Copper Projects to Fall For!

Fall is in the air and so are the scents and warm colors of the new season! Copper tones are out in full force and it is a color that also works perfectly throughout the year in well-designed spaces and projects. The colors have a rich glow of deep dark orange and make a great accent against neutrals. We have a few Modern Masters products with copper tones and we thought we’d share some inspiring project ideas with you.


Fall Decor Projects with Copper | Pumpking Topiary | Project by the Interior FrugalistaMarie of The Interior Frugalista used our Copper Reactive Metallic Paint to add a metallic shine to real leaves and plain craft store letters in this pumpkin topiary. Because it is the metallic paint from our Metal Effects line, it will subtly patinate in the outdoors. Beautiful!

Copper Metal Effects Projects | Copper Projects to Inspire on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogYou can also use our Metal Effects patinas to patinate ordinary objects. Run to Radiance oxidized wood candlesticks and Where the Smiles Have Been transformed plastic succulent planters. Both of these would make great fall mantel decorating ideas!


Copper Metallic Paint on Furniture | Stool Transformation by My Creative Days | Copper Metallic Paint by Modern MastersJust a little Copper Metallic Paint and black paint by My Creative Days transformed what was once a trash to treasure step stool. It’s now a lovely piece to have in a warm, functional kitchen.

Copper Metallic Paint and Copper Leaf | Modern Masters Cafe Blog | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern InspirationMixing Copper Metallic Paint and copper leaf, talented decorative artisty Linda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspirations created a unique and beautiful stenciled side table.


Using Copper for Front Entrances | Modern Masters Cafe BlogOur Metallic Paint Collection has great copper colors to choose from and when topcoated with our MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat, they are perfect for exterior projects. On the left is a charming metallic front door painted with Antique Copper Metallic Paint that was featured in Oprah magazine. On the right, Susan of Living Rich on Less used our Copper Metallic Paint to update her exterior light fixtures and welcome planter for her fall porch makeover.

Metal Effects Patina on Garden Planters | Copper Color Project Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe BlogLaura of Pet Scribbles loves how her Copper Patina Metal Effects planters stand the test of time. These patinated beauties stay outside year round and will continue to oxidize nicely.


Painted Copper Range Hood | Copper Color Ideas | Project by Linda Gale Boyles of Southern InspirationsLinda Gale Boyles of Southern Inspiration strikes again with a gorgeous copper range hood project! This time, she mixed several shades of our gold metallic paint with our copper metallic paint to create a beautiful mixed metal paint finish.

Copper Metallic Paint Finish on Kitchen Range Hood by Sylvia Thompson | Copper Project Ideas and Inspiration on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogSylvia Thompson runs Sylvia T. Designs, an amazing decorative paint studio. Here, she applied Copper Metallic Paint to the insets with Antique Copper on the trim. Using our English Brown Metallic Paint as a glaze, she subtly aged the kitchen range hood finish. Looks perfect with all the kitchen’s decor elements!


Using Copper to Create Global Chic Interiors | Project by Nomadic DecoratorStylish design blogger Deb of Nomadic Decorator used our Antique Copper Metallic Paint to create a shimmery copper colored wall in a room with high contrasts and bold patterns. The result is a beautiful focal feature wall with subtle tone-on-tone texture.

Custom Copper Metallic Patina Wall Finish by M&M Bender | Modern Masters Cafe BlogM&M Bender Designer Wall Finishes is another studio we admire. Working with a designer in her own home, they created a stunning patina and metallic surface finish with our Metal Effects and Metallic Paint Collection.

Metallic Plaster Waterfall Wall Finish by NCF Studio | Copper Decor Project Ideas by the Modern Masters Cafe BlogThe NCF Studio of Decorative Arts sells and offers workshops with our product lines. Owner Nena Garza-Sexton created a unique and multi-colored wall treatment for a luxe bath with our Metallic Plaster. We love how the colors intermix beautifully.

Luxurious shades of copper colors have enjoyed great popularity this year and looks to have no end. With the versatility in our products, you can create finishes that are minimalistic and subtle as well as those that are more intricate and unique. Using the charm and natural patina of copper, you can easily design a space that shines.


10 thoughts on “Copper Projects to Fall For!

  1. Hi –
    I have a question about something you posted in your blog a while back. I would like to send you a photo of it. I don’t have the option to attach a photo on this message. Can you please email me directly so I can send you the photo? I would like to know how to achieve this particular look with Modern Masters.

    Beth Reed

  2. How do you get the wood range hood to not look it is painted wood. I really like the tall hood that has what I call a mottled look. How do you get that look and can that look be done on tongue and groove boards that are on my hood.

    • Hello, Mr. Lieux! We would suggest basecoating your hood completely with your preferred Metallic Paint color (after proper prep) so that there is opaque coverage on all the tongue and groove. Then, mottle 2- 4 copper colors together to achieve the mottled look to taste. We would highly recommend testing this finish on a side sample board of tongue and groove wood until you have the look you desire – perhaps a cabinet building company has some spares to offer. If it is still looking like wood to you due to the tongue and groove (which is indicative of wood), perhaps consider filling in the grooves so that you create a completely level surface to begin with. We hope this helps and please let us know if you have follow-up questions. Thank you!

    • Hi, Ms. Baxter! There are actually three photos with lights in them and so we will answer individually:

      1) Photo with the Exterior Lights (5th down): The blog copy has the info on each finish but if you mean the door, it is actually a faux woodgrain finish and the tutorial is here:
      2) Photo with the single light and wall finish (10th down): The studio is a professional studio so they did not release a DIY but it looks as if the base is the Metal Effects Green Patina with several Copper Metallics (Copper, Copper Penny, and/or Antique Copper) mottled on top with a chip brush or rag.
      3) Photo with the single light in the powder room (11th down): They are a professional studio as well but it looks as if they troweled several colors of our Metallic Plasters together in and around each other for a horizontal, waterfall type finish.
      We hope this helps! 🙂

  3. I would like to use this paint for a wooden piece for outdoors. Will this work and what type of protection paint should I use over it. Thank you.

  4. On the door on the left I’m trying to achieve that look in a range hood. What colors should I use to get the darker edging color? How many colors should I mix. Also not sure if I should use the metal effects

    • Hi, Kate! The door finish is with Antique Copper Metallic Paint and not the Metal Effects. The multiple color effect you see might be the shadowing or the photograph itself but you could mix several copper colors together on a sample board to create your desired look. Here is our color palette: If looking for more darker edges, you can try ‘aging’ with a bit of English Brown or Black Pearl Metallic Paint or an aging glaze. Sample boards will help in determining the final look you are going for. Please be sure to seal the door finish with MasterClear Protective Clear Topcoat as it’s made specifically to work with our Metallic Paint Collection. We hope this helps!

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