Create A Gorgeous, Easy Focus Wall Finish Using Modern Masters Metallic Plaster

How to Use Modern Masters Metallic Plaster | Modern Masters Cafe BlogHave you embraced the “paint everything white” phenomenon? I have somewhat. Having been in the faux finishing biz for years, white seemed a wonderful, soft new statement color. So, I painted our master bedroom a greyish white with a square silver leaf accent. It made the room so much brighter, which I liked. It also made the room very understated. Not my style.

I craved more of a warm hug environment. And I got it! Are you feeling it?

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster finish

It’s a result of Modern Masters Metallic Plaster. Oh my. After 15 years of creating complicated multi-layer wall finishes, this product provides a glamorous, 2-step plaster treatment for the professional finisher and DIYer. Magic I had to experience.

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster colorsThere is a plethora of gorgeous colors to choose from.

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster colors

I went directly to the color Eucalyptus because I wanted to coordinate with the bedding, pottery and other jewel tones in the room that I love.

Using Metallic Plaster for a Beautiful 2-Step Wall Finish | Modern Masters Cafe BlogDying to give it a try? Here’s how I achieved the look, including painting a green base coat over the white wall. You can skip this step if you choose a Metallic Plaster color close to your wall color.


Supplies for Applying Metallic Plasters by Modern Masters | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

  • Metallic Plaster in the color Eucalyptus. You can choose any color that works for you! Measure the total square footage of the area you need to cover to figure coverage, just like with paint.
  • 240MM Japanese Trowel
  • Natural Sea Sponge Mini Roller
  • Latex Paint base in color close to Metallic Plaster. I chose a vibrant green, which is not a close match to Eucalyptus, so you could easily see the process. Notice the plaster covered it easily. You can skip this if you choose a Metallic Plaster color close to your wall color.
  • Paint Supplies: Roller pan and liners, paint roller, medium nap roller, paint brush and paint stir sticks
  • Tape Supplies: Painters tape and low-tack tape
  • Additional Supplies: Rags, drop cloths and ladder
  • One kitty assistant to keep an eye on quality control


Tape trim and wall

Use painters tape to tape off the wall, trim and baseboards. I used low tack tape to tape off my silver leaf square. Remove switch plate covers, draperies and hardware. Put down drop cloths.


Tape and cut in basecoat

Cut in all edges.

Paint two coats of basecoat color

Roll on two coats. Let dry according to directions.


Roll Metallic Plaster with 90% coverage

Put some Metallic Plaster in the roller pan. Use the sponge roller to roll on the plaster. This is completely different than rolling paint. The goal is to create random texture that is not flat or 100% filled in. Use short strokes about 8″ long, turning the roller with every stroke. Aim for about 90% coverage of the surface. Roll about 1 1/2 square feet at a time.

Knockdown Metallic Plaster

Use the trowel to knock down the peaks. Use very light pressure at a low angle. If you press hard, the plaster will fill in the voids. Use a damp rag to clean off the trowel every time you knock down the peaks.

Rolled Texture

You can get close to the corners of the wall and the trim. The next layer will fill in. Let dry 2 hours.


Butter trowel

“Butter” the trowel with some plaster using a stir stick. Press the trowel to the wall at a low angle and pull across the surface. Then, at a high angle, remove excess plaster. Don’t miss the How to Apply Metallic Plaster video on the Modern Masters YouTube channel before you begin your project as it shows this step perfectly.

Metallic Plaster Finish Closeup

This is a very flat finish, so pull the plaster tight to the surface. Clean the trowel often to avoid scratches. You will soon learn that you can use both edges.

Modern Masters Japanese Trowels

These amazing tools made in Japan practically do the work for you without having to put a lot of elbow grease into the strokes. One important secret to a pro-looking finish is the tools you choose. Investing in the best tools will not only yield a gorgeous look, it will last a lifetime if carefully maintained. Modern Masters sent me the larger 270mm Japanese Trowel also. If I were working on a big surface not broken up with small areas like my wall, I would have chosen the larger trowel. It’s so worth the cost to make the process go faster.

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster on an Accent Wall | How To Tutorial on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogMetallic Plaster by Modern Masters on Wall | How To Tutorial on Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Lustre and Shimmer with Modern Masters Metallic Plaster | Step by Step How To Wall Finish Tutorial | Modern Masters Cafe BlogHave you noticed the patina artwork over the bed? I created it for Modern Masters last month using their Metal Effects products – so addictive!

I hope you’ll give Metallic Plaster a try. If you are new to plaster, it can give your home a classy new look that you’ve been drooling over on Pinterest and in magazines. Plus you can brag that you did it yourself!

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.


How To Tag Products on Houzz

Modern Masters on HOUZZHouzz is an incredible site for home remodeling and interior design inspiration. Launched in 2009, it brings homeowners, home professionals and home decor products, like our high-end, specialty water base paints, together for decor ideas and projects. Houzz currently enjoys 25,000,000 unique visitors to their site per month with about 73% of them planning to redecorate and design their home. It’s an incredibly engaging visual community and we’re so happy to be on Houzz!

