Modern Mastery: Britt Hallowell

Artists use many Modern Masters products to create extraordinary works of art. One artist we began seeing beautiful work from is Britt Hallowell of Britt Hallowell Studios. She uses our Metal Effects patinas to create a timeworn look for her modern-day canvases.We’re pleased to feature her for our Modern Mastery series.

Artist Britt Hallowell

Britt Hallowell shares that art was always her true passion – she just had to find it! “I was destined to be an artist. My childhood revolved around art and crafts of every nature, but I’m a very practical person and I didn’t think that being “an artist” would afford me being able to pay the bills,” she explains. “So I went to college for deaf studies and worked in different fields, but art was always there for me.” Then fate came calling. “One year I asked for paint supplies for Christmas and that started me down a whirlwind path I never would have expected. I started out just painting for friends and family, then opened an Etsy shop and started selling a few paintings online, then I made the big leap of doing an art festival, and it was there that I was hooked! That first show I sold 18 originals, won Best of Show, and was selected by the owners of the Melting Pot at Easton Town Center to put 24 more originals in their restaurant. Now I’m blessed to do my passion as my sole career. For the past 7 years, I have traveled the country participating in art shows and selling my original paintings to collectors around the world.”

'Revering Tembo' Canvas Art by Britt Hallowell | Modern Masters Rust Finish | Modern Mastery feature

Revering Tembo with a background of the Metal Effects Rust Patina

What is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?
Ever since I found the Metal Effects by Modern Masters, I use them and the Rust Activator/Green Patina in pretty much every painting I create!

'Classics and Literature' Art Canvas created with various Metal Effects patinas | Beautiful artistry by Britt Hallowell Studios

Canvas tiger art by Britt Hallowell Art with Modern Masters Metal Effects patina | Rust Art | Modern Mastery feature

Triptych entitled 'Waiting for Spring' with the Metal Effects Copper, Bronze, and Rust Patinas | Modern Mastery feature on artist Britt Hallowell

Britt produces singular and triptych pieces in custom sizes.

How has Modern Masters enhanced your business?
The Metal Effects opened up a whole new world for my paintings. I love seeing how the reactive paints will rust and patina. It’s actually rather addictive watching the paintings change before my very eyes – literally the only time it’s fun to watch paint dry. It also presents a challenge as I never know what I’ll get, and that is exciting to stretch the confines of what you are given. There is something so beautiful about taking rust – something that most people try to prevent – and turning it into a work of art that people want to look at every day. Another interesting aspect is that nothing can ever really be duplicated. Everything from humidity, temperature and the shape of my boards will impact one painting from the next. I love knowing the every single painting is absolutely a one of a kind.

Canvas horse art piece entitled An Untameable Heart painted and created by Britt Hallowell Art with the Metal Effects Rust Finish by Modern Masters | Equestrian Art Canvas | Modern Mastery feature

An Untameable Heart with the Metal Effects Rust Finish

Canvas entitled 'In a World' | Background created with Metal Effects Green Patina and the Words are created with the Metal Effects Rust Patina | Modern Masters | Modern Mastery feature on artist Britt Hallowell

I have recently published my first children’s book called What Makes You Special?. It’s a story, written and illustrated by myself, to encourage kids that it’s ok to be unique. We don’t all fit the same mold, and it’s our differences that make us who we are. I am first and foremost a Mom. My daughter and my art define me. I was inspired to create this story after I painted my original painting titled Wishing on Stars: The Unicorn of the Seas, featuring Little Narwhal, the hero of the story. Being a bit of an “ugly duckling” as a kid and having a daughter of my own now, I am increasingly concerned with the amount of bullying children are enduring and how harsh society can be to those who do not conform to its standards. If even one child reads this book and feels encouraged that he or she does not need to change who they are, then the book has been a success. I’m currently working on a second book that will teach kids to explore their own unique talents and do what they love. The illustrations in this book will feature Modern Masters Metal Effects.

What is the most inspiring space or place you have visited?
Definitely Kenya. I don’t think it’s possible to go to Africa without leaving part of your heart there. That’s why I think so many of my paintings reflect African animals. I’ve also been to Ireland and Alaska. Next on the bucket list is Thailand, China, Peru and hopefully Antarctica one day.

Rust and Acrylic Canvas entitled 'Serengeti Rockstar' painted and created by artist Britt Hallowell with the help of Metal Effects Reactive Finishes by Modern Masters | Modern Mastery feature

Serengeti Rockstar with the Metal Effects Rust Patina

Isn’t her artistry incredible? We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing her stunning works. Be sure to view more on her Britt Hallowell Studios website and, of course, keep up with her on Facebook and Instagram. Many thanks to Britt for sharing her art, knowledge, and love of Modern Masters with us. Stay inspired, everyone!

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