Modern Masters Metal Effects Makes Rusty, Patinated Wall Art Magic

How to Mix Modern Masters Metal Effects PatinasOur Greensboro, North Carolina winter is blah! Dull, dark and dreary. But this week I experienced some creative excitement that beat the gloom for me while cooped up in the house. Packages from Modern Masters arrived on my doorstep, chock full of their Metal Effects products. My goal: to create something rusty and fabulous with gorgeous green patina like you find on ancient hardware and statuary.

And I thought Christmas was over.

I have spent over 15 years as a full time faux finisher, yet I never discovered these crazy fun, addictive products! I know you have seen stunning finishes on walls and furniture on Pinterest and in magazines and drooled over the look thinking they are impossible for a DIYer to achieve.

Oh, it’s so not so!


Modern Masters Artwork Before

OK, put on your sweatshirt, woolen hat and mittens and trek to the attic or basement to unearth something to practice on. To get a more dramatic effect, choose something with pattern and depth like this metal wall art. Mine is like a section from a century old tin store ceiling and I’m betting you have something similar. Give it a good cleaning with soap and water and wipe dry.

Modern Masters Metal Effects products

It’s hard to believe that I got this amazing look using only a few products. But I did take ten minutes to watch the related Modern Masters Metal Effects videos, Metal Effects Patina Finishes and Metal Effects Rust Finishes, before I began my project. I created my finish a bit differently, so use my directions for this project.



I worked on my studio table top covered with a heavy drop cloth with no kitties (or little ones) around. Be sure to carefully read the instructions on each label that include info like having proper ventilation. Be aware that the spray mist can travel and may stain, so cover anything precious.


Modern Masters Primer


Modern Masters Iron Oxidizing Paint

I skipped some areas just to see what would happen. Here it is when dry.

Modern Masters Iron Oxidizing Paint


Modern Masters Copper Paint


Modern Masters Green Patina

Wait. Wait a little more. Then watch the green patina finish evolve over a couple of hours. Depending upon your piece, you may need to spray the Rust Activator over the Iron Reactive Paint when the Green Patina Aging Solution is dry. I actually did not need it to get this look. Since the Green Patina Aging Solution acts as its own sealer, I did not need to seal it. If you wanted to seal after using the Rust Activator, use the Permacoat Xtreme sealer and topcoat as it was created specifically for an overall rust finish.

Modern Masters Rust and Green Patina

Modern Masters Rusty Patina Metal Wall Art

What do you think? How do you like my new crusty masterpiece hung on top of our silver leaf wall? Stay tuned as in February I will be posting my wall finish project using Modern Masters Metallic Plaster. Then I will reveal the final look in our master bedroom.

Let me guess. I think you are on the Modern Masters website now to find the retailer closest to you to get these products ASAP!

Modern Masters Cafe Blog Guest Writer and Artist is Debbie Hayes, 
Blogger at My Patch of Blue Sky & Author of the Color Inspiration Notebook.

Modern Masters Patinas with Artist SK Sartell

Artist SK Sartell uses Modern Masters Metal Effects to enhance a Wardrobe Redo | Via the Modern Masters Cafe BlogHere at Modern Masters, we thoroughly enjoy seeing all the incredible projects that Designers, Decorative Painters and DIYers share with us. It’s so much fun to see the creativity that our products unleash! One such artist doing painterly projects with our Metal Effects is Oregon’s SK Sartell. SK has a distinctive style that has amassed her many fans. She uses patina finishes on unexpected surfaces with a loose, free-form style with a lot of character. We’re so appreciative of the time she took to share one of her projects with us!

Wardrobe Transformation with artist SK Sartell | Modern Masters Cafe BlogSK explains, “Unbelievably, this was $7.99 from a sad little thrift store. At 7’5″ tall x 4′ wide x 2′ deep, it had heavy, solid wood doors and crown. The sides are pressboard so I couldn’t refinished it as real wood.”  SK first painted the piece with Graphite Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan and then papered the door panels with aged damask and diamond tissue paper.

Embossing a Stencil Design | Project by SK Sartell featured on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogThe top cornice is solid wood with a crown. Using Iron Reactive Paint from the Metal Effects line mixed with Durham’s Hardrock Putty, she embossed a damask design with a stencil. “I carefully pull the stencil away while the putty is still wet and this gives me time to smooth and soften the pattern with water and a soft sable paint brush. When fully dry, I sand and carve the pattern. For this piece, I then sprayed the Rust Activator for a rust finish.” Although we don’t recommend using the Iron Reactive Paint mixed in with another product, we couldn’t help but admire the creativity of SK’s process.

