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Modern Masters Studio Classes List | Metallic Paints, Metal Effects Patinas, and More | How-to WorkshopsHere at Modern Masters, we’re frequently asked about workshops with our most popular product lines. There are many amazing studios that teach unique, fun, and informative classes and we’ve listed them below.

Fun Metal Effects Patina Worksop at Me & Mrs. Jones in Memphis, TN | Modern Masters Classes & Workshops List on the Blog

Photo: Metal Effects Workshop by Me & Mrs. Jones

Keep checking back as we’ll be continually updating the list! If you noticed that we missed one, please contact us with the studio name, website, and workshop calendar. We’ll take care of the rest!





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  1. Hello, I’d like to create a “Copper, Patina” wall effect. I’m looking for any suggestions. Currently the wall is painted a dark green Cape Verde by sherwin williams. Matte finish.

    • Hi, Rachel! We would suggest using our Metal Effects system with the Green Patina Aging Solution. It would require starting with the Metal Effects primer over your existing color, following with the Copper Reactive Metallic Patina, and then the Green Aging Solution. We also highly recommend becoming familiar with the Metal Effects system prior to starting such a large project by creating various sample boards to work with the products vertically so that you can see how the activator will work and react on a wall surface. Finally, we always recommend that on a wall surface, people work in pairs due to the fact that you would need to work in sections and activate as you go. Here is a video on creating the copper patina Please let us know if we can help further!

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