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#MetalEffects Love Tweet Chat on Thursday, February 11th at 8pm est | Join Modern Masters President Jim Rogers on Metal Effects Q&A + Giveaway

Love Patinas? Join us as we chat with Modern Masters President Jim Rogers on Twitter about all things Metal Effects! All the fun happens on Thursday, February 11th,Β at 8pm est. Follow along with our Q&As, share your Metal Effects patina & oxidation projects and stay for the fantastic Giveaways! Follow us at @ModernMasters and join in with the #MetalEffectsLove hashtag.

In case you have never joined a Tweet Chat, it’s easy with…Tweet Chat!

  1. Log in to your Twitter account;
  2. Go to the Tweet Chat website and input the hashtag #MetalEffectsLove – once entered, you will be asked to authorize your Twitter account. Say yes; and
  3. You are now in your own Tweet Chat space joining the conversation with a live stream! The site automatically adds the #MetalEffectsLove hashtag and you can easily tweet away as usual.

If you need a visual on how this works, below is a great YouTube video by Sarah Sharpe that guides you as well. See you there!

4 thoughts on “#MetalEffectsLove Tweet Chat

  1. I don’t have a Twitter account, and am not considering one either. How about you posting your webinairs in a manner other than through Twitter?? This sounds like a great learing experience, especially since I have already purchased all your supplies, and am getting ready to begin.

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