Paint Your Shutters Using Modern Masters Front Door Paint!

Modern Masters Front Door Paint in color Playful | Curb Appeal Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe BlogLast fall I had a blast painting our front door with Front Door Paint by Modern Masters in the purple color Playful. The fact that the paint is water-based, glides on like a dream, and comes in lots of gorgeous, curb appeal enhancing colors made my project fun, and I didn’t have to spend all of my precious Saturday getting the job done.

Modern Masters Front Door Paint ColorsI chose the bright purple hue because we have an unusual long courtyard leading up to our front door. Plus, we have a glass storm door that always dilutes any color that we choose. Though Steve and I really like our unusual entry, I felt like I wanted a trendy, bright color that can say “artsy” as well as show up from the street.

How to Paint Shutters with Front Door Paint | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project Tutorial

While I was painting the door, the shutters were suddenly screaming “paint me” but cold weather moved in. So, now that we have some beautiful spring days here in North Carolina, I chose a medium tone coordinating grey called Mysterious to cover our oxidized green shutters that were clashing a bit with our new jazzy purple front door. Modern Masters has 24 Front Door Paint colors to choose from and you can also use their free Front Door Paint app to find the best colors for you.

Front Door Paint in the color Mysterious | Gray Shutters

Use Front Door Paint to coordinate your Entrance and Shutter Colors | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project Tutorial

These courtyard shutters were a painters dream. Just a light cleaning and sanding here and there, and I was done with perfect coverage in one coat. Yes, one coat! I did have to watch the weather reports to dodge the rain showers, which is typical this time of year.

Painting Your Shutters with non-fading Front Door Paint | Spring Curb Appeal | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Tutorial

I discovered how much the green paint had faded over the past 4 years when I moved the shutter dog.

How to Keep Your Shutters from Fading | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Tutorial

The pair at the front of the house were definitely not a dream.

Redo Your Old Faded, Crackling Shutters with non-fade Front Door Paint | Spring Curb Appeal Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project Tutorial

I scraped, sanded, and primed with exterior primer. Then I painted two coats of Mysterious, because the white primer needed extra coverage. You can see that I constantly fought with the shrubbery trying to position the ladder just to get situated. I know our neighbors got a few good chuckles watching me try to level up the ladder with a board out of our trash.

Exterior Shutter Makeover | Front Door Paint | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Project Tutorial

I managed not to fall, although I was on constant snake patrol because a feisty little corn snake attempted to join me in the house as I entered for a coffee break. Then I had to go put on socks and shoes because he creeped me out.

Shutters painted with Front Door Paint | Summer Curb Appeal Ideas | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Tutorial

Long story short, we are so happy with the colors and Front Door Paint product, especially knowing that the colors will not fade.

Coordinate and Paint Your Front Door and Shutters with Front Door Paint | 24 Non-Fade and Weather Proof Colors | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Tutorial

Now come on new petunias, pansies, rose bushes, azaleas and hostas. Grow!

Convinced the Front Door Paint is perfect to spruce up your out-dated or peeling front door or shutters? Great! Find Front Door Paint Retailers, shop The Home Depot Online Store, or the Modern Masters Online Shop and, too.

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.

14 thoughts on “Paint Your Shutters Using Modern Masters Front Door Paint!

  1. I have purchased the “Calm” blue color paint from my local Lowes. Just wondering, did you paint the inside of the front door? The door is currently stained a dark walnut, inside and out, but the stain is uneven despite many sandings and applications of Old Master’s stain. I am concerned that the blue color might be too intense for the inside of the house, but want to solve the uneven stain situation. Open for suggestions.

    • Thank you for your purchase, Diane! You can definitely paint the inside of the front door with the Calm and as it is an opaque paint, it will cover the uneven stain completely.

      One thing to take into account is your interior color scheme. Calm may be perfect for your exterior design but if the color does not work with your interior decor, we do suggest finding an alternate color that works well. While the many qualities of Front Door Paint make it suitable for your exterior (non-fading and weather-resistant, to name a few), you can always go with a good quality interior paint for the inside of the door since it will not face the same hardships as the exterior.

      To test the color, paint Calm on a small sample board and tape it to the interior door so you can see it during the day and night – this will let you know if the color works for you without having to paint the interior door itself. Of course, if Calm looks beautiful inside your home, then go for it! Please let us know if we can help further. Thank you for the great question, Diane!

  2. wow! I love to see this. I love the door colour. Scrolling down the pics was inspirational to me since I’m back my old house first of May and all of it will need paint. I think adding some fresh painted shutters would really spruce it up as well. Nice job Debbie. Love seeing all these motivational post and sites to see over.

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  4. I have a fiberglass wood grained front door. I would like to paint it but I am not sure it would look good with the wood grain. Would you have any pictures of what this type of door would look like?

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    • Hi, Ray! This would entirely depend on the color of your home. If it’s neutral, then we would suggest a more neutral hue, such as Hopeful, Elegant, Mysterious, and even Grounded or Sincere. Those run the gamut with dark browns, grays, white, and black. We hope this helps!

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