One of the best ways to engage in Houzz is to write a review for a fellow Houzz-er and add a tag to your Houzz project photos with products information. Tagging your projects with design sources is a win-win for all. Here’s three benefits for you in doing so:

  1. Once you tag the source, your project will appear on the product page. Not only can your followers see your project in their stream, but now an even larger audience outside of your own has visual access to your project. Houzz ensures that any project you share is stamped with your profile, so anyone can easily click back to your page to learn more about your firm or studio;
  2. Your project can be seen by the manufacturer for a chance to be further promoted on their channels, ensuring a wider audience and promotion for your company; and
  3. Adding product tags to your projects enhances the visual experience of those who visit your profile by showing followers your breadth of knowledge in sources and product information.

Great, right? But how to tag your projects? We’re going to show you exactly how!


On your Houzz Profile, you will need to access your Projects (screen A). Once in the Project menu, you can then find the particular project you’d like to focus on (screen B).

How to Tag Products on Houzz | Modern Masters CafeTagging a Product on Houzz | Modern Masters CafeSTEP TWO

Once you click into the Project board, click the image you’d like to tag (screen A). As you hover over the image, an additional menu will appear (screen B). Click on the ‘Add Image Tag’ button.

Tag a Modern Masters Product on Houzz | Modern Masters Cafe BlogTag a Product on Houzz Tutorial | Modern Masters Cafe BlogSTEP THREE

Once you click on the ‘Add Image Tag’ button, the following screen will pop up. You will choose ‘Product Tag’.Finding and Tagging a Product on Houzz | Modern Masters Cafe Blog


A menu will appear to conduct your product search. In this case, we know the front door was painted with Front Door Paint in the color Playful. We typed in ‘Modern Masters Front Door Paint’ and both the product and color selections appeared. Once you see the correct product appear, click on it. Step 6A - Find Your Product


You will then see a green product tag on your image (screen A). When you hover over the image, the full product information will appear for your followers to click into and access (screen B).

Tagging Product Resources on Houzz | Modern Masters CafeHow to Share Product Resources on Houzz | Modern Masters Cafe BlogSee how easy it is? You tagged a product in five easy steps. Once tagged, your project will appear in the product page (see below). Not only does it showcase a project with the product installed, but everyone who sees that page (even outside of your own followers) will be able to click on the image and head back to your profile. The product manufacturer will appreciate the share and your project is promoted further. Win-win.

Step-by-Step How To Tutorial for Tagging a Product Resource on Houzz | Modern Masters Cafe BlogBTW, if you’d like to pin or pass along this tutorial, you can use the image below for easy sharing!How to Add a Product Tag to Your Houzz Projects | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

You now have the know-how to easily tag sources to your projects and not only enhance your own profile, but also add the opportunity to have more people see your project and decide to hire you! Please do visit our Houzz to follow us. If you love our products, please tag your projects and consider writing us a great review as well. We’re looking forward to getting to know you and your great projects. Be sure to leave us YOUR profile in the comments so we can find you, too. See you there!

Front Door Paint on This Old House

Have you ever been blown away by a design makeover? This Old House magazine shares one – and the pièce de résistance is our Front Door Paint!  The Home Solutions feature in the March 2015 issue showcases a front porch makeover by Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes that went from absolutely glum to gorgeously glam.

This Old House features Front Door Paint | Project by Bella Tucker Decorative FinishesDana and Brooks Tucker are a decorative painting studio that works on amazing projects daily for their clients. When it came to tackling their own home, they turned their talents to the dark and dreary porch that needed a serious color and pattern uplift. After painting the brick white, they painted and stenciled the concrete entrance floor and chose the color Fortunate from our fade-resistant Front Door Paint line to transform their front double doors. The eye-catching color helps all the elements come together for a beautiful new look and feel.


Tired Older Porch prior to Transformation | Cafe Blog


Modern Masters Non-Fading Front Door Paint in color Fortunate | This Old House Magazine | Project by Bella Tucker Decorative FinishesFront Door Paint in color Fortunate | Project by Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes and Featured in This Old House MagazineThe makeover is so extraordinary, it has also been featured on Apartment Therapy and planned for even more upcoming press features. Many thanks to This Old House and Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes for sharing a gorgeous project that showcases how the right colors – and the right materials – can make all the difference when tackling your own home. Imagine gorgeous colors that are easy to apply, quick drying and will never fade – that’s our Front Door Paint! Be sure to pin this inspiring project and let us know what you think of the redo in the comments below!

And the Winner Is…

Send in YOUR projects for the Modern Masters Awards! Deadline: February 18, 2015.Fun Fact: A custom shade of our Metallic Paint Collection has been used to paint the large Oscar statues that grace the Academy Awards stage and events – it’s always a thrill to see them!  We thought we’d honor this time of year with our first-ever Modern Masters Awards that you could easily enter.  There are six categories:

  • Best Furniture Makeover
  • Best Metal Effects Finish
  • Best Metallic Paint Finish
  • Best Decorative Wall Finish
  • Best Decorative Ceiling Finish
  • Best Front Door Paint Project

We are accepting nominations through February 18th – you can nominate yourself or someone else you admire! Here are the details:

  1. Send large, hi-res images (no small images, collages or special effects) to by February 18, 2015 with the categories you’d like your project to be considered for. You can send in as many project nominations as you’d like!
  2. The projects need to have been created with Modern Masters products.  Please identify the product and if possible, the colors used.
  3. Include the information of the studio, designer or creative customer who created the project and also the photography credit for the images.

Modern Masters will review all the nominations and Winners will be announced all day on Oscar Day, February 22, 2015.  Each category winner will receive a $100 Modern Masters Online Shopping Spree!  We can’t wait to see your projects – Good Luck!