Modern Mastery: Bella House Faux

We have long followed the beautiful work of mother daughter duo Bella House Paint and Faux. It’s our pleasure to feature both Sydney and Donna’s incredible artistry along with some of their projects featuring Modern Masters!

The gorgeous decorative painting projects of Bella House Faux studio | Modern Mastery feature by Modern MastersBella House Paint and Faux is a mother and daughter team with extensive experience in Art, Design, and Construction. Since 2003, Sydney (left) and Donna (right) have been dedicated to producing the most refined finishes available in today’s homes, offices, and commercial spaces while also working with talented designers and contractors. Their expertise includes everything from glitzy layered wall finishes, Venetian plaster, kitchen cabinet makeovers, exterior wood graining on garage doors, and recently, art on canvas. From the foothills in California to the heart of the great State of Texas and beyond, Donna and Sydney have travel to many locations to create gorgeous fine finishes.

Canvas Art created by Bella House Faux | Modern Masters Metallic Plaster and Trowels | Modern Mastery Studio Feature

Stunning art canvas created with the help of Glazing Cream Colors and trowels.

Modern Masters Glazing Cream Colors, Exterior Dead Flat Varnish, and MasterClear® Supreme were used by Bella House Faux to paint faux wood residential garage doors | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

These beautiful faux wood garage doors were created with the help of Glazing Cream Colors, Exterior Dead Flat Varnish, and MasterClear® Supreme.

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?

We are thankful to have found dependable, durable, easy to learn products that ensure the integrity and beauty of each project we take on. Our sales dramatically increased when we presented gorgeous Modern Masters samples to our clients. Modern Masters always has that extra special and unique look that is desired by our high end clientele. We have outstanding confidence in the  products because we have used them for so many years. We know we can count on consistency in color and application.

Mix of Modern Masters Metallic Plaster on Walls | Dark and rich plaster wall finish by Bella House Faux | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

A mix of Gunmetal and Tungsten Metallic Plaster on the walls completes a chic retreat.

Bella House Faux used Modern Masters Glazing Cream Colors and MasterClear® Supreme to faux woodgrain kitchen cabinets - gorgeous finish! The studio is profiled is the Modern Mastery blog series feature.

Furniture & Cabinetry Glazing Cream mixed with Coffee Bean, Van Dyke Brown, and Aged Mahogany Glazing Cream Colors create a beautiful faux bois finish. MasterClear® Supreme provides complete durability.

What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?

We have a couple! Modern Masters Exterior Dead Flat Varnish is liquid gold to us. We can always be confident that our finishes will maintain their durability when we use DFV. By far our favorite product for wall finishes always include Metallic Plaster. They are timeless yet glitzy and always give that wow factor we love.

Light Wood Beams were faux into a darker, richer color and look by Bella House Faux | Project collaboration with Auger Construction, Inc. | Modern Masters Glazing Cream Colors and Wall Glazing Cream | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

Bella House Faux frequently collaborates with Auger Construction, Inc. and this is one of their many projects together. The wood beams were made darker and richer with Glazing Cream Colors and helps bring the rustic and elegant design of the dining room together.

Landscape Mural for Nursery Accent Wall | Modern Masters Glazing Cream Colors and Dead Flat Varnish | Project by Bella House Faux | Studio Feature in the Modern Mastery series on the Cafe Blog

Such a sweet nursery! The landscape mural was painted with Glazing Cream Colors and Wall Glazing Cream for a soft and soothing focal point.

Wood Pallet Plank Focal Wall painted and created with the help of Modern Masters Glazing Cream Colors | Reading Nook Feature Wall | Project by Bella House Faux | Accent Wall Ideas | Modern Mastery feature

Colored and distressed Wood Plank Wall by Bella House Faux | Modern Masters Glazing Cream Colors and Glazes

Glazing Cream Colors are versatile and come in a beautiful array of colors. Bella House Faux uses them to color and stain wood planks for one of a kind custom wall finishes.

What is your top art tip?
When it comes to art, never be afraid to take a risk,have fun and always use high quality materials. If you create with love and joy, it will come through in your work.


Gorgeous Metallic Plaster Wall Finish by Bella House Faux | Grey Plaster Finish for Kitchens | Modern Masters | Modern Mastery Blog Feature

A luxe troweled treatment with our Metallic Plaster enhances a kitchen.

Aren’t the finishes incredible? We enjoy how they run the gamut from industrial to refined to chic to rustic elegance with such ease – and all with a perfectly polished, professional look! We hope you’ve enjoyed our Modern Mastery feature of the Bella House Paint and Faux studio. Be sure to continue to follow their artistry on their Instagram as well! Thank you, Donna and Sydney, for sharing your Modern Masters projects with us!

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