have really enhanced our business. Not only are they reliable and extremely durable, but they are also easily available, which makes a huge difference in my business. Being able to stop by my local store, Tanner Paint, and pick up whatever I want, whenever I want has been fantastic.  Ease of use, availability, durability, and flexibility has made the Metallic Paint Collection from Modern Masters our number one choice.

Indian inspired Home Theatre painted and stenciled by artist Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Artist Feature

This Indian inspired theater features rich wall and ceiling finishes and stenciled patterns with Metallic Paints

Modern Masters Metallic Paints enhance custom made fretwork for a niche | Artist: Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint | Modern Mastery feature

Modern Masters Metallic Paints enhance custom made fretwork for a niche

Modern Masters Metallic Finishes on an ornate ceiling medallion and ceiling | Artist: Splat Paint in Tampa, FL | Modern Mastery series

Metallic Paint finishes on an ornate ceiling and medallion for a kitchen and family room

Simple flourish ornamental pattern on a groin ceiling painted with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Artist: Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint | Modern Mastery artist feature

A groin ceiling receives a simple, light and sophisticated pattern with Metallic Paints. Just a little adds so much!


An ornate dome was one of our most memorable projects. It was 35 feet up in the air. The dome was oval but we made it look round and it was super complicated. It took us most of the first week to just lay it out! We created 4-layer stencils for each of the ‘honeycombs’ and used Modern Masters Metallic Paint for the gold details. It was very challenging and we were so proud when it finally all came together. Two incredible artists, Timothy Innamorator and Jair Medina, partnered with me to create it.


Working on an ornate dome with a four-layer stencil and Modern Masters Metallic Paints! See the final results on the Modern Mastery series featuring the work of Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint!

Artists Timothy Innamorator and Jair Medina working on the design. The scaffolding reaches 35′ in height!

Modern Masters Metallic Paint details on an ornamental dome ceiling | Artistry by Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint


One: it’s only paint. Don’t be afraid to try something. If it doesn’t work, you can always repaint it.
Two: Practice, practice practice. You can only improve by doing. For the first years, I researched and painted every single day, constantly trying to improve my skills. You can’t always do it right the first time. And making a mistake is a good lesson if you learn from it.
Working on the Capitol Theatre in Clearwater, FL | Decorative Painting Studio: Splat Paint | Modern Masters Metallic Paint
Modern Masters Metallic Paint enhances the Capitol Theater in Clearwater, FL | Decorative Arts Studio: Splat Paint of Tampa, FL | Modern Mastery Artist Feature Series
The Capitol Theater in Clearwater, FL, need an update and contracted Splat Paint. With the Metallic Paints, they created and painted all the raised details as well as the stenciled ceiling tiles.

Modern Masters Metallic Paints helped create the large faux cracks on a coffered ceiling | Artist: Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint | Modern Mastery series

Large faux cracks painted with Metallic Paints and shimmer and interest to the insets of a large coffered ceiling

Ornamental patterned ceiling insets within wood beams | Modern Masters Metallic Paitns | Artist: Jeff Monsein of Splat Paint | Modern Mastery series

The Metallic Paints enhance a beautiful pattern set within the insets of a large ceiling as well as the raised details along the wood beams

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