Millennium Clock Tower Restoration

Many of our products are used for exterior surfaces and we spied one such special project on Facebook by a creative customer, CIP (Commercial & Industrial Painters), in Canada. The Millennium Clock Tower was erected in Ontario’s Oakville Town Square to help greet the millennium in style. In the 15 years since, it had lost its lustre and both the base color and gold details had become faded and discolored. With the help of our Metallic Paint Collection and MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat, CIP was able to help restore it to its former glory. Their president, Ed Forte, walked us through the process.

The Millennium Clock Tower in Ontario, Canada is in need of restoration | Cafe Blog“From the 15 years of severe Canadian weather exposure, the rundown timepiece was in need of some attention. All the gold accents and lettering were worn off over the years. There really wasn’t much gold left,” Ed explains.

Clock Restoration with the help of Modern Masters | Project by CIP The clock also had corrosion, which had to be sanded down, grinded and then primed with a bonding primer.

Rich Gold Metallic Paint by Modern Masters helps restore the Millennium Clock Tower | Project by CIP | Cafe Blog FeatureEd shares, “Two coats of an acrylic aliphatic urethane was selected as the paint coat because of it’s excellent color retention and anti-corrosion properties. The gold accents were applied with three coats of Rich Gold Metallic Paint and top coated with three coats of MasterClear® for added UV protection.” The non-yellowing interior/exterior MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat is specifically formulated to maintain the shimmer of metallic paint and has inherent high abrasion resistance.

Restoration of Millennium Clock Tower in Ontario, Canada | Project by CIP | Cafe Blog FeatureModern Masters Metallic Paint in Rich Gold | Exterior Restoration Project by CIPModern Masters Rich Gold Metallic Paint enhances a Clock Tower Restoration Project by Ontario's CIP | Cafe Blog FeatureLettering and Painting on Clock Tower Restoration with Modern Masters Rich Gold Metallic Paint | Project by Ontario's CIP | Cafe Blog FeatureBefore & After Millennium Clock Restoration Project by CIP | Modern Masters Metallic Paint The Millennium Clock in Oakville’s Town Square is the centrepiece of Downtown Oakville​. “From the Christmas tree lighting, to the Jazz festival, Midnight Madness and so much more, it has stood in the forefront of visitors and passer-bys. We are proud of how the clock turned out and have received a lot of good feedback. Some people actually thought it was a completely new clock,” Ed says. “Many thanks to Modern Masters for a providing such a great product.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this transformation! CIP made a quick project video of that you can view above. For more on their projects, please follow them on their Facebook page and be sure to pin your fave images of this incredible clock restoration. If you have a special Modern Masters project you’d like to share with us, please e-mail us at with more information. Have an inspired day!

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