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Modern Masters Studio Classes List | Metallic Paints, Metal Effects Patinas, and More | How-to WorkshopsHere at Modern Masters, we’re frequently asked about workshops with our most popular product lines. There are many amazing studios that teach unique, fun, and informative classes and we’ve listed them below.

Fun Metal Effects Patina Worksop at Me & Mrs. Jones in Memphis, TN | Modern Masters Classes & Workshops List on the Blog

Photo: Metal Effects Workshop by Me & Mrs. Jones

Keep checking back as we’ll be continually updating the list! If you noticed that we missed one, please contact us with the studio name, website, and workshop calendar. We’ll take care of the rest!





Garden Decor How-to: DIY Geometric Metallic Concrete Blocks

For this project, I took plain concrete blocks and updated them with Modern Masters products! You can adjust the patterns and metallic colors to create a custom look that suits your garden. It’s a fall  ‘block’buster! – Mary Childs, Focal Points

DIY Metallic Blocks with a Painted Geometric Design | How to Paint Concrete Blocks | Garden Decor Ideas from Modern Masters


Painted Geometric and Metallic Concrete Blocks How-to | Modern Masters

Using SEAL-KRETE to prep concrete blocks for painting | Geometric Metallic Concrete Blocks DIY with Modern Masters Metallic Paints

Clean all blocks with warm soapy water, rinse, and allow to dry completely. Once fully dry, roll or brush on two coats of SEAL-KRETE onto all surfaces of each block, including the interior. Allow to dry according to product instructions.

DIY Geometric Metallic Concrete Blocks How-to | Modern Masters Metallic Paints

Creating a geometric pattern on concrete blocks and painting them with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | DIY Painted and Patterned Concrete Block How-to

How to Paint and Pattern Concrete Blocks for Your Garden | Modern Masters DIY

Create a two-color design pattern that suits your personality and style. Sketch the design onto each block with a pencil and tape off as needed.

Painting Concrete Blocks with Modern Masters Metallic Paints and a Geometric Pattern | DIY Tutorial on the Modern Masters Blog

DIY Metallic Geometric Concrete Blocks | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | How-to Tutorial

Paint the main area of the design and one side of each block with two coats of Black Pearl Metallic Paint. Let dry 30 minutes.

Modern Masters Metallic Paints help transform plain concrete blocks into stunning garden decor | Step-by-step DIY Tutorial

Metallic Geometric Succulent Garden Planters from Plain Concrete Blocks | Modern Masters How-to

DIY Geometric Metallic Concrete Blocks | Transform plain blocks into beautiful outdoor succulent garden planters | Modern Masters Metallic Paints

Next, tape off as needed for the second color. Paint your designated areas of each block with two coats of Copper Penny Metallic Paint. Let dry 30 minutes.

Creating gorgeous painted concrete blocks with Modern Masters Metallic Paints and a geometric pattern | DIY Succulent Planters How-to

For continued outdoor protection, apply two coats of MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat and let dry fully.

DIY Geometric Metallic Concrete Blocks | Garden Decor DIY with Modern Masters

Transform plain concrete blocks with Modern Masters Metallic Paints! How-to Tutorial.

Arrange the blocks in your preferred manner. I cut floral styrofoam to fit the square hole on on end, added small pebbles on top and arranged faux succulents on the pebbles spilling over the top of the concrete blocks. You can do the same or keep them as is. I hope you have fun personalizing this creative garden DIY by adding your own personal touches. The possibilities are endless!

From Plain to WOW! Concrete Blocks get an amazing transformation to gorgeous outdoor planters with Modern Masters products | DIY How-to

Geometric Metallic Concrete Blocks | DIY How-to Paint Concrete Blocks | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Succulent Planter Ideas

The Metallic Geometric Concrete Blocks DIY is by Orlando, FL-based decorative painter Mary Childs. Her Focal Points, Inc. studio creates professional decorative finishes and antique mirrors for clients throughout the US.

Stunning Silver Hued Wall Finishes

Our Metallic Paint Collection helps cast a beautiful glow and decorative painters have used many of the elegant colors in our palette to enhance their decorative finishes. Silver is a timeless classic and we’ve recently spied a few wall treatments using and inspired by this alluring hue.
Beautiful linear wall finish by Ariana Hoffman Artisans | Stunning Silver-Toned Wall Finishes | Modern Masters Metallic Paint

The decorative artisans of Ariana Hoffman & Co. are always creating gorgeous, modern finishes. This linear beauty is no exception and was created with the help of both the Silver Metallic Paint and the Tintable Glaze.

A soft silver metallic wall finish makes a beautiful background for a dining room | Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Gorgeous project by Faux Houston | Stunning Silvery Wall Finishes

The versatile Faux Houston firm tackles all manner of projects and frequently use our products, including our Metallic Paint. Here, soft silver tones make for a neutral and elegant background for a dining room.

Stenciling and Cabinet Painting & Glazing with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Beautiful bath wall and cabinetry project by Janells Designs | Silver Wall Treatments

What a sophisticated bath! The work is by Janells Designs and she used our Metallic Paints to stencil the wall finish and also to add a little luster to the bath cabinetry.

Chic Paris-isnpired Girls Room by Jess Kollar of Kollar Creations | Eiffel Tower and Metallics | Stunning Silvery Wall Treatments featured in the Modern Masters Blog

Artist Jessica Kollar of Kollar Creations created a Paris-inspired girls room that any girl would love to have! She used both our Pewter and Platinum Metallic Paint to help create the  Eiffel Tower over a Pearl White Metallic Paint glaze background finish. A little glitter added another dose of dazzling shimmer. Très chic!

Beautiful Leaf and Metallic Wall Finish by Leslie Albritton of LA Custom Art | Stunning Silver Inspired Wall Finishes Feature by Modern Masters

Wow! This show-stopping finish was created by Leslie Albritton of LA Custom Art. She shares that she used both silver and gold leaf along with our Silver, Pearl White, and Pale Gold Metallic Paint to help create this gorgeous treatment.

Trompe L'oeil Pyramid Squares with soft metallic glazes enhance a bedroom | Creative finish by NYC artist Ramona Schatzer | Stunning Silver Hued Wall Finishes feature by Modern Masters

Artist Ramona Schatzer shared this amazing room on Instagram and we were floored by the intricate trompe l’oeil pyramid pattern she created with the help of our Metallic Paints. Incroyable!

We hope you enjoyed these beautiful rooms with finishes that shine with our Metallic Paint. Each of the talented artists created unforgettable spaces and we love them all! Have you thought of incorporating precious metals into your home?