Top 5 Tips for Working with Metallic Paints

Best Metallic Paint TipsMetallic Paints are amazing – they add a gorgeous shimmer and shine to virtually any project and are perfect for surfaces such as walls, ceilings, furniture, fabrics and more! Our focus on quality, durability and beauty has made our Metallic Paint Collection the world leader in water base metallic paints. While working with them throughout the years, we’ve experimented with and gathered the best metallic paint tips for you to ensure gorgeous results. Want the deets? Let’s dig in!


Modern Masters Metallic PaintsMetallic Paints can either be sheer, semi-opaque or opaque and it’s important to know the coverage differences and the cool effects you can create with each. Sheers are not meant to be used as a solid coat finish as they are a translucent paint used to create beautiful decorative finishes over another metallic paint color or over a low sheen acrylic or latex paint. If painting with metallics, Opaques will take two coats and Semi-Opaques take three. Experiment with all the sheens to find your fave treatments for your projects!


Top Tips for Using Metallic Paints | Modern Masters Cafe BlogTo help add depth and richness to your end result, start with a base of an acrylic primer or a low sheen acrylic latex paint tinted to a color close to your metallic paint color. Be sure not to use too close of a color as you might miss an area and not catch it until after you’ve wrapped up. Follow up with the recommended coverage of our metallic paints for a luxe finish.


Using the Right Rollers, Brushes and Sprayers with Modern Masters Metallic Paints | Top Metallic Paint TipsA good quality synthetic bristle paint brush, such as from Purdy, Wooster and Corona, all work well with our paint. Our Metallic Paint Roller or a 1/2″ synthetic nap roller works well for rolling on a wall or ceiling – but first make sure you rinse and dry your roller prior to use to help remove any loose lint. The addition of the Extender for Rolling when working on large surfaces or in warm or dry climates helps rolling the paint tremendously. Our Extender is made specifically for our metallic paint in order to maintain the shimmer of the finish and we do not recommend using standard latex extenders.

If spraying, use either an HVLP or Conventional Cup Gun Sprayer to apply metallic paints. For the smoothest application of paint, this is the way to go. For even further information, we have general settings on our Metallic Paint Technical Data Sheet.


Painting Metallic Paint on the Wall | How to Cut In and Tape when Using Metallics | Modern Masters Cafe BlogTo prep your wall with tape, start with a low tack painter’s tape. After taping, you will cut in the wall a few feet at a time instead of the whole surface. (While a smaller wall is more forgiving, cutting in the entire area of a large wall first will result in framing the edges, which will show a difference in the finish.) Working with a wet edge is important to help eliminate roller edge marks as well. Following this rule for each coat is best. We have an excellent How to Roll with Metallic Paint video that shows you the process visually.

If you are taping over a fresh coat of metallic paint, give the paint at least eight (8) hours to dry. If there is a lot of paint build on the taped portion at the end of a project, merely lifting the tape will lift the skin of the paint and affect the finish. For a clean edge removal, we recommend using a straight edge with a razor blade to cut the tape line.


Protecting Your Metallic Paint Projects | Best Tips for Working with MetallicsIf you are applying metallic paint on an exterior or high traffic interior, you will want to protect your beautiful work. What about if you need ‘scrub-ability’ on kitchen areas, bathrooms, cabinets, doors or resisting the work of little fingers? For all, we highly recommend top coating with our MasterClear® Protective Clear Topcoat after the last coat of Metallic Paint has been allowed to dry for 24 hours. MasterClear® is made specifically for our metallic paints to maintain the color and metallic shimmer of the finish – most topcoats will dull the metallic shimmer. Who wants that?

These top tips have been culled through years of experience and working with metallic paints. We hope our love and use of our metallic paints can help you achieve amazing results. If you have any questions (or top tips yourself!), click on the comments to reach us. Be sure to pin these top tips to keep the inspiring ideas close by for your next metallic paint project!

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7 Inspiring Front Door Paint Projects

A front door gives a glimpse of who lives inside a home – not to mention add to the overall curb appeal. If your front door is fading, peeling and looking worse for the wear, right now is the perfect time to spruce up your front entrance! The Front Door Paint colors by Modern Masters are meant to cover fully and dry quickly. The bonus? The paint will not fade, ensuring that your great work is long lasting. We found a few front door paint makeovers by our friends to help inspire a quick afternoon project to help transform the look of your home. Ready? Let’s head in!

Red Front Door | Front Door Redo by Jennifer Allwood using Modern Masters Front Door Paint | Color: PassionateHello Hot Red! Jennifer Allwood fell in love with our paint as she transformed a client’s front door from a weathered black to a sizzling red color called Passionate.

Front Door Paint Project by Dwell by Cheryl | Modern Masters | Color: CheerfulCheryl of the Dwell by Cheryl blog wanted a bright door with lots of color to reflect her effervescent personality. She chose Cheerful Front Door Paint to transform an exterior back door.

Front and Side Door Makeover by Robb Restyle | Yellow Door | Modern Masters Front Door Paint in color HappyKristy from the Robb Restyle blog chose Happy to paint both her front door and side door. What a striking and beautiful accent the yellow color makes!

Front Porch Makeover | Modern Masters Front Door Paint in color Fortunate | Project by Bella Tucker Decorative FinishesThe studio of Bella Tucker Decorative Finishes know a thing or two about the best products to use and so when it came time to do a front porch makeover, they chose the durability of Front Door Paint. The gorgeous color? Fortunate.

