Modern Mastery: Casey and Vince Murray of Belle Arti

The Central Kentucky decorative painting and design studio, Belle Arti, has been successful for over 20 years and owners Vince and Casey Murray frequently use Modern Masters products in their beautiful projects. In fact, our jaws dropped when we first saw their extraordinary artistry and we reached out to them for a blog feature. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to share their work and a few words of wisdom as a part of the latest feature in our Modern Mastery series.

Modern Mastery Series: Belle Artiky | Modern Masters Blog

Casey and Vince Murray of Belle Arti. Photographed by Andrew Miller Photography of Wicklow, Ireland.

“Our company name, Belle Arti, is Italian for ‘fine art’ and we are a design and finishes studio located in central Kentucky. As a husband and wife team, we have been working together for over twenty years, both bringing unique skills to the table,” Vince says. Casey and Vince have also, by extension, incorporated a home’s overall design into their studio offerings. “We’ve had clients that want us to put together the wall finishes, any mural or trompe l’oeil work, glazing of any casework and cabinetry, as well as fabrics, etc., and we are happy to oblige them by being their go-to designers and artists for the whole process,” Vince explains. “We both come from design backgrounds. I literally designed, drew the blueprints, and decorated homes for my father who was a building contractor from the time I was sixteen years old, while studying drafting and specialized art in high school. When I decided to pursue my art and design full time, I attended the Miller Wagner School in Chicago to receive the needed training and credentials. My wife also grew up around design, working with her mother who is a licensed interior designer, doing everything from painting, wallpapering, and sewing, to installation of window treatments. So when we married, it seemed only natural for us to pursue art and design as our profession.” It’s an upbringing and partnership that has led to incredible work and success for their studio. Their passion for their art shines through clearly! Now about their work…

Coffered Ceiling Accented with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Modern Mastery Series | Decorative Artists: Belle Arti

Coffered ceiling the Belle Arti Studio created and installed. The ceiling is a dark glazed finish accentes with several colors from the Metallic Paint Collection: Antique Bronze, Statuary Bronze, Olympic Gold, and Pale Gold.


What is your top finishing tip?

We both agreed that it is this: Do not be afraid to experiment! When you see a finish, or a pattern, or a color that either you or your client likes, dissect it in your mind and figure out how to replicate it. Use unconventional methods  and applications, and most of the time you will end up surprising yourself. We did this once on a project where a designer for a restaurant wanted molding to be painted to exactly match the counters and tabletops that were a solid surface. It took several tries, but we eventually got it perfect, and the client was delighted.

Modern Masters Metallic Paints accent a Glamorous Bath | Project by Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Series Feature

Golden and Glam Master Bath | Decorative Painting Project by Belle Arti | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Metallic gold accents in a glam bathroom. The moldings, rosettes and ceiling are layered with Olympic Gold, Pale Gold and Iridescent Gold Metallic Paints.


Dining Room Before Mural - Click Link to see Amazing After! Project by Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Series Feature

Before (top) and After (bottom)

Lush and Beautiful Dining Room Wall Mural by Decorative Painting Firm Belle Arti | Modern Masters | Modern Mastery Series Feature

This dining room features a French Rococo style pastoral scene mural. It adds an incredible amount of interest, as you can see by the before pic. There is a strié effect on the wainscoting and the crown molding using Oyster Metallic Paint. “We love the fact that the metallics show the brush strokes, and often we use that to our advantage, as with this effect,” THEY BOTH share. The pearly metallic blends perfectly with the silk draperies and elevates the space. As to the mural? “We protect our murals with Dead Flat Varnish.”

Rococo Pastoral Mural | Wainscoting and Crown Molding are painted with Oyster Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Gorgeous Artristy by Belle Arti of Central Kentucky

Dining Room Mural by Belle Arti | Rococo Pastoral Scene | Wainscot, Trim and Crown Molding have Oyster Metallic Paint | Modern Masters Blog Feature

What is the most inspiring place or space you’ve visited?

We narrowed it down to two, but for different reasons. We really LOVE the Galerie d’Apollon in the Louvre because of all of the gilding and ornamentation combined with the stunning mural work. The cartouches and pediments over the doorways give inspiration that just goes on and on. The second place was a little shop in Florence, Italy on a small back street close to the Pitti palace. It was a studio that does exactly what we do right here in Kentucky! The shop was filled with gorgeous pieces of painted furniture and screens, as well as sample boards of wall finishes and frescoes. We both at that point realized what an awesome and time-honored profession we are engaged in, that definitely has a rich history attached to it.

Glam Accents in Bar with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Series Feature

Crown Molding and Architectural Details are accented by Metallic Paints by Modern Masters in the very capable hands of Kentucky decorative painting studio Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Studio Series

A gorgeous bar area painted for a client. All of the moldings and appliqués are painted with Olympic Gold, Pale Gold, and Iridescent Gold Metallic Paints.


Before Shot of incredible Theatre Room Makeover project by Belle Arti with Modern Masters products | Modern Mastery Series Blog Feature

Before (top) and After (bottom)

Theatre Room designed, created and painted by decorative painting firm Belle Arti out of Central Kentucky | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Metallic Paints and Glazes grace a faux Theatre Room Entrance | Project by Belle Arti from Central Kentucky | Modern Masters Studio Feature on Blog

The pics showcase the Before & After of a Theater Room entry. “Our studio fabricated and installed everything, including the lighted sign. All of the moldings as well as the ceiling are layered with Tequila Gold and Pale Gold Metallic Paints. The harlequin panels are glazed in Pale Gold as well. The theater sign is painted with Statuary Bronze Metallic Paint as well as having accents of the two golds.”


What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?

We still are both totally enamored with your Metallic Paint Collection. We have, of course, come up with recipes to achieve looks we like. For example, to achieve to look of aged gold leaf that has worn over time, we start with a base of dark brown, then add a coat of Statuary Bronze Metallic Paint, then a layer of Tequila Gold Metallic Paint. On top of this, we do a sheer layer of Tequila Gold and Iridescent Gold with a 1:1 ratio. We finally gently dry-brush any raised details with a warm black. It truly does give the effect of a time-worn patina.

