Modern Mastery: Igor Turovskiy

We enjoy the Modern Masters projects that our very creative customers share with us daily via e-mail or on our social sites. We discovered artist Igor Turovskiy’s work on Facebook when he shared one of his incredible patina and metallic artworks with us and we had to learn more!  He graciously agreed to chat with us and share some of his insights as we feature some of his Modern Mastery.

Canvas Artwork by Igor Turovskiy using Modern Masters Metal EffectsArtist Igor Turovskiy | Modern Masters CafeIgor Turovskiy grew up in Belarus, immersed in its natural and architectural beauty. The surroundings influenced his artistic interests and sparked his career as a graphic artist. In 1992, he moved to America and opened a graphic design studio. Several years later, he found his niche in the world of abstract art and opened his second studio, Igor Fine Art. He conveys emotions in his pieces through nuanced layers created with a mixture of metallic mica pigments, metallic paints, metal patinas and fluid acrylics. Let’s take a look.

Canvas Art by Igor Turovskiy | MOdern Masters Metal Effects

Contemporary Abstract Patina Art by Igor Turovskiy | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Igor works with most clients on commissioned pieces, with many clients seeing his art online and ordering a specific size or color.  Each piece normally takes 2 to 3 days to create, sometimes longer.  He started using Modern Masters Metallic Paint Collection and Metal Effects when they gave him the opportunity to create unique one of a kind art pieces. He explains, “I was painting with metallics for a while, using them for faux paint projects. I do art all the time, so it was natural to use the products and develop my own techniques.”

Metallic and Patina Canvas Art | Art by Igor Turovskiy | Modern Masters Cafe Blog

Igor has an art studio in Virginia Beach, VA, where he not only paints but also teaches art classes.  It is here that he creates his commissioned art for private collectors as well as larger projects for restaurants, hotels and other hospitality and commercial clients.

Modern Masters Metal Effects | Wall Finishes by Igor Turovskiy

After years of decorative painting commissions and his current work with abstract art, Igor consistently finds inspiration in many areas but one is close to his roots.  “The most inspiring place I’ve visited is St. Petersburg, Russia.  It’s an old historical town full of beautiful architecture and galleries.” You can see his love for both the modern and the historic in his patina art pieces.

Equestrian Horse Canvas Art by Igor Turovskiy | Modern Masters Metal Effects

Abstract Canvas Art | Modern Masters Metallic Paint and Metal Effects | Art by Igor Turovskiy

Aren’t his artworks incredible? We hope you’ve found his amazing creativity and talent awe-inspiring. Many thanks to Igor for sharing his artistry with our products. Please be sure to visit his fine art website, Igor Turovskiy, to see more of his commissioned works. If you’ve enjoyed this article, be sure to share or pin it!

8 thoughts on “Modern Mastery: Igor Turovskiy

  1. Igor, once again you nailed another fine art piece. I always enjoy following your progress and work as I love how you are not afraid to venture out into other art forms just as I do. Hope to meet up with you one day and talk shop.

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  4. I’ve never really been a fan of sresualirm but I must say this is very striking and thought provoking. Always look forward to your posts & finding out about new artists. Thanks for sharing

  5. Mr. Turovskiy,
    Remarkable pieces of nature.
    I’ve been learning different methods and types of patinas for the last few years beginning mostly on iron handrails, operating gates, garden gates all fabricated from the guys I work with at Scott Fence here in San Diego, Ca. I’ve been branching out on my own doing small patina jobs here and there. You and your work are great mentors for me. Thanks for the inspiration to continue such a beautiful artistic field using mother nature.

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