A Simple Painted Chest Using Soft, Sophisticated Matte And Shimmer Metallics

Paint a small chest using soft, sophisticated Matte Metallics and the Metallic Paint Collection by Modern Masters |Tutorial

Can a passionate DIY painter and blogger still design and repaint a bright, previously painted chest, after getting an all-new shoulder just three weeks ago? Oh yes! Fortunately, my painting hand is the “good” one, doing most of the work, but it’s amazing how we use both hands and don’t know it.

How to Prep and Paint Furniture for Metallics | How-to Tutorial by My Patch of Blue Sky on the Modern Masters Blog

This adorable little chest resides in our long, art-gallery-like entry. It fell off a loading dock years ago, and I happened to come along just in time to scoop it up. Love the plain but elegant curves, and yes, some bumps that I choose to embrace as character. I painted this turquoise and silver look ages ago, but, it’s time for a fresh face.

But with one good arm for now, I required simple, simple, simple steps. Modern Masters has the perfect solution: two sublime metallic paint lines, the Metallic Paint Collection and the Matte Metallics. From the Matte Metallics, I chose Pale Gold and from the Metallic Paint Collection, I chose Platinum. The Matte Metallics have a more matte sheen to their shimmer and using both would achieve a subtle play of light between the two sheens.

All I did to prep for this project was remove all of the drawers and hardware, clean everything with soap and water, and paint two coats of a water-based neutral white to use as a base for the Metallic Paints.

Using Metallic Paints on Furniture | Modern Masters Blog

Then I got out two fresh paint brushes. That’s it!

Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection and Matte Metallics | DIY Painted Furniture Tutorial

Depending upon your piece, some sanding may be required.

Metallic Paint on Furniture | Modern Masters Tutorial

I painted two coats of the Platinum Metallic Paint over the entire piece. Here’s what one coat looks like:

Painting Furniture with Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Matte Metallics | DIY Tutorial

Then, I simply chose areas where I wanted to paint the Pale Gold Matte Metallic, including the top, accents, and drawer fronts. I painted three coats, which dried very quickly.

The Metallic Paint Collection and Matte Metallics combine to create a shimmery chest of drawers | Furniture DIY Redo by My Patch of Blue Sky

Though I am a nut about seeking out cool new hardware to freshen up a piece, I could not imagine finding anything that works as well as these heavy glass and silver knobs, found at TJ Maxx.

DIY How-to Tutorial on painting furniture with both Modern Masters Metallic Paints and Matte Metallics

What do you think?

How to Paint Furniture with Metallic Paints and Matte Metallics | Modern Masters Blog | DIY by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky

I feel like our hallway has an entirely new, classy look, using both the Metallic Paint Collection and Matte Metallics, which go a very long way. I have plenty of paint left in my quarts to do several more small projects.

We’d love to see what you do with each paint line. Be sure to share!

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.

Instantly Hooked: Designer Jessica Neal

Modern Masters Metallic Paint helps enhance the home of Designer & Stylist Jessica Neal of Unite Design Co. | Modern Masters Blog

Designer and Stylist Jessica Neal, owner of UNITE Design Co., is a fan of bold pops of color and contrasts. Since moving to Florida, Jessica has built up an amazing client base. It was when Jessica was working on the exterior of her own home, however, that we caught her shares on Instagram with our Metallic Paint Collection. She wowed us with her eye-catching design and we had to learn more. Jessica graciously shared more of her home haven with us and we’re so happy to feature it. Jessica, take it away!

Jessica Neal, owner of Unite Design Co. | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Jessica Neal, Designer & Stylist for Unite Design Co.

“When we purchased our home two years ago, it had been recently renovated, but painted top to bottom in all shades of beige. I knew instantly that I wanted to brighten the color. For the walls, I went with a very light gray that looks almost white. Since I am a big fan of visual contrasts, right away I knew that with the walls, the white trim had to be painted. In my search to find the perfect solution for the trim, I decided to go with a metallic! Once I found Modern Masters, I was instantly hooked and couldn’t wait to find more areas to use the product!

Painting the trim is one way I have found that adds interest to spaces with basic architectural design. For my home, I mixed up a 50/50 custom mix of Antique Copper Metallic Paint and Smoke Metallic Paint. I applied this to all the trim throughout the main home areas. It is such a great contrast to the light gray walls!

Metallic Paint on Trim | Project by Unite Design Co. | Modern Masters Blog Feature

On the exterior, I used the Antique Copper on my garage door, entry door, back doors, decorative block wall, and table. I felt that it paired so nicely with the teal that I chose for the exterior and this helped drive the color scheme of charcoal, teal, white, and copper.

