Turquoise Gem Patina Wall Art How-to

A few weeks ago, we shared an INCREDIBLE hanging wall art and floor project with Metal Effects by one of our creative customers, Jennifer Gibson. Well, it created a firestorm as our fans and readers absolutely loved the project and wanted to know more about how to create it. If you want a refresh visual, here’s the beautiful results:

Metal Effects Patina on Wood Wall Art and Floor | Project by Jennifer Gibson

We reached back out to Ms. Gibson and not only did she graciously agree to share her how-to, she recreated the wood wall art to accompany the steps for you. (Thank you again!) Are you ready? Here we go!


Materials for a Metal Effects Wall Art How to by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters Blog

Small Pan with Roller

Small and Travel Size Spray and Squeeze Bottles

Paper Towels

Metal Effects Primer

Metal Effects Copper Reactive Metallic Paint

Metal Effects Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint

Metal Effects Iron Reactive Paint

Blue Patina Aging Solution

Green Patina Aging Solution

Rust Activator

Permacoat Xtreme Topcoat

Hydrogen Peroxide


One Zebra Muse (optional)

Metal Effects Wall Art DIY by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters Blog


My inspiration for this look was a turquoise gem and I have several pieces that I could reference from. I would recommend reading and following all the instructions on the Metal Effects paints and activators.

Patina Wall Art DIY How-to | Modern Masters Blog

Metal Effects Art on Wood for DIY Wall Art | Project by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters Blog

Begin with a clean smooth plywood board. Apply first coat of Metal Effects Primer and let dry. Apply second coat.

Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint from Metal Effects | DIY Step in Patina Wall Art How-to by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters Blog

Paint large random splotchy sections of Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint and let dry 30 minutes. You can see two examples above of how random they are along with starting some of “crack” lines. Don’t worry about making it all perfect because nature doesn’t make perfect turquoise gem rocks!

Metal Effects Patinas Oxidizing Reactive Metallic Paints | DIY Wall Art How-to by Jennifer Gibson on the Modern Masters Blog

Oxidizing Metal Effects Patinas | How-to DIY Hanging Wall Art by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters Blog

Once dry, you can start with the second layer of each Reactive Metallic Paint over the first layer. Make sure you have the blue and green activators handy in the spray bottles because they have to be applied while the second layer of paint is still wet. I used the spray activators in different areas all over the board. As an added bonus, I also sprayed hydrogen peroxide on the piece and used spray water to help spray it around. It helped create some of the tone variations. As it dries, you should be able to start visualizing where to put the final lines for the “cracks” as the patina starts to oxidate.

Creating a Turquoise Gem Look with Metal Effects | DIY Hanging Wall Art How-to by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Once all was dry, I could clearly see the areas I wanted to outline as the cracks. I used the Iron Reactive Paint in a squeeze bottle and slowly drew my lines. Again, don’t worry about perfection, just enjoy the process!

Iron Reactive Paint patinating with Rust Activator | Metal Effects DIY Turqoise Gem Wall Art | Modern Masters DIY by Jennifer Gibson

Creating a Turquoise Gem Look with Modern Masters Metal Effects | How to Wall Art Piece by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters

Once the rust paint lines dry thoroughly, spray the lines with rust activator in a spray bottle. You can see the rust oxidizing process above.

Metal Effects DIY Wood Wall Art | Project by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters

Using Metal Effects to Create a Faux Turquoise Gem Wood Wall Art Piece | Project by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters DIY Blog Feature

Once all the patinas are fully dry, you can seal the oxidizing process on your hanging wall art with the Permacoat Xtreme Topcoat. The first layer of Permacoat Xtreme is diluted 50:50 with water. Paint and then let dry. The second layer is added on full strength. Let dry and voila!

Hanging Wall Decor Project with Metal Effects Patinas | Wood Art by Jennifer Gibson | Floor and Art featured in the Modern Masters Blog

What do you think of the results? Jennifer shares that Zsa Zsa the zebra was a tremendous help throughout the process and served as the perfect muse. 🙂 Many thanks, Jennifer, for the additional project pics and process!

On our end, we would rate this finish as more of an advanced DIY project so we do recommend becoming thoroughly familiar with the Metal Effects line and the various oxidizing techniques. Creating a sample board from start to finish will ensure the the final look are the results you are going for. Most of all, have fun! We hope you’ve enjoyed the wall art project and turquoise gem finish. Enjoy!

To purchase Metal Effects, head to our online shop or find your local retailer via zipcode. Please call ahead to assure of stock and if not in-house, it can be ordered in for you. Have an inspired day!

















78 thoughts on “Turquoise Gem Patina Wall Art How-to

  1. Extremely Beautiful, God has truly bless you . I would love to do my living room floor like that. It’s just awesome, thanks fo sjaring.

  2. Could this be done on canvas? I have always loved turquiose, I would love to have this on my wall, but I’m wondering about the weight and if the plywood would warp.

  3. I love the look. Not sure I am that talented, but will give it a try. If used in a table top, how will it stand the wear and the cleaning? Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi, Charlyne! We would suggest sealing the oxidation process with the Permacoat Xtreme and when thoroughly dry, following with a durable topcoat for the table. Always test the finish on a sample with all the steps to ensure you have the look you’d like as a result. 🙂

      • Hi, it beautiful, i have treated myself to some of the paint and blue panita aging solution. Can you tell me if i can use proxy resin as a sealant as i have a lot of it to use up? thank you

        • Hello, Krystle! The Blue and Green Patinas do not need a topcoat. For the Rust, we would suggest using our Permacoat Xtreme as it is meant to specifically stop the oxidation and protect the rust. You can see more of the product here: http://www.modernmasters.com/landing/homeowners/brands/me Applying epoxy can dramatically change the look of the finish. You would still need to apply the Permacoat Xtreme and then go over that with the Epoxy. We would do both coats of the Xtreme diluted. Applying all of this will darken the patina finish and give it a plastic type of appearance. Lastly, it must be a water based Epoxy not a solvent. We hope this helps!

