A Masterful Chinoiserie Mural

Stunning Chinoiserie Wall Mural painted with the help of Modern Masters products | Artistry by Sylvia T. Designs

Chinoiserie is a gorgeous art that always seems to be on trend. We recently spied master artist Sylvia Thompson, of Sylvia T. Designs, sharing an intriguing Chinoiserie mural commission on her Instagram and we followed its progress faithfully. We’ve previously featured Sylvia on our Modern Mastery series and jumped at the opportunity to feature another one of her gorgeous projects created with the help of several Modern Masters products.

Sketch for a Chinoiserie Mural | Modern Masters | Artist: Sylvia T. Designs

It all starts with a sketch. Sylvia shares, “We were commissioned to do decorative finish work as part of a renovation of an 18th century residence in the French Quarter of New Orleans. One aspect of our work was to design and paint a Chinoiserie mural along the walls of the dining room. This challenging mural encompasses the room and then winds up the stair finishing in the 2nd floor stair hall.”

Chinoiserie Mural in Progress | Sylvia T. Designs project feature on the Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Following the approved sketch, Sylvia started with an very light off-white gray base and began the preliminary drawings and used a background leaf stencil as the filler. This important work would provide the base for the Chinoiserie mural.

Adding Metallic Paint glazes to an ongoing Chinoiserie Mural by Sylvia T. Designs | Modern Masters Cafe Blog project feature

The Creation of a Chinoiserie Mural | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Feature | Project by Sylvia Thompson of Sylvia T. Designs

Sylvia used the Metallic Paint Collection along with the Wall Glazing Cream to help handpaint and finish the mural. The walls were given a soft pearlescent glaze with Oyster Metallic Paint. In addition to the Oyster, she also glazed Metallic Paint on top in layers using Nickel, English Brown, and Smoke. Mixtures of Pale Gold, Green Gold, Venetian Blue, Copper, Sashay Red, and Hunter Green were also used.

Chinoiserie Mural Detail by Sylvia T. Designs | Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection and Wall Glazing Cream were used to create the stunning mural | Modern Masters Cafe Blog feature

Chinoiserie Mural Close-up | Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection and Wall Glazing Cream were used by artist Sylvia Thompson of Sylvia T. Designs to help paint and finish the mural | Cafe Blog feature

Sylvia says, “Chinoiserie is making a comeback in the decorative arts due to its classic and timeless beauty. It is an European interpretation and imitation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions and it first began appearing in Europe in the 17th century. Now, it is traditionally hand painted wallpaper, which can be cost prohibitive. On this project, there is great depth and a soft glow in this particular space without being too overpowering. Moreover, the cost was less than half per square yard versus wallpaper. The handpainted design ensures a permanent lifespan of the mural that can be easily touched up and maintained, which can be difficult with wallpaper.”

Maquette of a Chinoiserie Mural | Project by Sylvia T. Designs using Modern Masters Metallic Paint and Glazing Cream | Cafe Blog feature

Gorgeous Chinoiserie Mural created and painted with the help of Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection and Glazing Cream | Stunning artistry by Sylvia Thompson of Sylvia T. Designs | Modern Masters Cafe Blog project feature

What stunning artistry! The mural has an elegant drama to it and creates incredible interest, all while connecting the dining room and adjacent stairwell. Sylvia concludes, “It was a pleasure to work with the designer and owner to capture the imagery, color, and overall feel of what was important to them. Modern Masters are “go-to” top quality products for me that helped produce the texture, feel, and depth that I desired in the mural.” Be sure to follow Sylvia’s artistic projects over on Instagram and if you’d like to read more on this project, head over to her blog. Thank you so much, Sylvia, for sharing your incredible project with us. If you’d like to find your local Modern Masters retailer, head to our Where To Buy page to find the products that will inspire your next project!

Modern Mastery: Britt Hallowell

Artists use many Modern Masters products to create extraordinary works of art. One artist we began seeing beautiful work from is Britt Hallowell of Britt Hallowell Studios. She uses our Metal Effects patinas to create a timeworn look for her modern-day canvases.We’re pleased to feature her for our Modern Mastery series.

Artist Britt Hallowell

Britt Hallowell shares that art was always her true passion – she just had to find it! “I was destined to be an artist. My childhood revolved around art and crafts of every nature, but I’m a very practical person and I didn’t think that being “an artist” would afford me being able to pay the bills,” she explains. “So I went to college for deaf studies and worked in different fields, but art was always there for me.” Then fate came calling. “One year I asked for paint supplies for Christmas and that started me down a whirlwind path I never would have expected. I started out just painting for friends and family, then opened an Etsy shop and started selling a few paintings online, then I made the big leap of doing an art festival, and it was there that I was hooked! That first show I sold 18 originals, won Best of Show, and was selected by the owners of the Melting Pot at Easton Town Center to put 24 more originals in their restaurant. Now I’m blessed to do my passion as my sole career. For the past 7 years, I have traveled the country participating in art shows and selling my original paintings to collectors around the world.”

'Revering Tembo' Canvas Art by Britt Hallowell | Modern Masters Rust Finish | Modern Mastery feature

Revering Tembo with a background of the Metal Effects Rust Patina

What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?
Ever since I found the Metal Effects by Modern Masters, I use them and the Rust Activator/Green Patina in pretty much every painting I create!

'Classics and Literature' Art Canvas created with various Metal Effects patinas | Beautiful artistry by Britt Hallowell Studios

Canvas tiger art by Britt Hallowell Art with Modern Masters Metal Effects patina | Rust Art | Modern Mastery feature

Triptych entitled 'Waiting for Spring' with the Metal Effects Copper, Bronze, and Rust Patinas | Modern Mastery feature on artist Britt Hallowell

Britt produces singular and triptych pieces in custom sizes.

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?
The Metal Effects opened up a whole new world for my paintings. I love seeing how the reactive paints will rust and patina. It’s actually rather addictive watching the paintings change before my very eyes – literally the only time it’s fun to watch paint dry. It also presents a challenge as I never know what I’ll get, and that is exciting to stretch the confines of what you are given. There is something so beautiful about taking rust – something that most people try to prevent – and turning it into a work of art that people want to look at every day. Another interesting aspect is that nothing can ever really be duplicated. Everything from humidity, temperature and the shape of my boards will impact one painting from the next. I love knowing the every single painting is absolutely a one of a kind.

