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Rooms with a View is a high-end interior design show created by late Dean of American Design Albert Hadley, and currently chaired by designer Thom Filicia. Celebrating its 22nd year, the event occurred this past November in Connecticut and talented designers came together to create 12 one-of-a-kind interior design vignettes.

Cynthia Davis of Cynthia Designs – we’ve featured her before in our Modern Mastery series – used Modern Masters products to finish the vignette walls in collaboration with designer Stephanie Rapp of¬†Stephanie Rapp Interiors. Ms. Rapp wanted a sexy, smokey room for her room vignette. After reviewing fabrics and discussing the mood Stephanie wanted to create, she and Cynthia selected a sleek, metallic finish for the walls.

Artist Cynthia Davis readies for a Metallic Plaster Wall Finish | Modern Masters Project Feature

Decorative and Stencil Artist Cynthia Davis of Cynthia Designs

The walls were first base coated in a matte black paint. Then, Black Panther Metallic Plaster was troweled on as a thin texturing layer. Using the Modern Masters trowel, they created small peaks and while wet, knocked the peaks down to a smooth finish allowing for some variation in texture.

Cynthia Davis of Cynthia Designs shares a beautiful Modern Masters Metallic Plaster project for Rooms with a View 2016 | Decorative Plaster Finish

A skim coat, using both Platinum Metallic Paint and Tungsten Metallic Plaster, was applied at the same time. The product was pulled tightly over the texturing layer, allowing the next products to get caught in the grooves.


Creating a Metallic Plaster Finish on Walls | Decorative Plaster Wall Finish by Cynthia Davis | Modern Masters Blog
Allowing some of the Black Panther Metallic Plaster base to peak through resulted in a spectacular snakeskin treatment that received incredibly positive feedback at the event.


Rooms with a View | Room Vignette designed by Stephanie Rapp Interiors | Modern Masters Metallic Plaster Wall Finish by Cynthia Davis of Cynthia Designs | Project Feature on the Modern Masters blogIsn’t the room gorgeous? In case you’d like a further peek at the Room with a View event, Connecticut in Style shared more. We hope you enjoyed this beautiful ‘view’ – and many thanks to Cynthia Davis of Cynthia Designs and Wallovers for sharing her project with us!






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