    • Terri, for the floor we suggest sealing the oxidation process with the Permacoat Xtreme and when thoroughly dry, you may want to follow with a durable floor topcoat of your choice. Always test the finish on a sample with all the steps to ensure you have the look you’d like as a result. We hope this helps!

        • Hi, Cherrell! We agree – Jennifer’s work is beautiful! Her floor was concrete. We do recommend prepping the concrete thoroughly for any finish and topcoating it well when your preferred finish is done. If deciding to do this technique, we suggest familiarizing yourself with the product line and creating samples to ensure you achieve the desired result! 🙂

  4. The design is gorgeous! Do you think it would work on terra cotta pots? I’ve been looking for a painting technique for two large pots in my entryway.

      • Those were really nice, but what is done differently to make the colors more saturated like your turquoise pieces?

    • Those were really nice, but what is done differently to make the colors more saturated like your turquoise pieces?

      • Hello, Robin! Having a level surface project that allows a liberal application of the patina aging solutions and activators to pool for some time and then dry helps with developing intense patinas. You can even let it sit overnight. Also, the hydrogen peroxide mentioned will also help. We would suggest working with the products and develop samples to get to the look desired. Thank you, Robin!

  5. Is your floor done on plywood? If so, can you walk around barefoot on this without the fear of getting a splinter and how do you clean the floor? I walk around barefoot all the time and that is my only concern. Beautiful!

  6. Modern Masters: At which stage of the entire process do you seal the wood? At the beginning or when everything is all done? I want to try this on a small scale to begin with to familiarize myself with all the steps/process. Also, what type of sealant (Name and Modern Master items number) do you recommend? Thank you!!

    • Hello! We recommend priming the wood at the beginning with the Metal Effects Primer as it is designed to block the oxidation from reaching the wood surface. On your sealant question, we recommed our Permacoat Xtreme (AM204). It chemically arrests the oxidized metal finish, minimizing any further corrosion, and then self-crosslinks to create a weather resistant barrier. For more information on the product line as a whole, including the primer, reactive paints, activators and sealant, please visit our Metal Effects product page on our website: http://modernmasters.com/products.asp?mode=category&bid=8 It also has technical data, MSDS sheets and FAQs. We hope this helps and please feel free to reach out to us again. 🙂

    • Lynn, people do use the Metal Effects system on cars. We wouldn’t recommend it for a vehicle that will be used everyday, it’s more so for showcars. We hope this helps! Please feel free to let us know if you have more follow-up questions on this!

  7. I love the finished product but also think the multi-color look after you applied the activators is STUNNING. Is there any way to maintain that look?

  8. I have watched you-tube videos of this and my main questions is. How do you get the areas of Turquoise so defined? In the videos I have watched it seems that the Patina fuzzy.

    • Amy, she is saturating the finish a bit with the Aging Solutions as well as using the hydrogen peroxide. We do recommend making samples to familiarize yourself with the line and the oxidizing process – so much beautiful discovery comes from experimenting with the product! We hope this helps!

  9. I want to do this on an entire wall in my house…presently painted plaster. Suggestions? How do I get a strong enough/concentrated enough amount of paint to stay on a vertical surface to obtain the brilliance of color? Thete has to be a way!

    • Hi, Pamela! It truly needs the horizontal surface to allow the pooling of the activators to help get the super-oxidized look. Our suggestion would be to do the finish on a level surface with rolled canvas, MDF or masonite and then apply/attach it to the wall. Or, you could simply have the finish done as a faux treatment with brilliant acrylic colors. We hope this helps! 🙂

  10. This is a beautiful project that I am going to attempt! I would like to be able to use my finished product outside on our covered patio. Would it be okay to use the plywood board or would canvas be better?

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  13. Hello. This is absolutely stunning and I’m so excited to give it a try. I’m getting ready to paint a buffett/breakfront. I plan on using chalk paint but would love to do this for the top. Would I need to strip the top first or will the primer suffice?

    • Hi, Karen! The Metal Effects Primer is meant to stop the oxidizing agents from reaching your substrate. We would recommend prepping the top as much as possible prior to starting the Metal Effects. Also, we do suggest trying out the patinas on sample boards to ensure you reach your desired effect. Keep us posted!

  14. I am assuming you can do this on canvas by priming it with Metal Effects Primer? and the Metal reactive paints are different than Modern Master metallic paints? Thank you, beautiful work!

    • Hi, Ms. Schneider! The treatment needs to be kept horizontally for all the materials to pool so as long as the canvas doesn’t warp, you are great. And yes, the Bronze and Copper Reactive Metallic Paints are different than the Metallic Paint Collection. Please let us know if we can help further!

  15. I LOVE this! I would like to do this to hang in 2 very tall alcoves in my family room. I need to use a light weight material though…would balsa wood or a piece of dry wall work as a base material to achieve this same effect? Thanks!

    • Hi, Sarah! We would be careful with too thin of a balsa wood because it can warp from the moisture and of the finish. Either substrate would still need the normal Metal Effects application process. Thank you for your great question!

  16. Is there a video o. How to do this. I’m a little confused on how it all turned out to look so different in the end.

    • Hi, Victoria! There is no video for the technique. It seems Jennifer did a lot of sampling with the Metal Effects, which we highly recommend and mention at the end of the post. We rate this finish as more of an advanced DIY project so we do recommend becoming thoroughly familiar with the Metal Effects line and the various oxidizing techniques.

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