Instantly Hooked: Designer Jessica Neal

Modern Masters Metallic Paint helps enhance the home of Designer & Stylist Jessica Neal of Unite Design Co. | Modern Masters Blog

Designer and Stylist Jessica Neal, owner of UNITE Design Co., is a fan of bold pops of color and contrasts. Since moving to Florida, Jessica has built up an amazing client base. It was when Jessica was working on the exterior of her own home, however, that we caught her shares on Instagram with our Metallic Paint Collection. She wowed us with her eye-catching design and we had to learn more. Jessica graciously shared more of her home haven with us and we’re so happy to feature it. Jessica, take it away!

Jessica Neal, owner of Unite Design Co. | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Jessica Neal, Designer & Stylist for Unite Design Co.

“When we purchased our home two years ago, it had been recently renovated, but painted top to bottom in all shades of beige. I knew instantly that I wanted to brighten the color. For the walls, I went with a very light gray that looks almost white. Since I am a big fan of visual contrasts, right away I knew that with the walls, the white trim had to be painted. In my search to find the perfect solution for the trim, I decided to go with a metallic! Once I found Modern Masters, I was instantly hooked and couldn’t wait to find more areas to use the product!

Painting the trim is one way I have found that adds interest to spaces with basic architectural design. For my home, I mixed up a 50/50 custom mix of Antique Copper Metallic Paint and Smoke Metallic Paint. I applied this to all the trim throughout the main home areas. It is such a great contrast to the light gray walls!

Metallic Paint on Trim | Project by Unite Design Co. | Modern Masters Blog Feature

On the exterior, I used the Antique Copper on my garage door, entry door, back doors, decorative block wall, and table. I felt that it paired so nicely with the teal that I chose for the exterior and this helped drive the color scheme of charcoal, teal, white, and copper.

Architectural Screen Blocks with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Project by UNITE Design Co. and featured in the Modern Masters Blog

Antique Copper Metallic Paint on Back Patio Doors, Table and Decorative Block Wall | Fun patio project by UNITE Design Co. | Modern Masters Blog

I am a huge fan of color blocking, painting murals & getting the neighbors attention (clearly!). Actually, using Metallic Paint in general is always a conversation starter!”

Creating a Color Block Wall | Project by Jessica Neal of UNITE Design Co. | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Antique Copper Metallic Paint on Front Door with Teal, White and Black Color Block Contrast | Residential Curb Appeal | Project by Jessica Neal of UNITE Design Co. | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Exterior Home with Metallic Paint Accents and Color Block Wall | Photography by Trevor Ward | Project by UNITE Design Co. featured in the Modern Masters Blog

What do you think of Jessica Neal’s home? We love her use of color combinations, pattern and of course, metallic paints. For added durability of the Metallic Paints in a high traffic area or exterior, we recommend using MasterClear® Topcoat as it maintains the shimmer of the metallic while offering durable interior and exterior protection. Many thanks to Jessica for taking the time to give us a mini-tour of her lovely home! Please be sure to visit the UNITE Design Co. website and follow her company on both Facebook and Instagram. We hope to feature more of the homes of designers and artists for you in the future. Have an inspired day!

images via Jessica neal and Trevor WarD PHOTOGRAPHY

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  1. I never thought to use the metallic paint outside! Brilliant. I love it! I’m glad that you mentioned how to seal it. I will be using my Modern Masters Paint outdoors now. Thanks for sharing and Congratulations on the Blogger Award!

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