Croc Panels with Glazed Metallic Paints | Modern Masters | Project by Belle Arti

Gorgeous Paneled and Glazed Wall with a chic Crocodile Pattern | Beautiful decorative painting by Kentucky's Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Blog Series

The crocodile door panels are painted with Champagne Metallic Paint and the overall antiquing glaze is done with Tintable Glaze.

Such exceptional work, don’t you think? Vince and Casey have used Modern Masters products for years and have never been disappointed. “We love the metallics, and the clear coats for interior and exterior applications. Their durability is unsurpassed,” they say. “We both truly enjoy what we do, but we realize that it is fantastic products like the ones from Modern Masters that enable us to achieve those looks and finishes, which amaze our clients, and keeps them coming back for more.” We’d like to thank both Casey and Vince for their beautiful artisty with our products and the time they took to share their projects with us! Please make sure you head to their Belle Arti website for more and follow them on both the Belle Arti Houzz page and @belle_arti_studio on Instagram to keep on top of their decorative painting adventures. Until next time – stay inspired!

Modern Masters products can be found via local retailers across the US and the Modern Masters online shopping site.











Modern Mastery: Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris

Modern Mastery Feature: Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris of Wallovers | Modern Masters Blog

Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris

Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris have over 30 years of decorative painting experience combined. After specializing in creating and painting patterned finishes with stencils they cut themselves, they decided to take their design to the trade and launched the Wallovers stencil line in 2007. Decorative painters and homeowners around the world now use Wallovers stencils, a unique line of repeatable, wallpaper-like stencils for walls and furniture. Initially founded with 13 design patterns, there are now more than 55 stencils available – and the individual artists who apply the finishes can create an infinite number of innovative designs. In the end, all their creative customers are part of the process and feel his or her own personality exuding from the completed work.

Rena and Cynthia continue to do field work to this day and stay on trend creating wallpaper-like patterns for walls and furniture. They also create new tools to make the job easier for decorative painters. For instance, Wallovers is the originator of The Topper, a precut stencil piece that makes finishing the top of the wall fast and simple. In 2013, they created the Allover Brush and the Wallbuster Brush. These brushes were specifically designed to work with allover stencils, enabling the artist to cover large areas easily. We were very excited to chat with Cynthia Davis and showcase some of the beautiful spaces she and Rena have created with the help of Modern Masters products – we hope you enjoy their innovative finishes, tips and projects!

Stenciled Studio Wall | Wallovers Paisley Stencil and Modern Masters Gold Rush Metallic Paint | Project by Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris | Modern Mastery Feature

Beautiful stenciled wall finish with the Wallovers Paisley Stencil and the Metallic Paint Collection, specifically, the color Gold Rush. Doesn’t it look spectacular against the African chair? Perfect studio design.



I started using Modern Masters many years ago when I was experimenting with metallic paint. The array of colors offered by Modern Masters enable me to achieve so many finishes in warm and cool tones. I use the paints as opaque base coats, as sheer topcoats and as glazes. They are included in just about every finish I do.

Gorgeous Powder Bath Finish with the Flower Power Stencil from Wallovers and the Black Pearl Metallic Paint from Modern Masters | Project featured on the Modern Masters Blog | Artists: Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris

Striking bath finish with Black Pearl Metallic Paint used as the base. Cynthia and Rena then used Benjamin Moore’s Dijon (193) with their Flower Power Stencil to create the effect.


Stenciled Wall Treatment with various Modern Masters products and the Roundabout Stencil from Wallovers | Modern Mastery Feature on artists Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris

Various Modern Masters products went into this incredible stenciled wall finish, including our Silver Metallic Paint. The beautiful pattern is the Roundabout Stencil.



The most rewarding projects are the ones I have done for charity. I wish there was more time for these. Bringing color or pattern into the home of someone who needs to be uplifted has always made me really appreciate my skills and ability to give art as a gift.

Close-up and Full Shot of Stenciled Room by Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris | Wallovers Stephanie's Damask Stencil and Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Wall Glazing Cream | Modern Mastery Feature

Here is a close-up and full shot of a refined living room with the Stephanie’s Damask Stencil and a finish incorporating the Wall Glazing Cream and Metallic Paint Collection.


Faux Pennies Wall Finish with the Wallovers Pennies Stencil and Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Modern Mastery Feature on artists Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris

Amazing faux pennies wall treatment with the Pennies Stencil and Metallic Paint colors Copper, Copper Penny, Antique Bronze and Tequila Gold. Wow!



Use Venetian Plaster in unexpected ways to create textures and then skim coat them with Metallic Paints.

Modern Masters Pale Gold Metallic Paint over a Blue Stippled Faux Finish | Tapestry Stencil by Wallovers | Modern Mastery Artist Feature with Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris

Cynthia and Rena stenciled with Pale Gold Metallic Paint over a blue stippled faux finish. The pattern is the amazing Tapestry Stencil.


Stenciled Wall Treatment incorporating Metal Effects Rust Patina and Gold Rush Metallic Paint | Artists: Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris | Stencil: Elisabeth's Stencil from Wallovers | Modern Masters Blog Feature

This warm dining room wall treatment incorporates the exquisite Elisabeth’s Lace Stencil with Gold Rush Metallic Paint and the Metal Effects Rust Patina.


Stenciled Fabric with Pharaoh's Gold Metallic Paint by Modern Masters and the Batik Stencil from Wallovers | Gorgeous Hot Pink and Gold Color Combo | Modern Mastery Artist Feature on Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris

You can also stencil fabric with metallics and for a gorgeous result! Cynthia and Rena added a dose of global chic to this exotic resting spot using the Pharaoh’s Gold Metallic Paint and the Batik Stencil.



I love using a warm and a cool tones of Metallic Paints together like Champagne and Platinum mottled together as glazes. Then, stenciling over that in a more opaque application of one of those two colors. It is gorgeous!

The Stained Glass Stencil by Wallovers looks gorgeous on this wall by Cynthia Davis & Rena Paris! They used both Silver and Champagne Metallic Paints to give a beautiful shimmer to the pattern! | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Silver and Champagne Metallic Paints add a lustruous shimmer to these walls with the Stained Glass Stencil.


