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Inspiring Decorative Painters on Instagram | Modern Masters Blog

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media outlets and its visual focus is perfect for decorative painting firms to showcase their artistry! We love to share artist projects as well on our Modern Masters Instagram, but we also love to peek into the lives and studios of faux finishers and decorative painters for inspiring projects. We’ve found 18 accounts that will uplift your day with color, creativity and all-around beautiful posts. We share a bit about why we think they’re special and if you’d like to follow them, we’ve provided their handle and/or just click on the pic to take you straight to their account. We follow them and hope you do, too! Of course, if we’ve missed anyone, tell us in the comments! We love discovering all that Instagram has to offer.

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Use All Three Metal Effects Kits To Create Drippy Abstract Canvas Art

Create Your Own Patina Art | How to DIY Tutorial on the Modern Masters Blog | Project by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky

Effortless artsy, rusty, crusty effects are all the rage right now, thanks to Modern Masters and their fabulous Metal Effects line. They’ve also recently introduced Metal Effects Kits in Rust, Green and Blue Patinas, available online at TheHomeDepot.com. If you love crusty stuff, like old cars, metal accessories, and even artwork, we are kindred spirits. For years I have been scavenging in the local junkyard for years to grab gorgeous scraps of real copper and rust, made by nature, to incorporate into custom metal artwork for clients.

Effortless artsy, rusty, crusty effects are all the rage right now, thanks to Modern Masters and their fabulous new Paint Oxidizing Finish Kits that come in Rust, Green, and Blue. If you love crusty stuff, like old cars, metal accessories, and even artwork, we are kindred spirits. For years I have been scavenging in the local junkyard for years to grab gorgeous scraps of real copper and rust, made by nature, to incorporate into custom metal artwork for clients.

Now that Modern Masters has debuted these three kits, perfect for one or two smaller projects, I make way fewer trips to the scrap heap. Rust and patina are right at my fingertips, and even though I was a faux finisher for many years, no special skills are required to make most any object look aged.

Everything you need is included in the Metal Effects Kits so you can jump right into creating your masterpiece. Find something cool to paint – a lamp base, a small tabletop, or a garden statue – about any paintable surface will work, like metal, wood, drywall, plaster, or plastic.

I decided to use an 18″ square canvas from Michaels for my quick project. Who doesn’t need another great piece of art to hang, prop on a shelf, or give as a gift, right?

You can do a great project using any one of the kits, but I always love to experiment, so I am using all three of the kits: Rust, Green Patina and Blue Patina. (Modern Masters features great, quick videos using each of the products individually on their YouTube Channel.)

Modern Masters Metal Effects Kits available online at TheHomeDepot.comHERE’S WHAT’S INCLUDED IN EACH KIT, to cover about 18 square feet:

8 ounces of Primer, 8 ounces of Reactive Paint, 10 ounces of Aging Solution, 2 brushes, 2 stir sticks and complete instructions. The Rust kit also includes the recommended Permacoat Xtreme Sealer.

Before you get started, prep the area with a drop cloth and plastic as needed. It’s a good idea not to invite kids and pets since you will be spraying. Make sure your area is well ventilated, too.


Using the Modern Masters Rust kit, paint two coats of Primer.

Some surfaces, such as metal or plastic, may need a bonding primer prior to starting your Metal Effects project. This will ensure your surface is properly prepared. I did not need to use a special primer for my canvas project. Now, brush your first coat of Metal Effects Primer. Let dry and add one more coat. Let dry.

Brush on two coats of iron paint. Let dry.

Brush on a coat of Iron Reactive Paint. Let dry. Brush on another coat and let dry.

Spray the rust activator once, wait 5 minutes and spray again.

In order to allow the activating and patina solutions to drip, I found a basket to prop the canvas on, and added some terry towels to catch the excess drips.

Use the Rust Activator, and spray at the top, about 1/4 of the way down. Wait five minutes, and spray again.

The rust step complete.

Let dry until the magic is complete. Actual oxidation occurs, and If you spray too much, the whole area could turn black, so go easy. Some of my background turned black, which I like, after only one application. You could opt to stop right now and apply the sealer, according to the directions.


Use Modern Masters paint oxidizing kits to create artwork on canvas. Tutorial.


Brush on copper paint, the spray green patina.

About 1/3 of the way down from the top, brush on some Copper Reactive Metallic Paint. I used sort of a zigzag pattern, but anything goes.

Spray the green patina solution.

Spray the Green Patina Aging Solution only over the copper paint area while it is still wet. You can use the mist option, or the stream, or both. Let dry until the green appears.

Switch to the Blue Patina Kit. Down below the green patina, paint a zigzag pattern with the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint color. While wet, mist or use the stream option of the Blue Patina Aging Solution. Let the patina magic happen.

I worked on this canvas all during the day, while I was running around doing other things. That way, I could let the patina happen, add more of the copper or bronze and solution, until I felt like I was done.

Normally at this point I would follow the proper procedure of adding the Permacoat Xtreme sealer to protect the rust, and keep it from coming on on your fingers and clothes. But for art, I like to leave off the sealer and let nature reign.

Use Modern Masters Oxidizing Metal Effects Paints on Canvas | DIY Abstract Art | Project by Debbie Hayes of My Patch of Blue Sky

Metal Effects Canvas Art | How to on the Modern Masters Blog by Debbie Hayes

Knowing when to quit is the most difficult part of using the Metal Effects Kits! All three kits are available online at TheHomeDepot.com and now that you have the know-how, it’s time to try your own! Have a blast, and be sure to share your pieces with Modern Masters!

Modern Masters Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.




