Christmas DIY: Birch Tree Wine Glass

This Holiday DIY is as versatile as it is charming! Debbie of My Patch of Blue Sky textures and paints a wine glass that adds an elegant twist to your stylish holiday table setting. Once the holidays are over, you can use the conversation piece again and again for gatherings large and small.

Christmas DIY: Birch Tree Wine Glass | How-to Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters ShimmerStone



How to Create a Birch Tree Wine Glass | DIY Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky | Modern Masters Shimmerstone

I recently visited the headquarters of Modern Masters and was inspired to create this holiday project by the beautiful birch trees around the property, with a winter twist. For the stem, use a small brush to add the simulated tree bark, using ShimmerStone. The ShimmerStone adheres to glass beautifully and gives a shimmery textured look and feel.

DIY Birch Tree Wine Glass | Winter Holiday DIY by My Patch of Blue Sky using Modern Masters Shimmerstone

Prepare the frosting bag with ShimmerStone. I kept it the original color here but if you wanted to, you could tint the ShimmerStone to taste using color concentrates. Use the frosting bag to create texture for birch bark and also add snowflakes and stars. Have your preferred image handy to guide your artwork, if needed.

Modern Masters Christmas DIY: Birch Tree Wine Glass | How-to Holiday Table Setting Project by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky

Once the Shimmerstone has dried, add a few lines of Black Pearl Metallic Paint (not shown) to further simulate the birch bark look. Let dry. Use for wine (wash by hand) or as a candleholder, with small tea lights. If using as a wine glass, we would recommend drinking out of the back area where there is no ShimmerStone. Of course, the beauty of this project is that you can customize the placement of your design from the top to suit your use of the project.

HOliday Table Decor Inspiration | Birch Tree Wine Glass created with Modern Masters Shimmerstone | DIY Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky

Birch Tree Wine Glass Christmas DIY is by Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.






12 thoughts on “Christmas DIY: Birch Tree Wine Glass

    • Holly, it is a decorative coating and so we would suggest having your guests sip out of the back area of the glass. Of course, you can customize your placement of the pattern to cover the glass partially so that your guests can sip at their leisure. We hope this helps!

    • Hi, Susan! We recommend following the how-to and not sealing them. The products are not waterproof so they cannot be immersed in water and would need to be carefully hand-washed. We hope this helps!

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