Canvas horse art piece entitled An Untameable Heart painted and created by Britt Hallowell Art with the Metal Effects Rust Finish by Modern Masters | Equestrian Art Canvas | Modern Mastery feature

An Untameable Heart with the Metal Effects Rust Finish

Canvas entitled 'In a World' | Background created with Metal Effects Green Patina and the Words are created with the Metal Effects Rust Patina | Modern Masters | Modern Mastery feature on artist Britt Hallowell

I have recently published my first children’s book called What Makes You Special?. It’s a story, written and illustrated by myself, to encourage kids that it’s ok to be unique. We don’t all fit the same mold, and it’s our differences that make us who we are. I am first and foremost a Mom. My daughter and my art define me. I was inspired to create this story after I painted my original painting titled Wishing on Stars: The Unicorn of the Seas, featuring Little Narwhal, the hero of the story. Being a bit of an “ugly duckling” as a kid and having a daughter of my own now, I am increasingly concerned with the amount of bullying children are enduring and how harsh society can be to those who do not conform to its standards. If even one child reads this book and feels encouraged that he or she does not need to change who they are, then the book has been a success. I’m currently working on a second book that will teach kids to explore their own unique talents and do what they love. The illustrations in this book will feature Modern Masters Metal Effects.

What is the most inspiring space or place you have visited?
Definitely Kenya. I don’t think it’s possible to go to Africa without leaving part of your heart there. That’s why I think so many of my paintings reflect African animals. I’ve also been to Ireland and Alaska. Next on the bucket list is Thailand, China, Peru and hopefully Antarctica one day.

Rust and Acrylic Canvas entitled 'Serengeti Rockstar' painted and created by artist Britt Hallowell with the help of Metal Effects Reactive Finishes by Modern Masters | Modern Mastery feature

Serengeti Rockstar with the Metal Effects Rust Patina

Isn’t her artistry incredible? We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing her stunning works. Be sure to view more on her Britt Hallowell Studios website and, of course, keep up with her on Facebook and Instagram. Many thanks to Britt for sharing her art, knowledge, and love of Modern Masters with us. Stay inspired, everyone!

Holiday Windows with Metal Effects!

We recently featured the incredible decorative artist Heather Jozak in our Modern Mastery series. She works in the New York metro area as well as New Jersey and Connecticut and shared a huge project her company completed for Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.

Bergdorf Goodman holidays windows with Modern Masters Metal Effects | Stunning project by Heather Jozak Studios

Her company was hired to decorative paint an entire holiday window for Bergdorf Goodman’s famous windows during the last winter season. She used our Metal Effects in both blue and green patinas.

Artist Heather Jozak working on creating the holiday windows for Bergdorf Goodman with the help of Modern Masters Metal Effects patinas | Modern Masters blog feature

Modern Masters Metal Effects Patinas | Project: Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Windows by Heather Jozak Studios

It turned out spectacular, don’t you think? Be sure to keep up with her company, Heather Jozak Studios, on both Instagram and Facebook for more of her incredible work. Thank you for sharing your project, Heather, and bringing us more holiday spirit!

Holiday Window at Bergdorf Goodman | Incredible project by Heather Jozak Studios in NYC with the help of Modern Masters Metal Effects

Modern Mastery: Elan Evans

The community of decorative painters is often a supportive one filled with great friendships. We received a note from muralist Shannon Geis (thank you, Shannon!) to take a look at the work of Elan Evans and we were blown away. It’s our pleasure to feature Elan’s beautiful talent along with some of her projects featuring Modern Masters!

Modern Mastery feature of the beautiful decorative painting and wall coverings by Elan Evans | Modern Masters Blog

Decorative Painter and Wallpaper Fabricator Elan Evans

Elan shares, “I began this journey in the theatre. As an aspiring actress, I started painting scenery for extra cash, and soon found that I was making a lot more money painting than acting. I also came to enjoy people phoning me, asking if I was available, instead of continually knocking on doors, hoping and hoping for an opportunity to practice my craft. While in New York, I found my way into interior decorative painting, and never looked back.

After several years of working for other talented and generous artists, I established my own Elan Evans Studio in Sonoma County in 2000. In those days it was all oil glaze, all the time. As tastes, and California environmental standards, have changed, my techniques have evolved. Although I will always have a tender (and toxic) spot in my heart for oil paints and glazes, I’ve really enjoyed learning to use the fabulous new and non- toxic products available to the decorative finisher in the 21st century.

The San Francisco bay area has embraced modernism in a big way, and part of the challenge for painters in our area has been creating finishes that are current and fresh, and convincing designers that painted finishes have a place in modern interiors. Since wallpaper has been making such inroads into the decorative painter’s world over the last 10 years, I became determined to create my own line of wallcoverings, and after two long years, I am ready to launch! STRATA layered wallcoverings are hand painted and die cut, my amazing die cutter becomes the ‘low cost worker’ that enables me to manufacture the entire line in Sonoma County. I chose the Metallic Paint Collection by Modern Masters for most of the colors, because of their beauty and consistency, and the response has been so good, so far!”

Agate Finish on Ceiling of Master Bath with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Elan Evans Studio | Interior design by Tineke Triggs | Phography by Eric Rorer | Modern Mastery Feature

Metallic Agate Finish Close-up | Decorative Painting and Ceiling Finishes | Beautiful Project by Elan Evans | Modern Masters Metallic Paints

A stunningly gorgeous agate finish was created by Elan on a master bath ceiling with the help of Modern Masters Metallic Paints. Incredible space! The interior design was by Tineke Triggs and the photos are by Eric Rorer.

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

Metallics can be so tricky, and it used to create a lot of anxiety every time I proposed one. Back in the days when I was custom mixing all my colors, I often just didn’t want to fuss with metallics. Sometimes the metallic paints that were available, though reliable, were toxic. Or, if you mixed your own glazes with bronzing powders you struggled to recreate your formula from job to job, or scale up a formula from sample to job. Even a very small variation in the proportions of ingredients would affect the final look. I really value the consistency of the Metallic Paint line as I know exactly what I am getting every time, and now I don’t hesitate to offer metallic finishes to my clients.

Paper Mural in a Family Room at a Ronald McDonald House | Decorative Finishes with Metallic Paint | Project by Elan Evans | Design by Butler Armsden Architects and photography by Margot Hartford | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Papers were coated with custom mixes of Metallic Paints before being hand cut and applied to the walls of a family room at the Palo Alto, CA based Ronald McDonald House. Each artist dedicates their time to beautifying these rooms to help families feel a little more comfortable while they are facing difficult times. Wonderful philanthropic work, Elan! The design was by Butler Armsden Architects and the photo is by Margot Hartford.

