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ased out of Brenham, Texas, Hoity Toity Peacock has been creating, producing andteaching incredible reactive and oxidized works with our Metal Effects patinas for years. We’ve been following their studio and projects on social media for quite some time and are very proud to feature their artistry on our Modern Mastery series.

Modern Masters Metal Effects Patinas on Buffet Table | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock | Modern Mastery Series Feature on the Cafe BlogForty-two years ago, Melody Peacock Brooks started helping her mother, Beverly Coet, after school, weekends and during the summer on painting and wallpaper jobs. By the time she was twelve years old, Melody’s daughter, Meghan Martin Munson, could mimic her mother’s hand in Italian Plastering and it has since developed into three generations of artisans that create, teach and share their talents.

In 2012, they created Hoity Toity Peacock to combine their talents and focus on teaching Painting and Decorative Finish techniques. There was a high demand for painted furniture classes, but the three generations wanted something that would stand out from other workshops. When they discovered the Modern Masters Metal Effects line, it was love at first sight and there was no turning back! Melody began to experiment and create different techniques that would provide the rich, vibrant colors that the Metal Effects products can achieve. She soon began incorporating the patinas into the furniture they were painting and each piece proved so striking, they sold immediately. Their Metal Effects classes are also so popular that they have become one of the primary focuses at their studio.

Stenciled Patinas on Furniture Dresser | Modern Masters Metal Effects Project by Hoity Toity Peacock | Modern Mastery Studio Series FeatureWhat is your top finishing tip?
Never be afraid to experiment and try new things. If you make a mistake, you can always try again. In fact over the years, we have had so many “pleasant mistakes” turn out to be our best finishes! Most important, never skimp on the product! If you do, your results will be disappointing.

Oxidized Textured Anaglypta Wallpaper on Bookcase Back | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Project by Hoity Toity PeacockPatina and Pattern on Letter Art | Metal Effects by Modern Masters | Project by Hoity Toity PeacockOxidation and Patina on Mirror Frame | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock with Modern Masters Metal EffectsHow has Modern Masters enhanced your business?
The Metal Effects Patina class has become one of our most popular classes that we offer at our studio at Hoity Toity Peacock in Brenham, TX. It can be used on walls, floors, furniture, art, and just about any object you are wanting that extra unique look. The possibilities are endless! We have also been traveling around the United States and Canada, teaching others these techniques. We feel Modern Masters has taken Hoity Toity Peacock to a new level with this amazing product.

Kitchen Vent with the Metal Effects Rust Finish | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock | Modern Mastery Studio FeatureOxidized and Patinated Trunk | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock | Modern Masters Cafe BlogWhat is your go-to Modern Masters product and/or color?
Without a doubt, the whole line of the Modern Masters Metal Effects is our favorite. We used to think the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint was our favorite, but then we started using the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint and the Iron Reactive Paint for different techniques. They have all become favorites, for one reason or another. It’s like choosing who is your favorite child…you love them all, just in different ways!

Rust Patina Finish on Textured Table Insets | Project by Hoity Toity Peacock with Modern Masters Metal EffectsPanel Bird Art with Modern Masters Metal Effects Patinas | Project by Hoity Toity Peacok | Modern Mastery Studio Series Feature on Cafe BlogVerdigris and Rust Patinas on Rustic Table Top | Modern Masters Metal Effects | Project by Hoity Toity PeacockIsn’t their work extraordinary? Hoity Toity Peacock provides classes on these Metal Effects techniques as well as run the Brenham, Texas shop where they sell home decor goods and the pieces created with the beautiful reactive patina finishes. The newest project they are working on is a retreat center, with students staying on site 3 – 5 days while learning their incredible techniques, eating gourmet meals and getting pampered. Sounds amazing! Please contact Hoity Toity Peacock on their Facebook page if you are interested in a custom piece and/or taking one of their classes. We hope you’ve enjoyed their Modern Mastery!

24 thoughts on “Modern Mastery: Hoity Toity Peacock

  1. I’ve taken Hoity Toity’s workshop and became addicted to Modern Masters! It’s fun to see how the reactives work. It’s a blast!

  2. I’ve known these ladies for several years, and they are incredibly talented! Admire their dedication to their art, and the way they conduct business. Love love love their vision!

    • We are posting classes on our Facebook page, Hoity Toity Peacock. There is a 2-day workshop scheduled for Oct. 5-6, 2015 and more will be posted. Hope you find one that works with your schedule! Thanks.

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  4. Beautiful work! I’m just in love with each and every piece. Question: When you do a table top, how do you protect the surface so that it’s usable and won’t get scratched up? I’m not sure a sealer would be enough for say a kitchen table. Thank you!

  5. Also, would love to take a class but live in PA! Have you ever thought of having an on-line class? Maybe a bunch of tutorial videos that people could pay to access?

    • Hi, Miriam!

      While we do not know the base color the Hoity Toity Peacock used on the trunk, this would depend on your application. If you are looking for a color that will be seen through the patina, then we would recommend using the color you’d like this to be. Most Metal Effects projects will be painted entirely with the Metal Effects Primer and then the Reactive Base color, so it will opaquely cover any color you have underneath. On your primer question, we do suggest using a primer first as you’d like the patina to stay on top of your surface, not penetrate it. Here is a post we thing will also help, 5 Questions with Metal Effects: Also, if you’d like to see video tutorials of each of the patinas, please head over to our YouTube channel: We hope this helps! 🙂

        • Hi, Miriam! You can use the Blue Patina over the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint but the Green Patina looks best over the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint. The Green Patina does not work optimally over the Bronze Reactive Metallic Paint and the Iron Reactive Paint only works with Rust Activator. We hope this helps!

  6. I am having a bathroom vanity built of cedar. I live in Mexico in a highly termite ridden area, so am having it pretreated. Will I still be able to apply Modern Masters, and if so, what kind of primer would you suggest?

    • Hello, Paula! We believe you are talking about working with our Metal Effects line. If it is a penetrating sealer, it could be a solvent base which would require an acrylic primer as a barrier before our Metal Effects Primer. We hope this helps! Please let us know if you have additional questions as we are here to help with any and all!

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