Halloween DIY: Chained Pumpkin

Mary Childs of Focal Points, Inc. crafted three pumpkins with distinct style just for you. This pumpkin has some serious ghoulish shimmer – with a little snap of the chains to keep restless spirits in line. It’s an easy DIY that’s so much fun, it’s scary.

Chained Pumpkin DIY for Halloween | Elegant and Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Ideas and Inspiration | How-to by Mary Childs of Focal Points, Inc.



Chained Pumpkin DIY | Priming the Faux Pumpkins | Halloween DIY by Focal Points, Inc.

Prime the faux pumpkin with a suitable bonding acrylic primer. Let dry.

Chained Halloween Pumpkin DIY | Metallic Halloween Decor Ideas | How-to by Focal Points, Inc.

Use a 2″ brush to paint every other pumpkin section with two coats of Apple Green Metallic Paint. Let dry completely.

Halloween Pumpkin Ideas and Inspiration | Glam and Shimmery Pumpkins | Chained Pumpkin DIY Tutorial by Mary Childs of Focal Points, Inc | Modern Masters Blog

Repeat the process on the primed sections of the pumpkin with the Hunter Green Metallic Paint. Let dry. Repeat the process until both sections of Metallic Paint are fully opaque.

Chained Pumpkin How-to | Halloween DIY by Focal Points, Inc. for Modern Masters

Measure the pumpkin from the stem base to the bottom. Using this measurement, cut the decorative chain into sections. Using the hot glue gun, place a small bead of glue at the stem base and apply one end of the chain to the area while the glue is hot. Repeat all the way around the top of the pumpkin. Do this again for the bottom section of the pumpkin.

Metals & Chains Halloween Pumpkin | DIY How-to by Mary Childs of Focal Points, Inc. | Modern Masters Blog

Glam and Amazing Halloween Pumpkin DIY Tutorials | Projects by Focal Points, Inc. | How-to Tutorials on the Modern Masters Blog

Here are the three amazing Halloween pumpkins created. Head over to the Metallic Crackle Pumpkin and Studded Harlequin DIY Pumpkin for the other two how-to recipes!

The Chained Pumpkin Halloween DIY is by Orlando, FL-based decorative painter Mary Childs. Her Focal Points, Inc. studio creates professional decorative finishes and antique mirrors for clients throughout the US.










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  1. When using MM metallic paints/patina and basic acrylic paint for art, can I use the sealer over my acrylic too? I am doing a some paintings on canvas and love the patina.

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