Custom STRATA Wall Covering for a hall niche by Elan Evans | Modern Mastery Blog Feature | Photography by Margot Hartford

Beautiful and contemporary STRATA Wallcovering from Elan’s studio was used for a stunning hallway. Photography by Margot Hartford.

Geometric Ceiling with a STRATA Wallcovering Finish | Project and Papers by the Elan Evans Studio | Stunning Interior Design is by Candace Barnes and beautiful Photography by Christopher Stark Photo | Modern Masters Metallic Paint

A hand-applied and finished metallic STRATA Wallcovering for an entry ceiling compliments the light fixture and artworks perfectly. The incredible interior design is by Candace Barnes and the photography is by Christopher Stark Photo.

What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?

Champagne Metallic Paint always seems to be just the right color. Not too cool, not too warm. It’s sophisticated and never garish.

Dead Flat Varnish is always on the shelf, not just for protecting painted finishes, but I also find it so useful for touch up and repair work. Dead Flat varnish, a little tint, and and an airbrush has made me a hero on several occasions.

Gorgeous Wallcovering detail of the STRATA Wall Coverings line by the Elan Evans Studio | Interior Design by Julie Rootes and Photography by Michelle Drewes | Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

Cut paper overlays in Snowflake Metallic Paint over a swirled blend of Snowflake, Champagne, and Platinum Metallic Paint. This Napa Valley dining room with excellent taste was designed by Julie Rootes and photographed by Michelle Drewes.

Stenciled Lavender Wall with Pearl White Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Project by the Elan Evans Studio | Modern Mastery feature

Lovely and serene space by Elan with a beautiful pattern stenciled with Pearl White Metallic Paint over a lavender wall.

What is your dream finishing project?

I have always wanted to paint an entire room of faux tortoise shell inlay. And these days, instead of using imitation leaf as a background, I think I would use a sprayed coat of Pale Gold Metallic Paint as the basecoat.

Stuning Swirled Ceiling finish with Tequila Gold Metallic Paint by Modern Masters for a Wine Cellar | Interior design is by Jane Richardson Mack | Decorative Artistry by Elan Evans Studio | Modern Mastery Feature

Swirled Metallic Ceiling Treatment Finish by artist Elan Evans | Tequila Gold Metallic Paint | Interior Design of Wine Cellar by Jane Richardson Mack | Modern Masters Blog Feature

A stylish and upscale swirled ceiling finish was created by Elan for a refined wine cellar with Tequila Gold Metallic Paint. The interior design is by Jane Richardson Mack.

Metallic and Modern Decorative Paint Finish for a Floral Studio by artist Elan Evans | Interior Design by Gayle Nicoletti | Modern Masters | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

A chic decorative wall finish with Metallic Paints was created for a floral design studio. So creative and inspired! The interior design is by Gayle Nicoletti.

Such gorgeous modern and contemporary projects – each is even more innovating than the next! We hope you’ve enjoyed our Modern Mastery feature of the Elan Evans Studio. If you are looking for paintery yet elegant wallcoverings with incredible multiple layers, look no further than the STRATA Wall Coverings collection her studio creates by hand. Be sure to follow her studio’s work on her @elanevansdecorativepaint Instagram account, too! Thank you, Elan, for sharing your artistry with us!











Modern Mastery: Dan Buttery

Modern Mastery: Dan Buttery of DB Designs | Modern Masters Blog Feature on Studios with incredible Modern Masters projects

We discovered the beautiful projects of Dan Buttery of Black Lab Metal Fab via his shares on Instagram. Dan owns a welding, woodworking and metal art company in Lewiston, NY, and his custom metal work can be found throughout the United States and Canada, including projects for Hard Rock USA. His work with our Metal Effects is inspiring and we wanted to share his projects with you.

Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Mastery Series on the Modern Masters Blog

Metal Artist Dan Buttery

“I learned a lot from my father,” Dan shares. “My dad was a jack of all trades with wood, metal, and cars. I started doing restorations with vehicles with my father when I was 16. My passion for older cars started when I first saw a car. Working with metal and paint on cars got me involved with what I do today with my metal work. After my father passed from a motorcycle accident, I got more involved with the metal art and picked up a PlasmaCam CNC table. My company is named after my black lab, Chevelle, and we are about doing custom metal or wood work that the customer can’t find anywhere else. I like doing one-off pieces that are personal to the customer and challenge myself to make images come to life out of metal or wood. The studio has done small signs to custom furniture to a custom bar for a brewery.  I’ve been working with metal and wood for over 20 years now. With the various finishes I use beside automotive paint, Modern Masters makes my metal art unique and they last a long time. I’ve used other methods of “rusting” but it doesn’t compare to the uniqueness that Modern Masters offers.

Gallo Restaurant with Entrance Sconces patinated with Metal Effects | Project by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Masters Studio feature

Gallo Restaurant with Metal Effects Patinas on the Exterior Sconces | Project by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Dan did several exterior lighting commissions for the Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen restaurant with Metal Effects.

What is your most memorable, challenging or rewarding project?

My most memorable project was making a fireplace surround for an electric fireplace for a doctor’s office. I built it from scratch and all I had was a rendering and measurements. To make it unique and movable, I made it in two pieces so it was easy to transport. After building the frame, it was then covered with metal. I used the Modern Masters Rust Patina to give it a high quality finish. I added burned and hot rolled metal to give it more of a medieval look.

Custom built fireplace with Metal Effects Rust Patina by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Masters

What is your top finishing tip?

My top finishing tip is to be unique. There are so many ways to use Modern Masters products to make your work stand out. It’s all about trial and error. But with Modern Masters, it comes out great. I use the Rust Patina product to make the work of art look like an old piece of metal. I dab the Iron Reactive Paint on with a brush to chunk up the look so the new piece of metal looks like a 60 year old piece of metal. With their Copper Reactive Metallic Paint, I like to keep some of the copper paint exposed, so it looks like a piece of copper aging, and not have the whole work be aged.

Pizza Restaurant Sign with Metal Effects Copper Reactive Metallic Paint | Patina Process on the Modern Masters Blog | Project by Dan Butter of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab

Pizza Restaurant Sign after Metal Effects Patinas | Project by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Mastery Blog Series

Metal Effects Patina Close-up. So realistic! Gorgeous work by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Masters Blog

Process of patinating a Pizza restaurant sign with Metal Effects. Incredible!

