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Artist SK Sartell uses Modern Masters Metal Effects to enhance a Wardrobe Redo | Via the Modern Masters Cafe BlogHere at Modern Masters, we thoroughly enjoy seeing all the incredible projects that Designers, Decorative Painters and DIYers share with us. It’s so much fun to see the creativity that our products unleash! One such artist doing painterly projects with our Metal Effects is Oregon’s SK Sartell. SK has a distinctive style that has amassed her many fans. She uses patina finishes on unexpected surfaces with a loose, free-form style with a lot of character. We’re so appreciative of the time she took to share one of her projects with us!

Wardrobe Transformation with artist SK Sartell | Modern Masters Cafe BlogSK explains, “Unbelievably, this was $7.99 from a sad little thrift store. At 7’5″ tall x 4′ wide x 2′ deep, it had heavy, solid wood doors and crown. The sides are pressboard so I couldn’t refinished it as real wood.”  SK first painted the piece with Graphite Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan and then papered the door panels with aged damask and diamond tissue paper.

Embossing a Stencil Design | Project by SK Sartell featured on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogThe top cornice is solid wood with a crown. Using Iron Reactive Paint from the Metal Effects line mixed with Durham’s Hardrock Putty, she embossed a damask design with a stencil. “I carefully pull the stencil away while the putty is still wet and this gives me time to smooth and soften the pattern with water and a soft sable paint brush. When fully dry, I sand and carve the pattern. For this piece, I then sprayed the Rust Activator for a rust finish.” Although we don’t recommend using the Iron Reactive Paint mixed in with another product, we couldn’t help but admire the creativity of SK’s process.

Patinating Hardware with Metal Effects | Modern Masters Cafe BlogMetal Effects Patina Finishes on Furniture | Modern Masters Cafe BlogArtist SK Sartell uses Modern Masters Metal Effects to Enhance Hardware and FurnitureMetal Effects Patinates Hardware | SK Sartell Furniture Redo featured on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogHow to Paint a Patina Finish | SK Sartell | Modern Masters Cafe BlogEach unique knob and raised design is individually treated with the Iron Reactive Paint and patinated with the Rust Activator. As the paint begins to rust, SK adds more layers of the Iron Reactive Paint and spraying it again with the Rust Activator.  After the patination process is complete, she coats these areas with the Permacoat Xtreme, which is specifically made for Metal Effects Rust Finish. She also use the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and the Green Patina Aging Solution to add a verdigris finish in the corners and crevasses. She shares, “The labor time was approximately fifty plus hours but worth the effort.”

Metal Effects Patina Projects by SK Sartell | Patina on Furniture | Modern Masters Cafe BlogHas patinating hardware ever crossed your mind? SK doesn’t stop there, though! She works on many surfaces that spark her creativity – even embossing and patinating a refrigerator. For SK, one-of-a-kind freeform designs, bold finishes, flowers and landscapes are her passion and she shares her projects frequently on her blog. In fact, please hop on over to her post on the painted and patinated wardrobe for more on the backstory and the complete transformation. Be sure to pin the inspiring work and leave a comment below for her, too!

9 thoughts on “Modern Masters Patinas with Artist SK Sartell

  1. Wow! Thanks from one creative mind to another.

    I love ( a little terrified by) your article. Thank you for your encouragement.

    As we go about our work, it never ceases to amaze when we take a moment to look up and someone is watching and appreciating what we are trying to achieve.

    Thank you for your amazingly versatile products. They inspire many creative minds. The ideas are endless.

    Thank you for making me look up.
    sk sartell

  2. Wow! You really think outside of the box! I love how everything looks like they have lived an interesting life. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

    • Thank you Cyndee. It’s taken me forever to write back. I had no idea this board was here. So please forgive the horrid tardiness.

      SK Sartell
      SK on Elderberry

  3. stunning!!!! You my friend are a true artist. I too go to thrift stores and see what I can redo with what people don’t want anymore, but I look at furniture that has more details. Not anymore, what you did with a plain piece is gorgeous. I have done diamond stenciling on table tops, where the sides of table has carving/details. I will now look at plain furniture with different attitude and think of the possibility. Thank you for opening up my eyes and mind and let the creativity flow. I wanted to redo my kitchen cabinets with some type of raised embossing and wandered if it would look nice. I am definitely going for it after seeing this.

    • Thanks for joining in Debbi\e.

      So sorry for my WAY too late reply. I have been remiss in my efforts to reply and appreciate your comments.

      Have fun. These products are truly amazing and I could not do my work without Modern Master and the amazing paints.

      SK Sartell
      SK on Elderberry

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