A Simple Painted Chest Using Soft, Sophisticated Matte And Shimmer Metallics

Paint a small chest using soft, sophisticated Matte Metallics and the Metallic Paint Collection by Modern Masters |Tutorial

Can a passionate DIY painter and blogger still design and repaint a bright, previously painted chest, after getting an all-new shoulder just three weeks ago? Oh yes! Fortunately, my painting hand is the “good” one, doing most of the work, but it’s amazing how we use both hands and don’t know it.

How to Prep and Paint Furniture for Metallics | How-to Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky on the Modern Masters Blog

This adorable little chest resides in our long, art-gallery-like entry. It fell off a loading dock years ago, and I happened to come along just in time to scoop it up. Love the plain but elegant curves, and yes, some bumps that I choose to embrace as character. I painted this turquoise and silver look ages ago, but, it’s time for a fresh face.

But with one good arm for now, I required simple, simple, simple steps. Modern Masters has the perfect solution: two sublime metallic paint lines, the Metallic Paint Collection and the Matte Metallics. From the Matte Metallics, I chose Pale Gold and from the Metallic Paint Collection, I chose Platinum. The Matte Metallics have a more matte sheen to their shimmer and using both would achieve a subtle play of light between the two sheens.

All I did to prep for this project was remove all of the drawers and hardware, clean everything with soap and water, and paint two coats of a water-based neutral white to use as a base for the Metallic Paints.

Using Metallic Paints on Furniture | Modern Masters Blog

Then I got out two fresh paint brushes. That’s it!

Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection and Matte Metallics | DIY Painted Furniture Tutorial

Depending upon your piece, some sanding may be required.

Metallic Paint on Furniture | Modern Masters Tutorial

I painted two coats of the Platinum Metallic Paint over the entire piece. Here’s what one coat looks like:

Painting Furniture with Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Matte Metallics | DIY Tutorial

Then, I simply chose areas where I wanted to paint the Pale Gold Matte Metallic, including the top, accents, and drawer fronts. I painted three coats, which dried very quickly.

The Metallic Paint Collection and Matte Metallics combine to create a shimmery chest of drawers | Furniture DIY Redo by My Patch of Blue Sky

Though I am a nut about seeking out cool new hardware to freshen up a piece, I could not imagine finding anything that works as well as these heavy glass and silver knobs, found at TJ Maxx.

DIY How-to Tutorial on painting furniture with both Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Matte Metallics

What do you think?

How to Paint Furniture with Metallic Paints and Matte Metallics | Modern Masters Blog | DIY by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky

I feel like our hallway has an entirely new, classy look, using both the Metallic Paint Collection and Matte Metallics, which go a very long way. I have plenty of paint left in my quarts to do several more small projects.

We’d love to see what you do with each paint line. Be sure to share!

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.

19 thoughts on “A Simple Painted Chest Using Soft, Sophisticated Matte And Shimmer Metallics

  1. I love Modern Masters Paint. I am a fellow blogger and I went with the dark metallics but after seeing your use of two shades a light metallic….I now need to get my hands on them and go to work on some specific pieces. Great job on the project and Congratulations on the Modern Masters Spotlight!

    • Hi, Marsha! It is Pale Gold from our Matte Metallics and Platinum from our Metallic Paint Collection! The post has links to both colors and both product lines in case you’d like to learn more about each. Thank you – please let us know if we can help further! 🙂

  2. Pingback: 10 Beautiful Furniture Projects with Metallic Paint | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

    • Hola! Blanco trabaja bien al fondo the plateado. Nuestra recomendacion con los colores metalisades es darle una base cerca del color del metalico. Por favor dejenos saber si podemos ayudar mas!

  3. Getting ready to start on nursery for twin girl granddaughters (woot woot), this is the look we want for the furniture. Your thoughts since it will be used on cribs too?

    • Hello, Ms. Staats! First of all, congratulations – what an exciting time! We bet your twin grandgirls will love their nursery. As to your question, we would highly recommend applying MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat to prevent rub off of the particles with constant use. Please let us know if we can help further!

    • Hi Delana,

      Thank you for reading, and excited to hear about the grandgirls and your project. Looks like Modern Masters has answered your question. Love to see your final furniture photos!

      Debbie Hayes

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