Blue Front Door | Front Door Transformation with Modern Masters Front Door Paint | Color: PeacefulUrsula from Home Made by Carmona wanted personality and style for her front entrance. She used our free Front Door Paint App to take a pic of her doors and scroll through the 24 colors available. She chose the blue color Peaceful for her front door makeover – doesn’t it look perfect?

Sprucing up Front Door for the Holidays | Fall Projects | Project by Sarah Desjardins with Modern Masters Front Door Paint in color SpontaneousCreative customer Sarah Desjardins of Becoming Martha also used our app to help choose a color for the front door – and happily settled on Spontaneous.  We love how it looks with the fall decorations, too!

Front Door Project Ideas and Inspiration | Modern Masters Front Door Paint | Black Front Door by Sew a Fine Seam | Front Door Paint by Modern Masters in color ElegantJill of Sew a Fine Seam took advantage of her front door paint project and decided to add trim and a stately door casing before starting. Afterwards, she painted with the timeless and classic color black of our Front Door Paint in Elegant. An amazing before and after!

If you’re ready to tackle your own entrance and would like a quick tutorial on How to Paint Your Front Door, look no further than our Modern Masters Minute video series:

Front Door Paint is available at selected Ace Hardware and Lowe’s shops as well as sold via Amazon or our Modern Masters online store.


Fall Table Decor Ideas with Matte Metallics

The fall season is almost upon us and so is decorating the home for family, friends and the upcoming holidays. There’s something so inviting about warm Autumn colors and we enjoy seeing them incorporated in great DIY and Design ideas. Although there are many design elements to the fall season, one of the most popular is finding creative inspiration for unique twists on the traditional table setting.  We’d love to share a few ideas with you created with our Matte Metallics! The Matte Metallics are a line of 15 of our most popular metallic paint colors with a soft, shimmery glow. They compliment the higher shimmer of the regular Metallic Paint Collection. Let’s take a look at how to set a stylish table with them!

Painting Pumpkins with Metallic Paint and CrystalsA perennial DIY classic is to paint pumpkins but here’s an idea to take it up a notch! Paint pumpkins, gourds and squash with Matte Metallics and add crystals, jewels and even glitter to give them an updated, glam feel. The beautiful luster of the metallic paint makes for an alluring table centerpiece that adds a soft glow during an evening event.

Painting over Old Gift Wrap with Matte Metallic PaintsElegant and Chic Gift Wrap Created with Metallic PaintPainting a Plate Charger with Matte Metallics from Modern Masters | Fall Holiday Table Setting IdeasNot only can you use Matte Metallics to paint and enhance your walls and furniture, but also to paint everyday items such as gift wrap and plate chargers! Let’s face it – we all have that gift wrap that we’re not sure we’ll use again. Just roll on the color on either surface (here, were are using Blackened Bronze) and let dry. Voila! Of course, you can leave it as is for a very chic look or keep adding other metallic colors and patterns to your taste.

Stenciling a Table Runner with Matte Metallics by Modern MastersA Fall Table Set with Modern Masters Matte MetallicsSpeaking of patterns, you can also stencil with metallic paints! To keep with the dashing look of our table, we again used the Blackened Bronze Matte Metallic with a stencil brush and the Bella Madrid Stencil from the Artistic Painting Studio. After stenciling the napkins and plate chargers as well, we set out our tony Modern Masters table inspired by the Matte Metallics. Are you joining us for dinner?

More Great Modern Masters Ideas to Fall For!

Knock it Off with Modern Masters!

Modern Masters Metallic Plaster on Walls as featured on the Knock It Off televsion showÜber-talented DIY pros Jess and Monica from the East Coast Creative blog recently sent us a fun e-mail. They have a fab show called Knock It Off! and were looking to use our Metallic Plaster for one of their television episodes. Monica and Jess are oozing with creativity and we were tickled blue (er, pink) to see the results of their project: the transformation of a large empty space into a wine tasting room. Let’s dig in!

Blah Room Prior to Transformation | Knock it OffA couple had turned to Monica and Jess for help in their home. They had a large open area and wanted to create a warm, inviting space to entertain their friends and enjoy their love of wine. The idea for a wine tasting room with an updated take on a traditional stone wine cellar was born!

Nautical Blue, Espresso and Brass Metallic Plaster by Modern MastersModern Masters Metallic Plaster on the TrowelInstead of bringing in stones to mimic a classic wine cellar, Monica and Jess opted to use our Metallic Plaster as a beautiful, chic old world wall finish. Metallic Plaster is a lightweight, trowel-applied coating that emits a gorgeous blend of shimmer and luster. There are over 50 standard colors available and the ones used for this project were Nautical Blue, Espresso and Brass. After doing a first layer of the Nautical Blue for their faux plaster treatment, they followed up the second pass with all three products. They mixed them in together to create a beautiful flow of each of the colors.

Metallic Plaster Finish by Modern Masters | Knock it Off TVWine Tasting Room with a Metallic Plaster Wall Treatment | Modern Masters Project by East Coast Creative | Knock it Off Television ShowEnjoying the Metallic Plaster Wall Finish in a Wine Room | Modern MastersGorgeous Metallic Plaster Finish in Wine and Dining Room | Modern Masters Project | Knock it Off TV ShowDo you like the results? If you missed seeing the show, you can watch the DIY Wine Tasting Room episode online. Our Metallic Plaster is environmentally friendly as well as water, mold and mildew resistant. It will adhere to any primed surface and can be used to create any number of durable finishes. It’s a truly incredible product! We hope you’ve enjoyed this great project and if you have one of your own, please share it with us!

Other Amazing Transformations to Inspire!