Inspired Canvas Artworks with Metal Effects

Bare walls can call out for a great piece of artwork — and since Metal Effects is one of the hottest products going, the combination of the two can bring a stylish, rustic flair to any space. Canvas art also personalizes and dresses up any area, guaranteeing you’ll never have to stare at boring blank walls. We’ve found a few artists who do inspired work with patinas and oxidized finishes on canvas – read on to browse our ‘gallery’!

Becky Hicks Fine ArtBecky Hicks of Becky Hicks Fine Art is a Texas-based artist with a love for nature and all things “country”. Her artwork reflects her passion and in this painting, the rust finish provides a background for an alluring, wild horse.

Canvas Art with Metal Effects Patinas | Beautiful Artistry by Ali KayTree Canvas Art with PatinasArtist Ali Kay of Chattanooga’s Positive Space Art is a master on both canvas and wall space and we’ve featured her before in our Modern Masters series. She frequently uses the Metal Effects patinas to add depth and interest to her paintings and this canvas, one she created for her home, is no exception. Ali also teaches workshops in how to create these treescapes as well as rusty florals so keep an eye on her Facebook page as her classes sell out quickly!

Zebra with Rust Patinas | Canvas Art by Scarlet Johnson of J82 Studios | Canvas Artworks with Metal EffectsScarlet Johnson of J82 Art Studio shares her patinated and oxidized works with us via her Instagram account and we found ourselves smitten! She specializes in decorative art as well as horse and pet portraits – isn’t this zebra stunning?

Metal Effects Verdigris and Rust Patinas as Artwork | Bird-Inspired Art on Farm Gate by Hoity Toity Peacock | Canvas Art Ideas with Modern Masters Metal EffectsArt isn’t just for interiors! Hoity Toity Peacock recently created a patinated art panel with a bird motif for a client’s farm gate. It’s aged beauty works perfectly in sync with the rustic, organic surroundings.

Abstract Tree Art by Igor Turovskiy | Modern Masters Cafe Blog | Canvas Artworks with Metal Effects PatinasA master of wielding the oxidizing patinas of Metal Effects, artist Igor Turovskiy of Igor Fine Art creates incredible art pieces with texture and creativity. This fairly recent canvas of a tree has a such stormy drama. So beautiful! Igor also teaches his techniques, with a workshop coming up soon at the Faux Retreat. See more of his oxidized artworks in his Modern Mastery feature.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these art ideas with Metal Effects and please, visit the individual artists’ websites for much more! You can decorate your home with art and paintings that you’ve made yourself or hired an artist (like the ones above) to create especially for you. Be sure to keep coming back to the blog as we’ll soon have a DIY Canvas Art project for you to try, too. Have an inspired day!


Going Gray in Style

Color — especially pastel shades — are making a splash in 2016 but we have also been seeing an uptick lately on beautiful gray interiors and decorative finishes. The color has been on trend for a while and rightly so as it is inherently calm and elegant. In the hands of decorative painters, designers and DIYers, the color can also become quite a stunning focal point. Here are a few chic projects we found with this classic neutral in many of the color’s multiple tones and shades.

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster Wall Finish | Gorgeous Project by Nena Garza-Sexton of NCF StudioNena Garza-Sexton of NCF Studio used our Metallic Plaster line to create a modern finish with depth of color for a bath wall. Stunning!

Striped Wallpaper Treatment | Gray Decorative Finishes | Modern Masters Cafe Blog with link to How-to TutorialRetailer CB2 recently shared a how-to tutorial on creating your own metallic striped wallpaper with our Silver Metallic Paint. You can definitely do this linear finish right on the wall as well!

Dazzling, Shimmery Wall Treatment with Modern Masters Products | Project by Art of Shadia | Gray Decorative Finishes on the Cafe BlogBling your walls! Art of Shadia certainly did that for a client with a textured ombre strie wall treatment that incorporated our Oyster, Champagne, Smoke and Nickel Metallic Paint, foil accents and Glass Bead Gel in a dazzling manner. The ceiling is painted with Smoke Metallic Paint, too!

Metallic Linen Finish on Walls | Project by Jeremy Stanger | Gray Decorative and Faux Finish Ideas on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogSteel Gray Metallic Paint over satin black latex walls makes for an attractive, sedate treatment when done as a linen finish. The project is by the talented Jeremy Stanger of Stanger Projects and he worked with the design firm Juxtaposed Interiors for the great space.

Pewter Metallic Paint on Dresser by Holy Craft | Gray Surface Treatment Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe BlogOur Pewter Metallic Paint made quite a dramatic difference on this drop leaf dresser! The transformation is by Rachel Teodoro of Holy Craft and she shares more of the metallic furniture project on her blog!

Platinum Gray Metallic Stenciled Ceiling by Arlene McLoughlin | Gray Decorative Painting Ideas on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogArtist Arlene McLoughlin used our Platinum Metallic Paint as brushed-on base for the geometric stenciling in a deep blue for a striking ceiling. The finish also has mirror tiles added on top – can you see them?

Venetian Plaster Crocodile Wall Finish by decorative artist Caroline Lizarraga | Gray Surface Finish Ideas on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogWe’re not sure if there is such a thing as a Venetian crocodile – but you can certainly create the pattern with our Venetian Plaster! Talented Caroline Lizarraga shares her take in a deep and light gray combination. Take a peek at her other gray-toned wall finishes with both agate and scalloped patterns!

The interior design trends predict more muted yet rich colors and darker neutrals (such as velvety navy blues or bold blacks) to come in for 2016 and beyond. You can see some of those deeper color leanings in play on some of the projects in this post, too. It’ll be interesting to see the incredible finishes that will come out with the emerging trends – be sure to share them with us!