Modern Masters Instagram Inspiration

Have you discovered our Modern Masters Instagram? We love sharing projects and inspiration all the time. We are also thrilled at seeing the many #ModernMasters projects shared by you and are amazed by your creativity and artistic versatility! We wanted to share just a few recent Modern Masters projects.

Accent Wall Finish created with tinted Modern Masters Texture Effects | Beautiful project by Organic Finishes in Oklahoma | Photography by Heather Winchester Photography

We start things off with a gorgeous accent wall treatment for an office created with tinted layers of Texture Effects. The beautiful troweled finish was created by Oklahoma’s Organic Finishes and the image is by Heather Winchester Photography. Instagram: @organic.finishes

Hand cut and designed custom stencil pattern by Katie Gaines of Love Paper Paint | Arch and Wall Finish painted with the help of Modern Masters Metallic Paints

This stunning patterned wall finish was created by Katie Gaines of San Diego’s Love Paper Paint with the help of our Metallic Paint Collection. She says, “This project was a labor of love with a custom designed, hand-cut stencil, all painted by hand. I couldn’t be happier with the results”. We love the results, too! Instagram: @lovepaperpaint

Stunning Metallic Alligator Skin on Ceiling by Long Island, NY artist Arlene McLoughlin | Modern Masters Metallic Paints

The stunning metallic alligator pattern on this groin ceiling is by the talented artist Arlene McLoughlin of Long Island, NY. She used our Metallic Paints to help create this beauty of a finish. Instagram: @arlenemurals

Large Mural by Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studios in Los Angeles, CA | Modern Masters Blog Feature | Platinum Series Glazing Cream Colors

Sneak peeks are always cool to see! This is a behind-the-scenes of a large mural in progress by Nichole Blackburn of Celadon Studio in Los Angeles. We adore seeing her considerable art skills any time! She’s using our Platinum Series Glazing Cream Colors to help create the mural. Also, be sure not to miss her recent Modern Mastery feature. Instagram: @nicholeblackburnart

Gorgeous Stenciled Wall Inset with Modern Masters Metallic Paint by decorative artist Chistine Audiotric in Staten Island, NY | Classic Damask Stencil by Royal Design Studio | Modern Masters Blog Feature

This is an absolutely lovely stenciled wall inset to compliment a neutral and timeless dining room design. Staten Island, NY decorative artist Christina Adiutoric of Brush Strokes created this finish with the Classic Damask Stencil by Royal Design Studio and our Metallic Paints. So pretty! Instagram: @brushstrokess

We’ll be featuring more Modern Masters projects found on Instagram so keep sharing them. To purchase any of these products, head to our Store Locator page or click on over to our online shopping site. Have an inspired day!








Do It Yourself with Metallic Paint!

Modern Masters Metallic Paint featured in Spring 2017 issue of Do It Yourself Magazine | Glam up Curtain Panels with Chalk Paint®, Stencils, and Metallics

We enjoy Do It Yourself magazine here at Modern Masters and we were so pleased to see the Metallic Paint Collection showcased in the Spring 2017 issue! The Welcome Changes feature article showed how to give a “bold, new attitude to old favorites”. One of their projects, plain curtain panels, received a glam upgrade with geometric stencils, Chalk Paint®, and our Metallic Paints. Pick up the issue to see this great tutorial and others. Thank you, Do It Yourself magazine!




Easter DIY: Patina and Gold Speckled Eggs

We love sharing unique Easter egg projects and this one is no different! The beautiful verdigris patinas and shimmery gold are sure to charm your guests and enhance your holiday decor year after year. The stunning project is by Mary Childs of Focal Points.

Patina and Gold Speckled Easter Eggs | Modern Masters Holiday DIY Tutorial by Focal Points, Inc. | Metallic Paint and Metal Effects


Easter Egg How-to: Oxidized and Gold Speckled Eggs | Project by Focal Points, Inc. for the Modern Masters Blog

Modern Masters Metal Effects Kits help create a gorgeous patina and gold-speckled Easter Egg | Project by Mary Childs of Focal Points, Inc.

Prep your working area with newspaper or a dropcloth to ensure the products are contained to your work area. Open the Metal Effects Kits and lay out the supplies as everything needed to patinate the eggs is included. Apply two coats of Metal Effects Primer to your eggs with the 1″ brush. Let the Primer dry 30 minutes between coats and allow the second coat to dry overnight.

TIP: Use an old egg container to lay eggs on while they dry and then flip. If you don’t have an egg container, use an appropriately sized box, cut an X shape with the scissors and push down on the X to make a hole your eggs can sit in.

Using Metal Effects and Metallic Paint by Modern Masters to create super pretty patinated Easter eggs | DIY Tutorial by Focal Points, Inc.

Prepping foam eggs for an amazing patina and gold speckled Easter DIY Project | How-to by Focal Points, Inc. for the Modern Masters blog

Using a 1″ brush, apply the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint onto all the eggs and let dry for 30 minutes. Once dry, we’re ready to continue to paint and patinate!

Using two Metal Effects Reactive Metallic Paints to create a gorgeous patina Easter egg | Holiday DIY by Focal Points, Inc. for the Modern Masters blog

Working one egg at a time, cover the entire painted egg with a 50/50 combination of the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint and Copper Reactive Metallic Paint, giving each color their own unique areas. While WET, immediately spray the entire egg with equal amounts of Green Patina Aging Solution and Blue Patina Aging Solution.

Rotate the eggs several times during the drying process to create interesting oxidation effects. Repeat with each egg and let dry overnight. It will take several hours before the patina colors start to reveal themselves so be patient!

How to Create a Patina and Gold Speckled Easter Egg | DIY Tutorial by Mary Childs for the Modern Masters blog

Modern Masters Metal Effects and Gold Rush Metallic Paint create SUPER gorgeous patina and gold speckled eggs for Easter | DIY How-to by Mary Childs of Focal Points, Inc.

Place the fully dry patinated egg on a holder. Dip a 1″ brush into the Gold Rush Metallic Paint and dab the excess on a paper towel. Create the splatter pattern by gently tapping the 1″ brush against the handle of the 2″ brush until your desired pattern is achieved. I recommend testing the splatter patern on a piece of paper first. Rotate the egg for complete coverage. Once completely dry, you can arrange the eggs in a beautiful bowl or style them on faux moss or grass as well as using your existing Easter decor.

Stunning Gold Speckled Patina Eggs | How-to DIY by Focal Points, Inc. for the Modern Masters blog

Oxidized Patina and Gold Speckled Easter Eggs with Metal Effects and Metallic Paint by Modern Masters | Step by Step How to by Mary Childs of Focal Points, Inc. for the Modern Masters blog

DIY Easter Eggs with Green and Blue Patinas Speckled with Gold | Modern Masters Blog How-to Tutorial | Metal Effects and the Metallic Paint Collection

The Patina and Gold Speckled Easter Egg DIY is by Orlando, FL-based decorative painter Mary Childs. Her Focal Points, Inc. studio creates professional decorative finishes and antique mirrors for clients throughout the US.