A metal buffalo head is being rusted with Metal Effects patinas by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Rusted Metal Buffalo Head for a Doctor's Office Exterior | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Project by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab | Modern Mastery Studio Feature

Incredible rust patina on a custom 5′ metal buffalo head for the exterior of a doctor’s office.

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

Modern Masters has more than enhanced my business. It made me more creative and capable of offering different finishes for my metal work. I have used the products in my home, creating a rust wall in my living room that I would never thought I could have done until I was introduced to Metal Effects. I used Metallic Plaster to give my bedroom a look I always wanted after seeing it in a bathroom on the Modern Masters website. I have introduced many of my friends to the products and now they are using them to enhance their businesses. I can’t wait to try out more!

Beautiful patinas by Dan Buttery of DB Designs and Black Lab Metal Fab for a House Address Sign | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Modern Mastery Studio Feature

We hope you’ve enjoyed Dan’s incredible artistry with both metals and patinas! Thank you so much, Dan, for sharing your Modern Masters projects with us and showcasing your incredible finishes. Please head on over to the Black Lab Metal Fab website to see more of his company’s gallery of work and keep up with him on Facebook, too. Of course, catch all his project updates on his fantastic @blacklabmetalfab Instagram account as well. Stay inspired!








Modern Mastery: Nichole Blackburn

Modern Mastery feature on artist Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studio and Big Sky Countries | Decorative Painting and Mural Projects | Modern Masters Blog

We’ve followed Nichole Blackburn’s artistry throughout the years. She’s a gifted artist who not only works on incredible commissions for her Celadon Studio but also donates her time and efforts to philanthropic efforts throughout the world via her non profit organization, Big Sky Countries. We’re honored to showcase her Modern Masters projects with you.

Artist Nichole Blackburn | Modern Masters Blog Feature on her Celadon Studio Projects

Born in Redondo Beach, California, Nichole Blackburn received her B.A. in Fine Art and Design from San Diego State University and after graduation, she went head first into her art career, and is currently the Owner and Creative Director of Celadon Studio and Fine Art, a Los Angeles-based business whose main focus is large-scale murals and decorative painting.

Always maintaining a creative edge, she continually trains all over the world with the top muralists and decorative painters in the industry. Most recently, Nichole moved abroad to Paris, France (2014-2015) to study with world-renowned decorative painter Jean Sable at his atelier in Versailles. Prior to that, Nichole spent a month on the East Coast studying under William Cochran, one of the country’s leading trompe l’oeil muralists. During this time she joined a select team of six artists who worked on a five-story public mural project called “The Dreaming”. Nichole has brought her unique style and artwork to numerous Los Angeles hot spots, celebrity homes and landmark hotels. Working with some of the best architects, interior designers and ateliers in the industry, Nichole has built a solid reputation and a name you can trust.

Custom Canvas Art with Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Metallic Plaster by artist Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studio | Modern Mastery Series

Custom Canvas created by Nichole for a gorgeous contemporary residence using the Metallic Paint Collection and Metallic Plaster.

What is the most inspiring space or place you have visited?

I absolutely love to travel. By the time I was in my 20s I had visited over 40 countries and was by no means slowing down. I would say the last country I visit is usually the most inspiring and influential in my art. I had the pleasure of spending the last year studying with Jean Sable at his decorative painting school in Versailles, France, which is located across the street from the Palace of Versailles. Jean Sable is a joy to study under, a true craftsman that honors the traditions and style of French decorative painting. Under Jean’s tutelage, I painted everything from classical marbles and wood grain techniques, to large-scale panoramic murals, as well as trompe l’oeil and chinoiserie. I was the only American in an all-French class, and with that came the challenge of all lessons taught in French, lectures about pigments and products only available in Europe, and executing painting techniques that relied on the skills and working knowledge applied from each demonstration. Studying with Jean Sable has been one of the most inspiring painting experiences I have had, and it continues to influence my painting in a big way.

Newport Clouds Sky Mural on Walls and Ceiling by Nichole Blackburn | Modern Masters Glazes | Modern Mastery Studio Feature

Sky Cloud Mural created with Tintable Glaze.

Crown Mural by California artist Nichole Blackburn using Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Glaze | Modern Mastery Blog Series Feature

A luxe shimmer was added to a princess crown mural with Metallic Paint.

What is your most memorable, challenging, or rewarding project?

My most rewarding work has been with my nonprofit, Big Sky Countries. Big Sky Countries is a non-profit organization founded in 2008 whose main focus is donating large-scale murals to children’s facilities around the world. Murals have been painted in Thailand, Ireland, the Philippines, Bolivia, New Orleans, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Atlanta, New Jersey, and all over the Los Angeles area. These children’s facilities include elementary schools, orphanages, children’s hospitals, teen shelters, libraries and youth centers. All children, faculty members, and well, everyone is encouraged to paint!

Large Underwater Mural with Whales and Ocean Life by Nichole Blackburn for Big Sky Countries Non-Profit Art Endeavors | Modern Masters Blog Feature

I started Big Sky Countries when I was in my 20s, after realizing that making loads of money was surprisingly not the key to happiness. For me, creative freedom paired with traveling, as well as painting with children was far more satisfying. I grew up an art brat in high school, always ditching my other classes to go to the art studio, and I would stay up all night drawing in my sketchbooks. I wasn’t always the best student, but when it came to art I was totally confident and free. In schools where art programs have been taken away, especially for kids that are not academically inclined, I want to show that art can be a huge success, both mentally and as a career choice. Some of the most brilliant children I have painted with were also the most withdrawn, anti-social and considered misfits. Funny enough, I relate and paint the best with these kids.

Philanthropic Under the Blue Sea Large Exterior Wall Mural by Big Sky Countries | Modern Mastery Art Feature on Nichole Blackburn

Under the Sea Mural for Big Sky Countries created with the help of various Modern Masters products.

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

I love the Modern Masters products. Modern Masters have a great reputation and it’s not hard to see why. I have used Modern Masters paints for years, particularly the Metallic Paints, as well as the Glazing Cream Colorants in the earth tones/browns. The consistency and quality of the products is wonderful. I love the Modern Masters Metallic Plasters, as well. By layering them in different consistencies I am able to achieve a wide range of effects, giving me the chance to really push my finishes and samples. The Metallic Paints are a go-to for me, especially the gold’s, which come in a variety of colors that fit perfectly with my Clients’ discerning needs.

Gold Rush Penny Mural commemorating California's Diamond Jubilee | Modern Masters Metallic Paints, Glazing Cremes and Colorants | Project by Artist Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studios | Blog Feature

California Diamond Jubilee Half Dollar created with Glazing Cream and Glazing Cream Colorants in dark brown hues.

