Metal Effects Patinas on the Floor!

Our creative customers are THE BEST – and we love seeing all of the Modern Masters projects shared with us via our social sites. We stopped in our tracks when Jennifer Gibson started sharing images of a room she was working on. Jennifer has had a 25 year career in medical sonography but her creative side came roaring out in full force when she wanted a turquoise gem look for her studio floor. Metal Effects to the rescue!

Starting a Floor Project with Modern Masters Metal Effects Patinas | Project by Jennifer Gibson

Metal Effects Primer protects surfaces from patination process | Metal Effects Floor Project by Jennifer Gibson | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Jennifer began with a clean concrete floor and then applied two coats of the Metal Effects Primer.

Metal Effects Patina process happening on Concrete Flooring | Project by Jennifer Gibson and featured in the Modern Masters Blog

Modern Masters Creative Customer Jennifer Gibson wanted a turquoise gem look for her concrete floor. She used Metal Effects patinas to create the effect and the project was featured on the Modern Masters Blog.

Jennifer then began layering the Metal Effects Reactive Metallic Paints and Patina Aging Solutions and Activators until she achieved the turquoise gem look she wanted. She finished the floor with the Permacoat Xtreme topcoat to seal the oxidation process as well as a durable floor topcoat. She shares, “I put roughly 18 hours into this spread out over a ten day period. It was a lot of fun!”

Zee and Zsa Zsa Gibson Zebras on Metal Effects Patina Floor | Project by Jennifer Gibson is featured on the Modern Masters Blog.

Did we mention Jennifer has two zebras? Yes, she does! Their names are Zee and Zsa Zsa and they are adored members of the family. They supervised her project – and did a fantastic job. Are you ready for the final results?

Turquoise Gem inspired Flooring | Patina on Concrete Floor | Project by Jennifer Gibson with Metal Effects and featured on the Modern Masters Blog

Zsa Zsa Gibson Zebra enjoying the Metal Effects Patina Floor in Jennifer Gibson's new studio | Project feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Paint and Patina Floor with Metal Effects by Jennifer Gibson | Project featured in the Modern Masters Blog

Metal Effects by Modern Masters on Flooring | Paint and Patina Floor Project by Jennifer Gibson | Feature on the Modern Masters Blog

Gorgeous so far, right?

Hanging Wall Decor Project with Metal Effects Patinas | Wood Art by Jennifer Gibson | Floor and Art featured in the Modern Masters Blog

The wall art made of plywood was also patinated with Metal Effects. Jennifer’s friend Elise Gregory also helped refine her decor.

Zebra Studio with Painted and Patinated Floor | Metal Effects Verdigris and Rust Patinas for Turquoise Gem Inspired Flooring | Project featured in the Modern Masters Blog

Zee Gibson Zebra plays on the newly painted and patinated concrete floor | Project by Jennifer Gibson and featured on the Modern Masters Blog

What does Jennifer think? “Thank you guys for the magical Metal Effects paints!! I really love my end results!! Since the floor was concrete and the wall art is plywood it really was a different painting experience for each one. This room feels so good and has such a great energy that its going to be really hard for me to want to do anything in it. Zee and Zsa Zsa love the room, too! Now…on to my next project!!!” Something tells us all that Jennifer does is special. We can’t wait to see what she dreams up.

UPDATE! Ms. Gibson was kind enough to recreate the finish via the wood wall art project. Here’s the Turquoise Gem Patina Wall Art How-to. Have an inspired day!

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74 thoughts on “Metal Effects Patinas on the Floor!

  1. This is very beautiful! You certainly achieved a turquoise gem look! I love it very much! I’m inspired! Hugs

  2. I would like more details on the layering effect application and how you achieved the lines, the order of application and moving the colors around for the various blocks of color. I have worked alot with MM before but not the reactive and I know that you get one chance to get this right. Do not know about open or working time needed for this effect. Thanks so much. when you have time to respond. Love your zebras! i’ll bet you are out of the continental U.S.

    Best, JoAnne

  3. Please let me know how to do this! I want to do this to my floor!
    Could you please tell me how to do this????
    Jeane Bolin

  4. hi i love this! was it done on concrete? and which paints were used? copper? bronze? blue, green? there are several choices in the links above but what did you actually use?

  5. I absolutely love this. I wonder would it hold up under weather? I have a breezeway I’d love to do like this. Is there a place to see this technique done step by step? Thanks!

  6. Hi, I loved your art work it’s beautiful !!! I will love it even more if you are willing to share the details beside the pictures of how it was done Thanks!!!!

    Reply ↓

  7. I just love your floor. I wish I had sa concrete floor to try this on.
    I do have a large blank wall that the art work would look great on.
    Could you give a more detailed discription of how it was done?

  8. This is so awesome, I would love to do this in my basement. I want to do something different and this really fits the bill. Love, love, love the Zebra’s.

  9. I am so impressed by the whole thing. Wouldn’t mind doing the wall art myself as I have two large turquoise floor matsi in my family room and it would look great. However I hail from the land downunder and don’t think the paints are available here. Shame!

  10. I was wondering if you used the green or blue patina??? so it is either bronze or copper. I see the blue on the edges…and to get the stone edges you just painted smaller areas or the overall layering of the product made it look this way?

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  12. what exactly did u use on the floor? exact primers colors patina etc. I want to buy exactly the same items need to recreate your exact creation if I may?

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