Patinating Hardware with Metal Effects | Modern Masters Cafe BlogMetal Effects Patina Finishes on Furniture | Modern Masters Cafe BlogArtist SK Sartell uses Modern Masters Metal Effects to Enhance Hardware and FurnitureMetal Effects Patinates Hardware | SK Sartell Furniture Redo featured on the Modern Masters Cafe BlogHow to Paint a Patina Finish | SK Sartell | Modern Masters Cafe BlogEach unique knob and raised design is individually treated with the Iron Reactive Paint and patinated with the Rust Activator. As the paint begins to rust, SK adds more layers of the Iron Reactive Paint and spraying it again with the Rust Activator.  After the patination process is complete, she coats these areas with the Permacoat Xtreme, which is specifically made for Metal Effects Rust Finish. She also use the Copper Reactive Metallic Paint and the Green Patina Aging Solution to add a verdigris finish in the corners and crevasses. She shares, “The labor time was approximately fifty plus hours but worth the effort.”

Metal Effects Patina Projects by SK Sartell | Patina on Furniture | Modern Masters Cafe BlogHas patinating hardware ever crossed your mind? SK doesn’t stop there, though! She works on many surfaces that spark her creativity – even embossing and patinating a refrigerator. For SK, one-of-a-kind freeform designs, bold finishes, flowers and landscapes are her passion and she shares her projects frequently on her blog. In fact, please hop on over to her post on the painted and patinated wardrobe for more on the backstory and the complete transformation. Be sure to pin the inspiring work and leave a comment below for her, too!

Modern Mastery: Cindy Howard & Dana DeBuck

We love keeping up with the decorative artists who use our products and Decorative & Faux Finishes, based out of Texas, are no exception. Owners Cindy Howard and Dana DeBuck and their team have a keen talent for pairing finishes, patterns and color. Their awe-inspiring decorative painting projects always have gorgeous details and an elegant, finished touch. They are passionate Modern Masters fans and we’re so proud to showcase their artistry for you today.

Artistic Profile of Decorative Artists Cindy Howard and Dana DeBuck | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Dana DeBuck and Cindy Howard

Decorative & Faux Finishes has been in business since 1998. They create custom faux finishes and murals for homeowners, business owners, designers and architects in the greater Houston area. Dana, Cindy and their team provide their considerable talent and experience to their clients and manage to create something special and unique for each one.

Aged Metallic Paint on the Barrel Ceiling with Glazed Walls | Project by Deocorative & Faux Finishes | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Featurefor the barrel ceiling, Cindy and Dana used iridescent gold, Olympic gold, statuary bronze and blackened bronze from our Metallic Paint Collection as well as our glass bead gel for the accent strie and english brown metallic paint with a glaze for the final aged effect. the troweled stone walls have statuary bronze and blackened bronze as a glaze to give a touch of richness to the elegant rustic feel of the home.


Scalloped Metallic Pattern on Ceiling | Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection | Project by Decorative & Faux FinishesOur Metallic Paint Collection strikes again for this gold and silver toned scalloped ceiling treatment. The unique design complements the light fixture perfectly!


What is your most memorable, challenging or rewarding project?

It had to our first “real” commissioned job outside of friends or family. Seventeen years ago we jumped right into a multi-million dollar home! The family insisted to their builder that they wanted us to do all their decorative finishes in the home. It kicked off our career and changed our future. We tackled cabinets, a lot of glazing, high scaffold work on huge walls & ceilings, three-layer stenciling, stone finishes, ironwork, glazed walls, and an entire room of bright stripes. Our local paint store stocked Modern Masters products, so we purchased a lot of metallic paints and went to work. We were then hooked and never dreamed of the possibilities that we would have over the years with Modern Masters products.

Foiled Walls with Metallic Overglaze | Metallic Paint on Trim and Ceiling | Modern Masters Project by Decorative & Faux FinishesA glaze made with a mix of champagne and warm Silver Metallic Paint overglazes a foil finish on the walls. You can also spy the same metallic mix on the crown molding, trim and all the cabinets. the cabinets were topcoated for protection.


Modern Masters Pewter Metallic Paint Stenciled on Dining Room Walls | Project by Decorative & Faux FinishesPewter Metallic Paint was used to stencil an oversized damask pattern on deep eggplant walls. So lovely!


Metallic Paint on Ceiling Inset and Stencil Pattern | Decorative Painting by Decorative & Faux Finishes | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Various shades of Brass and Bronze Metallic Paints not only grace the border design but also serve to fill in and ground the inset ceiling beautifully.


What is your dream finishing project?

Our dream job is finishing our own homes! We never have the time!

