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Modern Masters Hot List for 2015 | Colors in Review on the Cafe Blog2015 was a great year for Modern Masters as we watched our products expand to more locations and used in ever more increasing ways. We also spied a few color trends of our own (just like Pantone) and thought to share them with you as we get ready for 2016. Ready? Let’s do this!


Hot Metal Effects Projects in 2015 | Modern Masters Cafe BlogFirst up is Metal Effects, one of the more popular product lines for us this year. Our Metal Effects Kits are now available online at and many decorative painters and DIYers expanded their artistry with patinas and oxidation.

Copper and Bronze Patina on Kitchen Range Hood | Project by Patricia Presto of On The Surface | Modern Masters Hot Colors and Projects 2015Patricia Presto of On the Surface, used both our Copper and Bronze Reactive Metallic Paints and the Blue Patina Aging Solution to create an extraordinary finish on a showhouse kitchen range hood. It looked so realistic that she was requested by the designer to make cards to place on the counter stating “this is not real copper.” Image by Mary Powell Photography.

Modern Masters Metal Effects Patina on Furniture | Hot Colors and Projects of 2015Patinating furniture took off this year with gorgeous results. The Painted Bench Hamilton created a showstopping storage unit for their studio with the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and both the Blue and Green Patina Aging Solutions.


Hottest Metallic Colors of 2015 | Modern Masters Cafe BlogOur Metallic Paint Collection is a perennial favorite, being used in theme parks, awards shows like the Oscars® and of course, your homes and businesses.

Painted Metallic Furniture | Modern Masters Cafe BlogUpcycling furniture with paint is a ‘trend’ that we think is here to stay. Who wouldn’t love to transform a blah piece into something extraordinary? Decorative painter Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspirations used our Copper Metallic Paint for an artistic night table (left) and DIYer Redone Reloved used Warm Silver Metallic Paint to add a painterly yet classic look to a dresser (right).

Metallic Paint on Cabinetry and Trim | Modern Masters Hot Colors on the Cafe BlogDecorative & Faux Finishes always share their amazing Modern Masters projects with us and when we spied this one, our jaws dropped. A gold metallic paint overglazed on a foil finish to give the walls gives a rich, luxe look. The same tone is on the crown molding, trim and the cabinets, which were topcoated for protection.


Hottest Metallic Plaster Colors of 2015 | Modern Masters Cafe BlogOur Metallic Plaster has a symphonic blend of shimmer, luster, elegance and environmental friendliness. We saw many unique wall and ceiling projects with them this year!

Metallic Plaster Wall Treatment by Shauna Gallagher | Modern Masters Hot Projects and Colors 2015Decorative Artist Shauna Gallagher took various Metallic Plaster shades and created an eye-pleasing wall treatment with a layered stencil pattern for a commercial shop.

Metallic Plaster Inspiration | Modern Masters Hot Projects and Colors 2015 | Ceiling by NCF Studio NCF Studio added drama to a rustic entryway by using our Metallic Plaster, Wall Glazing Cream and gold leafing on a foyer groin ceiling.


Hot Front Door Paint Colors | Modern Masters Cafe BlogSuper easy to use, cleans up beautifully and never fades. Add to that the ability to be done with your door in mere hours made our Front Door Paint a first-rate choice for your upgraded curb appeal. Here’s some of our fave projects with the most popular colors.

Blue Front Doors Make a Splash | Modern Masters Hot Colors 2015Aniko of Place of My Taste used the door color Peaceful blue for both her front entrance and shutters. So welcoming!

Hot Front Door Paint Colors for 2015 | Modern Masters Cafe Blog | Project by Pursuing VintageKristen of Pursuing Vintage used an one-two combo of Sophisticated red for her front door and Elegant black for her shutters. Beautiful!

What do you think of the hot colors for 2015? We loved seeing these colors and finishes in your projects this year and are so excited to see what’s coming up for 2016! Be sure to share those amazing new projects with us!


2 thoughts on “Modern Masters: 2015 Hot Colors

  1. Please advise a color for a door that the siding is vinyl brownish red. What do you think of a soft yellow. Also do your products hold up in minus thirty Celsius as I’m in Canada

    • Hi, Rhonda! We have a free Front Door Paint app that could help! It’s available on both iPhone and Android – you snap a pic of your front door and scroll through the colors to see which works best. It will absolutely help guide you – here’s a post with more info on the app: As to the temperatures, once the paint fully cures there will not be an issue when the temperatures drop. However, our concern is less with the temperature and more with the snow. We advise not letting snow build up on the finish as that is not recommended. We hope this has helped!

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