Staircase Stenciled Wall by Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris | Shimmering Sky Metallic Paint by Modern Masters and the Indian Print Damask Stencil from Wallovers | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

Things are looking up with this staircase wall! The Indian Print Damask Stencil was used with Shimmering Sky Metallic Paint for this lovely allover wall project. Doesn’t it look just like wallpaper?


We hope you’ve enjoyed the amazing projects and stencil designs of Cynthia Davis and Rena Paris of Wallovers! Be sure to follow Wallovers on Facebook and Pinterest to keep up with their artistic adventures. They also teach phenomenal workshops with everything you need to create alluring custom finishes for any surface. Do you have a favorite project of theirs? Let us know in the comments. Have an inspired day!















Modern Mastery: Patricia Presto

We discovered the amazing projects of Atlanta-based decorative artist Patricia Presto on Facebook and have been following her projects ever since! She has a beautiful eye for color and pairs gorgeous treatments with the right surface – and has the happy clients to prove it! We were thrilled when she agreed to be on our Modern Mastery series and are so happy to share some of her Modern Masters projects with you!

Modern Master Profile on Decorative Artist Patricia Presto of On the Surface | Modern Masters Blog

Decorative Artist Patricia Presto

Patricia Presto of Georgia’s On the Surface specializes in the decorative painting of furniture, cabinets, and the faux finishing of walls as well as architectural color consulting. She shares, “There is no way I could have imagined the places I would go, the people I would meet or the challenges I would face on my journey into this wonderfully creative business…every project is new, special, and always a creative challenge. My favorite projects are when I work with a passion-driven team to achieve one dream space. It is exhilarating and very rewarding!”

“Meeting the people I have met along the way is one of the best parts of my career”, she continues. “I can’t describe the joy I get out of doing my job well, but also creating my business around developing relationships with my clients. Many are actually sorry to see us go when a project is completed, as we are to leave! The people that are working for me are part of my joy and laughter is a big part of our days. My life is enriched by my job. I consider that an extreme blessing.” Her love for her art shows through and through – as you’ll see in her projects!

Silver Metallic Paint by Modern Masters enhances an ornamental bath sink. The project is by artist Patricia Presto of On the Surface and featured on the Modern Masters blog.

Bath Sink and Stand painted and embellished by artist Patricia Presto of On the Surface Design | Modern Masters Metallic Paints

This vanity was pickled wood with really pretty carvings and Patricia’s client wanted it painted a deep eggplant-gray color to go with her new bathroom design. “I suggested we take it up a notch and really put emphasis on the carvings as they were getting lost.  She had brushed silver accents in her new bathroom so I went with Silver Metallic Paint straight from the pot to paint the carvings. We also added silver leaf, crackle and finished off with wax.” Patricia did the same finish on the mirror.

What is the most inspiring space or place you have visited? 

Nature, history, and the heart are my inspiration. I love rural landscapes and rustic things with all the colors of the ocean, mountains and imperfectly perfect color combinations.There are feelings that go along with these places that I have lived or experienced and it is expressed through my work. I want the project to be treasured for reasons beyond technical expertise.I have had people write to me about how my furniture pieces “gave honor to my grandmother’s memory” or “you created an heirloom from a give away” or “you made our house a home”…..Inspiration to me is a constant awareness between knowledge of how to “produce it” and how to make it “come alive” with my paints, brush strokes, and putting my heart into it.

Kitchen Range Hood created with the help of Modern Masters' Metallic Paint Collection | Artist: Patricia Presto of On the Surface | Modern Mastery Feature

Kitchen Cabinetry and Range Hood transformed with the help of Modern Masters Metallic Paints by artist Patricia Presto of On the Surface | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

Patricia’s client wanted a contemporary look that was coupled with her love of a warm, rustic kitchen. Patricia used our Metallic Paint Collection in bronze and copper colors to highlight the gorgeous kitchen cabinetry and range hood details. What a transformation! The beautiful images are by Mary Powell Photography.

Metal Effects Patinas on Garden Art | Modern Mastery Feature on Artist Patricia Presto of On the Surface

Metal Effects Patinas on Craft DIY Letters | Modern Mastery Blog Feature on Artist Patricia Presto of On the Surface

Decorative garden and decor accents created with the help of Metal Effects rust and verdigris patinas.

What is your top finishing tip? 

Be prepared! My assistant, Emily, always hears me say “bring the kitchen sink” because we never know what the job could require beyond our actual finish. Always make a board, no matter how much you think you “remember” and always mix enough material so half way through a job you don’t have to re-mix and find you are mixing colors for hours because the shade is off. Always ask for help if needed. Don’t be an island! There is a great community of creatives in this field! Such an amazing array of ideas!

Modern Masters Metallic Paints help enhance a chair makeover | Artist: Patricia Presto of On the Surface

Lounge Chair and Ottoman refinished with the help of Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Glazes | Modern Mastery Feature: Patricia Presto of On the Surface

Small accents, BIG impression! Patricia was faced with a Bergère chair set that was dark but needed a more European look. Modern Masters Metallic Paint was paired with Chalk Paint® and foils for the luxe treatment. Patricia concludes, “Modern Masters gave it the European feel and lift it needed.”

What is your most memorable, challenging or rewarding project?   

The Atlanta Symphony Showcase Home of 2015. This was a particular challenge as the designer, Robin Lamonte of Rooms Revamped, had to work with what was there – no major construction. She called on us to create a finish on the large kitchen hood to become the “showpiece” of her design. Talk about pressure! She was interested in a copper hood, but wasn’t sure what would work. I had Modern Masters knowledge, and presented her a board using a Metal Effects with our own secret recipe that created a worn copper, patina look – and she immediately said “that’s it”!! My assistant, Emily, and I were working around lots of dust, several contractors, and other painters in a very tight space with very limited time. We were amongst a few HGTV stars, which felt intimidating at first, but I soon realized we were all just regular people trying to create something magical together and it was working! The house had great synergy!

The only glitch was our copper finish looked so real that the designer asked if I would create a postcard to place on counter that said “This is NOT real copper”! No one believed it was paint!

