Five Questions with Front Door Paint

Your front door is oneĀ of the first things a guest sees when visiting your home, so why not make it inviting while projecting your personalty? Here at Modern Masters, this question led us to develop our Front Door Paint Collection. By using the Emotional Color Wheel as well as the latest in color trends and home design, 25 non fade Front Door Paint colors were carefully selected for the color palette and since then we’ve been happy to see so many front door makeovers literally transform the appeal of a home. Of course, we’ve also receive questions about our line – everything from prepwork to finish – and we thought we’d share the most popular. Let’s dig in!


Yes! Modern Masters Front Door Paint can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed onto previously painted or properly primed exterior doors and shutters.

Easy, Instant Curb Appeal with Modern Masters Front Door Paint | Available at and selected Lowe's nationwide


If starting with a previously painted door in good condition and the product on it is water based, you are ready to start using Front Door Paint once you have cleaned the door and it is sound and dry. If starting with unfinished wood, metal or doors previously painted with oil based paint, we recommend using the acrylic primer, Bulls Eye 1-2-3 by Zinsser, before starting your makeover. Factory finished doors and shutters should also be primed with a good quality acrylic primer prior to painting with Front Door Paint. Using a high-quality synthetic bristle brush is recommend for water-based paints and will provide a great result. For complete information, check out our Step-by-Step Instructions and Front Door Paint Technical Data Sheet as well as our How to Paint a Front Door video below.



You can easily paint and close your door in just a few hours. The paint lays on beautifully and dries quickly, allowing you to paint several layers in a short amount of time. It’s an easy one-day DIY!

Paint and Close Your Door on the Same Day | Modern Masters Non Fade Front Door Paint


No sealer needed! Front Door Paint is its own non fade amazing-ness all in one quart.

Never-Fading Colors, Guaranteed | Modern Masters Front Door PaintOK, I’M READY TO GET STARTED! WHAT COLOR SHOULD I CHOOSE?

We developed a free Front Door Paint app available on both iPhone and Android. Snap a pic of your front door and scroll through our colors so that you can visualize what the door would look like. Easy peasy! In case you’d like more information, also check out our Tips & Tools for Choosing the Perfect Front Door Color.

Pick Your Color with the Free App | Front Door Paint App by Modern Masters

Hope these five questions have opened the door to a world of ideas for you! You can easily find Front Door Paint by Modern Masters at Home Depot Online, Amazon, our online shop, and selected Modern Masters retailers across the country. Be sure to share your front door transformations with us at!



8 thoughts on “Five Questions with Front Door Paint

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  3. It’s such a shame that the app didn’t work. I had high hopes for using it to help me pick out my new front door color on both the front and back doors. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the app to open even one time. It looks like I’m not the only one who had this issue judging from the reviews online.

    • Renee, thank you so much for letting us know of your experience. We absolutely want to make this better! Would you mind letting us know which platform/device you are using to download the app? This will help us pinpoint the issue better. Thank you!

  4. I installed the app on my iPad Air and it worked beautifully. However, the color I wanted to see on my door, Tranquil, was not one of the color choices.

    • Hi, Vickie! Tranquil is not in the list as it was the most recently added color. We are working on having it added to the app but have no timeline to provide. So sorry about that!

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