Children's Tree Mural in Reading Corner of the Trenton, NJ Library | Artistry by Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studio | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Children’s Enchanted Forest and Tree Mural in a reading corner nook at the Trenton, NJ Library. Nichole used Glazing Cream and Glazing Cream Colorants to help paint the inspired 200 foot wall painting. Nichole donated the mural, valued at about $25,000, through her Big Sky Countries non-profit.

Four Panel Coffered Ceiling that was painted and woodgrained with Modern Masters Metallic Paints by California artist Nichole Blackburn | Scrollwork Pattern Design: Modello Stencils | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

Four panel coffered dining room ceiling reflects a soft metallic glow. Nichole used our Metallic Paints for both the scrollwork and the faux woodgrain.

We hope you’ve  enjoyed Nichole’s extraordinary artistry – and her big sky country heart! To learn more about her private commissions, please visit her Celadon Studio site. Head to Big Sky Countries to see more of the donated murals she’s painted, learn more about her mission, and to help support giving the gift of art. Thank you, Nichole, for sharing your time and incredible projects with us!


Modern Mastery: Melanie Kershner of Beaux-Arts

Melanie Kershner of Beaux-Arts Classic Products | Modern Mastery Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Melanie Kershner of Beaux-Arts Classic Products

Beaux-Arts Classic Products is a family-owned company that designs and manufactures gorgeous architectural products. We were excited to have a chance to speak to Melanie Kershner, one of the studio partners, and an artist and designer in her own right. Beaux-Arts Classic Products are created from historic master designs that are scanned and manipulated in 3D software. They are then cast in urethane resin and finished with our Metallic Paint Collection. The Beaux-Arts motto is ‘Classical Solutions for Modern Intrusions’ and it’s a lovely way to bring historic and classic design to contemporary spaces. They also work with many decorative painters and provide quite a few ingenious options for them, such as the versatile wall panel kits in various design styles for framing murals and hand painted canvas panels. We’ve seen their incredible work with our Metallic Paints and thought to showcase their beautiful products and artistry with you.

Paneled Walls using several Modern Masters Metallic Paint colors | Project and Ornamental Designs by Beaux-Artes Classic Products | Modern Mastery Feature

Melanie says, “Modern Masters is an integral part of our business; being used for product finishes, creating custom canvas panels and for our custom design services. We offer decorative painting services which often include both products.” One such project is this stunning space with their Louis XIV wall panels featuring a damask pattern within. Both the wall and panels use several of our Metallic Paint colors, including Pale Gold, Champagne, Teal, and Silver.

Lovely Ceiling Medallion finished with Modern Masters Olympic Gold and Pearl Metallic Paint | Beaux-Artes | Modern Mastery Feature

Their concierge design service for ornamentation is perfect for when creating elegant finishes for the ceiling ornamentation that they sell. This incredible hand painted closet has a lovely customized Shell Ceiling Medallion finished with Pearl White and Olympic Gold Metallic Paint. “Olympic Gold is my favorite go-to gold that works well with aging glazes and highlights. It makes a beautiful Platinum Gold when paired with Warm Silver as the highlight and is a perfect antique gold when aged with a raw umber glaze.”

Ornamentation of fireplace and built-in by Beaux-Artes Classic Products were all finished with Modern Masters Olympic Gold and an aging glaze | Modern Mastery Feature

Using Modern Masters Metallic Paints to paint and enhance ornamental details for cabinet doors, fireplaces, doors, windows and walls | Modern Mastery Feature: Beaux-Artes Classic Products

Cabinet doors, fireplaces, regular doors, and windows can also be graced with their ornamental designs. Here, the ornamentation was finished with Olympic Gold Metallic Paint and a raw umber aging glaze.

Wall Panels with Murals and Ornamental Designs | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Modern Mastery Feature: Beaux-Artes Classic Products

Wow! Here, the Georgian Architectural Wall Panel has a Pale Gold Metallic Paint finish with a gray glaze. The hand painted panel background is an aged Pearl White Metallic Paint with the design also painted in the Pale Gold and Gray Glaze combo.

Girls Room | Walls sprayed with Modern Masters Champagne Metallic Paint to match the satin background of the fabric | Canvas Panels and Crown Molding have a Pearl Metallic Paint background with Pharaoh's Gold | Modern Mastery: Beaux-Artes

The French Renaissance Wall Panels are so beautiful in this room. The wall panel layout includes all the doors! The walls were sprayed with Champagne Metallic Paint to match the satin background of the fabric. The canvas panels have a Pearl White and Pharaoh’s Gold Metallic Paint background. The same combination is used on the crown molding.

Powder Room with Faux Pietre Dure Panels with Venetian Plaster | Modern Masters | Project by Beaux-Artes Classic Products

This luxe and elegant powder room is the most memorable, challenging and rewarding project for Melanie. “We created pietra dura panels using Venetian Plaster to match the marble console for the sink,” she shares. “We also refinished the console with Olympic Gold Metallic Paint, which was used on all the molding as well.” Pietra dura is the art of using cut and fitted ornamental pieces to create images – you can see the images within the panels below the baseboard. It’s an incredible decorative art and they did it so well.

Aren’t their products and artistry incredible? Please be sure to look over the Beaux-Arts Classic Products website to see all the beautiful ornamental solutions they offer. One of our faves is their elegant and attractive decorative grilles. Keep up with Beaux-Arts on their Facebook fan page and Pinterest, too! Many, many thanks to Melanie Kershner for sharing her time with us for this feature. You can always catch her creative musings and design inspired posts on her blog, Classical Addiction. Have an inspired day!














Modern Mastery: Aliya Riaz

We discovered Aliya Riaz’ gorgeous decorative painting through Instagram. She shared many of her #ModernMasters projects with us and we were charmed with her artistry. We’re very happy to share the work of her studio, Portfauxlio, Inc., here today as part of our ongoing Modern Mastery series.

Modern Mastery: Aliya Riaz of Portfauxlio | Decorative Painting Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Artist: Aliya Riaz of Portfauxlio

Artist Aliya Riaz of Portfauxlio in Chatham, NJ, Is in love with the decorative arts. Every day and every project brings something new to get her creative juices flowing. She especially enjoys solving design dilemmas either as part of a design team or with the client directly to bring an abstract idea to life. When not busy with projects, she has a line of painted Anaglypta wallpaper that can be custom ordered or made from existing samples.