Metal Effects Patinas transform a kitchen range hood into a showpiece! Decorative Artist: Patricia Presto of On the Surface

Faux Floorcloth created with Modern Masters' Metallic Paints and Royal Design Studio Stencils | Modern Mastery Feature of artist Patricia Presto of On the Surface Design

If you look closely above, not only can you see the ‘copper’ range hood she created for the Atlanta Symphony Showcase Home, but also the faux floorcloth painted right on the wood floor with the help of the Metallic Paint Collection as well. Gorgeous space! Gorgeous photography by Mary Powell.

We absolutely love all the surfaces that Patricia and her team can transform and are honored she uses our Metal Effects and Metallic Paint Collection lines to help create their masterpieces. Be sure to visit Patricia’s website, On the Surface, as well as become a fan of her Facebook fan page. She also shares her commissions frequently on her Instagram account. Are you feeling inspired? We hope so! Thank you, Patricia, for sharing your time and your projects with us!
















Modern Mastery: Shauna Gallagher

California-based Decorative and Fine Artist Shauna Gallagher has been a creative friend of Modern Masters for many years. She teaches masterful workshops with our products while running a full-time decorative painting and fine arts studio. We recently caught up with her as she chatted about her studio and shared a few beautiful Modern Masters projects with us.

Artist: Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Shauna Gallagher

Shauna Gallagher is both a fine and decorative artist with more than twenty years of experience in the interior design industry. With a degree in Interior Design, and an education in Fine Art, she found the world of decorative finishing to be the perfect marriage of her love for art and interiors. Shauna is a nationally recognized instructor in the art of faux finishing, and has instructed over 1000 students throughout her career. Her work has graced many of the finest homes and businesses throughout Northern California. Some of her accomplishments include founding a decorative art school, guest appearances on DIY Channel’s House Crashers, and co-authoring Sunset’s book titled Faux and Decorative Finishing. Her greatest joy in work is the satisfaction of transforming clients’ spaces into personal retreats, and teaching other artists to develop their own viable creative career.

Black Venetian Plaster on Walls by artist Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature | Modern Masters Blog

A beautiful ebony-colored Venetian Plaster on a bathroom feature wall. The product is the Venetian Plaster Ultra-Deep Tint Base that has been pigmented black and finished with the Venetian Plaster Satin Clear Topcoat.

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

Modern Masters has enhanced my business in many ways. The products are not only superior in quality, but they are consistent and dependable. I love that many of the products are considered green, as I am very conscientious of the environment. For me, even in this digital age, I like to do business with people. And knowing the history of the company, and the people behind the company, has made me an even more loyal patron to Modern Masters. I had the privilege of turning my decorative art school into a Modern Masters Training Center at the onset of the Platinum Series product line, and it gave me the opportunity to train further and know these products very well, and even mix and push them to test their abilities. I am a believer in Modern Masters, and I still teach and promote their products every chance I get.

Modern Masters Products used to enhance a Kitchen's Range Hood and Cabinetry | Project by Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature

Modern Masters Glazing Cream Colorants and Glazes enhance Kitchen Cabinetry Finish | Artistry by Decorative Artist Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Kitchen Island Cabinetry Paint Treatment with Modern Masters Glazing Cream Colors and Glaze | Project by Shauna Gallahger | Modern Mastery Feature

This project features a custom hood and kitchen island. The range hood is finished in Metallic Plaster. The wood carving is stained using Glazing Cream Colors and Furniture Glazing Cream, and the island is glazed with the same products.

Garage Doors with Patina | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Project by Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on Modern Masters Blog

Incredible garage doors with Metal Effects! Shauna used the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint with both the Blue and Green Patina Aging Solutions. She overglazed the patina with the Wall Glazing Cream and Glazing Cream Colors and finally sealed all with the Permacoat Xtreme, a topcoat specifically for Metal Effects.

What is your go-to Modern Masters product?

My “go-to” Modern Masters product is hands down, without exception, the Dead Flat Varnish. I am never without a gallon in my studio!! It has great adhesion and I use it as a clear primer, I use it as a barrier coat, I use it as a glaze, I use it to shorten the open time of the Glazing Cream if needed, and I use it as a top coat. Sometimes I add it to a satin Varathane, if I desire a lower sheen for finishing cabinets or furniture. I use the Exterior Dead Flat Varnish on exterior projects of all sorts: Front doors, garage doors, outdoor glazing over stucco, brick, stone, concrete, pots, furniture, and just about any exterior artwork or project that I do. I love Dead Flat Varnish!!

Incredible Before & After Table Transformation with Modern Masters Products | Amazing Artistry by Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Have you ever seen such an amazing Before & After on a furniture project? This table was made over from a damaged inlay to a solid marble inset look. On the inset, Shauna used Venetian Plaster, Glazing Cream Colorants, and Furniture Glazing Cream. On the apron and legs, she used Wall Glazing Cream, Glazing Cream Colorants and Dead Flat Varnish. Wow!

Gorgeous Stenciled and Luxe Wall Treatment with Metallic Plaster | Project by Decorative and Fine Artist Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

This wall is Shauna’s Broken Brocade finish for the Sacramento shop Urban 57. It features a Champagne base from the Metallic Paint Collection. The raised stencil from Royal Design Studio is created using Metallic Plaster in Gunmetal. The Metallic Plasters over the stencil include custom mixes of Champagne, Antique Lace, Silver Fox, and Parchment. The finish is over-glazed using Wall Glazing Cream tinted with Glazing Cream Colorant.

What is your most memorable and/or rewarding project?

My most memorable and rewarding project would be a custom 16,000 foot residence that I worked on for many months. This project was so rewarding because I was not only able to create gorgeous finishes at the top of my craft, but I was also able to put together a team of 12 people to help execute the project.  What a gratifying experience to provide a livelihood for so many artists while being privileged to work in a gorgeous estate. We did Venetian Plaster on all the walls, custom cabinet finishes, gilded and stenciled walls in bathrooms, Ornamental Plaster Relief on an elliptical 22 foot long ceiling dome, a gilded and antiqued dome, a dome with a mural, murals on two  33 foot long barrel ceilings, and other small specialty finishes throughout.  What a special home, and what an experience!