Modern Masters Metallic Paint Highlights on Column Capital | Artistry by Decorative & Faux Finishes | Feature on Modern Masters Cafe BlogDecorative & Faux Finishes also use the Metallic Paint Collection to highlight and add a luxe shimmer to architectural details, such as the column capitals for both of these projects.


Linear Metallic Plaster Finish on Ceiling Dome | Modern Masters Project by Decorative & Faux FinishesCindy, Dana and their team used various colors of our Metallic Plaster in four layers to create a beautiful linear finish on an entry dome ceiling. perfect technique! They also finished the dome trim & windows to coordinate with the handrails ont he stairs.


Glazed and Finished Walls | Modern Masters Cafe Blog Profile of Decorative & Faux Finishescustom tinted metallic plasters brushed vertically and horizontally create a sophisticated decorative wall finish for a chic, globally-inspired ladies sitting room.


What are some of your favorite Modern Masters finishes?

Our favorite Modern Masters finish that we do involves several colors of Metallic Plasters that we trowel on vertically and then trowel a tinted glaze over it. Depending on the colors used, it can give the effect of tree bark or mother of pearl achieving a masculine or feminine look.

Glazed Metallic Plaster Texture Effects | Project by Decorative & Faux Finishes | Modern Mastery Feature on Modern Masters Cafe BlogA glam powder bath with beautiful lines is completed with their favorite finish, a glazed Metallic Plaster Finish on the walls. The groin ceiling also has a Metallic Paint overglaze and a stencil pattern stippled with espresso metallic plaster.


Metallic Paint on Stenciled Entry Ceiling | Gorgeous Project by Decorative & Faux Finishes and featured in the Modern Masters Cafe BlogSeveral colors from our Metallic Paint Collection help tie in a beautiful stenciled foyer ceiling with the hanging chandelier. The stencil pattern is from Modello® Designs. Gorgeous!

 Ornamental Ceiling with Modern Masters Metallic Plasters | Decorative & Faux Finishes Isn’t this ceiling a beauty? The Modello® ornamental stencil pattern is enhanced BY A VENETIAN PLASTER FINISH along with gold rush Metallic Paint mixed with a transparent troweling gel. the plaster trim is painted with pale gold metallic paint, then antiqued.


Cindy and Dana share many of their latest projects on their Facebook fan page and Houzz account – be sure to follow both to keep up with their incredible projects and artistry! They have an incredible team of artisans that consistently create amazing finishes. Of course, please always visit their Decorative & Faux Finishes website to see more of their portfolio and range of services. Many thanks to both Cindy and Dana for taking the time to share their beautiful work with us – we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you! Have an inspired day!

How to Paint a Metallic Baroque Finish

Modern Masters Metallic Baroque Finish How-to Tutorial | Cafe BlogBaroque is a period of artistic style where drama and ornamentation with rich details reigned supreme. In our Metal Effects system, we had a Baroque patina that produced a unique, two-tone look imitating some of the finishes seen in this period. Although no longer available, we still receive calls for guidance on reproducing the technique. Our in-house studio created an easy way to duplicate the finish with our Matte Metallics and Metallic Paint Collection. It’s shown here on a classic bust, but you can easily adapt it for furniture, decor accents, walls, ceilings and more. Ready to paint?

Metallic Baroque Finish DIY | Step-by-Step How-To on the Modern Masters Cafe Blog



1. Prime surface with an acrylic primer. Allow to dry.

2. Apply a full basecoat of Platinum Metallic Paint. Allow to dry for 30 minutes to an hour.

3. Apply a second coat of Platinum Metallic Paint and while wet, brush in Champagne Metallic Paint in random areas. Stipple with a brush or mottle with a rag. This creates the warm undertone of the finish. Allow to dry for 1 – 2 hours.

4. Once dry, work in small sections and brush on Warm Silver Matte Metallic into recessed areas and random areas on the surface. Mottle with a rag as you apply. This creates the subtle aging of the finish.

5. Repeat until desired look is achieved.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this Metallic Baroque Finish Tutorial. Please feel free to pin the how-to technique for future use or share the finish!  Be sure to send pics of your results to – we love to see your projects. Have an inspired day!

Front Door Paint Options Podcast


Front Door Paint Options Podcast | The Porch Ideas Network Podcast features special guest Jim Rogers, President of Modern MastersFront Porch Ideas is a fantastic site which shares great inspiration and design ideas for decorating your front porch. They absolutely love Front Door Paint and invited the President of Modern Masters, Jim Rogers, to join them for their Front Door Paint Options episode of their Porch Ideas Network Podcast. Listen along as they talk about the history of Front Door Paint, finding the perfect color and ignoring the ‘fear factor’ that can cause years of indecision in this most important aspect of enhancing your curb appeal.  If you’ve got a front door makeover planned, this is the show to listen to – enjoy!