Aliya also finds great joy in teaching decorative finish workshops. She shares, “I never know who learns more – my students or I. Whether it is individual instruction or a group, I love helping students with decorative finishes, gilding, découpage and, more recently, working with foils. Having taught so many, a lot of my students stay in touch long after class. It’s interesting to track how they run with the knowledge and take it in different directions to suit their own personal endeavors.”

Custom Anaglypta Wallpaper is sold by the roll by artist Aliya Riaz of Portfauxlio | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Decorative Painting Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

A view of the custom anaglypta rolls that Aliya Riaz paints and sells. She frequently uses our Metallic Paint Collection to help create them.

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster on ceiling with a beautiful Bronze Metal Leaf pattern | Project by Aliya Riaz of Portfauxlio

This ceiling was rendered in a dusky blue color using a base of our Venetian Plaster. It was waxed and polished after the design was put in place using bronze metal leaf.

Gorgeous Metallic Ceiling with a Raised Ornamental Pattern by artist Aliya Riaz of Portfauxlio | Decorative Painting Modern Mastery Feature | Interior Designer: Rachel Kapner | Modern Masters Blog

Over a field of Platinum Metallic Paint, Ms. Riaz cut a stencil based on the design of the window fabric. The stencil was painted using Statuary Bronze Metallic Paint and Glass Bead Gel. The interior designer on the project was Rachel Kapner of Creative Wallcoverings and Interiors. Beautiful!


I would be hard pressed to say which Modern Masters Product is my favorite and it would be even harder to come up with the best color – though I do tend to use a lot of Warm Silver Metallic Paint. From the Dead Flat Varnish to the Metallic Plaster, my decorative finishes are enhanced in every way by the entire Modern Masters product line.

A mix of Metallic Plaster and Metallic Paint was employed to match the cap of this lovely light fixture | Project by Aliya Riaz of Portfauxlio | Modern Masters Blog Feature

A mix of Metallic Plaster and Metallic Paint was employed to match the cap of this lovely light fixture.

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster over Metal Leaf Wall Finish | Beautiful Decorative Paint Treatment by Aliya Riaz of Portfauxlio | Modern Mastery Series

This light and beautiful bath wall treatment has our Metallic Plaster over metal leaf.


My clients fell in love with the ceiling of a suite they stayed at in The Four Seasons Hotel, Milan – most of which is a 15th century converted convent. Armed with no pictures, they wanted me to recreate the ceiling of that suite in their New Jersey dining room. One challenge was that instead of 14′ high ceilings, we had only 9′ to work with, so the details had to be more delicate.

After a great many discussions, I drew up the plans. We started with a flat white ceiling. Aided by gifted woodworker Robert Bittner, I put into place each piece of applied compo molding (painted and gilded) using a palette of colors my clients loved. It was a labor of love and took well over a month to complete, along with the lime plaster walls, gold leaf gilding and using Modern Masters Metallic Paints on parts of the ceiling. It will remain one of my favorite projects not just because of how it all came together but because of the belief and trust placed in me by my clients.

Ornamental Ceiling Designed and Painted by Aliya Riaz of Portfauxlio | Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Modern Mastery Series

Ornamental Ceiling by Aliya Riaz of Portfauxlio | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Decorative Painting and Finishing Feature for the Modern Mastery Series

Gorgeous close-up of an ornamental ceiling designed and created by artist Aliya Riaz of New Jersey studio, Portfauxlio | Part of a feature of the Modern Mastery Series showcasing incredible decorative finishing projects and surfaces | Modern Masters Blog


Paying it forward helps us all. If Plan A doesn’t work out, you still have plans B through Z to work on! We decorative artists are known for thinking on our feet and in most cases come up with ingenious ideas and solutions. I find our community is amazingly supportive and have learned to reach out for help when needed.

Gorgeous Modern Masters ShimmerStone finish on Walls | Project by Aliya Riaz of Portfauxlio | Interior Design by Mary LaVecchia | Modern Mastery Series

Stunning Coffered Ceiling with Metallics and Gilding and ShimmerStone Plaster Wall Finish | Decorative Painting by Aliya Riaz of Portfauxlio in New Jersey | Interior Design by Mary LaVecchia |Modern Masters Blog Feature

This project was done in a private residence in New Jersey. The walls were plastered using ShimmerStone. The beautiful plaster finish provided the perfect shimmery neutral backdrop to the vaulted coffered ceiling, which is about 25 feet high. The interior designer on the project was Mary LaVecchia of Creative Wallcoverings and Interiors.

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the beautiful decorative painting work of Aliya Riaz! She is truly quite versatile, as is her finishing work. If you’d like to keep up with her studio, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Houzz, as well as her Portfauxlio website. Many thanks to Ms. Riaz for sharing her exquisite Modern Masters projects with us. We look forward to seeing many more and keeping up with your amazing studio!






Modern Mastery: Heather Jozak

Heather Jozak’s beautiful artistry caught our eye on Instagram. She’s not only a proficient decorative painter, she’s also put together beautiful display windows for companies such as Bergdorf Goodman and Anthropologie. We’re excited to share some of her amazing Modern Masters projects with you!

Modern Mastery feature on the fab Heather Jozak Studios | Modern Masters Blog

Artist Heather Jozak as photographed by Richard Marko Photography

The eponymous Heather Jozak Studios has over 15 years of decorative painting experience working throughout the New York metro area as well as New Jersey and Connecticut. The studio’s finishes cover traditional and modern styles for walls, hand painted furniture, cabinetry and custom canvas paintings. Some of their beautiful surface treatments include Venetian Plasters, stone finishes, glazing, murals, metal leafing, stenciling, stripes, suede, faux marble and faux wood graining.They also help with styling of windows in New York City – in fact, take a look at some of their incredible retail window displays. We had the good fortune to have a chance to e-chat with Heather as she shares more on her studio, her favorite finish and her top decorative painting tip. Let’s get started!

Custom Canvas Art by Heather Jozak Studios | Interior Design by Eleanor Rivara of Nature's Window | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Modern Mastery Feature

Heather worked with Interior Designer Eleanor Rivara of Nature’s Window for this project. She created the gorgeous custom canvas art with the help of our Metallic Paint Collection. Isn’t it perfect for the space?

Modern Masters Venetian Plaster enhances the foyer of a commercia space | Decorative Artistry by Heather Jozak Studios | Modern Mastery feature

A rich Venetian Plaster finish enhances the foyer of a commercial foyer. Love that color!


