Holiday DIY: A Scandinavian Easter

My hubby is from rural South Carolina where by family tradition, he and his siblings created an outdoor Easter “nest” the night before the Easter bunny would arrive, leaving delicious treats. The area he grew up in is very like the beach, with sand, soaring pine trees, pine cones, and many types of moss. All great for making a nest. This project can be made inside or outside – on a sideboard, coffee table or out on the patio. Scour your yard for twigs, stones, ferns, or anything earthy, similar to Scandinavian style. Natural and simple. ~ Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky

A Scandinavian Easter | How to DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky with Modern Masters Metallic Paints

  • Black Pearl Metallic Paint
  • Pewter Matte Metallic
  • Oyster Matte Metallic
  • Zinsser® Bulls Eye 1-2-3® Water-Base Primer, or like
  • Large and Small plastic or wood Easter eggs
  • Paint brushes
  • Container to hold large eggs upright
  • Paper towels
  • String or jut
  • Small feathers
  • Moss or found objects from your yard
  • Glass cloche (optional)
  • Container (like the hand-carved wooden bowl used) to feature the large egg

Prime the eggs using two coats of Zinsser® Bulls Eye 1-2-3® Water-Base Primer, or a like primer. You can use a large-mouth container to prop large eggs on while working. Let dry. Paint two coats of metallic colors on each egg, letting dry completely after each coat. I used both the Modern Masters Matte Metallics and Metallic Paint Collection to have both a natural satin and matte sheen. If the eggs are made of wood, you can choose to leave some unpainted as well.

Scandinavian Style Outdoor Easter Nest DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky | Matte Metallics and Metallic Paints by Modern Masters

How to Create a Scandinavian theme Easter | Modern Masters Metallic Paints | DIY Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky

Add feathers tied on with jute. Arrange a natural-looking outdoor scene that everyone, including the Easter bunny, will love.

Easter Eggs and Decor Accents with Scandinavian Style | How to DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Blog

Create your own tradition. This is a perfect project for you and little ones to work on together each year.

Scandinavian Style Easter with Organic and Natural Materials as well as Matte and Satin Metallic Paints | Modern Masters Blog | How to DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky

Using Metallics and Natural Materials to create a Scandinavian-themed Easter Design and Decor | Modern Masters Blog Tutorial by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky

Outdoor Easter Nest DIY Tutorial | Scandinavian Style | Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky on the Modern Masters Blog






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