Decorative Finishes for Sacramento's Liquidology Bar | Artistry by Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Unique Wall and Floor Finishes for the Liquidology Bar by Decorative Artist Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Gorgeous Wall Finish Treatment with Embedded Coins | Artistry by Shauna Gallagher | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Beautiful surface treatments abound at the Liquidology Bar! The walls are an Ombré Metallic Plaster with embedded mica coins from Madagascar. The ceiling ductwork is a Faux Galvanized Metal using the Metallic Paint Collection and glazed with Furniture Glazing Cream and Glazing Cream Colorants. The floor is glazed over the existing bamboo using first a floor primer, then a tinted Floor Varathane using Glazing Cream Colorants. Finally, the checkout counter and metallic barnwood wall behind it are both faux finished using Glazing Cream Colorants, Metallic Paint Collection, Dead Flat Varnish, and Furniture Glazing Cream. Incredible work!

~ ~ ~

We hope you’ve enjoyed the incredible artistry of Shauna Gallagher. Be sure to visit her studio website to see her portfolio and follow her latest painting projects on her Red Heart Art Instagram account. Many thanks to Shauna for taking the time to share her beautiful and stylish Modern Masters projects with us. We hope you’ve been as inspired as we are!

Modern Mastery: KenT Youngstrom

Canvas Art by artist kenT Youngstrom for CB2 | Modern Masters Copper Metallic Paint | Blog Feature

Artist kenT Youngstrom lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and wakes up at 5am most mornings. He then works out, whirls the kids off to school, plants himself in the center of (at least) ten half-covered canvases, and rarely stops moving ‘til nightfall. We first saw the striking works he creates on his colorful Instagram feed and were taken with the organic use of text, hues, patinas and shapes. He counts CB2, Gilt and other companies as fans and they have added his art to their collections for their customers. It was exciting to learn that he frequently incorporates our Metallic Paint Collection and Metal Effects into his works. He graciously agreed to a feature and we are pleased to share his Modern Masters works with you.

Artist kenT Youngstrom | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Artist kenT Youngstrom

“I started painting several years ago, in design school, without any big plans or ambitions. It was hard, unpredictable, time-consuming — and the best thing ever,” kenT shares. “By the end of day one, I was hooked. One gallery show led to another, and before long I was selling paintings to friends, family and a handful of local fans.”

He adds, “Local sales turned into national sales. National sales turned into licensing deals. Bulk orders from CB2 came knocking, along with flash sales at, pop-ups in People magazine — and flattering attention from a couple of those ‘home makeover’ reality tv shows. One day, I woke up and realized, “huh … guess I’m a full-time artist, now.” I grinned and then put brush to canvas again. My studio is a warehouse facility which contains an office, a gallery and a working studio. I have rolling work tables and large walls to stretch canvas. There is room for 20 people for painting parties and hundreds have walked through for gallery openings, holiday and corporate event parties. I am grateful.”

Stripes Canvas Art for CB2 | Artist kenT Youngstrom | Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Modern Mastery Artist Feature

Artwork by kenT Youngstrom | Copper Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Artist Feature on Modern Masters Blog

What is your most memorable, challenging or rewarding project?

I discovered the Modern Masters Iron Reactive Paint + Rust Activator nearly nine years ago. I used it to cover up a mistake. It worked. It worked so well it lead to others asking me to do the same for them. I started using it on canvas.

A few years later my rust on canvas caught the attention of retailer CB2 and I collaborated with them to paint 300 “love” paintings, which sold out in seven weeks online and in their stores. It was a mountainous climb to finish those pieces, package them and make sure they arrived safely for someone who may not have painted that many pieces in a year or so all together, let alone a few months time. I have since painted over two thousand original paintings with CB2 and am still working with them on art and other aspects of design today.

So, I like the rust paint. I use it a lot. It helped me grow myself and my business into what it is today.

Canvas Art by kenT Youngtrom | Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

LOVE Canvas Art by artist kenT Youngstrom for CB2 incorporating Modern Masters Metal Effects | Modern Mastery Artist Feature

What is your top tip for artists?

Wake up. Get out of bed. Work your backside off. Show up on time. Surprise somebody.

Metal Effects Rust Finish and Acrylics | Chandelier Artwork by kenT Youngstrom | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

What are some of your favorite Modern Masters finishes?

Iron Reactive Paint with Rust Activator on just about anything.

Copper Reactive Metallic Paint with Blue or Green Patina Aging Solution on anything I didn’t use the Iron Reactive Paint on.

Metallics. Metallics. And more Metallics. Currently my go to product and ride or die.

Canvas Art by kenT Youngstrom | Modern Masters Metal Effects Rust Finish | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

What is your dream studio project?

The next one.


We hope you’ve enjoyed the artistry and philosophy of kenT Youngstrom – so uplifting! Be sure to watch the video above to see more of his process. Follow along his artistic adventure via his website, Twitter and Facebook fan page – and of course, on Instagram as well. kenT will soon add ‘Author’ to his list of achievements as he releases an inspirational guide book for artists and those who want to create something for a living on April 18, 2016. We will absolutely keep you posted on it! Thank you, kenT, for sharing your time with us and we hope your work continues on to even more success!

Modern Mastery: Hoity Toity Peacock

ased out of Brenham, Texas, Hoity Toity Peacock has been creating, producing andteaching incredible reactive and oxidized works with our Metal Effects patinas for years. We’ve been following their studio and projects on social media for quite some time and are very proud to feature their artistry on our Modern Mastery series.

Modern Masters Metal Effects Patinas on Buffet Table | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock | Modern Mastery Series Feature on the Cafe BlogForty-two years ago, Melody Peacock Brooks started helping her mother, Beverly Coet, after school, weekends and during the summer on painting and wallpaper jobs. By the time she was twelve years old, Melody’s daughter, Meghan Martin Munson, could mimic her mother’s hand in Italian Plastering and it has since developed into three generations of artisans that create, teach and share their talents.

In 2012, they created Hoity Toity Peacock to combine their talents and focus on teaching Painting and Decorative Finish techniques. There was a high demand for painted furniture classes, but the three generations wanted something that would stand out from other workshops. When they discovered the Modern Masters Metal Effects line, it was love at first sight and there was no turning back! Melody began to experiment and create different techniques that would provide the rich, vibrant colors that the Metal Effects products can achieve. She soon began incorporating the patinas into the furniture they were painting and each piece proved so striking, they sold immediately. Their Metal Effects classes are also so popular that they have become one of the primary focuses at their studio.