Recently, I have added many new modern samples to my portfolio. Many use my favorite Modern Masters products such as the Venetian Plaster. With the help of Modern Masters Venetian Plaster, I am able to go beyond the characteristic old world look and manipulate the plaster into more modern, cutting edge samples. Recently, I have created samples resembling the look and feel of a charcoal colored elephant ivory texture, one that mimics the look and feel of grasscloth, and one that will make your wall pop with embossed pattern. The Modern Master range and depth of color that can be easily achieved has had me loyal to this product for a good 15 years.

Stained and Glazed Cabinet Buffet by Heather Jozak Studios | Modern Masters Tintable Glaze | Modern Mastery Feature

The Tintable Glaze helped Heather complete this stained and glazed modern cabinet. Wow!

Gorgeous Foyer Walls and Ceiling by Heather Jozak Studios created with the help of Modern Masters Texture Effects | Modern Mastery Studio Feature

Who wouldn’t love going up into this beautifully finished walls and ceiling? The treatment was created with the help of Texture Effects.

Incredible Patina Wall by Heather Jozak Studios | Beautiful Interior Design by Robert Jenny Design |Modern Masters Metal Effects | Modern Mastery Studio Feature

This is such an incredible patina wall finish with our Metal Effects! Heather worked with Robert Jenny Design for this collaborative design and decorative painting project.


Modern Masters has enhanced my business through their vast palette of not only fabulous colors, but finishes that no other company has to offer. Metallic finishes are popular right now and being able to mix and match metallic colors to a client’s specific needs is crucial. Many times a client or interior designer will come to me with a fabric swatch or a corresponding wallpaper that needs to match or complement, and being able to customize the color so easily makes for a positive match every time. The Metallic Paint Collection’s colors are vivid and bright, unlike some competitor’s metallic, making them my absolute go-to products.

People constantly ask me about my patina and rust finishes, “How did you do this”?! I enjoy amazing my clients and showing them the possibilities in these products. They are great for commercial applications too, where putting in actual patina or rusted metal would be cost and structurally prohibitive. Knowing I have these incredible products on hand, I go into prospective job meetings confident and excited to show clients the possibilities they had no idea existed.

Textured Wall Finish with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Decorative Painting by Heather Jozak Studios | Modern Mastery Feature

A textured wall treatment was finished with our Metallic Paints. So lovely and ethereal!

Stenciled Girls Room Focal Wall with Pearl Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Interior Design by Eleanor Rivara of Nature's Window | Decorative and Stencil Artistry by Heather Jozak Studios | Feature and Accent Wall Ideas | Modern Mastery Studio Series

Such a pretty color scheme, don’t you think? Heather used our Pearl Metallic Paint to stencil a modern geometric design on the feature wall of a girls room. The pattern is the Linked In Wall Stencil by Royal Design Studio. She worked with Interior Designer of Eleanor Rivara of Nature’s Window for this project.

Restaurant Cellar 335 Hospitality Project by Decorative Painters Heather Jozak Studios | Doors and Moldings Aged with Modern Masters Tintable Glaze | Modern Mastery Studio Feature

Cellar 335 has a rustic yet very chic vibe. For this hospitality project, our Tintable Glaze was used to help add character and age to the doors and moldings. Tribeca Grain did all the beautiful woodwork and Heather did the finishing.

Contemporary Stenciled Design with Modern Masters Silver Metallic Paint | Guest Bath Wall Finish by Heather Jozak Studios | Modern Mastery Feature

Silver Metallic on a dark background looks gorgeous paired with a contemporary chain link stencil design. The marble completes the look with a rich, luxe flair. The pattern was a custom stencil designed by Stencil Planet. The incredible interior design is by Eleanor Rivara of Nature’s Window.


In order to have a great finish, you need to begin every project correctly. Each step in any finish, whether it be a set of dining room chairs or a foyer’s walls, need to be well executed and thought out. Finishes will not stand the test of time if not prepared correctly.

I spend a great deal of time making sure the proper foundation has been set. From experience, I will actually feel a surface and look closely at furniture or walls to calculate how much prep needs to be done. I am always extra cautious with projects and take extra steps to make a finish last such as: cleaning surfaces, sanding and then cleaning, sand off, using a high quality primer fit for the project, and of course, using the best painting products to finish. Prep, Prep, Prep – that is my best advice! When you finally get to the fun finishing part, it is so rewarding! It is also gratifying knowing your finish will last a long time.

Glazed Cabinet Doors and Molding by Heather Jozak Studios | Interior Design by Robert Jenny Design | Modern Masters Tintable Glaze | Modern Mastery Feature

These antique glazed doors and moldings have an elegant finished look and feel due to Heather’s talented artistry. We’re proud that our Tintable Glaze helped her achieve this finish! The lovely interiors are by Robert Jenny Design.

Beautiful Fishtank patina created with Modern Masters Metal Effects by decorative painter Heather Jozak Studios | Modern Mastery Projects Feature

We would absolutely stop in our tracks when seeing the patina on this large fish tank with our Metal Effects. Stunning result!

Incredibe Silver and Blue Patina Living Room Ceiling combining Metal Effects and Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Decorative Painting Project by Heather Jozak Studios |Interior Design by Maura Buckley of Millburn ETC | Modern Mastery Feature

This is a handsome silver and blue patina ceiling created in collaboration with designer Maura Buckley of Millburn ETC. Wonderful work with our Metallic Paint Collection and Metal Effects! It was a pleasure following this project on Instagram as she shared the process.

We hope you’ve enjoyed a peek at the talented works of Heather Jozak and her studio. She has such a versatile range of talent and artistry on applied surfaces! Please take a look at her website, Heather Jozak Studios, to see more of her projects and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Pinterest, too. Many thanks to Heather for sharing her artistry with us. Have an inspired week!








Modern Mastery: Casey and Vince Murray of Belle Arti

The Central Kentucky decorative painting and design studio, Belle Arti, has been successful for over 20 years and owners Vince and Casey Murray frequently use Modern Masters products in their beautiful projects. In fact, our jaws dropped when we first saw their extraordinary artistry and we reached out to them for a blog feature. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to share their work and a few words of wisdom as a part of the latest feature in our Modern Mastery series.

Modern Mastery Series: Belle Artiky | Modern Masters Blog

Casey and Vince Murray of Belle Arti. Photographed by Andrew Miller Photography of Wicklow, Ireland.