Architectural Screen Blocks with Modern Masters Metallic Paint | Project by UNITE Design Co. and featured in the Modern Masters Blog

Antique Copper Metallic Paint on Back Patio Doors, Table and Decorative Block Wall | Fun patio project by UNITE Design Co. | Modern Masters Blog

I am a huge fan of color blocking, painting murals & getting the neighbors attention (clearly!). Actually, using Metallic Paint in general is always a conversation starter!”

Creating a Color Block Wall | Project by Jessica Neal of UNITE Design Co. | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Antique Copper Metallic Paint on Front Door with Teal, White and Black Color Block Contrast | Residential Curb Appeal | Project by Jessica Neal of UNITE Design Co. | Modern Masters Blog Feature

Exterior Home with Metallic Paint Accents and Color Block Wall | Photography by Trevor Ward | Project by UNITE Design Co. featured in the Modern Masters Blog

What do you think of Jessica Neal’s home? We love her use of color combinations, pattern and of course, metallic paints. For added durability of the Metallic Paints in a high traffic area or exterior, we recommend using MasterClear® Topcoat as it maintains the shimmer of the metallic while offering durable interior and exterior protection. Many thanks to Jessica for taking the time to give us a mini-tour of her lovely home! Please be sure to visit the UNITE Design Co. website and follow her company on both Facebook and Instagram. We hope to feature more of the homes of designers and artists for you in the future. Have an inspired day!

images via Jessica neal and Trevor WarD PHOTOGRAPHY

The 2016 Modern Masters Awards

2016 Modern Masters Awards | Submissions & Voting February 14 - 27, 2016 | Link has Details

Did you know? Our Metallic Paint Collection has been used to paint the large Oscar statues that grace the Academy Awards stage as well as the Dolby Theatre itself – it’s always a thrill to see them! We honor this time of year with our annual Modern Masters Awards! Submissions and Voting will start on February 14th and run thru February 27th. You can enter as many projects as you’d like and any surface you have worked on can be submitted! Please note the contest is open only to residents of the continental US.

To enter via Facebook, head to the Modern Masters Awards tab on our Facebook fan page. Using the entry form, upload a photo of your favorite Modern Masters project using any of our product lines. Tell us a bit about your project, the materials used, and be sure to add your city and state. Once you enter your submission, you will receive a unique link to your entry. SHARE your pic with your family and friends to encourage voting for your project!

To enter via Twitter or Instagram, simply tell us about your project and the materials used when uploading your individual pic. Important: Use the hashtag #ModernMastersAwards and you’ll automatically be entered! Be sure your account is not set on ‘private’ on either Twitter or Instagram.

Now…for the Grand Prizes! There will be two winners – the project with the most votes and the Modern Masters’ Choice, a project picked by Modern Masters. Each will win a $250 Modern Masters Shopping Spree!

Modern Masters will review all the nominations and the winners will be announced on or about March 1, 2016. We can’t wait to see your projects – Good Luck!

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If you need a visual on how this works, below is a great YouTube video by Sarah Sharpe that guides you as well. See you there!

On Trend: Rose Metallic Paint

The color authority Pantone released its 2016 hues for color of the year and it’s no surprise we’ve been seeing softer colors come into interior design and decor accents. Pantone’s Rose Quartz, a pale pink, is a great choice for a girl’s room but can also be used in a more versatile manner, such as in a bath, dining room or even a living room. The shade has the added bonus of adding a soft glow to the space and some say, the guest’s skin tones look better, too! We’ve started seeing our Rose hue from the Metallic Paint Collection featured in shelter magazines as well as used in beautiful design projects so we thought we’d share this on trend color with you.

DIY Art Canvas with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Better Homes & Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens shared a few beautiful canvas painting ideas recently. They created a modern masterpiece with a geometric canvas (above) that included several of our Metallic Paint colors with Rose Metallic Paint as an accent. Looks amazing!

Rose Metallic Paint by Modern Masters in a Glam Bath | Interior Design by Sasha Bikoff

Sasha Bikoff New Year is a vibrant interiors firm that uses a keen understanding of design and culture and to create an eclectic, creative oasis for their clients. Ms. Bikoff recently shared a current project with us using our Rose Metallic Paint as well as this incredibly glam bath she designed. The color reflects a beautiful light and the design has a sophisticated, tailored freshness.

Home Office Design | Rose Metallic Paint by Modern Masters on Brick | Contemporary Home Office

The natural light in this space is perfect for the combination of Rose Metallic Paint, creams and the medium-toned woods. It’s unexpected and visually stimulating – perfect for a home office!

Rose Metallic Paint is a fantastic choice for anyone who wouldn’t want a shade that’s too vibrant or strong – it’s a soothing, surprising hue that’s equally at home on the walls, furniture or decor accents. We hope this inspires you to incorporate this romantic color in your projects!