Stenciled Patinas on Furniture Dresser | Modern Masters Metal Effects Project by Hoity Toity Peacock | Modern Mastery Studio Series FeatureWhat is your top finishing tip?
Never be afraid to experiment and try new things. If you make a mistake, you can always try again. In fact over the years, we have had so many “pleasant mistakes” turn out to be our best finishes! Most important, never skimp on the product! If you do, your results will be disappointing.

Oxidized Textured Anaglypta Wallpaper on Bookcase Back | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Project by Hoity Toity PeacockPatina and Pattern on Letter Art | Metal Effects by Modern Masters | Project by Hoity Toity PeacockOxidation and Patina on Mirror Frame | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock with Modern Masters Metal EffectsHow has Modern Masters enhanced your business?
The Metal Effects Patina class has become one of our most popular classes that we offer at our studio at Hoity Toity Peacock in Brenham, TX. It can be used on walls, floors, furniture, art, and just about any object you are wanting that extra unique look. The possibilities are endless! We have also been traveling around the United States and Canada, teaching others these techniques. We feel Modern Masters has taken Hoity Toity Peacock to a new level with this amazing product.

Kitchen Vent with the Metal Effects Rust Finish | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock | Modern Mastery Studio FeatureOxidized and Patinated Trunk | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock | Modern Masters Cafe BlogWhat is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?
Without a doubt, the whole line of the Modern Masters Metal Effects is our favorite. We used to think the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint was our favorite, but then we started using the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint and the Iron Reactive Paint for different techniques. They have all become favorites, for one reason or another. It’s like choosing who is your favorite child…you love them all, just in different ways!

Rust Patina Finish on Textured Table Insets | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock with Modern Masters Metal EffectsPanel Bird Art with Modern Masters Metal Effects Patinas | Project by Hoity Toity Peacok | Modern Mastery Studio Series Feature on Cafe BlogVerdigris and Rust Patinas on Rustic Table Top | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Project by Hoity Toity PeacockIsn’t their work extraordinary? Hoity Toity Peacock provides classes on these Metal Effects techniques as well as run the Brenham, Texas shop where they sell home decor goods and the pieces created with the beautiful reactive patina finishes. The newest project they are working on is a retreat center, with students staying on site 3 – 5 days while learning their incredible techniques, eating gourmet meals and getting pampered. Sounds amazing! Please contact Hoity Toity Peacock on their Facebook page if you are interested in a custom piece and/or taking one of their classes. We hope you’ve enjoyed their Modern Mastery!

Modern Mastery: Melinda and Marc Bender

We discovered decorative artists Melinda and Marc Bender on Instagram via their #ModernMastersInc project shares using our specialty paint products. Their firm, M&M Bender Designer Wall Finishes, was founded in 1998 and is a powerhouse studio based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are so happy to share their projects with you today as a part of our Modern Mastery series.

Modern Masters Metallic Paint Stenciled on Ceiling by M&M Bender | Roundabout Stencil by Wallovers | Modern Mastery Feature on Cafe Blog This gorgeous ceiling was created with the Roundabout Stencil by Wallovers using both our Pale Gold and Steel Gray from our Metallic Paint Collection to stencil the pattern.

Laguna Blue Metallic PlasterFinish with Glass Beads  by M&M Bender | Modern Mastery SeriesThe beautiful powder bath walls feature our Metallic Plaster in the Laguna Blue color with glass beads along the top. Gorgeous and shimmery.

If giving advice, what would be your top decorative finishing tip?

Every finish looks better with a final glaze. It just “sets in” the colors, enhances the metallics, and evens out the final sheen. Its also a great way to make any little color adjustments when you need to make the finish perfect for the room’s specific lighting and feel.

Gorgeous Powder Room Wall Finish | Metallic Plasters with Glazing Cream by Modern Masters | Cafe BlogA troweled Metallic Plaster finish in various colors is overglazed using our Wall Glazing Cream. Beautiful!

What is your go-to Modern Masters product?

Our go to product is Metallic Plaster. We use it in a large number of our projects. We love the body that it has, enabling us to use tools to create textures with the plaster that some other metallic plasters cannot hold up to. We also love it just on its own. Its shimmer and movement is a client favorite. We have completed dozens of ceilings using it.

Stunning Ornamental Ceiling by M&M Bender | Aged Gold Metallic Plaster with the Pattern in Silver Fox Metallic Plaster | Modern Masters Cafe BlogThis stunning ceiling has a Metallic Plaster treatment. The base finish is troweled with Aged Gold and the contemporary flower pattern was detailed with Silver Fox.

What is your dream finishing project?

We joke about this! It would be our house, of course. Our “imaginary” dream house, the one on the lake in the mountains, where the weather is always perfect, after we have won the lottery! We would finally get to do all of our favorite finishes in our favorite colors…The hardest part would be deciding! Every time we learn something new in a class or through experimenting and creating our own new finishes, we find another favorite. Its always fun to dream!

Striking Faux Decorative Paint Finish on Foyer Walls by M&M Bender | Modern Masters Metal Effects and Metallic Plaster | Cafe BlogBoth Metal Effects and Metallic Plaster were used to create this incredible wall finish. M&M Bender used the Rust Patina Finish as the base and troweled the stencil design with the Black Panther Metallic Plaster.

We’d like to thank both Marc and Melinda for sharing their studio’s beautiful work with us – what a pleasure to see our products in their artistic hands! What do you think of their work? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to also visit the M&M Bender Instagram account as they share their custom designer wall and ceiling finishes, plasters and hand-painted mural projects. We hope you are inspired to create your own one-of-a-kind projects!

Modern Mastery: Kelly Peterson

We discovered the lovely work of decorative painter Kelly Peterson on Facebook. She was sharing several of her Modern Masters projects during a viral one-week showcase by decorative artists and we contacted her immediately to learn more. We’re happy to present her varied works with our products and talk about her studio, Layers of Color.