“Our company name, Belle Arti, is Italian for ‘fine art’ and we are a design and finishes studio located in central Kentucky. As a husband and wife team, we have been working together for over twenty years, both bringing unique skills to the table,” Vince says. Casey and Vince have also, by extension, incorporated a home’s overall design into their studio offerings. “We’ve had clients that want us to put together the wall finishes, any mural or trompe l’oeil work, glazing of any casework and cabinetry, as well as fabrics, etc., and we are happy to oblige them by being their go-to designers and artists for the whole process,” Vince explains. “We both come from design backgrounds. I literally designed, drew the blueprints, and decorated homes for my father who was a building contractor from the time I was sixteen years old, while studying drafting and specialized art in high school. When I decided to pursue my art and design full time, I attended the Miller Wagner School in Chicago to receive the needed training and credentials. My wife also grew up around design, working with her mother who is a licensed interior designer, doing everything from painting, wallpapering, and sewing, to installation of window treatments. So when we married, it seemed only natural for us to pursue art and design as our profession.” It’s an upbringing and partnership that has led to incredible work and success for their studio. Their passion for their art shines through clearly! Now about their work…

Coffered Ceiling Accented with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Modern Mastery Series | Decorative Artists: Belle Arti

Coffered ceiling the Belle Arti Studio created and installed. The ceiling is a dark glazed finish accentes with several colors from the Metallic Paint Collection: Antique Bronze, Statuary Bronze, Olympic Gold, and Pale Gold.


What is your top finishing tip?

We both agreed that it is this: Do not be afraid to experiment! When you see a finish, or a pattern, or a color that either you or your client likes, dissect it in your mind and figure out how to replicate it. Use unconventional methods  and applications, and most of the time you will end up surprising yourself. We did this once on a project where a designer for a restaurant wanted molding to be painted to exactly match the counters and tabletops that were a solid surface. It took several tries, but we eventually got it perfect, and the client was delighted.

Modern Masters Metallic Paints accent a Glamorous Bath | Project by Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Series Feature

Golden and Glam Master Bath | Decorative Painting Project by Belle Arti | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Metallic gold accents in a glam bathroom. The moldings, rosettes and ceiling are layered with Olympic Gold, Pale Gold and Iridescent Gold Metallic Paints.


Dining Room Before Mural - Click Link to see Amazing After! Project by Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Series Feature

Before (top) and After (bottom)

Lush and Beautiful Dining Room Wall Mural by Decorative Painting Firm Belle Arti | Modern Masters | Modern Mastery Series Feature

This dining room features a French Rococo style pastoral scene mural. It adds an incredible amount of interest, as you can see by the before pic. There is a strié effect on the wainscoting and the crown molding using Oyster Metallic Paint. “We love the fact that the metallics show the brush strokes, and often we use that to our advantage, as with this effect,” THEY BOTH share. The pearly metallic blends perfectly with the silk draperies and elevates the space. As to the mural? “We protect our murals with Dead Flat Varnish.”

Rococo Pastoral Mural | Wainscoting and Crown Molding are painted with Oyster Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Gorgeous Artristy by Belle Arti of Central Kentucky

Dining Room Mural by Belle Arti | Rococo Pastoral Scene | Wainscot, Trim and Crown Molding have Oyster Metallic Paint | Modern Masters Blog Feature

What is the most inspiring place or space you’ve visited?

We narrowed it down to two, but for different reasons. We really LOVE the Galerie d’Apollon in the Louvre because of all of the gilding and ornamentation combined with the stunning mural work. The cartouches and pediments over the doorways give inspiration that just goes on and on. The second place was a little shop in Florence, Italy on a small back street close to the Pitti palace. It was a studio that does exactly what we do right here in Kentucky! The shop was filled with gorgeous pieces of painted furniture and screens, as well as sample boards of wall finishes and frescoes. We both at that point realized what an awesome and time-honored profession we are engaged in, that definitely has a rich history attached to it.

Glam Accents in Bar with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Project by Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Series Feature

Crown Molding and Architectural Details are accented by Metallic Paints by Modern Masters in the very capable hands of Kentucky decorative painting studio Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Studio Series

A gorgeous bar area painted for a client. All of the moldings and appliqués are painted with Olympic Gold, Pale Gold, and Iridescent Gold Metallic Paints.


Before Shot of incredible Theatre Room Makeover project by Belle Arti with Modern Masters products | Modern Mastery Series Blog Feature

Before (top) and After (bottom)

Theatre Room designed, created and painted by decorative painting firm Belle Arti out of Central Kentucky | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Metallic Paints and Glazes grace a faux Theatre Room Entrance | Project by Belle Arti from Central Kentucky | Modern Masters Studio Feature on Blog

The pics showcase the Before & After of a Theater Room entry. “Our studio fabricated and installed everything, including the lighted sign. All of the moldings as well as the ceiling are layered with Tequila Gold and Pale Gold Metallic Paints. The harlequin panels are glazed in Pale Gold as well. The theater sign is painted with Statuary Bronze Metallic Paint as well as having accents of the two golds.”


What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?

We still are both totally enamored with your Metallic Paint Collection. We have, of course, come up with recipes to achieve looks we like. For example, to achieve to look of aged gold leaf that has worn over time, we start with a base of dark brown, then add a coat of Statuary Bronze Metallic Paint, then a layer of Tequila Gold Metallic Paint. On top of this, we do a sheer layer of Tequila Gold and Iridescent Gold with a 1:1 ratio. We finally gently dry-brush any raised details with a warm black. It truly does give the effect of a time-worn patina.

Croc Panels with Glazed Metallic Paints | Modern Masters | Project by Belle Arti

Gorgeous Paneled and Glazed Wall with a chic Crocodile Pattern | Beautiful decorative painting by Kentucky's Belle Arti | Modern Mastery Blog Series

The crocodile door panels are painted with Champagne Metallic Paint and the overall antiquing glaze is done with Tintable Glaze.

Such exceptional work, don’t you think? Vince and Casey have used Modern Masters products for years and have never been disappointed. “We love the metallics, and the clear coats for interior and exterior applications. Their durability is unsurpassed,” they say. “We both truly enjoy what we do, but we realize that it is fantastic products like the ones from Modern Masters that enable us to achieve those looks and finishes, which amaze our clients, and keeps them coming back for more.” We’d like to thank both Casey and Vince for their beautiful artisty with our products and the time they took to share their projects with us! Please make sure you head to their Belle Arti website for more and follow them on both the Belle Arti Houzz page and @belle_arti_studio on Instagram to keep on top of their decorative painting adventures. Until next time – stay inspired!

Modern Masters products can be found via local retailers across the US and the Modern Masters online shopping site.