8 Cool Furniture Projects with Metal Effects Patinas

8 Cool Furniture Project Ideas with Metal Effects | Modern Masters blog

Metal Effects creates the distinctive and timeless look of bronze and copper patina or the weathered appearance of rusted iron. In a matter of minutes, you can achieve these finishes on any paintable surface. One of the most popular painted surface to use the patinas on is furniture. We found eight cool projects to share with you to showcase the versatility of Metal Effects.

Stunning retail and workshop storage piece created by The Painted Bench | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Patina Furniture Ideas

The Painted Bench Hamilton created a stunning storage unit for their retail and workshop studio with the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and both the Blue Patina Aging Solution and Green Patina Aging Solution. They are located in Hamilton, Ontario.

Gorgeous patinated croc design on dresser drawer by 3 Oaks Studio | Inspiring Furniture Ideas with Modern Masters Metal Effects

3 Oaks Studio in Clovis, CA is having fun with the Metal Effects Rust, Chalk Paint® and a beautiful crocodile texture together on a four-drawer dresser.

Stunning Metal Effects Patina on Sideboard by Marcotte's Design | Beautiful Furniture Projects with Oxidation

The Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and the Green Patina Aging Solution look amazing together in this sideboard buffet. The gorgeous patina project is by Marcotte’s Design in Largo, Fl.

Chalk Paint® and Metal Effects patinas help create a stunning patina finish on this vanity dresser for Re.invent.ed | Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Pretty Furniture Patina Projects

Beautiful combo of Metal Effects patinas and Chalk Paint®! The creative project is by Allison Sayers of re.invent.ed in Luthersburg, Pa. We spy the Timberland Stencil from the Bonnie Christine Collection by Royal Design Studio, too.

Gorgeous wood bench with a rust patina by Kelly Klein Interiors | Gorgeous Funiture Projects with Modern Masters Metal Effects

Alburquerque, New Mexico studio Kelly Klein Interiors creates and sells unique Metal Effects Rust and wood benches. Each is one of a kind and stunning!

Verdigris and White mix gorgeously together! Me & Mrs. Jones hand patinated this furniture piece with Modern Masters Metal Effects | Cool Patina Furniture Projects Feature

Me & Mrs. Jones in Germantown and Memphis, TN, are big patina fans and created this pretty little dresser with a mix of Metal Effects and Old White Chalk Paint®. They used the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and the Iron Reactive paint along with the Green Patina Aging Solution, Blue Patina Aging Solution, and Rust Activator. If you’re interested in seeing their process, head on over to their oxidized and patinated furniture post now.

Textured Metal Effects patina on table top by Wanderlust Vintage Market in Minnesota | Stunning Patina Furniture Projects

We recently featured the Minnesota-based Wanderlust Vintage Market and showcased their traveling retail shop. They also create lovely patinas on many decor and furniture pieces, such as this inspired tabletop, to sell in their retail shop. We believe they used the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and the Green Patina Aging Solution along with the Metal Effects Rust.

Rust and Verdigris Patina on Hardware by artist SK Sartell | Modern Masters Metal Effects Furniture Projects Feature

Furniture hardware also gets in on the action! Artist SK Sartell of Oregon treated each ornamental knob with the Metal Effects Rust, which is the Iron Reactive Paint patinated with the Rust Activator. After the patination process was complete, she coated them with the Permacoat Xtreme, which is specifically made to protect the Metal Effects Rust Finish. She also used the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and the Green Patina Aging Solution to add a verdigris finish in the corners and crevasses. See more on this unique armoire.

If you live near any of the shops (or even if you don’t!) and would love to take a Metal Effects workshop, contact them directly as many of them offer patina classes regularly. We hope you enjoyed seeing these furniture projects and are inspired to try a unique piece of your own. If you’d like to see more creative projects and ideas, head over to Pinterest and see both our Furniture board and Metal Effects board.

Cover image patina created by Debbie Hayes and featured in the Drippy Abstract Canvas Art Tutorial.







Garden Decor How-to: Patina Bluebirds

These sweet, happy little birds were a gift from a friend. They are perfect to use at Christmas in the tree, and all year ’round. Being paintable, I can give them a new look like this one on a whim. – Debbie Hays, My Patch of Blue Sky

Oxidized Patina Bluebirds with Modern Masters Metal Effects | Garden DIY by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky

  • Metal Effects Blue Patina Kit
  • Paintable items, like the little birds
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paper Towels
  • Newspaper or plastic to protect your project area
  • Plastic cups to hold your item while painting, if required
  • Moss, feathers, and/or found objects from your yard for decorating

How to create a blue verdigris patina on your garden decor accents | How to by My Patch of Blue Sky

Before painting, protect your area from spills and overspray and then arrange your materials. The Blue Patina Metal Effects Kit has all that you need for this project. Paint two coats of Metal Effects Primer and let dry. Allow half an hour between coats and two hours after the last coat to dry completely.

DIY Patina Bluebirds | Easy Step by Step Garden DIY by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Paint the primed surface with the first coat of the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint. Let dry for half an hour.

Applying the Blue Patina Aging Solution to the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Metal Effects Garden Decor DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky

Ozidized Decor Bird Accents with Small Metal Effects Kit | How-to DIY by Debbie Hayes | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Apply a second full coat of the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint and while it is still wet, spray on a light coating of the Blue Patina Aging Solution over the entire surface. As the activated surface dries, in about 30 – 40 minutes, a real blue patina finish will appear. No sealer or protection is required to use indoors or outdoors.

Patina Bluebirds for your garden with Metal Effects | DIY by Debbie Hayes | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

I took my completed bird flock outdoors and found the perfect spot to display them: in an old water fountain. I added found objects from a tour around the yard and woods. Voila!

Oxidized Garden Accents How-to | Creating an easy blue verdigris patina with Modern Masters Metal Effects | How to by My Patch of Blue Sky

How to Add Patina to your Garden Decor Accents | Little Birds DIY Project by Debbie Hayes | Step by Step Tutorial on the Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Patina Bluebirds Garden DIY is by Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.





Modern Masters in the Press

Spring is here, summer is approaching and we’re always happy  to see so many colorful, gorgeous projects in bloom. We’re excited to share some of these Modern Masters projects with you that have recently been featured in the press.

Gorgeous Dressing Room painted with Modern Masters Rose Metallic Paint | The eye-pleasing Interior Design is by Sasha Bikoff | Photography by Patrick Cline

Interior Designer Sasha Bikoff is well known in her field and has impeccable taste. She uses our Metallic Paints to help enhance many spaces, like the dressing room above photographed by Patrick Cline with Rose Metallic Paint on the walls and ceiling. Another project, a beautiful mansion in New Jersey, was recently featured in the NY Post feature, Garden State Grandeur.

NY Post feature of an Interior Design project by Sasha Bikoff featuring Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Garden State Grandeur

The Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Color from Better Homes & Gardens features our non fade Front Door Paint as well as a cheerful, welcoming entrance painted with the color Tranquil. The line is easy to use and fast to dry – you’ll be amazed at how quickly and beautifully you can update your front door.

Non fade Front Door Paint by Modern Masters is featured in the Spring/Summer 2017 Issue | Turqoise Front Door painted with the color Tranquil

If you’re interested in upstyling your curb appeal, be sure to take advantage of our Front Door Paint online only promo. Use code FDPWOW on our online shopping site to snap up 20% off savings and free shipping, too. Hurry – it all ends on May 12th.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the latest press features and projects. Have an inspired day!