Kelly Peterson of Layers of Color | Modern Mastery Series Feature on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogKelly Peterson was in the construction industry for over 20 years running projects and managing an aluminum frame manufacturing company before starting her decorative finish business. “When decorative painting was introduced to me many years ago, I knew I finally found my passion. I couldn’t wait to figure out how to do it and share it with others. In 2003, I was very fortunate to move to very art-inspired cultural area outside of Sacramento, California. It was the perfect time to start my decorative painting business. I was so fortunate to find IDAL and the talented people at Modern Masters.” She became a Platinum Training Center for Modern Masters and through the studio and product lines, was able to create amazing finishes for her clients. A love of teaching also led her to begin faux finish classes for a local junior college. She now teaches classes each semester and has an amazing team of decorative finishers that create almost all the finishes for her studio, Layers of Color.

Modern Masters Metallic Finish | Stenciling done with Metallic Paint | Project by Kelly Peterson and featured in the Modern Masters CafeThe wall finish has a lovely Plum Metallic Plaster base and the stenciling is done with our Pale Gold Metallic Paint. The pattern is the Fabric Damask Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio.

Kitchen Cabinetry painted with Modern Masters Statuary Bronze Metallic Paints | Project by Kelly PetersonThese kitchen cabinets were transformed with Statuary Bronze Metallic Paint and topcoated for durability. Kelly did the laundry room with the same cabinet finish!

What are some of your favorite Modern Masters finishes?

We love working with Metallic Plaster, the Metallic Paint Collection and the Glazing Cream Colors. They are so versatile and can be used in so many applications from walls to cabinetry to furniture. We also have lots of fun with the Metal Effects patina finishes.

Metallic Plaster by Modern Masters creates a contemporary concrete look for a fireplace | Project by Kelly Peterson of Layers of Color | Cafe Blog FeatureTungsten and Shimmered Moon Metallic Plaster create a contemporary concrete look for a 27′ tall fireplace.

A Shimmery Metallic Paint Base for a Chair | Glam Chair Transformation by Kelly Peterson of Layers of Color | Cafe BlogWarm Silver Metallic Paint helped update a chair with a shimmery, glam makeover.

What is the most inspiring space or place you have visited?

We created a number of finishes for an amazing castle project in the Los Altos Hills Community of California. It was a 8000 square foot renovation from the original castle built in 1924. It took several years to complete the project. The new owner was dedicated to restore as much of the original character as possible. We even got to stencil an entire carport concrete floor with Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Modello Designs vinyl stencils! It was so much fun to work on until the day several of the other contractors told us the castle was haunted…We weren’t scared… We created finishes using the Metallic Plasters, Metallic Paints and Venetian Plaster.

Home Construction and Restoration Project by decorative artist Kelly Peterson with Modern Masters Projects | Studio Feature on the Cafe BlogA sampling of the decorative paint finishes during the construction and renovation of a modern castle project in California.

What is your dream finishing project?

Most of our client projects have been dream projects. Any time a new client hires us and allows us to create beautiful and unique decorative finishes just for them is a dream project! It’s what keeps us motivated for the next one!

Italian-Inspired Metallic Plaster Finish for a Tuscan Home | Project by Kelly Peterson of Layers of Color featured in the Modern Masters Cafe BlogA Metallic Plaster wall finish graces the dining room walls of a Tuscan-inspired home.

Both Modern Masters Metallic Paint and Metallic Plaster create a unique finish for a bedroom wall and headboard | Project by Kelly Peterson of Layers of Color | Modern Masters Cafe Blog FeatureMetallic Paint and Metallic Plasters were combined to create a unique wall finish and focal point in a master bedroom.

We love how every new client is her ‘dream project’ – what a great appreciation for each of her commissions! Kelly has over 30 years of construction experience and a general contractor’s license in the state of California, as well as an experienced full service Interior Designer on staff at Layers of Color. Her expertise shows in her unique and beautiful finishes with our products. Be sure to visit her Facebook page and Instagram account as she shares many of her current projects frequently. Don’t forget to pin and share these lovely Modern Masters projects, too!

Modern Mastery: Levi Ponce

During a recent philanthropic effort, we came across the grand artistic murals and work of artist Levi Ponce. Recently, MSN named him as one of the “Top 10 Latinos to Watch” in the United States. He masterfully uses the JWR Artist’s Acrylics and Theme Paint lines from our Modern Masters products collection and we are so excited to showcase his artistry for you as well as his efforts to beautify and inspire communities.

Modern Mastery Series: Artist Levi Ponce | Modern Masters Cafe BlogBorn in Los Angeles to a sign painter and seamstress, Levi has been studying arts and crafts since childhood. Initial influences include his father, urban artists, and Renaissance painters. He began painting with his father, Hector Ponce, in the 1990’s and since then has worked in a variety of creative fields including visual effects, film miniatures, and restoration. As a visual artist, he has exhibited at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Merida and the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum.

After graduating from California State University, Northridge, Levi began painting and organizing the creation of murals along Van Nuys Blvd in his childhood neighborhood of Pacoima. His murals are community projects that bring together artists, business owners, and local youth. Together they transform defaced city walls into works of art for both locals and visitors to enjoy. His efforts, along with that of other artists, have led to the re-discovery of the area now known as Mural Mile. Levi continues to paint community murals while running a full-time crew of artists that handle commercial work across the country.

Einstein Mural by Levi Ponce | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Einstein mural entitled “Logic and Creativity” at the Magnolia Science Academy.

Large Mural by Levi Ponce | Modern Masters Cafe Blog | JWR Artist's AcrylicsTribute mural for the Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo.

What is your most memorable, challenging or rewarding project?

My most memorable and challenging project was the North Hollywood mural. It was commissioned by the NoHo Neighborhood Council and Councilman Paul Krekorian of CD2. The community had a lot of energy and we had hundreds of volunteers for three weekends in a row. I organized the order, delivery and distribution of supplies and once on site, good times! After the volunteers, I finished the mural with the help of my crew and we were able to finish it in 12 workdays.

North Hollywood Mural by Levi PonceNorth Hollywood Mural. It’s not flat – it’s a retaining wall at 30 degrees off grade.

What are some of your favorite Modern Masters finishes?

When working in the studio for the film industry we often need metallic finishes. Nothing beats the Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection. After buffing, the finish is the best you can get with paint. Fast and relatively cheap, it’s the way to go!

Exterior Mural of Dutch painter Rembrandt at Continental Art Supplies | Modern Mastery Series: Levi Ponce | Modern Masters Cafe BlogMosaic Mural of Dutch painter Rembrandt at Continental Art Supplies.

Large Mural in Venice, California by Levi Ponce | Art Meets Pantheism | Modern Masters Cafe BlogPantheism Meets Art mural in Venice, California.

What is the first work of art you remember creating?

The first work of art I remember creating was in pre-school. The teacher said that my drawings were far more detailed than the rest of the class. My stick figures had poses and hair! It’s been fun ever since.

Modern Mastery Series: Artist Levi Ponce | Levi working as a child with his artist father | Modern Masters Cafe BlogLevi working with his artist father as a young boy.

Many of Levi’s murals have become city landmarks and have been featured on the front pages of the Los Angeles Times, LA Daily News, Fox 11’s Good Day LA, CNN Latino, BBC Mundo, Univision, Telemundo, the Huffington Post, and various other publications.

Mural Tribute to Hendrix | Artist: Levi Ponce | Modern Mastery Series on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogPart of a series of murals highlighting various art forms. The Jimi Hendrix mural is a tribute to music and is 120′ long and 24′ high.

Girl with a Hoop Earring by artist Levi Ponce using JWR Artist's Acrylics | California | Modern Mastery Series on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogLevi with an homage to Vermeer entitled “Girl with the Hoop Earring”.

Philanthropic Mural with Modern Masters Theme Paints by artist Levi Ponce | Cafe BlogExterior mural by Levi in the Foothill area of California. Several organizations and leaders came together to overhaul the landscaping at the LAPD’s Foothill Police Station. Modern Masters donated the Theme Paint for this great community cause.

Walking tours of the Mural Mile (with over 30 art works) are offered through the Museum of the San Fernando Valley and The Public Art Initiative. As he creates his murals, Levi is well-known for getting the community involved, encouraging creativity and helping fellow artists. “I allow everyone to participate — children walking by, delinquent kids, adults, the homeless,” Ponce says. “Everybody comes together to make this happen and I think that’s my biggest accomplishment, being able to rally the troops.” As for the products for these murals, Levi shares, “I use Modern Masters. No tints. No glazing. Just layering of acrylic paints.” Amazing! Click on over to the Levi Ponce website and Facebook page to see more of his works — and if you’ve enjoyed his artistry and philosophy, be sure to share and pin his story!

Modern Mastery: Linda Gale Boyles

Are you on Instagram? We are! Come follow us as we share inspiring projects and creative ideas for decorative finishes on all manner of surfaces. You can also share your #ModernMasters projects with us, which is how we discovered the beautiful Modern Mastery of Southern Inspirations.

Artist Linda Gale Boyles | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogLinda Gale Boyles is the Creative Director and Owner of Southern Inspirations. It’s the studio she founded in her home in 1993 as a way of following her dreams and pursuing her artistic leanings. Her business benefited from a Business Communications degree from Georgetown College, and she soon moved into a beautiful studio. Creating her own signature finishes after taking art and finishing classes around the world, she began focusing on furniture design and surface treatments as well as the pursuit of cutting edge products and techniques. We’re thrilled to showcase her versatile Modern Masters projects, encompassing walls, ceilings and her signature furniture treatments.

Painted and Stenciled Furniture with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Southern Inspirations and featured on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogMetallic Paint and Pattern on Dresser Interior | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspiration | Modern Masters Cafe BlogCombining both a Royal Design Studio stencil and our Metallic Paint Collection, Linda designed and painted a unique dresser with handblown knobs and killer legs. Do you like the sneak peek inside the drawers, too?


Contemporary Metallic Plaster Wall Finish | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspirations | Modern Masters Cafe BlogVENETIAN Plaster creates a contemporary wall finish in Linda’s hands. Beautiful design and floor to complement!


What is the most inspiring place you have visited?
The Vatican and the Sistine Chapel. Artistically, I don’t think there is any other place on earth where there is more art in one place. It is so awe-inspiring and the beauty is unspeakable.

Luscious Green Venetian Plaster Finish on Walls with a Silver Metallic Paint Finish on Ceiling | Modern Mastery Feature on Artist Linda Gale Boyles | Modern Masters Cafe BlogVenetian Plaster in a fresh yet calm green color scheme graces the dining room walls while a Glazed Silver Metallic Paint finish on the ceiling complements it beautifully. Wonderful palette and design!


Stencils and Stripes on Wall with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern InspirationsOur Metallic Paint was used to create the chic striped wall treatment as well as stencil the patterns within the stripes. Gorgeous! Linda also created and designed the striking mirror.


What is your favorite Modern Masters finish?
It is a finish that I created called Old World Metallic. We cross hatch 2 colors of Metallic Paint and let it dry. Then we glaze and pit or watermark it. We do this on furniture and ceilings and clients love it! It looks like beaten or aged metal.

Copper Metallic Paint Finish on Range Hood | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspiration | Modern Masters Cafe BlogMetallic Paint Crosshatch Finish on Range Hood | Modern Masters | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern InspirationsVarious Copper and Gold Metallic Paints mix to create a stunning range hood finish.


Crosshatched and Glazed Metallic Paint Ceiling | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspirations | Modern Masters Cafe BlogLinda’s Old World Metallic Finish with our Metallic Paint Collection graces a bedroom ceiling. What do you think of the whimsical headboard she designed?


What is your dream finishing project?
I have many! I have designed many pieces of furniture and am in the process of looking for a manufacturer. Also, I would love to create furniture finishes for a furniture company. There is nothing like transforming a furniture piece into something a client could only dream of. I think furniture is useful sculpture.

Multi-Color Venetian Plaster Finish with Modern Masters Metallic Paints on Walls | Modern Mastery Feature of Artist Linda Gale Boyles | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Linda designed and finished this multi-color wall treatment with our VENETIAN PLASTER. It’s chic and the colors add incredible interest to the space.


Linda certainly has an eye for beautiful color combinations with a creative twist. We love her fresh take on mixing patterns and finishes on all surfaces! Her studio is able to accommodate custom orders and designs for virtually any furniture project so please be sure to visit her Southern Inspirations website if you’d like to learn more. Don’t forget to also pin and share these amazing Modern Masters projects. Many thanks to Linda for sharing them with us!